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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Event #3 ($300 PLO Hi/Lo) Recent Eliminations

7th Place - Mark Rabuse - $638
6th Place - Tom Westort - $754

After One Hand, All Players in Flight #1B Now In the Money

We are down to the final 39 players, which means play has concluded for the night, and all 39 players have made both Day 2, as well as the money.

Chip counts from this flight will be posted as soon as available. 

Nick McDonald Doubles Up, Now Hand For Hand on Bubble

Nick McDonald has played extremely patiently.  He was down to two big blinds when he picked up aces and was called by an opponent's pocket fours. 

The board ran out [kh][jd][10h][2d][qs], granting McDonald the double. 

We are now hand for hand on the money bubble. 

Gil Wasserman Cracks Aces (Event #1B)

After a preflop bidding war, Gil Wasserman and an unnamed player get it all in and table the following hands:

Wasserman: [ks][kh]
Opponent:  [as][ac]

The flop comes [kd][js][9c], giving Wasserman a set of kings. 

Unfortunately for his opponent, the [7c] turn and [5d] river did not improve his hand, and Wasserman is awarded a full double up. 

Gil Wasserman - 285,000

Marguerite Meyerson Bubbles Event #3 ($300 PLO Hi/Lo)

Recent Eliminations:

9th Place - Richard Cowperthwait
8th Place - Marguerite Meyerson

All remaining players are now in the money.

8th Place - Marguerite Meyerson

9th Place - Richard Cowperthwait

Event #3 ($300 PLO) Marguerite Meyerson Doubles Through James George

Marguerite Meyerson Doubles Through James George

Blinds: 1,200/2,400

On a board reading [js][9d][ac], Marguerite Meyerson shoves all in for her remaining 7,700, and James George calls.

Meyerson: [as][ad][9c][4s] (set of aces}
George: [jc][jd][10s][8c] (set of jacks.

The [6s] on the turn gives George a gut-shot straight draw, but also gives Meyerson a flush draw.

The [7s] on the river brings the straight for George, but also the flush for Meyerson awarding her a full double up.

Marguerite Meyerson - 35,000
James George -33,000

Event #3 ($300 PLO Hi/Lo) Final Table w/ Chip Counts

Seat 1 - Timothy Fiorvanti - 77,100
Seat 2 - Margunita Meyerson - 26,200
Seat 3 - Marc Rabuse - 61,900
Seat 4 - Debra Linzer - 89,700
Seat 5 - James George - 43,400
Seat 6 - EMPTY
Seat 7 - Larry Goldstein - 61,000
Seat 8 - Richard Cowperthwait - 19,900
Seat 9 - Barak Zaken - 51,200
Seat 10 - ThomasWestort - 29,600

A Double For Jesse Fanguhan (Event #1B)

A player in early position shoves all in.  Action folds to Jess Fanguhan in the small blind who shoves all in for slightly more.  The big blind folds. 

Fanguhan:  [kd][kh]
Opponent: [qd][qc]

The board runs out [js][jc][7h][8c][9d], awarding Fanguhan nearly a full double up. 

Jesse Fanguhan - 40,000

Ronald Dalgo Knocks One Out (Event #1B)

A player in early position bets 5,000.  Action folds to the cutoff who shoves all in.  Ronald Dalgo calls the all in on the button, and the original raiser folds. 

Dalgo: [6s][6c]
Cutoff: [ac][ks]

The [kh] comes in the window, but unfortunately for the player in the cutoff, right behind it was the [6d] and the [7d], giving Dalgo a set. 

The [10s] turn and [4s] river did not improve the player's hand, and he is eliminated from play.

