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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Event 1B Officially On the Books

Players are now bagging and tagging in flight B of the $600 No Limit Hold’Em Multi Day Event here at Foxwoods.  This flight finished with 20:001 minutes left in Level 17 (2,000/4,000 blinds with a 500 ante).  The 33 players from this flight will join the previous 40 players from yesterday's 1A flight.  A full list of chip counts from this flight will be uploaded to for you in a bit.

Je Wook Oh Punishing the Bubble

Je Wook Oh raised to 9,000 in middle position.  The small blind smooth called, and the big blind shoved all in for 22,500.  Oh reraised to 70,000, and the player in the small blind folded his hand.

Oh:  [4c][4d]
Opponent:  [ks][qd]

The flop came [ad][5d][2c] keeping Oh in the lead, but that quickly changed when the [kc] came on the turn, giving his opponent a pair of kings.  Oh regained the lead when the [3h] came on the river to give him the straight and send his opponent home in 36th place, just four shy of making the money/Day 2.

Oh appears to be the chip leader in the room at the moment with just shy of 300,000.


5 Away From Bag and Tag in Event #1B

We are currently 30 minutes into level 16 (2,000/4,000/500) and we are five players away from bag and tag for the night.  33 of the 273 starting players in this flight will advance to Day 2 on Tuesday at noon.

Final Nine Players in Event #3 ($300 PLO HI LO 8+)

Final Table of Nine - Seven Players Will Get Paid

Joe Grodowski Doubles Up

Joe Grodowski raised to 4,500.  A player in middle position called, the player in the cutoff shoved all in.  Grodowski called the all-in for less, and the player in middle position tank-folded his hand.

Grodowski: [8d][8h]
Button:  [as][kh]

The board ran out [10c][7c][4d][6d][5h] awarding Grodowski a full double up to 65,000.

Joe Grodowski Stacking His Newly Acquired Chips

Dinner Break Event Updates (1B & 3)

Event 1B ($600 NO LIMIT HOLD’EM MULTI DAY EVENT) is just about to go on dinner break, and Event 3 ($300 PLO HI / LO 8+ “With Re-Entries”) has 40 minutes left on their dinner break.

There are currently 74 players remaining in 1B, and they will be returning to 1,000/2,000 blinds with a 300 ante.  Flight 1B registration is closed and there were 273 entrants today.

Event 3 had 48 total entrants and there are currently just 12 remaining.  They will be coming back to blinds of 800/1,600.

Dave Lane Eliminates One

A player under the gun raised to 2,500.  Dave Lane was next to act and reraised to 6,000.  The original raiser said, "I am putting you on ace king, I call."

When the flop came [ah][2h][7s], the original raiser checked, Lane bet 15,000, and the player raised all in for nearly 40,000.  Lane thought for a moment and said, "I don't think you have an ace since you put me on ace-king pre-flop, I call."  Lane turned over [ks][kc].  His opponent showed [qh][jh] for a flush draw.

The turn and river did not improve his opponent's hand, so Lane would eliminate the player and chip up to just around 100,000.

Dave Lane

Event #3 ($300 PLO HI LO 8+) Prize Pool & Payouts

There were a total of 48 entries in Event #3 $300 PLO Hi/Lo 8+.

The top 7 players will be in the money, with a min-cash worth $665.

Here are the full payouts:

1st Place: $3,935
2nd Place: $2,663
3rd Place: $1,694
4th Place: $1,332
5th Place: $1,029
6th Place: $787
7th Place: $665

At the time of this post, there are currently 30 players remaining in level 6, with blinds at 150/300.

Quad Jacks for Dale Phillips in Event #3 ($300 PLO HI LO 8+ With Re-Entries)

On a board reading [kh][jd][2c][js], Dale Phillips checked in the small blind and the player on the button announced, "pot," effectively putting himself all in.  Phillips quickly called.

Phillips showed [jc][jh][8c][6s], having turned quad jacks.

The [7c] came on the river and after counting out the chips carefully, it was determined that the player on the button had 100 remaining.  Phillips said to him, "I didn't reraise you, so you still have a chip left."  The player asked the dealer if there was still time to rebuy and upon hearing that the rebuy period was closed, the player opted to keep his single 100 chip, and threw his cards into the muck face down, never having exposed his hand to the table.

There are 36 players remaining in level 5 of Event #3, and the blinds are currently at 100/200.

Dale Phillips

Michael Dobbs Knocks One Out

On a board reading [10c][8c][6h][2h], a player in early position shoved all in and Michael Dobbs quickly called.

Dobbs had flopped a set holding [6d][6c] against his opponent's turned two pair holding [10d][2d].

The [8s] on the river gave Dobbs the full house and sent his opponent to the rail.

Michael Dobbs

George Colli's Huge Quadruple Up

In a huge pre-flop betting war, there were four all-ins preflop on the Foxwoods feature table (streaming live at

Player Under the Gun: [qc][qd]
George Colli - Early Position:  [ad][as]
Player in the Cutoff: [kh][5h]
Robert Cournoyer - Button: [ah][kd]

(The player in middle position Joe Chividian announced that he folded pocket tens in the midst of all of the betting and raising).

