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Friday, March 21, 2014

Photos from the end of Day 1

Players play on the featured table
David Stefanski chats with a Dena Pearlman
Vinny Maglio nurses a shorter stack
Joseph McKeehen thrived on Day 1

Ryan Eriquezzo has been eliminated

A short stack Ryan Eriquezzo moved all in from early position and a player in mid-position re-raised to isolate.  All folded and Ryan was behind with [Qc][6s] against [Kh][8d].  The [Qs][Ad][7d] flop hit Ryan, awarding him the double-up if he could avoid a king or running diamonds.  Indeed, the [2d] hit the turn giving his opponent the extra outs.  But it was the [Kc] river that did it, pairing his opponents and sending Ryan to the rail with only a half hour left on day 1.

Championship Event Prize Pool & Payouts

Event #20: $2,700 Championship received 226 entries creating a $548,050 prize pool.  The top 24 players will get paid, with a mincash worth $6,850.  Here are the full payouts:

1st Place: $133,177
2nd Place: $84,125
3rd Place: $54,257
4th Place: $43,844
5th Place: $32,883
6th Place: $26,307
7th Place: $21,374
8th Place: $17,537
9th Place: $13,712
10th-12th Place: $9,590
13th-15th Place: $8,494
16th-18th Place: $7,946
19th-21st Place: $7,398
22nd-24th Place: $6,850

Tweets from the dinner break

Players are now on dinner break

Level 6 has come to an end, and players are now on a 75 minute dinner break.  Play will resume at approximately 6:45pm, when the blinds will be 200/400 with a 50 ante.

YouTube Video: Event #17 $1,100 NLH Final Table (part 2)

YouTube Video: Event #17 $1,100 NLH Final Table (part 1)

Photos of familiar faces

Andy Frankenberger 
Chris Tryba
David Stefanski
Greg Hyman
Je Wook Oh
Joseph McKeehen
Mike Nye
Steve Happas

YouTube Video: Event #17 $1,100 NLH Day 2

Players are now on break

Players are on their first break of the day. When they return, blinds will be 75/150.

$2,700 Championship: Cards are in the air, watch live at

Cards are in the air for the Foxwoods Poker Classic $2,700 NLH Championship!  Players start with 30,000 chips and are playing one hour levels.  Re-entries and late registration is open until through the end of the 9th level, which is approximately 9:30pm.

You can watch our feature table streaming live at