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Monday, March 9, 2020

Event 1 $600 NLH: Andriy Kovalchuk Eliminated in 17th Place $5,140

$600 NLH (Re-Entry)
$500,000 Guaranteed
Level 26: 25,000/50,000/50,000 BB Ante
Total Entries: 1,175
Players Remaining: 16
Livestream Table Link: Twitch.TV/FoxwoodsPoker

Andriy Kovalchuk

The action folded around to Sean Thomson in the cutoff and he moved all in. Andriy Kovalchuk called for his last 715,000 from the big blind and the hands were shown.

Sean Thomson: K♣️J♥️
Andry Kovalchuk: 7♣️7♠️

The board ran out A♣️9♠️8♥️J♦️Q♦️ and Thomson paired his jack on the turn to score the knockout. Kovalchuk is our 17th place earning $5,140 and Thomson extends his lead with 16 players remaining.

Sean Thomson- 4,100,000