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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

$300 Mega Stack Returning Players

Place   Name Chips Table/Seat
1 Michael Mizrachi 436,000 1-7
2 Patrick Morris 359,000 1-2
3 Edward Bratz Jr. 358,000 2-2
4 David Servedio 332,000 2-6
5 Jose Fernandes 308,000 2-1
6 James Bernard 256,000 3-1
7 Eric Petit 241,500 2-9
8 Angelo Pistone 211,500 1-8
9 David Sibley 211,000 3-9
10 Antoine St. Louis 206,500 1-3
11 Alfred Pizzimento 187,500 2-3
12 Charles Batt 173,000 3-6
13 Timothy Kelliher 150,000 3-2
14 David Ahearn 145,000 1-4
15 Colby MacDonald 144,000 1-1
16 Samuel Oh 142,500 3-3
17 Clyde Matta 139,000 1-5
18 Irving Pimentel 124,500 3-10
19 Craig Amaral 117,000 2-7
20 Richard Purdy 110,000 3-7
21 Oleg Sitnyakovsky 106,000 2-10
22 Peter Foxx 105,000 3-5
23 Jefferey Venturini 100,000 3-8
24 Raymond Tomah 92,000 2-5
25 Gregory Lamoureux 86,000 2-8
26 James Geoghegan 80,500 1-6
27 John Gilmartin 64,000 1-10
28 Keith Fournier 60,000 2-4
29 Victor Paulino 54,500 3-4
30 Derek Choi 47,000 1-9

$300 Mega Stack Day 1B is in the money

We have reached the final 40 players for the $300 Mega Stack Day 1B, which means all remaining players are now in they money. Each player is guaranteed at least $600, with the first place prize being $26,429.

The top 20 players at the end of the night will combine with the 10 players from Day 1A, including chip leader Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi. Play will continue tomorrow at 12pm, including our live video stream.

Chip counts and seating assignments for tomorrow's play will be posted later tonight after play concludes.

Ben Hopkins Wins the November Nine Event ($5,000)

Ben Hopkins

Ben Hopkins has won the November Nine Reunion Tournament and taken home the first place prize of $5,000.

Hopkins, who qualified for the drawing to earn a seat in this by taking 7th place in an $80 Turbo Tournament, takes home the biggest cash of his career and bragging rights for outlasting the 2010 WSOP November Nine!

Matt Jarvis Finishes 2nd ($3,000)

Matt Jarvis

Matt Jarvis and Ben Hopkins got all in before the flop. Jarvis held [Kd][Jd] to Hopkins' [Ad][Qc]. The board ran out [Td][9s][4h][7s][4s] and Hopkins hand held up.

Matt Jarvis, the 8th place finisher in the 2010 WSOP Main Event, was eliminated from the November Nine Reunion Tournament in 2nd place for $3,000.

Matt Jarvis Crawls Back to Even

Matt Jarvis

Despite being cripple just moments before, Matt Jarvis has doubled up once and then took down a couple of big pots to pull back to even with Ben Hopkins in a matter a minutes.

Matt Jarvis Crippled Heads-Up

Matt Jarvis

On a board of [9c][4d][3c][8h][Ac], Ben Hopkins bet 40,000 with about 53,000 behind. Matt Jarvis thought a few moments before announcing all-in, having Hopkins covered. Hopkins shook his head and said call, turning over [8c][7s] for a pair of eights.

Jarvis look at Hopkins in disbelief and said, "How do you make that call?" before throwing the [Qh][3d] into the muck.

After the hand, Jarvis was left with only about 24,000 of the 300,000 chips in play.

Heads Up Chip Counts

Matt Jarvis and Ben Hopkins are currently on a short break.

When play resumes, the blinds will be increased to 3,000-6,000 with a 500 ante.

