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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Event 12: The Money Bubble Burst

Players are now redrawing in the six-max. We are down to the last 12 players and have 3 levels left on the night.

Event 13: 4th Place Sean Dillon ($9,458)

Sean Dillon
We say goodbye to Sean Dillon in 4th place when his [Kc][Jd] couldn't catch the [As][Ad] Wagner. Dillon will take home $9,458.

Event 13: Wagner Turns Gin

Level 31
Blinds 50000/100000/10000
Players Remaining 4

Macri checked his option on the flop of [As][Kh][2h] only to see Wagner check behind. The turn brought the [3h] and a raising war ignited between the two and they found all their chips in the middle. 
Macri [Ah][6s]
Wagner [Kc][3s]
Wagner dodged any dirty rivers when the [7s] hit and got the full double to over 2,000,000. Macri drops back down to 3,000,000.

Event 13: Macri Running Away

Level 31
Blinds 50000/100000/10000
Players Remaining 4
Ralph Macri

Ralph Macri is starting to separate himself from the rest of the field and is using his aggression to an advantage. He currently sits on over 4,000,000 chips with the second biggest stack at the table being Kim Schinco with around 1,300,000. Players have 20 minutes left in level 31 and will be on a 10 minute break at the end of this level.

Event 13: Schinco Crosses 2,000,000

Level 30
Blinds 40000/80000/1000
Players Remaining 4

Kim Schinco was on the better end of a flip as her [9d][9h] held against the [Ah][Kd] of Pete Wagner. Schinco is now up to 2,600,000 and Wagner drops back down to 1,000,000. There is 10 minutes left in this level.

Event 14: Play Slows Down

Level 19
Blinds 3000/6000/1000
Players Remaining 14 

Play has slowed down dramatically in the six-max which is no surprise considering the average stack is still well over 30 big blinds. 14 players remain and 12 will make the money. There are 3 levels left in the night.

Event 13: 5th Place - Anders Thurdin ($7,043)

5th Place - Anders Thurdin
Ralph Macri has claimed another victim as he just felted Anders Thurdin in 5th place. Thurdin was all in at risk with [Qd][10h] and could not improve against the [8c][8c] of Macri. Thurdin will take home $7,043.
Macri is now the chip leader with over 3,400,000.

Event 13: 6th Place - Oskar Musralowski ($5,702)

Level 30
Blinds 40000/80000/10000
Players Remaining 5

6th Place - Oskar Musralowski

Oskar Musralowski was all in and at risk holding [Kc][Ks] against the [As][Kh] of Ralph Macri. Oskar seemed like he was going to double up when the dealer spread the [5h][8c][9c] flop. 
The rail yelled "Ace, Ace, Ace!" and sure enough the [Ah] hit the river. A [10s] secured the pot for Ralph Macri as he is now over 2,000,000 in chips. Oskar will take home $5,702.

Event 13: 7th Place - Konstantinos Mitsopoulos ($4,561)

Level 29
Blinds 25000/50000/5000
Players Remaining 6
7th Place - Konstantinos Mitsopoulos

We lose Konstantinos Mitsopoulos  in 6th place when his [Ad][Kd] couldn't out run the [5c][5s] of Kim Schinco. Mitsopoulos will take home $4,561.

Event 13: 8th Place - David Labriola($3,556)

Level 29
Blinds 25000/50000/5000
Players Remaining 7
8th Place - David Labriola

We say goodbye to David Labriola in 8th place. Labriola got the last of his chips in the middle holding [Jd][Jc] on a [Qd][10h][5d] board and failed to improve against the [As][Qc] of Ralph Macri. Labriola will take home $3,556 for his 7th place finish.

Event 13: 9th Place - Connie Dugas ($2,773)

Level 28
Blinds 25000/50000/5000
Players Remaining 9
9th Place - Connie Dugas

 Moments after doubling up Oskar Musralowski when her [Ad][2d] couldn't run down his [Kh][Kd] on a [7d][2s][10d] we say goodbye to Connie Dugas in 9th place.

Konstantinos Mitsopoulos opened the action with a raise to 100,000 and was quickly three-bet by Pete Wagner to 250,000. Action folded to Connie Dugas in the small blind who announced all in for a total of 315,000 and Mitsopoulos quickly got out of the way. Wagner called and the hands were tabled:

Dugas: [Ac][10h]
Wagner: [Ad][Qs]
The board ran out [Qh][5d][8s][4s][Jc] and Connie Dugas was sent home in 9th place for $2,773.

