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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

John Griffin Eliminated in 9th Place ($1,098) - Event #6 $250 NLH Seniors

John Griffin - 9th Place - $1,098

Final Nine Players Event #7 ($250 NLH Seniors)

Seat 2 - Michael Cervone - 494,000
Seat 3 - Dominick Pelli - 445,000
Seat 4 - Norris Pender - 431,000
Seat 5 - Steve Kagan - 240,000
Seat 6 - David Tahajian - 282,000
Seat 7 - Burton Rubin - 1,164,000
Seat 8 - Regan William - 203,000
Seat 9 - Andrew Goldstein - 468,000
Seat 10 - John Griffin - 292,000

February Mega Stack Challenge - Event #4 - $250 NLH Super Stack Turbo - Final Results

Place Name Prize
1 Nathel Fontana, No. Hampton, NH $5,322
2 Soukha Kachittavong, Woonsocket, RI $8,188
3 Alfred Borges, Taunton, MA $3,527
4 Juscelino Lee, Fresh Meadows, NY $2,645
5 Edward Cotter, Rivervale, NJ $2,016
6 Michael Hashim, Pittsfield, MA $1,637
7 Wendell Barnes, Charlton, MA $1,323
8 Emilio Tulipano, Attleboro, MA $1,071
9 Daniel Stewart, Berlin, CT $854
10 Edward Evans, West Warwick, RI $598
11 Nicholas McDonald, Dudley, MA $598
12 Mathew Leone, Dudley, MA $598
13 Donald Rich, North Easton, MA $535
14 Rochefort Milien, Brockton, MA $535
15 Aras Cinar, Watertown, MA $535
16 Glenn Murray, Southington, CT $503
17 Anthony Magistrale, Danbury, CT $503
18 Margaret Rowan, Ridge, NY $503

February 2016 - Mega Stack Challenge - Event #3 - $250 Omah Hi/Lo 8+ - Final Results

Place Name Prize
1 John Echevarria, New Windsor, NY $3,700
2 Shawn Robinson, Ledyard, CT $3,029
3 David Grandieri, Cheshire, CT $2,500
4 Christopher Dichiara, Coventry, RI $2,500
5 Jquan Colton, New Bedford, MA $1,189
6 Rocco Merolli, Oxford, MA $951
7 Andrew Chapman, Norwich, CT $793
8 Frank Williams, Middle Island, NY $634
9 Robert Leboeuf, Raynham Cntr, MA $554

Bubble Burst in Event #6 ($250 NLH Seniors)

Blinds= 5,000/10,000. Ante= 1,000

John Griffin raises to 40,000 from under the gun.  Action folds to the player on the button who shoves all in for 121,000 total.  The small blind folds, and the big blind goes into the tank.  After three minutes of thinking about it, the big blind folds his hand. Action is now back on Griffin who also goes into the tank. After a minute passes Griffin moves the chips forward to call.

Griffin: [7c][7s]
Button: [ac][qd]

"I had you crushed," the player in the big blind says to the Button.  "I had ace king."

The board runs out [8d][6h][6d][6s][4s], sending the player on the button to the rail, and chipping Griffin up to 400,000. 

All remaining players are now in the money.

Bubble Nearing in Event #6 ($250 NLH Seniors)

We are down to the final 24 players, with 21 making the money.  We will let you know once the bubble has officially burst. 

As a reminder, we are streaming live a feature table at

Aleksey Filatov Winner of Event #7 $250 PLO HIGH ONLY

Congratulations to Aleksey Filatov, Winner of Event #7, taking home $3,154 and the trophy.

Aleksey Filatov - 1st Place - $3,154

Christopher Duncan Eliminated in 2nd Place ($2,189) - Event #7 PLO HIGH

Chris Duncan - 2nd Place - $2,189

Scott "Scotty B" Butler Eliminated in 3rd Place ($1,402) - Event #7 PLO HIGH

Scott "Scotty B" Butler - 3rd Place - $1,402

The final two players (Aleksey Filatov and Chris Duncan) are now heads up for the trophy and the cash. 

Carlos Solerti Eliminated in 4th Place ($1,139) - Event #7 PLO HIGH

Carlos Solerti - 4th Place - $1,139

Stephen Silk Eliminated in 5th Place ($875) - Event #7 PLO HIGH

Stephen Silk - 5th Place - $875

Brian Phillips Bubbles Event #7 ($250 PLO HI ONLY)

Brian Phillips shoves his remaining 3,200 into the middle and is called by Scott Butler and Steven Silk. 

Both players check down the board as it comes [as][3d][10d][3c][kc]. 

Butler turns over his cards to expose pocket tens, having turned a full house which takes the pot, and eliminates Phillips in 6th place. 

All remaining players are now in the money in Event #7.

