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Sunday, February 12, 2012

1st Place: Andrew St. Hilaire ($91,859)

Andrew St. Hilaire came to this final table as the chip leader, and he carried that chip lead all the way to the end.  Amazingly, Andrew eliminated every player at the final table except for Suzanne Dines.  With a strong rail of supporters, Andrew celebrated his victory, his $91,859 cash prize, and the trophy.  Congratulations to Andrew, Daryl, and all of the winners of this $1,200 Mega Stack Challenge.

Andrew St. Hilaire upon seeing the river card

Daryl Jace congratulates Andrew St. Hilaire on his victory

2nd Place: Daryl Jace ($49,373)

Daryl Jace put all of his chips in preflop with [Qc][8s] and was in a race situation against Andrew St. Hilaire's [7h][7d].  Andrew yelled out, "One last race," before the dealer spread the flop [6s][As][Th].  The [2c] on the turn kept Andrew in the lead, and Daryl had one more card to stay in the tournament.  The river [Kh] dashed Daryl's hopes, however, and he will finish in 2nd place, good for a $49,373 payday.

3rd Place: Theodoros Adalis ($32,342)

Theodoros Adalis was all in preflop holding [Ac][8s] to the [Ad][Kh] of Andrew St. Hilaire.  When the board ran out [3d][6h][7c][3c][5h], Andrew claimed another victim, and Theodoros was eliminated in 3rd place.  He will collect $32,342 for his efforts.

4th Place: Suzanne Dines ($25,261)

A few hands after losing most of her chips with [Ad][Kh] against Theodoros Adalis's [As][Ah], Suzanne Dines was all in preflop and was called by all three other players.  They all checked to the river with a board showing [Td][Ah][8s][5s][2d] and Daryl Jace showed AK to take the pot.  Suzanne showed the [Kd] before shrugging her arms and collecting her $25,261 payday.

5th Place: Todd Mitchell ($20,668)

On the second hand back from dinner break, Todd Mitchell was all in with [2d][2c] against the [Ad][Qs] of Andrew St. Hilaire.  Andrew hit the flop once again when it fell [8h][Ac][Kh], and his pair of aces held strong through the [Qh] turn and the [5c] river.  Todd Mitchell will exit the tournament in 5th place and will earn $20,668 for his efforts.

Player return from dinner break

After a brief discussion about a chop, the five players have returned to the final table and have now resumed playing 20,000/40,000 with a 5,000 ante.  You can watch the live stream by heading to

Chip counts at dinner break

The final 5 players are now on 75 minute dinner break, and will return at 7:45pm EST.  Here are the chip counts for the remaining entrants, sorted by chip position, along with the percentage of chips in play that player holds:

Andrew St. Hilaire - 8,015,000 (55%)
Daryl Jace - 2,280,000 (16%)
Suzanne Dines - 1,775,000 (12%)
Theodoros Adalis - 1,535,000 (11%)
Todd Mitchell - 845,000 (6%)

6th Place: Adam Hui ($16,458)

Andrew St. Hilaire (left) reacts in shock to his river suckout on Adam Hui (right)

Adam Hui was all in preflop holding the [Ks][Kd] against Andrew St. Hilaire's [Ac][Jd].  Adam looked to be in good shape to double up through Andrew when the flop fell [3d][6s][9d], and the turn [5c] changed nothing.  But a brutal [Ah] on the river eliminated Adam on the last hand before dinner break, earning him $16,458 for his 6th place finish.

7th Place: Jean Elie "Téte" Joseph ($12,630)

Jean Elie "Téte" Joseph was all in preflop with [Ah][3d] against Andrew St. Hilaire's [6h][5h].  Andrew considered his lucky streak by hitting a pair on the [5c][8s][Kd] flop, and locked it up with the [6d] turn.  The river fell an inconsequential [9c], and Jean Elie will head to the cage to collect his $12,630.

8th Place: Christopher Macniel ($10,143)

Continuing his heater, Andrew St. Hilaire picked up [Ah][Ac] against Christopher Macniel's [As][Qh], and the two got it all in on a [Qs][Jc][8h] flop.  The turn [5h] and river [3c] could not save Christopher, and he was eliminated in 8th place.  He will collect $10,143 for his efforts.