Event 13: Labriola Doubles Through Macri

Level 28
Blinds 25000/50000/5000
Players Remaining 9

Ralph Macri opened the action from the hi-jack to 110,000 only to see David Labriola shove for his last 420,000 from the big bling. Macri counted down his stack numerous times and eventually called.
Labriola [9s][9d]
Macri [As][2s]

The board ran out [9c][Qc][Qh][8s][4s] and Labriola doubled to over 1,000,000, while Macri was crippled to 215,000.
One after another the players at the table said nice hand to congratulate Labriola when Macri picked his head up with a smile and said "Alright, alright, I guess it was a nice hand".
The rest of the table laughed as it lightened the mood for a few seconds from a table that has been extremely tense.

Event 14: Money Bubble Approaching

Level 16
Blinds 1500/3000/500
Players Remaining 16

We are down to our final 16 in the six-max and with only 12 players cashing the money bubble is on the horizon. Players are scheduled to play another 6 levels tonight.

Event 13: 10th Place - Frank Melgar ($2,079)

Level 28 
Blinds 25000/50000/5000
Players Remaining: 9 
10th Place - Frank Melgar

Frank Melgar was all in for his last 110,000 with [Jh][Jd] against the [As][Qs] of Peter Wagner. Melgar looked destined to double up with the [4d][2c][6d] flop and was still ahead on the [Kc] turn, but he couldn't dodge the [Qc] on the river. Melgar will take home $2,079 for his 10th place finish.

Event 13: Musralowski Doubles Through Macri

Level 27
Blinds 20000/40000/5000
Players Remaining: 10 

Musralowski was all in for his last 195,000 and Ralph Macri called.
Musralowski: [Qc][Js]
Macri: [9c][9s]


Musralowski doubled up to 500,000.

Event 13: Thurdin Doubles Through Musralowski

Level 27
Blinds 20000/40000/5000
Players Remaining: 10

With a few raised going in pre-flop, Anders Thurdin was all in and at risk for his last 480,000. Oskar Musralowski reluctantly said call and the two hands were tabled.
Thurdin: [Kh][Kd]
Musralowski: [Jd][Jh]
The board ran out [Ah][7c][4s][Ad][Qc] and Thurdin would double up to 1,300,000 while Musralowski was down to his 195,000. 

Event 13: Final Table Chip Counts/Seating

We are down to the final 10 in event 13. Here is a look at the chip counts:

1. David Labriola - 600,000
2. Anders Thurdin - 1,100,000
3. Frank Melgar - 335,000
4. Konstantinos Mitsopoulos - 755,000
5. Peter Wagner - 815,000
6. Kim Schinco - 685,000
7. Oskar Musralowski - 665,000
8. Ralph Macri - 655,000
9. Sean Dillon - 1,480,000
10. Connie Dugas - 970,000

1. $29,072
2. $18,044
3. $12,074
4. $9,458
5. $7,043
6. $5,702
7. $4,561
8. $3,556
9. $2,773
10. $2,079

Event 13: Down to the Final Table!

Level 26
Blinds 15000/30000/5000
Players Remaining: 10

We are down to the final 10 in event 13! We will be posting chip counts and seating as soon as the redraw is done!

Event 14: Back from Dinner

23 players return from dinner in event 14. They will be playing until the end of level 22 tonight!

Event 13: Nearing the Final Table

Level 26
Blinds 15000/30000/5000
Players Remaining: 14

We are back from dinner and the final 14 players are back in action. We will redraw at the unofficial table of 10 and play down to a winner tonight. The 14 remaining have guaranteed themselves at least $1,744 but are all set on trying to take down the $29,072 top prize.

Event 14: Heading to Dinner

Level 12
Blinds 600/1200/200
Players Remaining 26

Players are now on their 1 hour dinner break. When players return from break the blinds will be 800/1600 with a 200 ante.

Event 13: Dinner Time

Level 25
Blinds 12000/24000/4000
Players Remaining 14

Players are now on their 1 hour dinner break. When players return from break the blinds will be 15,000/30,000 with a 5,000 ante. The remaining 14 players will redraw once we are down to 10!