Chips counts are as follows:

Ben Hopkins 154,000
Matt Jarvis 146,000

Bill Raynor Eliminated 3rd ($2,000)

Bill Raynor got his last few chips in the middle with [Td][Ts] against the [Qd][8s] of Matt Jarvis. The flop came down [Ac][4h][3h] and Raynor's pair were still in the lead. The [5s] on the turn was no help to Jarvis but the [Qh] on the river gave Jarvis the best hand.

Bill Raynor was eliminated in 3rd place for $2,000.

Anthony Palladino Eliminated 4th ($1,000)

Anthony Palladino got all in before the flop with [As][3s] against the [Qh][Jc] of Matt Jarvis. The flop came out [9c][8c][7h] and Palladino maintained his lead. The [5c] on the turn gave Jarvis addition outs to the flush which he hit when the [Tc] fell on the river.

Palladino finishes the November Nine Reunion Tournament in 4th place for $1,000.

Jonathan Duhamel Eliminated 5th ($1,000)

Jonathan Duhamel

After a series of pre-flop raises, Jonathan Duhamel got all in with [Ad][Jd] against the [5c][5s] of Ben Hopkins. Duhamel took the lead when the flop came down [Ah][Jh][4d]. The [3s] on the turn did not improve Hopkins but he hit lightening in a bottle when the [5d] spiked on the river.

The 2010 World Series of Poker Main Event Champion was eliminated from the November Nine Reunion Tournament in 5th place.

$300 Mega Stack Day 2 Final Payout Amounts

We had a total of 513 players in the $300 NLHE Mega Stack Challenge $75,000 Guaranteed event.

The final 30 players who make it to Day 2 will make the following payouts:

1st - $26,429
2nd - $14,900
3rd - $10,900
4th - $8,800
5th - $7,300
6th - $5,900
7th - $4,600
8th - $3,400
9th - $2,500
10th-12th - $2,000
13th-15th - $1,550
16th-20th - $1,200
21st-30th - $900

Bernard Lee Eliminated in 6th ($1,000)

Bernard Lee

Bernard Lee moved all in from under the gun for 21,500 and Jonathan Duhamel reraised all in from the small blind. The big blind folded and they turned up:

Lee [Kd][Qs]
Duhamel [Ad][Jd]

Duhamel held the lead until the flop came out [Qc][Qd][2d]. Lee flopped trip queens but Duhamel picked up a flush draw. He completed his flush when the [8d] hit on the turn and the [4s] on the river did not improve Lee.

Bernard Lee, the Foxwoods Poker Room Spokesperson, was eliminated in 6th place for $1,000.

Michael Mizrachi Eliminated in 7th ($500)

Michael Mizrachi

On a board of [Kd][Qs][7d][9h][5s], Michael Mizrachi checked and Matt Jarvis put him all in. Mizrachi went into the tank for nearly four minutes before announcing call. Jarvis flipped up [As][Kc] for a pair of kings. Mizrachi flipped up the [Jh] before mucking his hand.

Michael Mizrachi was eliminated in 7th place but will be back tomorrow as he made Day Two of the $300 Mega Stack Challenge event with a huge stack.

Joseph Washington Eliminated 8th ($500)

Joseph Washington has been eliminated from the November Nine Reunion Tournament in 8th place by Michael Mizrachi.

Rich Grygeil Eliminated 9th ($500)

Rich Grygeil was just eliminated from the November Nine Reunion Tournament final table in 9th place for $500.

Mark Walsh Eliminated 10th ($500)

Mark Walsh moved all in for his last 4,000 chips and Anthony Palladino reraised all in from the button. Everyone folded and they turned up:

Walsh [Ks][9s]
Palladino [Ad][Jc]

The board ran out [Tc][6s][2s][Qc][7d] and Palladino's hand held up to eliminate Walsh in 10th place.

