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Friday, August 22, 2014

August 2014 - WSOP - Event #9 - $580 NLH - Results

Place Name Prize
1 Randal Sklar, Peabody MA $23,969
2 Jeffery Hall, Braintree MA $14,816
3 Thomas walsh, Lowell MA $10,662
4 William Foxen, Cold Spring Harbor NY $7,812
5 Chris Jenkins, Pawcatuck CT $5,832
6 Tim Lahey, Waterbury CT $4,421
7 Dmitri Pidvysotski, W Hartford CT $3,418
8 K Papanikos, Rexford NY $2,681
9 Derek Chin, Wellesley Hills MA $2,142
10 Brett Williamson, Epping NH $1,731
11 Nathan Mont, Brockton MA $1,731
12 Thomas Cherry, Boston Ma $1,731
13 Attilio Bitondo, Great Neck NY $1,420
14 Douglas North, Monson MA $1,420
15 Carl Fenske, Waterbury CT $1,420
16 Meng Lu, Waltham MA $1,189
17 Gerald Aiello, Winchester MA $1,189
18 Aaron Tabackman, New York NY $1,189

9:30pm Update

It's 9:30pm on Friday night at the Foxwoods Poker Room, and the room is buzzing!

The $250 Ladies Final Table is down to the final 4 tables, and they are playing 8,000/16,000 blinds with a 2000 ante.

The $250 Seniors Event is down to the final 2 tables.  They are playing 10,000/20,000 blinds with a 3,000 ante.

Tomorrow at 11am EST is Flight A of the World Series of Poker Circuit Main Event.  This is Event #10 and has a $1,675 buy-in with a $500,000 Guarantee.  The tournament features 20,000 in starting chips and has a second flight at 5pm.  Players eliminated from Flight A may re-enter Flight B, but they may not re-enter the same flight.  Registration is open until the start of Day 2.  Full details can be found on the structure sheet.

$250 Ladies Final Table Reached

The final 10 players have been reached in the $250 Ladies Event.  The players are taking their seats at the final table and is now streaming live at

1st Place: Randal Sklar ($23,969)

Randal Sklar had his opponent all in twice already, but it looked like the third time would be the charm as Randal had [Ad][Ac] against Jeff's [Ah][Jd].  The [2h][8h][3s] flop was no help for Jeff, but the [Jc] on the turn did open up two outs for him.  This time, Jeff did not suck out as the river fell the [2d].

Randal has won Event #9: $580 NLH for $23,969, along with the World Series of Poker Circuit Ring.  His rail of supporters immediately congratulated and hug their friend, and happily posed for pictures with the latest WSOP-C champion.  With this win, Randal is now in 2nd place in points for the WSOP-C Casino Champion.

2nd Place: Jeff Hall ($14,816)

Jeff Hall doubles up again

After limping in from the small blind, Randal Sklar moved all in from the big blind.  Jeff thought for a bit and then decided to call.

Randal [7s][7d]
Jeff [Qd][9d]

The dealer put out the [4d][2c][Td] flop, keeping Randal in front.  The [Js] turn opened a world of outs for Jeff, and he made his runner-runner straight when the [Kc] hit the river.

Jeff Hall doubles through Randal Sklar

Jeff Hall was all in preflop holding [Kc][Qc] and was up against Randal Sklar's [As][8s].  Randal's rail asked for an ace in the window, but instead the dealer spread the [5c][Th][Jh] flop.  Now an ace would give Jeff an unbeatable straight, and amazingly the [Ac] hit the turn.  The meaningless [3h] was dealt on the river to give Jeff the doubleup.  He now has 700,000 to Randal's 1.4 million.

Heads up chip counts

Randal Sklar (1.4 million) vs. Jeff Hall (600,000)

3rd Place: Thomas Walsh ($10,662)

Thomas Walsh (standing, right) watches as the last card falls
Thomas Walsh was all in preflop holding [9s][9c] and was up against the [Ah][Kh] of Randal Sklar.  The flop fell [4c][5s][Ac], giving Randal top pair.  The [Tc] turn gave Thomas a flush draw to go with his two outs to a set.  The dealer burned and placed the [6d] on the river, however, and Thomas will exit this tournament in 3rd place.  He will collect $10,662 for his efforts.

4th Place: William Foxen ($7,812)

William Foxen was all in preflop holding [Ad][Jd] against Thomas Walsh's [Ac][Qc].  William did pick up chop outs on the [Ah][9c][Kh] flop, but the [3s] turn and [5s] river had William heading to the rail in 4th place.  He will earn $7,812 for his efforts.

5th Place: Chris Jenkins ($5,832)

Chris Jenkins has been eliminated in 5th place when his [Kh][Td] failed to improve against his opponent's [Qh][Qc].  The board ran out [5d][2h][5s][7d][8s], and Chris will head to the payout desk to collect $5,832.

6th Place: Tim Lahey ($4,421)

Continuing his good run at this final table, Randal Sklar has eliminated another player.  This time Randal's [Ac][Kh] was dominating Tim Lahey's [As][Js], all in preflop.  Tim flopped a gutshot on the [4d][Ks][Td] flop, but failed to find a jack or a queen on the [8d] turn and [6c] river.  Tim will earn $4,421 for his 6th place finish today.