The flop came [10c][7s][4s] to which Chividian sighed out loud as he would have flopped a set of tens, but had folded preflop.  The [kc] on the turn and [jc] on the river gave Cournoyer a pair of kings, which was enough to scoop the side pot.  But Colli's pair of aces would award him a full quadruple up and he is now sitting with around 45,000.

George Colli Quadruples Up

Event #3 - Cards Are in the Air

Cards are in the air for Event #3 $300 PLO HI / LO 8+ w/ Re-Entries. Players will start with 10,000 in chips, and re-entries will be available until the start of level 5.  This event will play to completion.

All levels will be 30 minutes in length.  The full structure sheet for this event can be found here.

Event #1B - Cards Are in the Air

Cards are in the air for Event #1B $600 NLH. Players will start with 20,000 in chips, and re-entries will be available until the start of level 9.

Levels 1-8 will be 30 minutes, and levels 9+ will be 40 minutes in length.  The full structure sheet for this event can be found here.

You can watch our live stream on Twitch at

Schedule for Sunday Oct. 4th Foxwoods World Poker Classic

The following events are scheduled today, Sunday October 4, 2015:

Event #1B $600 NO LIMIT HOLD'EM
($530 Buy-in / $70 Entry Fee)
$500,000 Guarantee
"With Re-Entries"
Two Day Event (Day 2 on Tues. Oct. 6th at noon)
Players start with 20,000 in non-value tournament chips
Levels 1-8:  30 minutes
Levels 9+:  40 minutes
Full Structure is available here.

Event #3 $300 PLO HI / LO 8+ with Re-Entries
($260 Buy-in / $40 Entry Fee)
"With Re-Entries"
One Day Event
Players start with 10,000 in non-value tournament chips
Levels:  30 minutes
Full Structure is available here.

A full schedule for the World Poker Finals series is available here.

Ben Bratt Wins Foxwoods WPF Event #2 ($300 Omaha HI LO 8+)

Ben Bratt WPF Event #2 Champion

After a chop deal made between the final two players, Ben Bratt would be the ultimate winner taking home the trophy and the title of Event #2 Champion.  Paul Laird came in second place.

Final Event #2 ($300 Omaha HI LO 8+) Cashes / Payouts

The payouts are as follows for Event #2:

1 - $6,129 (Ben Bratt)
2 - $4,290 (Paul Laird)
3 - $2,655 (Maggie Rowan)
4 - $2,043 (Paul Zarcone)
5 - $1,532 (David Pacheco)
6 - $1,226 (Frank Shepard)
7 - $1,021 (Mike Gabarick)
8 - $818 (Joseph Campiglia)
9 - $714  (Maksi Goldguber)

Foxwoods World Poker Finals - Event #1 - $600 NLH - Flight A Returning Players for Day 2

Position Name Chip Count
1 Lobel, Daniel 665,000
2 Wantman, Matt 379,000
3 Williams, Christopher 352,000
4 Boyer, Andy 327,000
5 Leonard, Tommy 318,000
6 Smith, Christopher 305,500
7 Blauvelt, Dale 271,000
8 Guzman, Dan 268,000
9 St. Vincent, Brad 264,000
10 Stefanski, David 249,000
11 Mott, Chris 220,000
12 Ziba, Besnik 211,000
13 Zambrano, Fernando 200,000
14 Schonbach, Chris 186,000
15 Riley, John 177,000
16 Borchetta, Michael 165,000
17 Orgettas, Michael 162,500
18 Galavotti, Aaron 147,000
19 Pito, Louis 145,500
20 Sumter, Eugene 138,500
21 Ryan, Gary 137,000
22 Ostapchenko, Andrew 120,000
23 He, Liam 119,000
24 DeCarvalho, Ryan 117,500
25 Figueroa, Chris 111,500
26 Confesor, Jorge 108,000
27 Coulombe, Joseph 100,500
28 Martin, Arndre 98,500
29 Roemischer, Eugene 87,000
30 Douramanis, George 85,500
31 Lampropoulos, Alexander 76,000
32 Rowan, John 72,000
33 Murphy, Lynn 70,500
34 Hubble, Clinton 69,000
35 Vredenburg, Kyle 62,000
36 Butler, Tom 61,000
37 Lyles, Sam 58,000
38 Tavolacci, Frank 55,000
39 Lewis, Jonathan 49,500
40 Drory, Joseph 35,000

Down to Final 6 in Event 2 ($300 Omaha HI LO 8+)

We are down to the final six players in Event #2.  These six players are currently playing level 20 (4,000/8,000 blinds with 8,000/16,000 Limit).  The average chip stack is 135,000.

The payouts are as follows:
9 - $714
8 - $818
7 - $1,021
6 - $1,226
5 - $1,532
4 - $2,043
3 - $2,655
2 - $4,290
1 - $6,129