Event 14: Pearlman is Back with a Vegeance

Level 10
Blinds 400/800/100 
Players Remaining: 40
Dena Pearlman

Earlier today Dena Pearlman had built her stack to over 55,000 before her aces were cracked when another player went runner-runner and hit a backdoor straight against her. She quickly gathered her things and headed to the cage to re-buy. Sure enough she was given the exact same seat assignment and told her table she was coming after her chips.

On a board reading [Kc][6h][2s][Kd] Pearlman checked her option to her opponent who bet 7,200. Pearlman went into the tank and after about 2 minutes announced she was all in for an additional 25,000. Frustrated, her opponent sat back in his chair, counted out a call but didn't push anything over the line. After about 3 minutes he eventually said call.
"Hope you don't suck out on me" Pearlman said with a smile as she tabled [2d][2h].
Her opponent just shook his head flipping over [Kh][10c] and would need to fill up on the river to eliminate Pearlman.
The river was a brick and Pearlman doubled up to over 74,000.

38 players remain and will be taking an hour dinner break after level 12.

Event 13: Chaves Wasn't Even Sweatin'

Level 24
Blinds 10000/20000/3000
Players Remaining: 18

David Chaves found himself all in and at risk with [4c][4s] against the [Jh][9h] of Don Slocum.

The [10d][8c][Js] flop was not what Chaves had in mind.
"Four Ball!" He yelled as the dealer burned the [2d].
"Sh**! That's not a four!" Chaves said as he leaned forward in his chair.
The table got quiet as the dealer snapped one card into the muck and placed the [4d] on the river.
"Yeah Baby! I wasn't even sweatin' it" Chaves said to his rail.

Chaves is up to 315,000 and players are currently redrawing with only 18 remaining.

Some players who have not been as lucky include Tarun G and Ryan Moriarty who have both hit the rail.

Event 14: Prize Pool and Payouts

With registration closed in the $400 Six-Max NLH the official number of entrants is 102. The top 12 players will make the money and first place will take home $9,420 along with a Foxwood's globe. Here is a look at the payouts:

1. $9,420
2. $6,302
3. $4,138
4. $3,273
5. $2,476
6. $1,907
7-9. $1,419
10-12. $952

Event 13: Bendiks Leads Final 24

Level 23
Blinds: 8000/16000/2000
Players Remaining: 23

Jonas Bendiks
One player who has been quietly chipping up all day is Jonas Bendiks. Bendiks is now leading the final 23 players with over 800,000 chips.

Event 13: Last Two Ladies

Level 23
Blinds 8000/16000/2000
Players Remaining 24
Kim Schinco (seat 1) and Connie Dugas (7 seat)

Among the remaining 24 players we have our last two women in the field. Connie Dugas who bagged the chip lead in flight 1b is still going strong with around 270,000 and is accompanied by Kim Schinco who is also seated at table 2. Schinco sits with over 350,000.

Event 13: Je Wook Rising

Level 22
Blinds 6000/12000/2000
Players Remaining: 28

Je Wook Oh
Quietly but steadily Je Wook Oh has been adding to his mountain of chips on the feature table. Oh is no stranger to Foxwoods as he has numerous cashes here, all of which add up to over $180,000 in lifetime earnings. Oh now sits with over 520,000.

There are 28 players remaining and they will be redrawing for new seats once we reach the final 18.

Event 13: Players Back From Break

Level 22
Blinds 6000/12000/2000
Players Remaining 31

Players are now back from their 10 minute break and level 22 has started. 31 players remain.

Event 14: Verbal Sparring Match Between Palma & Failla

Level 6
Blinds 150/300/25
Players Registered 87

Nick Palma (left) and Will Failla (right)

In what has developed into one of the more interesting dynamics, Will Failla and Nick Palma are seated right next to each other in today's six-max. The verbal sparring has been going back and forth for quite some time, both needling each other much to the enjoyment of their table mates.

After a few shots fired between both Palma commented "In 40 years when I'm your age, I'll have more money than you guy" with a huge grin on his face.
"It's going to take a lot more than 40 years buddy" Failla jabbed back.
The exchange continued on with Failla commenting on Palma getting his money from the bad beat jackpot he hit here at Foxwoods last year and eventually ended in both parties laughing. 

Palma seems to be getting the better end of things though as he sits with 32,000, while Failla is down to just 5,200. Here is a look at some other counts from around the room.

Mark Dube - 16,500
James Campbell - 11,000
Dena Pearlman - 55,000
Mark Perry - 15,000

There is 15 minutes left in level 6.

