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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Foxwoods December 2011 Mega Stack Challenge Monday 12/05 $120 NLH Final Results

Foxwoods December 2011 Mega Stack Challenge Sunday 12/05 $300 NLH Final Results

Martin Camara Wins the $300 Mega Stack Challenge!

Martin Camara

The final three players in the $300 Mega Stack Challenge event have come to an agreement on a chip chop.

Martin Camara is officially the champion of the event, taking home $27,000 and the Mega Stack Challenge trophy!

Results for 2nd and 3rd are as follows:

2nd - Tag Team Poker Owner Michael Woods $27,000

3rd - Fletcher Pitts $18,253

Christopher Ely Eliminated in 4th Place ($10,573)

Christopher Ely

On a flop of [6h][5h][2d], Martinho Camara bets 100,000 and Christopher Ely calls. The turn is the [8d] and Camara checks. Ely fires 450,000 and Camara calls.

The river comes the [8s] and Camara checks again. This time, Ely moves all-in for 1,360,000. Camara thinks for a few minutes before announcing call and Ely throws his cards into the muck instantly. Camara shows [Qd][5d] to win the pot and eliminate Ely in 4th place for $10,573.

Scott Reynolds Eliminated in 5th Place ($8,370)

Scott Reynolds

Christopher Ely raises to 275,000 from under the gun and Martinho Camara three-bets to 1,050,000 from the small blind. Scott Reynolds then calls all-in for his last 200,000 and Ely mucks his hand. They turn up:

Camara - [Ah][9h]
Reynolds - [8h][4c]

The board runs out [Qd][9s][2s][4s][6c] and Camara wins the pot with a pair of nines.

Scott Reynolds is eliminated from the $300 Mega Stack Challenge event in 5th place for $8,370.

Leon Bedard Eliminated in 6th Place ($6,725)

Leon Bedard

Leon Bedard raises to 160,000 from under the gun and is called by Martinho Camara from the button. The flop comes [Tc][9s][7h] and Berdard bets 400,000. Camara calls and the turn is the [Jh].

Bedard announces that he is all-in and Camara immediately makes the call. They turn up:

Bedard - [6d][6s]
Camara - [As][8c]

Camara turned the straight to take the lead in the hand. The river comes the [3s] and Camara wins the pot, eliminating Bedard in 6th place for $6,725.

Jason Jaeger Eliminated in 7th Place ($5,180)

Jason Jaeger

Christopher Ely limps in from the button for 80,000 and Jason Jaeger checks his option. The flop comes [Qd][Js][8c] and Jaeger checks. Ely bets 80,000 and Jaeger moves all-in for about 600,000. Ely calls and they turn up:

Ely - [Qc][5c]
Jaeger - [Jh][9d]

The turn is the [7c] and the river comes the [As]. Ely takes the pot with his pair of queens and eliminates Jaeger in 7th place for $5,180.

Brian Plant Eliminated in 8th Place ($4,110)

Brian Plant

Brian Plant open shoves all-in from under the gun for 755,000 and is called by Michael Woods. They turn up:

Plant - [Ah][9h]
Woods - [Jh][Js]

The board runs out [8c][5d][3c][Tc][2s] and Woods wins the pot to eliminate Plant in 8th place for $4,110.

Jose Fernandes Eliminated in 9th Place ($3,241)

Jose Fernandes

Jose Fernandes moves all-in for his last 70,000 with the blinds at 20,000-40,000 from under the gun. Michael Woods calls from the button and Martinho Camara raises from the big blind to 150,000.

Woods calls and the flop comes out [Ad][9c][8c]. Camara checks and Woods bets 225,000. Camara folds and they turn up:

Woods - [Ac][4d]
Fernandes - [Qd][Td]

The turn comes the [Qc] and the river is the [5s]. Woods wins the pot and eliminates Fernandes in 9th place for $3,241.

Lisa Bourque Eliminated in 10th Place ($1,890)

Lisa Bourque

Martinho Camara raises to 80,000 before the flop and Lisa Bourque moves all-in for 140,000 total. Jason Jaeger calls and Camara then moves all-in. Jaeger thinks for a minute before folding pocket sevens face up. They turn over:

Camara - [Js][Ts]
Bourque - [6d][6h]

The board runs out [Qd][9h][4s][6s][2s] and Camara catches running spades to beat out Bourque's set of sixes.

Bourque is eliminated from the $300 Mega Stack event in 10th place for $1,890.

$300 Mega Stack Final Table Chip Counts

We have reached the final table of the $300 Mega Stack Challenge event.

Chip counts by seat assignments are as follows:

1. Scott Reynolds 180,000
2. Lisa Bourque 350,000
3. Christopher Ely 940,000
4. Leon Bedard 1,005,000
5. Brian Plant 1,190,000
6. Jason Jaeger 510,000
7. Michael Woods 3,095,000
8. Fletcher Pitts 520,000
9. Martinho Camara 1,740,000
10. Jose Fernandes 230,000

Final table payouts are as follows:

1st - $36,965
2nd - $21,837
3rd - $13,451
4th - $10,573
5th - $8,370
6th - $6,725
7th - $5,180
8th - $4,110
9th - $3,241
10th - $1,890

Day 2 of the $300 Mega Stack Now Underway!

Cards are in the air on Day 2 of the $300 Mega Stack Challenge.

You can watch all the action by clicking "Watch LIVE Feature Table" at the top of the page or by clicking HERE.

There are 18 players remaining and the average chip stack is 543,000.

The blinds are currently 12,000-24,000 with a 4,000 ante.

Final payouts for today are as follows:

1st - $36,965
2nd - $21,837
3rd - $13,451
4th - $10,573
5th - $8,370
6th - $6,725
7th - $5,180
8th - $4,110
9th - $3,241
10th-12th - $1,890
13th-15th - $1,479
16th-18th - $1,151

Foxwoods December 2011 $300 No Limit Hold'em Mega Stack Challenge Returning Players

Play Concludes for the Night in the $300 Mega Stack

Play has ended for the night in the $300 Mega Stack Event.

The 18 remaining players will return at noon tomorrow and play to a winner.

The final chip counts and Day 2 seat assignments will be posted momentarily.