Aleksey Filatov Takes From Carlos Gio Solerti (Event #7 $250 PLO HIGH)

Scott Butler raises to 2,400 from under the gun.  Aleksey Filatov pots to 8,700 in the hijack.  Action folds to Carlos "Gio" Solerti in the small blind who pots it to 29,400.  Bulter folds, and Filatov goes into the tank. 

Solerti says to Filatov, "You can fold man.  Just let it go, I will show you, I have a huge hand."  Filatov responds, "I have a huge hand, I know what you have."  Solerti quickly says, "No, no you don't man. Just let it go." 

After another minute of thinking, Filatov calls. 

The flop comes [qh][js][6c].  Both players check. 

Both players again check when the turn comes the [qc].

When the [4d] comes on the river. Filatov bets 20,000.  Solerti pauses, and then throws in the 20,000 to call. 

Filatov turns over [kh][ks][4c][4h], having hit a full house on the river. 

"Come on man, how are you calling pre?  You hit a two outer?  You never fold. How did you call pre?" Solerti questions as he turns over [kd][kc][ah][ac]. 

Solerti is now down to 66,000, and Filatov is by far the chip leader with just about 200,000 in chips. 

Event #7 ($250 PLO HIGH ONLY) Prize Pool Information

There were a total of 42 entries in today's Omaha Hi Only Event.

The top 5 places will be paid out as follows:

1 - $3,154
2 - $2,189
3 - $1,402
4 - $1,139
5 - $875

Total Prize Pool:  $8,759

Event #6 ($250 NLH Seniors) Prize Pool Information

There were a total of 201 entries in today's $250 NLH Seniors event.

The top 21 places will be paid out as follows:

1 - $10,585
2 - $6,812
3 - $4,318
4 - $3,458
5 - $2,620
6 - $2,075
7 - $1,677
8 - $1,362
9 - $1,098
10-12 - $754
13-15 - 670
16-18 - 628
19-21 - $586

Total Prize Pool:  $41,919

Carlos Solerti Knocks One Out (Event #7 PLO HIGH)

On a board reading [9c][9s][7s], the players in the blinds both check, John Pura bets 1,000 from under the gun, and Carlos Solerti raises to 2,500. 

Both blinds fold, Pura thinks for a moment before announcing pot (putting himself all in), and Solerti quickly calls. 

Pura: [js][10c][9h][5h] (trip nines)
Solerti: [jc][7c][7h][3c] (full house)

Unfortunately for Pura, the [2s] turn and [4c] river do not improve his hand, and he is sent to the rail with the option to rebuy. 

Solerti is now sitting with around 31,000 in chips. 

Now Live Streaming Event #6 $250 NLH Seniors

Head on over to to watch our feature table of the $250 No Limit Hold Em Seniors events. 

Frank Sgambato Eliminated By Kurt Lombard (Event #6)

On a board reading [qc][6h][3s][3d][2c], Frank Sgambato shoves all in from early position.  Kurt Lombard, the player on the button, tanks for nearly a minute before moving his stack forward to call. 

Sgambato turns over [js][jc].  Lombard turns over [qs][qh] for a full house.  Sgambato asks, "What the heck are you waiting for?"  To which Lombard replies, "I just wanted to make sure." 

After a close count of chips, it's determined that Lombard has Sgambato covered. 

"Good hand," Sgambato says to Lombard before walking back over to the cage to rebuy.

Lombard is now sitting with just under 50,000 in chips. 

Full House is Good for Kurt Lombard

Event #7 - $250 PLO HIGH ONLY Tourney Now Under Way

Event #7 has just kicked off, and players are taking their seats.  This $250 buy-in event provides 10,000 in chips, and players are allowed to enter and re-enter up until the start of level 7 (all levels are 30 minutes in length).

A full structure for this event can be found here.

Event #6 - $250 NLH Seniors Level 2 Update

Event #6 is now starting Level 2 of play and at present there are 117 entries. This $250 buy-in event comes with a $25,000 guarantee, 20,000 in chips, and players are allowed to enter and re-enter up until the start of level 7 (all levels are 30 minutes in length).

A full structure for this event can be found here.

Schedule For Tues. Feb. 9th Mega Stack Challenge

$60 No Limit Hold Em

Event #6 $250 NLH Seniors
$25,000 Guarantee
($215 Buy-in / $35 Entry Fee)
With Re-Entries
Players start with 20,000 in non-value tournament chips
Levels: 30 minutes
Registration open until the start of level 7
Full structure is available here.

Event #7 $250 PLO High Only
($215 Buy-in / $35 Entry Fee)
With Re-Entries
Players start with 10,000 in non-value tournament chips
Levels: 30 minutes
Registration open until the start of level 7
Full structure is available here.

$200 Mega Super Satellite (win a $1,650 voucher)
2 seats guaranteed

$120 No Limit Hold Em
$10,000 guaranteed

$100 No Limit Hold Em Bounty

A full schedule for this Mega Stack Series is available here.