Event 13: Level Up

Level 21
Blinds 5000/10000/1000
Players Remaining 33

Players have now entered level 21. The blinds are 5,000/10,000 with a 1,000 ante. There are 34 players remaining and they will have a 10 minute break at the end of this level.

Event 14: Break

Level 4
Blinds 100/200
Players Registered 77

Players are now on their first 20 minute break of the day. The field size has doubled to over 70 players as Nick Palma and Will "The Thrill" Failla have both taken their seat.

Event 13: Slocum Bursts Bubble in Bizarre Hand

Level 19
Blinds 4000/8000/1000
Players Remaining 45

Don Slocum
In what turned out to the hand that burst the bubble a player opened the action with a raise to 18,000 in the cut off. Don Slocum quickly clicked it back with a three bet to 42,000 in the small blind only to see Mark Dube four bet from the big blind to 70,000. The original raiser announced he was all in for 78,000 total and action was back on Slocum.
Slocum asked if he could put in a raise and the dealer called the floor. Originally the floor ruled that Slocum could only call and the action was dead which started an argument at the feature table. After calling over another floor and going step by step through the action, they had ruled that Slocum could indeed raise. He announced he was all in and Dube folded [Qs][Qh] face up.

Cut off: [Jc][Jd]
Slocum: [Ad][Ah]

The board ran out clean and Slocum burst the bubble as he raked in the pot. He now sits with over 550,000 and all of the players left are in the money!.

Event 13: Moriarty Picks Off Laberge in Huge Hand

Level 19
Blinds 3000/6000/100
Players Remaining: 46

Ryan Moriarty

The clock sounded as the end of level 18 came to a close. Most players picked up their things and headed off to enjoy their 10 minute break but a small crowd gathered around table 2 as a massive pot started to brew.
Action folded around to Ryan Moriarty who elected to open to 10,000 from the hi-jack. It folded through to on Ian Laberge in the small blind who put in a three-bet to 32,500.
Moriarty sat stoic for a few moments before announcing raise and sliding forth a tower of gray chips for a four-bet to 70,000.
Not to be deterred, Laberge counted out enough for a call but announced all in for a total of around 200,000.
Moriarty slouched in his chair and seemed disgusted. He shrugged, grabbed a handful of chips and announced call.
"F***, how do i do this to myself" Laberge screamed as he tabled his hand.

Laberge: [Kh] [10h]
Moriarty: [Ah] [Ks]

The board ran out [3c][Qs][4s][7d][8d] and Moriarty catapulted up to the top of the chip counts as he now sits on a massive stack of over 460,000.
Laberge gathered his things and he headed out of the tournament area leaving behind nothing but a couple of expletives.

The blinds are now up to 3000/6000/ with a 1000 ante as 46 players remain.

Event 13: Money Bubble Time

Level 18
Blinds 2500/5000
Players Remaining 47

The money bubble is upon us. With only 47 players remaining we are now playing hand for hand. 45 will make the money and guarantee themselves at least $804.

Event 14: Level Up

Level 2
Blinds 50/100
Players Registered 50

We are into level two of the $400 six-max. 50 players have taken their seat so far including:

Jack D'Agostino
Bobby Ricciuti
Nikki DeFrancesco
Thomas Hoglund
Mark Perry
Dave Grandieri

Registration is open until the end of level 8.

Event 14: The $400 NLH Six-Max is Underway!

Level 1
Blinds 25/50
Players Registered 35

We are officially underway Event 14. This $400 six-max NLH event will end after 22 levels of play or at the tournament director's discretion. Players will start with 20,000 in chips and have until the end of level 8 to register or re-enter. Shuffle up and deal!

Event 13: "Seat Open"

Level 16
Blinds 2000/4000/500
Players Remaining 62
The all-in buttons are flying around the tables like frisbees!

"Seat Open" can be heard ringing throughout the room as players are dropping left and right. We lost almost 20 players in the first level alone and the money bubble is creeping even closer. The floors are scrambling left and right to pick up the seat cards and tables continue to break at a rapid place. The blinds are up and are now 2,000/4,000 with a 500 ante. Only 63 players re.....make that 62 players remain with the top 45 making the money!

Event 13: Day 2 Underway as 82 Players Fight for $29,072

Level 16
Blinds 1500/3000/500
Players Remaining 82

Ralph Macri leads the field heading into day 2.

