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Sunday, May 19, 2013

A cooler & a bad beat, all in one hand

In a flash, Jeffrey Hurwitz was all in again and this time it was a cooler:

Jeffrey [Ah][Kc]
Mark [Kh][Kd]

Jeffrey would need to put a bad beat on Mark to survive, and he did just that when the board ran out [Ac][5h][3d][6h][9d].  Jeffrey had just under 3 million prior to this hand, so the stacks are almost even now.

Jeffrey Hurwitz doubles through Mark Dube

Jeffrey Hurwitz was all in preflop with [Ah][Ts] against the [Jh][Th] of Mark Dube.  The flop was a reasonably safe [3c][7h][As], and the [7s] turn left Mark drawing dead.  The [3d] river was dealt, and Jeffrey counted down his stack to earn the double up.  Here are updated chip counts:

Jeffrey - 5,500,000
Mark - 7,000,000

Heads up chip counts

The $1,200 Mega Stack Main Event is now heads up.  Here are approximate chip counts for the two players, with 15 minutes remaining at 40,000/80,000 blinds:

Mark Dube - 7,600,000
Jeffrey Hurwitz - 4,900,000

3rd Place: Mohd Eid ($34,914)

Mohd Eid was all in preflop holding [Ah][Th] against the [8s][8c] of Mark Dube.  The crowd was on their toes to watch the flop fall [4d][5s][3s], opening up a few outs for Mohd.  The [9s] on the turn kept Mark in front, but gave Mohd 16 outs for the win.  When Mohd paired his ace on the river, he celebrated his double up and Mark bemoaned his loss, until someone in the rail pointed out that it was the [As] and that completed Mark's flush.  Mohd's emotions were flipped upside down as he realized he was eliminated in 3rd place, but he does have $34,914 to console him.

4th Place: Jewook Oh ($25,813)

Jewook (left) looks back at the board as he makes his exit

Jewook Oh moved all in from the button holding [Qd][Jd] and Jeffrey Hurwitz moved in all over the top from the small blind holding [Ad][Qc].  Mark Dube reluctantly folded his big blind, and the dealer fanned the [9h][3s][Ac].  Jewook would need runner runner to stay alive, but the [6h] turn left Jewook drawing dead.  By the time the [Kd] hit the river, Jewook was shaking his opponents' hands and heading to the payout desk.  He will collect $25,813 for his 4th place finish.

Players are now on break

The final 4 players are now on a 10 minute break.  When they return, the blinds will be 40,000/80,000 with a 10,000 ante.

5th Place: David Pocknett ($19,359)

David Pocknett was all in with ace nine against the pocket sevens of Mohd Eid.  It was a race, but the [5c][Jh][2c][5s][6s] board kept the pocket pair in front.  David will exit this tournament in 5th place, good for $19,359.

Jewook Oh doubles up

Mohd Eid opened the pot from the cutoff before Jewook Oh moved all in.  David Pocknett made the call from the small blind, and Jeffrey Hurwitz folded his big blind.  Mohd took quite some time before releasing his hand, and then the cards were on their backs:

Jewook [Qh][Qc]
David [Kd][Qs]

David had picked up a gutshot straight draw to go with his overcard by the turn when the board read [6h][Ac][Ah][Ts], but the [6c] river delivered Jewook a little more than a double-up.

6th Place: Michael Lavoie ($14,760)

Jewook Oh (standing) has eliminated Mihael Lavoie (bottom left) in 6th place, good for $14,760.

7th Place: Jim Cowdell ($11,450)

On a [Kd][5s][Jh] flop, Jim Cowdell moved all in holding Q-T.  Jeffrey Hurwitz made the all with [Kc][8c], and would knock Jim out if he didn't hit his open ended straight draw.  The [2h] turn and [4h] river failed to deliver what Jim needed, and he was sent to the payout desk to collect $11,450 for his 7th place finish.

