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Monday, March 16, 2015

Photos from the last 2 levels

The bubble is looming

With half of level 18 left to play, there are 110 players remaining.  The top 101 players will make it through to Day 2, which means that only 9 players remain to be eliminated to break today's money bubble.

200 players remain

One level after dinner break and just 200 players remain from 837 entrants that began on Day 1C.  The blinds are now up to 1,200/2,400 with a 400 ante, which makes the average stack 83,700.  There will be a break at the end of this level, and the 100 chips will be colored up and raced off.

Randal Sklar has been eliminated

On the last hand before dinner break, Randal Sklar was all in with pocket jacks and his opponent held ace king. Unfortunately for Randal, he lost the race and will be eliminated from this tournament.

Players are now on dinner break

The 266 remaining players are now on their one hour dinner break. When they return, blinds will be 1,000/2,000 with a 300 ante. Play will continue until 101 players remain.

Photos of notable players in the fieldWil

We saw a few recognizable faces in the field one level before dinner break...

Will Failla calls an all in
Je Wook Oh (right) reraises his opponent
Chris Amaral
Eric Seigel
Raj Patel
Tarun G.

Event #1 Prize Pool # Payouts

There were a total of 1,912 entries combined from 3 flights of Event #1: $600 NLH, creating a record field at Foxwoods Casino.  This unprecedented number of players created a whopping $1,013,360 prize pool before the Tournament Administration fee.  231 players will make the money, with a mincash worth $1,179.  Here are the full payouts:

1st Place: $157,274
2nd Place: $98,295
3rd Place: $68,807
4th Place: $47,182
5th Place: $35,386
6th Place: $25,950
7th Place: $19,659
8th Place: $14,744
9th Place: $12,409
10th-12th Place: $10,321
13th-15th Place: $8,944
16th-18th Place: $7,765
19th-21st Place: $6,782
22nd-24th Place: $5,897
25th-27th Place: $5,111
28th-36th Place: $4,423
37th-45th Place: $3,735
46th-54th Place: $3,145
55th-63rd Place: $2,653
64th-72nd Place: $2,260
73rd-81st Place: $1,965
82nd=90th Place: $1,769
91st-108th Place: $1,572
109th-135th Place: $1,474
136th-162nd Place: $1,376
163rd-189th Place: $1,277
190th-231st Place: $1,179

Excitement on Twitter

With the announcement of the official numbers, the Twitter world is blowing up with excitement over Event #1.

Mike Just goes on a two-hand heater

Mike Just was sitting on "just" 38,000 chips when he was all in with [As][Qh] on a [Kc][Qd][8d] flop.  His opponent had him in terrible shape with [Ah][Ad], and Mike would need a queen or running straight cards to survive.  Miraculously, the [Qs] hit the turn, and the [Jd] river meant he would double up.

While we were counting his chips, Mike had another opponent all in.  This time, Mike had the pocket aces.  His opponent showed [Qs][Qh], and the [7h][3h][Kd][6c][2s] board kept the aces in the lead.  Mike now sits on over 110,000.

Randal Sklar having a tough day

WSOP Circuit Casino Champion Randal Sklar is taking his first shot at at Foxwoods Poker Classic title today, and he is having a tough day.  He built his stack up to over 100,000 only to lose most of it when he was 2-outed with pocket aces vs. pocket sevens.  Randal sits on about 30,000 in chips at the 500/1,000 blind level, so don't count him out just yet.

Official Day 1C numbers

Day 1C received 837 entries, and the final 101 players will advance to Day 2.

Unofficial numbers

The second break is now over, which means registration is now closed for Day 1C and Event #1 $600 NLH in total.  The board reads 836 entries, which means that this tournament had over 1,900 participants and could possibly be the largest tournament in Foxwoods history!  We're waiting on the final official numbers, and will post the prize pool and payouts as soon as we have it.

End of Day 1B Chip Counts

1Brackesy, Steven518,000
2Gambordella, Alex410,000
3Lewis, Jonathan405,000
4Brunnett, Jason354,500
5Arch, Eric325,500
6Davis, Harold324,500
7Chung, John318,000
8Barringer, Sean307,500
9Mercado, Roberto288,500
10Cyr, Nicholas282,500
11Solerti, Carlos264,000
12Patel, Dilipkumar255,000
13Schumacher, Mark250,500
14Kostrov, Gennadiy247,000
15Napolitano, Thomas235,500
16Paradis, Fred233,000
17Sgambato, Frank230,500
18Pitts, Fletcher230,000
19Escobalez, Johnny215,500
20Bunker, Charles206,000
21Eriquezzo, Ryan203,500
22Grodowski, Joseph199,500
23Magner, James188,000
24Eriquezzo, Fred186,500
25Renda, Brian173,500
26Borgeson, Brian171,000
27Zelaya, Neftali167,000
28Langianest, Jason162,000
29Davis, Ian161,000
30Bracy, Danielle155,500
31Sadagopan, Thiru149,000
32Connolly, James145,000
33Hubbard, Stephanie143,500
34Parthasarathy, Srirama138,500
35Tokatlyan, Mike137,500
36Porfino, Vincenzo134,000
37Ritchie, John132,500
38O'Grady, Mike131,000
39Mohal, Amrit128,000
40Kadimisetty, Anil120,000
41Saleba, Charles106,000
42OBrien, Patrick103,000
43Peterson, George99,000
44Hosgood, Rob98,000
45O'Neil Tim93,500
46Alexander, David90,500
47Hanson, Keith89,000
48Schwarz, Corinne85,000
49Rinaldi, Michael80,500
50Smith, Joseph80,500
51Dobrilovic, Tom78,500
52DaCruz, John76,500
53Kernan, Kevin73,500
54Adusumallo, Venkata71,000
55Agard, Sherwin66,000
56Kachittavong, Soukha65,000
57Gibson, Michelle57,000
58Gamache, Justin54,500
59Lawler, Paul38,500
60Carlson, Sean37,500
61Vredenburg, Kyle34,500
62Keraghan, John33,000
63Rodrigues, Johnny32,000
64White, Arthur31,500
65Starratt, Joe23,500

Day 1C is Under Way

Cards are in the air for Day 1C of Event #1 $600 NLH.  The top 12% will be in the money an advance to Day 2, along with the 65 players each from Day 1A & 1B.

You can watch our feature table on the live stream at,

Photos from before the bubble (part 2)

The money bubble has burst

It took quite a bit of time to get down to the final 65 players, but the money bubble has finally burst.  The eventual bubble boy was eliminated when his [Jh][Jd] was outraced by his opponent's [Ac][Ks].  The final board fell [2s][Ad][6d][Tc][5h], and the remaining players will be in the money and will return for Day 2 on Tuesday.