Ronald Dalgo - 134,000

Post Dinner Break Chip Counts - Event #1B

We are down to 75 players, 39 of which will make Day 2 (and the money).  Here are a few chip counts from notable players still in the field: 

Sherwin Agard - 135,000
The General - 125,000
Dave Stefanski - 120,000
Chris Tryba - 80,000
Steve 'Dakota' Happas - 55,000
Matthew 'Bucky' Wantman - 21,000

Eliminated Players:
Linda Swears
Soukha Kachittavong

Event #1B Now on Dinner Break

The remaining 80 players are now on a 60 minute dinner break.  They will return in 60 minutes to play Level 14 (1,000/2,000 with a 300 ante), and they will play down to 39 players tonight. 

Event #3 ($300 PLO Hi/Lo) Field Photo

Final 36 Players

Kyle U. Scores the Knock Out (Event #1B)

On a board reading [ad][9c][9s], Kyle U. checks in early position and Daniel Wright on the button bets 9,000.  Kyle pauses for a moment before announcing that he is all in.  Wright quickly calls and asks, "Do you have ace king?" Kyle nods yes, and Wright says, "I am so screwed."

Kyle:  [ac][kd]
Wright:  [as][10d]

Unfortunately for Wright, the [qd] turn and [jd] river do not improve his hand, and he is eliminated from play.

"I just didn't know what he was betting the flop with," Kyle says as he starts stacking his newly acquired chips.  He is now sitting with 155,000.

Event #3 ($300 PLO Hi/Lo) Prize Pool Information

There were a total of 42 entries in today's $300 PLOHi/Lo Event.

The top 7 places will be paid out as follows:

1 - $3,770
2 - $2,552
3 - $1,624
4 - $1,276
5 - $986
6 - $754
7 - $638

Total Prize Pool:  $11,600

Final Numbers From Event #1B

Level 9 has just begun, and that means registration has officially closed.  A total of 319 players entered this second of three starting flights.  Players in this flight will play down to 39 tonight, and all of those remaining players will enter Day 2 on Tuesday in the money. 

At the present moment, 201 of the original 319 players remain.

Notable Chip Counts/Chip Leader Event #1B

Current Chip Leader of #1B - John Huynh - 90,000 (450 BBs)
Current Level: 5
Blinds: 100/200
Ante: 25
# of Buy-Ins: 236
Players Remaining: 205

Chip Leader:  John Huynh - 90,000
James Campbell - 50,000
Linda Swears - 35,000
Soukha Kacchitavong - 29,000
David Stefanski - 23,000
James Magner - 23,000
Steve 'Dakota' Happas - 18,000
Chris Tryba - 7,000

"Nut Low and Lowest Boat" (Event #3 - $300 PLO Hi/Lo)

Level 2
Blinds: 25/50

On a board reading [3s][3h][2d], both blinds check, and Tom Westort bets 200 from under the gun.  A player in middle position calls, as do both of the blinds.

When the turn comes the [4s], both blinds check once again, and Westort bets 750.  The player in middle position calls, as do both blinds.

The river is the [ad].  The blinds both check for a third time and Westort bets 3,300.  The player in middle position calls, the small blind folds, and the big blind tanks.  After a minute of thinking, the big blind hesitantly calls the bet.

"Nut low, and the lowest boat," Westort says as he turns over [jd][5d][2c][2h].

The player in the big blind mucks his cards, and the player in middle position turns over [8c][7d][5c][3c] for the same low, good for a quarter of the pot.

Westort is now sitting with 17,000 from a 10,000 starting stack. 

Morgan Litwin Puts Opponents to the Test (Event #1B)

Phi Thanh Nguyen Contemplates Calling Morgan Litwin's All-In Bet

Level 3
Blinds:  75/150

On a board reading [10s][6h][3s][5d], Morgan Litwin shoves all in from the small blind, and Phi Thanh Nguyen in middle position, goes into the tank.

After nearly two minutes of thinking about his decision, Nguyen hesitantly releases his hand.

Litwin shows [6s][6d], having flopped a set of sixes.

Even five minutes after the hand is over, the table continues to talk about the texture of the board, and the Nguyen's decision to fold.

Nguyen didn't show his cards, but said that he folded two pair.  Another player said he had folded jacks on the flop.