8th Place: Sherwin Agard ($9,002)

Sherwin Agard (right) looks at the final board in disbelief

On a [Qd][4h][Tc] flop, Sherwin Agard had coolered Jewook Oh as Sherwin's [Ah][Ac] was well in front of Jewook's [As][Qs].  The dealer burned and turned the [Qc], however, to turn the tables and leave Sherwin drawing to one out.  The [7c] was not the right card for him, and he was crippled down to a few chips.

A few hands later, he was eliminated in 8th place, good for $9,002.

YouTube video: $1,200 Mega Stack - Day 2 (part 2)

Action from the redraw at final 3 tables down to the final table

Click here to view the video in HD

9th Place: Doug Small ($7,189)

Doug Small pushed the last of his chips in with [8d][7c] and was called by Michael Lavoie holding [Ks][Kc].  The board ran out [5c][5d][3c][4d][Ac] to send Doug to the rail in 9th place, good for $7,189.

Players are now on dinner break

The final 9 players of the $1,200 Mega Stack Main Event are now on a 1 hour dinner break.  Play will resume at approximately 7pm EST, and blinds will be 20,000/40,000 with a 5,000 ante.

10th Place: Robert Garrett ($5,824)

Robert Garrett has been eliminated when he ran his pocket queens into the pocket aces of David Pocknett.  An ace flopped to give David a set, so the queen on the river couldn't save Robert's tournament life.  He will collect $5,824 for his 10th place finish.

The ladies are kind to Sherwin Agard

The first all in and a call at this final table put the animated Sherwin Agard at risk.  He held [Qh][Qc] against his opponent's [Ah][Jc].  Sherwin had a bit of a sweat as his opponent flopped top pair on the [Jh][7c][4c] flop, and the [3c] gave his opponent even more outs with a flush draw.  The [6s] river was the blank Sherwin was begging the dealer for, and he doubled up, exclaiming, "The chip taker is real!"

$1,200 Mega Stack Final Table Chip Counts & Seating Assignments

The final table is set, and Mark Dube has a commanding lead with over 30% of the chips in play.  Here are chip counts and seating assignments:

Seat 1: Michael Lavoie - 1,233,000
Seat 2: Robert Garrett - 561,000
Seat 3: Jewook Oh - 981,000
Seat 4: David Pocknett - 597,000
Seat 5: Jeffrey Hurwitz - 1,770,000
Seat 6: Mark Dube - 3,961,000
Seat 7: Sherwin Agard - 639,000
Seat 8: Doug Small - 786,000
Seat 9: Jim Cowdell - 1,290,000
Seat 10: Mohd Eid - 858,000

Here are the payouts for the final table:

1st Place: $77,770
2nd Place: $48,085
3rd Place: $34,914
4th Place: $25,813
5th Place: $19,359
6th Place: $14,760
7th Place: $11,450
8th Place: $9,002
9th Place: $7,189
10th Place: $5,824

Final Table Reached

Our 11th place finisher busted out with [Ks][6s] against [Ts][Td].  His opponent hit a set on the flop, and that was it.  The clock has been paused, and the final table will start shortly.

YouTube video: $1,200 Mega Stack - Day 2 (part 1)

Click here to view the video in HD

Sherwin Agard triples up and announces he'll win the tournament

Sherwin "The Fox" Agard found himself all in with the best hand in a 3-way pot.  Sherwin held [Ad][Jc] on a [Jh][Th][3c] board against his two opponents who both had the same open ended straight draw and overcards.  After the [4s] fell on the turn, Sherwin called for "the deuce... of whatever!"  The [4h] hit the river and Sherwin exclaimed, "DEUUUUUCE!!"  As the chips were being counted down for Sherwin's triple up, he announced to the field that he'd be winning this tournament.  We'll see if that is true later today...

YouTube video: $1,200 Mega Stack bubble hand

Click here to view the video in HD

Players are redrawing for seats

Since the bubble burst, bustouts have gone quickly.  We are now down to 27 players from the 33 that made the money, and they are all redrawing for new seats.  Play will restart shortly.

YouTube Video: $1,200 Mega Stack bubble hand

The bubble has burst!