We are officially underway on day 2 of event 13. 82 players return to battle it out for the top prize of $29,072 and a Foxwood's globe. Leading the way is tournament grinder Ralph Macri. Macri bagged the chip lead at the end of day 1a collecting the $1,000 bonus and putting himself in a great spot to make a deep run. The top 45 players will make the money and secure a min-cash of $804. Here is a look at the payouts:

1. $29,072
2. $18,044
3. $12,074
4. $9,458
5. $7,043
6. $5,702
7. $4,561
8. $3,556
9. $2,773
10-12. $2,079
13-18. $1,542
19-21. $1,341
22-24. $1,140
25-27. $1,006
28-36. $898
37-45. $804

Follow along with all the updates on or on the live stream at

Returning Players Event 13 $400 NLH

Table-Seat Name Chip Count
1-1 Gonzalez, Nicholas 32,000
1-2 Schonbach, Chris 86,500
1-3 Nikci, Luvigji 47,000
1-4 Keys, Anthony 105,000
1-6 Dube, Mark 220,000
1-7 Oh, Je Wook 184,000
1-8 Lu, Meng 15,000
1-9 Collis, Brian 137,000
2-1 Schinco, Kim 53,000
2-3 Orchulli, Jack 47,500
2-4 Escobalez, Johnny 112,000
2-5 Grato, Stephen 206,500
2-6 Rourke, Chris 51,500
2-7 Bevilacqua, Vincent 25,000
2-8 Moriarty, Ryan 67,500
2-9 Thompson, Kyle 53,500
3-1 Alexander, Heidi 110,500
3-2 Eid, Mohd 42,000
3-3 Martin, Arndre 31,500
3-4 Schwigen, Michael 41,000
3-5 Schneider, Donald 122,000
3-6 Riley, Sean 32,500
3-7 Wagner, Peter 199,500
3-8 Comini, Edward 134,000
3-9 Jacoby, Kenneth 152,000
4-1 Everett, Peter 31,000
4-2 Palazzo, Robert 28,500
4-3 Ruvolo, Giuseppe 125,500
4-5 Richey, Nicholas 61,500
4-6 Joseph, Jean 58,500
4-7 Chaves, David 70,500
4-8 Dillon, Sean 78,500
4-9 Peterson, Alexander 100,500
5-1 Cooper, Matthew 93,500
5-2 Paradis, Maurice 105,500
5-3 Bettencourt, Andy 120,500
5-4 Ackerson, Thomas 68,000
5-5 Wiley, Brendan 76,000
5-6 Mestieri, Cory 29,500
5-7 Kernan, Kevin 36,000
5-8 Moriarty, Daniel 193,000
5-9 Macri, Ralph 372,500
6-1 Lavoie, Michael 117,500
6-2 Zagreda, Pal 87,000
6-4 Raccio, Joseph 152,000
6-5 Kavanaugh, Kevin 135,500
6-6 Gulati, Tarun 49,500
6-7 Sakan, Takeo 29,500
6-8 Oneill, Nancy 85,500
6-9 McGuinness, Sean 122,000
7-1 Gellert, Jeffrey 43,500
7-3 Bendiks, Jonas 59,500
7-4 Lanteri, Anthony 236,500
7-5 Hoglund, Thomas 34,500
7-6 Geddes, Linsford 113,500
7-7 Phillips, Dale 51,000
7-8 Lahey, Tim 35,500
7-9 Saunders, Jeffrey 43,500
8-1 Mulry, George 46,500
8-3 Gilly, Sammy 47,500
8-4 Zinkiewicz, Michael 102,500
8-5 Labriola, David 180,500
8-6 Dugas, Connie 269,000
8-7 Pelli, Dominick 25,500
8-8 Thurdin, Anders 241,000
8-9 Mitsopoulos, K 124,500
9-1 Sides, Felix 174,000
9-2 Georato, Robert 47,000
9-3 Phelps, Clint 131,000
9-4 Kaufman, Edward 79,500
9-5 Melgar, Frank 86,500
9-6 Perez, Jeremy 105,000
9-8 Musialowski, Oskar 128,500
9-9 Lundy, Anthony 45,500
10-1 Webb, David 33,000
10-2 Burton, Craig 134,000
10-3 Campbell, James 87,000
10-4 Slocum, Don 90,500
10-5 Laberge, Ian 127,000
10-6 Palmer, Jason 60,000
10-7 Felix, Duane 44,500
10-8 Boyadjian, Raffi 100,000
10-9 Mooney, Brian 168,000