Morgan Litwin - 27,000

Nick McDonald Chipping Up (Event #1B)

On a board reading [9s][7d][3s][6c], Nick McDonald bets 575 in the hijack, and the player in the cutoff raises to 1,525.  McDonald smooth-calls the raise. 

McDonald leads for 2,200 when the river comes the [4c].  His opponent goes into the tank, and eventually mucks his hand.

McDonald is now sitting with 24,000 in chips. 

First Elimination of Day #1B

Less than five minutes into our second of three flights, we have already lost our first player, and they are headed to the cage to re-buy.

Yesterday, Flight #1A saw 335 runners, with 41 of them making it through to Day 2 (and thus, into the money).  The third and final flight will be tomorrow at 11am. With Day 2 play on Tuesday March 15th at noon Eastern time. 

As a reminder, players are allowed to enter/re-enter until the beginning of Level 9.

Event #1B, $600 No Limit Hold Em w/Re-Entries
$500,000 Guaranteed
($530 Buy-in / $70 Entry Fee)
With Re-Entries
Players start with 20,000 in non-value tournament chips
Levels 1-8: 30 minutes
Levels 9+: 40 minutes
Registration open until the start of level 9
Full structure is available here.

Schedule For Sun. Mar. 13th Foxwoods Poker Classic

$60 No Limit Hold Em

Event #1B, $600 No Limit Hold Em w/Re-Entries
$500,000 Guaranteed
($530 Buy-in / $70 Entry Fee)
With Re-Entries
Players start with 20,000 in non-value tournament chips
Levels 1-8: 30 minutes
Levels 9+: 40 minutes
Registration open until the start of level 9
Full structure is available here.

Event #3, $300 PLO Hi/Lo 8+ w/ Re-Entries
($260 Buy-in / $40 Entry Fee)
With Re-Entries
Players start with 10,000 in non-value tournament chips
Levels: 30 minutes
Registration open until the start of level 7
Full structure is available here.

$120 No Limit Hold Em
$10,000 Guaranteed

$100 Mega Super Satellite (win a $600 voucher)
5 seats guaranteed

A full schedule for this Mega Stack Series is available here.

Foxwoods Poker Classic - Event #1 - $600 NLH - Flight A Returning Players for Day 2

Position Name Chip Count
1 Undisclosed 531,000
2 Pito, Louis 517,000
3 Porbandarwala, Soheb 410,500
4 Le, Tu 263,500
5 Reinhardt, Jon 262,000
6 Patel, Raj 261,000
7 Varkonyi, Robert 252,000
8 Berio, Stefano 247,500
9 On, Jack 246,500
10 Oh, JeWook 230,000
11 Small, Neil 217,500
12 Tsiantoulas, Sotirios 209,500
13 Smith, Aaron 204,500
14 White, Taylor 192,500
15 Messina, Joseph 190,000
16 Paradis, Fred 188,000
17 Marmol, Welther 183,500
18 Papadopoulos, Billy 157,000
19 Cautela, John 154,500
20 McDonough, Mark 148,000
21 Grinvalsky, John 144,500
22 Braunstein, Marc 139,500
23 Salkovitz, Frank 138,000
24 Sennon, Peter 123,000
25 Perry, Robert 113,500
26 Witkowski, Jesse 112,500
27 Dobrilovic, Tom 102,000
28 Yanchek, Jeffrey 100,500
29 Chalifour, Dan 98,000
30 Costa, Sandy 93,000
31 Lynch, Kevin 86,500
32 Conticello, Glenn 52,500
33 Grandieri, David 51,000
34 Sheehan, Michael 49,500
35 Manalaysay, Flynn 48,000
36 Costello, Mark 47,500
37 Vacon, Matt 40,000
38 Mancini, Franco 32,000
39 Curry, Malik 31,000
40 Gulati, Tarun 31,000
41 Lobel, Daniel 26,000