Adam Hui doubles up

Adam Hui was all in for his 650k stack with the [Ah][Kc] and was up against the [8h][2d] of Andrew St. Hilaire.  Adam hit an ace on the turn when the board fell [Qd][Th][Qs][As][4c], and he locked up the double up.  He now sits on over 1.3 million in chips.

9th Place: Jimmy Alimonos ($8,061)

Jimmy Alimonos was all in on a [6s][3s][Js] flop, holding the nuts with the [As][4s].  However, Andrew St. Hilaire had a lot of outs holding [Jd][Jc] for top set.  All the suspense ended when the dealer dropped the [6h] on the turn, giving Andrew an unbeatable full house.  He let out a large yell, and at the same time Jimmy got frustrated and knocked over his chair.  The river [Ah] changed nothing, and Jimmy will collect $8,061 for his 9th place finish.

Meanwhile, Andrew now sits on over 4.6 million, and was heard complaining to the rest of the table that they should help knock some people out.

Christopher Macniel doubles up

Christopher Macniel was all in preflop holding the [Ah][Kh] and was in great shape to double up against Andrew St. Hilaire's [Ac][8s].  The flop fell a devastating [4d][As][8h], giving Andrew two pair.  The turn fell the [Qh], giving Christopher a backdoor flush draw as well as a king for an out.  Lucky for Christopher, the river fell the [9h], completing Christopher's flush and earning him the double up.

10th Place: Patricia Herron ($6,315)

Patricia Herron was all in preflop holding the [5s][5c] against Andrew St. Hilaire's [As][9c].  The flop fell an exciting [8c][7h][6s], giving Andrew an open ended straight draw along with his overcard.  The turn brought an even more exciting [8d].  This card meant a river five would no longer give Andrew the winning hand, but a  six or a seven would counterfit Patricia's pair.  The river fell the [Td] to give Andrew a straight, eliminating Patricia in 10th place, good for $6,315.

Final table chip counts & seating assignments

Here are seating assignments and chip counts for the $1,200 Mega Stack Challenge Final Table:

Seat 1: Daryl Jace - 1,795,000
Seat 3: Andrew St. Hilaire - 2,815,000
Seat 4: Adam Hui - 745,000
Seat 5: Todd Mitchell - 880,000
Seat 6: Christopher Macniel - 670,000
Seat 7: Theodoros Adalis - 2,560,000
Seat 8: Suzanne Dines - 2,015,000
Seat 9: Jimmy Alimonos - 1,685,000
Seat 10: Jean Elie "Téte" Joseph - 780,000

Here are the payouts for the final 10:

1st Place: $91,859
2nd Place: $49,373
3rd Place: $32,342
4th Place: $25,261
5th Place: $20,668
6th Place: $16,458
7th Place: $12,630
8th Place: $10,143
9th Place: $8,061

$1,200 Mega Stack Final Table Reached!

With the elimination of our 11th place finisher, the $1,200 Mega Stack Challenge has reached its 10-handed final table.  We will have names and chip counts of all of our final table participants shortly.

Players are on break, coloring up 1k chips

The 13 remaining players are on a 10 minute break while the tournament staff colors up and races off the 1k chips.  When the field returns, they will be playing 15,000/30,000 with a 5,000 ante.

18 players remaining

Less than an hour and a half from the last table breaking, we are now down to 18 players in the $1,200 Mega Stack Challenge.  The clock is paused at 10:15 in the 12,00/24,000 blind level while the players find their new seats.  Three new players have taken their seats on the live stream table at, and the tournament will continue shortly.

27 remaining players are being redrawn

With the elimination of our 28th place finisher, the final 27 are now set.  The tournament staff are redrawing seats, which means there will be a new set of faces on our live stream at  Play will continue at 8,000/16,000 blinds for another 22:14.

Blinds are up to 8,000/16,000 with a 2,000 ante

Players are now on break

The board reads 40 players remaining, and they are now on a 10 minute break.  When they return, they will be playing 6,000/12,000 blinds with a 2,000 ante.

$1,200 Mega Stack is in the money!

With the elimination of our 46th place finisher, the remaining 45 players in the $1,200 Mega Stack Challenge are now in the money.  Everyone in the field is now guaranteed $2,296, but all players have their eyes on the first place prize of $91,859.

Don't forget that you can watch our featured table at

$1,200 Mega Stack Challenge Day 2 is under way

Cards are in the air for Day 2 of the $1,200 Mega Stack Challenge.  There are 64 players remaining, and the top 45 will make the money.