$250 NLH Seniors Prize Pool & Payouts

A total of 400 players entered today's $250 NLH Seniors Event, creating a prize pool of $84,000.  The top 45 players will be in the money, with a mincash worth $366.  Here are the full payouts:

1st Place: $17,926
2nd Place: $11,081
3rd Place: $8,148
4th Place: $6,021
5th Place: $4,530
6th Place: $3,463
7th Place: $2,689
8th Place: $2,118
9th Place: $1,710
10th-12th Place: $1,368
13th-15th Place: $1,124
16th-18th Place: $937
19th-21st Place: $782
22nd-24th Place: $676
25th-27th Place: $586
28th-30th Place: $505
31st-33rd Place: $456
34th-36th Place: $399
37th-45th Place: $366

7th Place: Dmitri Pidvysotski ($3,418)

Dmitri Pidvysotski raised preflop and Randal Sklar called.  After the [9h][8c][9d] flop was dealt, Dmitri moved all in and Randal snap called.  Dmitri had flopped second pair with his [Ac][8s] but was way behind Randal's [Qs][Qh].  The turn [7s] and river [2h] failed to give Dmitri his needed two outer, and he will head to the payout desk to collect his $3,418 for 7th place.

$250 NLH Ladies Prize Pool & Payouts

A total of 110 players entered today's $250 NLH Ladies Event, creating a prize pool of $23,100.  The top 12 players will be in the money, with a mincash worth $468.  Here are the full payouts:

1st Place: $6,723
2nd Place: $4,154
3rd Place: $2,958
4th Place: $2,148
5th Place: $1,591
6th Place: $1,201
7th Place: $926
8th Place: $723
9th Place: $579
10th-12th Place: $468

8th Place: K Papanikos ($2,681)

K Papanikos was all in preflop holding [8s][3s] and needed some help as he was called by Jeff Hall holding [Ad][Jh].  The [2d][Qd][Kh] was no help, and the [Kd] turn meant K could not hit a diamond eight or three anymore.  The river fell the [Jc], unnecessarily pairing Jeff's hole cards.  K will earn $2,681 for his 8th place finish.

9th Place: Derek Chin ($2,142)

Derek Chin was all in preflop holding [Td][Tc] and was in good shape to double up against his opponent's [As][9s].  Unfortunately, for Derek, the flop fell [7c][9h][Ac], leaving him drawing to two outs.  The [2s] turn and [5c] were not what he was looking for, and Derek will exit this tournament in 9th place.  Derek collect $2,142 for his efforts.

Seniors & Ladies Events are Under Way

There are two events that are beginning today at 11am, and both of them are now under way.  There is a $250 Seniors Event and a $250 Ladies Event, and both events feature 10,000 starting chips and 30 minute blinds throughout.

At 1pm, Event #9: $580 NLH will be playing the final table.  You can watch on the live stream at

August 2014 - WSOP - Event #9 - $580 NLH - Final Table Returning Players

Table-Seat Name Chip Count
1 Tim Lahey 83,000
2 Derek Chin 99,000
3 William Foxen 674,000
4 Dmitri Pidvysotski 114,000
5 Randal Sklar 344,000
6 K Papanikos 176,000
7 Jeff Hall 174,000
8 Chris Jenkins 190,000
9 Thomas Walsh 259,000

August 2014 - WSOP - Event #8 - $365 NLH - Results

Place Name Prize
1 Michael Thibeau, Whitman MA $20,280
2 John Matson, Hope Valley RI $12,539
3 Kevin Gibbs, Bloomfield NJ $9,092
4 Vincent Farrell, Hampton Bays NY $6,709
5 James Watt, Worcester MA $5,036
6 Michael Huguenot, Pleasantville NY $3,836
7 Aaron Frei, Longmont CO $2,966
8 Peter Huzar, Guilford CT $2,332
9 Mark Awalt, Lowell ME $1,868
10 Glenn Stone Wallingford CT $1,504
11 Waleed Yousef, Berlin CT $1,504
12 Tim Lahey, Waterbury CT $1,504
13 Donald Rosenburg, Yorktown Heights NY $1,233
14 Arthur Senowitz, Wanye NJ $1,233
15 Kevin Currey, Norwich CT $1,233
16 Aurther Smith, Bay Shore NY $1,030
17 James Mcclure, Groton CT $1,030
18 Jeffery Gurfinkel, Hallandale Beach FL $1,030
19 Kurt Magalski, Lancaster PA $870
20 Joseph Guarino, Walpole MA $870
21 Adam Craig, Hastings NE $870
22 Paul Sturgill, Lunenburg MA $752
23 Mansor Parnian, Hopewell Junction NY $752
24 Timothy Odonnell, Valley Cottage NY $752
25 Jonathan Zierk, Pound Ridge NY $650
26 Sean Hegarty, W Barnstable MA $650
27 Linsford Geddes, Randolph MA $650
28 Carl Fenske, Waterbury CT $574
29 Timothy Egan, E Hampton NY $574
30 Christopher Leong, New York NY $574