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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Event 15: Play Concludes

Players are putting their chips in the bag and heading to bed for the night. 17 Players will return tomorrow at noon to battle it out for the $23,901 top prize.

Event 16: Down to 10

We are now down to the final table of 10 in event 16. Here is a look at what they are playing for:
1. $5,902
2. $4,131
3. $2,558
4. $1,967
5. $1,475
6. $1,180
7. $984
8. $787
9. $688
10. $300

Event 15: Redraw at 18

Level 14
Blinds 1000/2000/300
Players Remaining: 18

The players are now redrawing as we are down to the final 18 players. Among the final 18 are poker pros Tim Reilly, Tarun G, Nick Palma, and Mark Perry. Players have 18 minutes left in the 14th level and will be bagging at the completion of level 15.

Event 16 is in the Money!

After pausing the clock and talking about it, the final 12 players have all agreed to take $900 off of the top of the prize pool to pay out 12th,11th, and 10th. The next 3 players to be eliminated will be taking home $300 now.

Event 16: Bubble Approaching

Level 17
Limits 3000/6000/1000
Players Remaining: 14

We are down to 14 players in the event 16 and with 9 making the money the bubble is near.

Event 16: Back From Dinner

The 47 players remaining have returned from dinner and play is back underway. 5 levels remain til the end of the night.

Event 15: Chow Time

Players are now on their 1 hour dinner break. When they return they will be playing out 5 more levels before bagging and tagging. 47 players remain!

Event 15: Prize Pool and Payouts

88 players took their shot in the $1,100 NLH Event 15 generating a prize pool over $85,000. Here is what they are playing for:

1. $23,901
2. $16,133
3. $10,585
4. $7,938
5. $5,976
6. $4,780
7. $3,926
8. $3,159
9. $2,560
10-12. $2,134

Event 16: "Wicked" Big Flip for Reilly

Level 9
Blinds 300/600/100
Players Remaining: 48
Timmy Big Time

Action started with a raise to 1,800 from a player under the gun who was then three-bet by a player in middle position to 3,200. Action folded around to Tim "Wicked617" Reilly in the small blind who put in a four-bet to 11,000. The player under the gun thought about it for a few moments but eventually released his hand into the muck and action was back on the player in middle position. After counting down his stack once or twice he slid forward a pile of orange chips and announced all in. Reilly snap called and nodded his head when he saw his opponents [Qc][Qd]. He tabled [As][Kh] and we were off to the races.

The board ran out [9s][10s][Kd][8s][5c] and much to the dismay of his opponent, Reilly would rake in the pot and is now sitting on over 65,000.

15 minutes remain in the 9th level and players will be on a 1 hour dinner break at the completion of this level.

Event 15: Farris Leading the Way

Level 8
Blinds 250/500/50
Players Registered: 87
Mike Farris is the first to cross 100,000 in event 15.

We are more than half way through level 8 here in Event 15 and leading the way is Mike Farris with 105,000. Farris has more than $175,000 in lifetime earnings with his biggest cash being here at Foxwoods when he took 2nd in the 2008 Foxwoods Poker Classic for $65,000.

Here are a few other counts from around the room:

Tim Reilly: 60,000
Tarun G: 30,000
Nick Palma: 52,000
Will Failla: 32,000
Kim Schinco: 37,500

Players will be on a 60 minute dinner break at the end of level 9.

Event 14: 1st Place - Steward Kaplan ($9,420)

1st Place - Stewart Kaplan

At the end of the day it was Stewart Kaplan who took home a brand new Seiko watch, a Foxwood's globe and $9,420! Stewart came into the day 4th in chips and after winning a massive three way all in, he took the chip lead and coasted into first.

"I didn't even know this tournament was going on. I came down for the week to play the $2,700 Main Event and noticed this tournament yesterday morning. I've never played six-max live before but I used to love playing it online so I figured I'd take a shot."

Shot well taken! Congratulations to all of our players who took home money in event 14!

Event 14: 2nd Place - Mathew Martin ($6,302)

2nd Place - Mathew Martin

On a board reading [9h][6s][5c] Martin pushed out a bet of 250,000, but was quickly put to the test when Steward Kaplan announced all in and would put Martins tournament life at risk. Martin announced call and the hands were tabled.
Kaplan: [10h][10d]
Martin: [Ad][7d]
Kaplan faded both an ace and an 8 to send Martin to the rail in 2nd place. Martin will take home $6,302 for his 2nd place finish.