Pocket aces were the hand that burst the bubble, as a short stacked player was forced all in with [Qd][9d] and failed to improve.  The remaining 33 players are now in the money.

The bubble has begun!

34 players remain, which mean that the $1,200 Mega Stack Main Event is now hand for hand.  The next player to go out will not cash, but the remaining 33 players will be guaranteed at least a $1,985 payday.

Pictures from the beginning of Day 2

Overnight chip leader Stephen Dare took a while to get his chips stacked this morning
Eric Siegel, winner of Event #4, enters the day with slightly below average chips
The always entertaining Sherwin Agard starts the day with a small stack
Dylan Lask is always excited to still be in the tournament, though he is relatively short

Day 2 is under way

Our featured table is streamling live at

The players have taken their seats and the cards are back in the air.  Day 2 of the $1,200 Mega Stack Main Event begins now, with blinds continuing at 4,000/8,000 with a 1,000 ante.  46 players remain, with the top 33 making the money.  Full payouts are available here.

You can watch our featured table streaming live at

2013 May Mega Stack Challenge - Event #10 $1,200 NLH Main Event - Returning Players

Place   Name Chips Table/Seat
1 Dare, Stephen 1,162,000 6-5
2 Dube, Mark 718,000 3-1
3 Hurwitz, Jeffrey 657,000 3-2
4 Garrett, Robert 607,000 4-5
5 Cowdell, Jim 531,000 1-3
6 Small, Doug 482,000 6-2
7 Wilson, Alexander 446,000 2-8
8 Ortiz, Alex 439,000 5-2
9 Vazquez, Luis 429,000 2-3
10 Oh, JeWook 421,000 4-8
11 Kamer, Russell 353,000 1-4
12 Hatziioannou, Vasilios 310,000 6-6
13 Snead, Paul 291,000 6-4
14 Lavoie, Michael 282,000 1-6
15 Rosenberg, Mason 279,000 6-1
16 Ahmady, Yasin 278,000 3-9
17 Pocknett, David 273,000 1-1
18 Pasquale, Mike 269,000 2-5
19 Nunez, Jimmy 264,000 3-4
20 Chin, Derek 236,000 5-1
21 Massri, Mike 229,000 1-8
22 Saunders, Jeffrey 215,000 5-7
23 Frey, Ken 206,000 2-9
24 Kenda, Steve 202,000 5-6
25 Khun, Piseth 199,000 5-9
26 Gaudino, Joe 182,000 4-9
27 Siegel, Eric 180,000 4-4
28 Beach, James 175,000 5-3
29 Perry, Derrick 167,000 4-7
30 Porcopion, John 166,000 2-7
31 Jaime, Manuel 161,000 1-2
32 Garg, Lokesh 160,000 4-3
33 Pito, John 158,000 4-1
34 Agard, Sherwin 155,000 2-2
35 Ferrin, Lisa 141,000 6-7
36 Lask, Dylan 131,000 5-4
37 Phelon, Brian 131,000 2-1
38 Moustakis, Constantine 128,000 5-5
39 Kousouros, James 121,000 3-7
40 Hoglund, Thomas 102,000 3-5
41 Magner, James 98,000 6-9
42 Kuey, Natale 88,000 3-8
43 Hunt, Kevin 82,000 2-4
44 Eid, Mohd 71,000 1-7
45 Manchala, Sandeep 56,000 6-8
46 Minxolli, Glen 55,000 4-6

Four more hands

With ten minutes left on the clock, the tournament staff has instructed the dealers to deal four more hands on each table before play is complete for the night.  The board currently shows 49 players remaining, so likely a few less than that will be returning tomorrow at 11am EST to play down to a winner.

Last break of the night

The 56 remaining players from the $1,200 Mega Stack Main Event are now on their last 10 minute break of the night.  The tournament staff are now coloring up and racing off the 500 chips.  Blinds will be 3,000/6,000 with a 1,000 ante when the players return, and after that level the remaining players will bag up their chips and return tomorrow at 11am EST.