November Nine Reunion Final Table Chip Counts

The chip counts by seat assignment at the final table are as follows:

1. Bernard Lee 33,950
2. Rich Grygeil 13,100
3. Ben Hopkins 17,800
4. Michael Mizrachi 23,800
5. Mark Walsh 16,250
6. Joseph Washington 12,300
7. Matt Jarvis 51,750
8. Bill Raynor 64,000
9. Jonathan Duhamel 37,000
10. Anthony Palladino 30,750

Lon McEachern is the Bubble Boy

Lon McEachern

Lon McEachern has been eliminated on the money bubble. His A-7 failed to hold up against the K-Q of Matt Jarvis when a king hit the flop.

Players are now taking their seats at the final table.

John Dolan Eliminated by Jonathan Duhamel

John Dolan

A short-stacked John Dolan has been eliminated when his 8-6 could not improve against the Q-J of Jonathan Duhamel.

We are now down to 11 players.

John Racener Eliminated

John Racener

2010 WSOP Main Event Runner-Up has been eliminated from the November Nine Reunion Tournament.

November Nine Reunion Tournament Payouts

The payouts* for the November Nine Reunion Tournament are as follows:

1st - $5,000
2nd - $3,000
3rd - $2,000
4th-6th - $1,000
7th-10th - $500

* Please note that these payouts do not reflect that massive amounts of side bets going on between the November Niners.

Filippo Candio Eliminated

Filippo Candio

Filippo Candio has been eliminated from the November Nine Reunion Event.

We are now down to the final 16 players.

Jason Senti Eliminated by Bernard Lee

Jason Senti

Jason Senti has just been eliminated by Bernard Lee when his K-J could not improve against Lee's A-Q after they got all in before the flop.

Soi Nguyen Eliminated

Soi Nguyen

Soi Nguyen has been eliminated from the November Nine Reunion Tournament when his pocket queens failed to hold up against his opponent's A-K when an ace hit the turn.

$300 Mega Stack Day 1B Final Numbers & Payouts

We had a total of 313 players on Day 1B of the $300 Mega Stack Challenge.

The payouts for today are as follows:

31st-40th - $600
21st-30th - $700

The final 20 players will move on to Day 2 tomorrow.

November Nine Chip Counts

Here are the chip counts from the break in the November Nine Reunion Tournament:

Michael Mizrachi - 24,725
Jonathan Duhamel - 19,975
Bernard Lee - 15,925
Lon McEachern - 13,575
Matt Jarvis - 9,775
John Dolan - 7,225
John Racener - 5,650
Jason Senti - 5,450
Filippo Candio - 4,975
Soi Nguyen - 3,825

Break Time in the November 9 Tournament

The players in the November Nine Reunion event are now on a 10-minute break.

When play resumes, the blinds will be increased to 200-400 with a 50 ante.

Chip counts will be posted shortly.

Joseph "subiime" Cheong Eliminated

Joseph Cheong

Joseph Cheong is the first November Nine member to be eliminated from today's event.

A short-stacked Cheong moved all in with pocket fours and was called by Michael Mizrachi's K-J. Mizrachi paired both of his hole cards to win the pot and send Cheong to the rail.

Joseph Cheong had a side bet with John Racener that the first player out had to buy the other into the upcoming L.A. Poker Classic $10,000 Main Event.

Amazingly, Racener was all in on the same hand at a different table. However, Racener faded his opponent's flush draw to double up and win his side bet with Cheong.

Photos: November Nine Reunion Tournament

Jonathan Duhamel

Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi

Joseph Cheong

Matt Jarvis

Filippo Candio

John Racener

Soi Nguyen

Jason Senti

John Dolan

Video: November 9 Introductions

In case you missed it, here's the portion of our live video stream of the November 9 introductions:

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November Nine Reunion Tournament Underway!

The November Nine Reunion Tournament is now underway!

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November Nine Introductions Live Stream

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Photo: The November Nine Back Together!

The 2010 WSOP November Nine reunite at Foxwoods!

Photo Shoot Live Stream

The November 9 photo shoot is about to begin, and we were able to secure access to bring you a live video stream of all of the action.  Click on "Watch LIVE Video" to see the November 9 reunited here at Foxwoods!