We will be streaming a featured table on, and we have an interesting for you.  Nabir Babck, the tournament chip leader, is in the 8 seat, and both #4 and #5 in chips are also at the table in the 5 and 6 seats, respectively.  Here are the rest of our featured table players:

Seat 1: Nakhoul, Ben - 163,000
Seat 2: Becker, Alan - 185,500
Seat 3: Ciccotto, Louis - 132,000
Seat 4: Stanhope, Ryan - 367,500
Seat 5: Mitrokostas, Spiro - 530,500
Seat 6: Mitchell, Todd - 498,000
Seat 7: Hatziioannou, Vasilios - 347,000
Seat 8: Babck, Nadir - 660,000
Seat 9: empty

Foxwoods February 2012 $1,200 No Limit Hold'em Mega Stack Challenge Returning Players

Place   Name Chips Table/Seat
1 Babck, Nadir 660,000 2-8
2 St. Hilaire, Andrew 534,000 5-3
3 Papanikos, K 532,500 1-8
4 Mitrokostas, Spiro 530,500 2-5
5 Mitchell, Todd 498,000 2-6
6 Johnson, David 485,500 4-6
7 Sennon, Peter 480,000 6-8
8 Hui, Adam 458,000 5-5
9 Pappas, William 400,000 3-8
10 Hoglund, Thomas 374,000 7-3
11 Andrews, John 368,000 5-9
12 Stanhope, Ryan 367,500 2-4
13 Senger, Steve 350,000 8-1
14 MacNeil, Christopher 349,500 1-1
15 Jace, Daryl 349,000 5-4
16 Hatziioannou, Vasilios 347,000 2-7
17 Theodoss, Harry 345,000 1-5
18 Schonbach, Chris 342,000 5-7
19 Silva, Dan 333,500 8-4
20 Cortellino, Leonard 282,000 6-4
21 Gold, Andrew 281,000 4-4
22 Frigeria, Vincent 277,000 4-3
23 Searing, Ian 262,000 1-2
24 Adalis, Theodore 255,000 7-6
25 Jenks, Dean 205,000 4-2
26 Gutman, Erez 202,000 3-9
27 Corcione, Bobby 198,000 4-9
28 Samet, Larry 194,500 1-6
29 Myhal, Jerry 188,000 6-5
30 Becker, Alan 185,500 2-2
31 Alimonos, Jimmy 175,500 6-3
32 Joseph, Jean-Elle 175,000 4-5
33 Siegal, Eric 175,000 8-9
34 Covrigaru, Matthew 173,000 1-9
35 Nakhoul, Ben 163,000 2-1
36 Folgers, Doug 157,000 6-7
37 Herron, Patricia 151,000 3-5
38 Castro, Chris 141,500 4-8
39 Dines, Suzanne 140,000 7-5
40 Gorrela, Satish 136,000 4-7
41 Yashchin, Daniel 133,500 8-2
42 Ciccotto, Louis 132,000 2-3
43 Orgettas, Michael 131,000 7-9
44 Gilmore, Peter 129,000 7-4
45 Kresmery, Rick 128,000 8-5
46 Przybycien, Joe 120,000 6-9
47 Nye, Mike 114,000 3-7
48 Walsh, Tom 111,500 7-2
49 Cotter, Ed 110,000 3-3
50 Hetherington, Conner 109,500 1-3
51 Vo, Chien 104,500 5-1
52 Santoro, Stephen 101,000 6-1
53 Pito, Lou 100,500 8-3
54 Hecker, Gabi 97,500 8-6
55 Manley, Rob 93,000 5-6
56 Peters, Nabeel 87,500 1-7
57 Santos, Ross 87,500 5-2
58 Chu, Victor 81,000 7-8
59 Perry, Mark 81,000 3-4
60 Benzekri, Mohamed 76,000 3-6
61 Curry, Malik 76,000 3-2
62 Zisk, Richard 72,000 6-6
63 Solarsh, Mike 71,000 7-1
64 Libby, Alan 32,000 8-7

Six hands remain

With 15 minutes left on the clock, the tournament staff has drawn a card to determine how many hands will remain.  The card was drawn on the featured table, and the field will play six more hands before finishing for the night.  They will return at 11am to restart the tournament.  As of right now, there are 70 players remaining.