Event 16: 7-Card Stud Payouts

Level 5
Limit 200/400/50
Players Remaining: 77

Event 16 drew a 78 players and created a prize pool of over $19,500. Here is a look at what the players are battling for:

1. $5,902
2. $4,131
3. $2,558
4. $1,967
5. $1,475
6. $1,180
7. $984
8. $787
9. $688

Event 15: Failla, Reilly and Tarun Join the Field

Level 5
Blinds 100/200/25
Players Registered: 81

Walking through the field we noticed a few more pros that have joined us on Day 1 of the $1,100.

Will "The Thrill" Failla
Poker Pro Tarun G(left) and East Coast Legend John "The Lawyer" Larochelle
Poker Pro & Foxwoods Native Tim Reilly

Event 14: 3rd Place - George Ferreira ($4,138)

3rd Place - George Ferreira
George Ferreira got the last of his chips in holding [Kc][Jh] against the [Ac][10h] of Martin and could not improve. He will take home $4,138 for his 3rd place finish.

Event 14: Martin Bluff Shoves River

Level 24
Blinds 12000/24000/4000
Players Remaining:3

Stewart Kaplan pushed in two towers of red 5,000 chips on a board reading [7c][8d][Ks][Qd][2h] totaling a bet of 200,000. Mathew Martin wasted no time in announcing all in for an additional 260,000 over Kaplan's bet. 
Kaplan put his hand on his chin as he pondered what to do, but eventually slid his cards into the muck. He smiled and said "nice hand" as Martin tabled [7d][9h] for flopped bottom pair that he merged into a bluff. 
Martin now sits with over 800,000 and Kaplan drops to around 900,000.

Event 14: Kaplan Crushing

Level 23
Blinds 12000/24000/4000
Players Remaining: 3

Stewart Kaplan leads the final three.

Kaplan is on fire! He has upped his aggression three handed and its paying off as he now sits with over 1,000,000 in chips while both of his opponents sit with a little over 400,000.

Event 15: First Break of the Day

Level 4
Blinds 100/200
Players Registered: 75

Players are now on their first break of the day. So far 75 players have registered in today's $1,100 tournament. Registration/reentry is still open and will remain open until the end of level 8!

Event 14: 4th Place - Meng Lu ($3,273)

 Level 24
Blinds 10000/20000/1000
Players Remaining:3

4th Place - Meng Lu
We say good bye to Meng Lu in 4th place when his [Ad][Jh] couldn't improve against the [Qc][Qs] of George Ferreira. We are now down to our final three who have all secured at least $4,138.

Event 14: 5th Place - Jack D'Agostino ($2,476)

Level 24
Blinds 10000/20000/1000
Players Remaining: 4
5th Place - Jack D'Agostino

Jack D'Agostino opened the action to 60,000 from under the gun. Kaplan folded and the action was on George Ferreira who announced all in for his last 360,000. Action folded to D'Agostino who called off his last 70,000 and we were headed to the river.
Ferreira: [Kc][Ks]
D'Agostino: [Ad][Js]

D'Agostino looked destined for a double up when the dealer spread the [3s][As][7h] flop and was still ahead on the [7c] turn. Ferriera threw his hands up in frustration but that would quickly turn into a fist pump when he saw the [Kh] spike on the river. D'Agostino will take home $2,476 for his 5th place finish.

Event 14: 6th Place - Paul Brauer ($1,907)

Level 23
Blinds 8000/16000/2000
Players Remaining: 5

6th Place - Paul Brauer
We say goodbye to Paul Brauer in 6th place. Brauer will take home $1,907 for his run here in event 14. The remaining 5 players are guaranteed $2,476.

Event 14: Double Elimination and We're Down to the Final Table of 6!

Level 23:
Blinds 8000/16000/2000
Players Remaining: 6

There was a three way all in at the feature table.
Dube: [6c][6h]
Kaplan: [Js][Jd]
Dobrilovic: [Ac][As]

Kaplan would spike the [Jc] on the river and send both Dube and Dobrilovic home in 7th and 8th which means we are down to our final table of 6. Here is how they sit:

1. Meng Lu - 274,000
2. Mathew Martin - 379,000
3. Jack D'Agostino - 400,000
4. Stewart Kaplan - 541,000
5. Paul Brauer - 311,000
6. George Ferreira - 125,000

Event 16: $300 7-Card Stud Underway

Level 1
Limit 50-100/25
Players Registered: 35

Play has started in event 16. This event is a 7-card stud format and will be playing down to a winner today. Registration is open until the end of level 3. Shuffle up and deal!

Event 14: Play Resumes on Day 2!

Level 23
Blinds 8000/16000/2000
Players Remaining: 8

We are back underway in event 14. After a long day yesterday 8 players have returned to the felt today to battle it out for the $9,420 top prize. Here is a look at how the players are stacked up:

1-1 Mark Dube 143,000
1-3 Stewart Kaplan 257,000
1-5 Tom Dobrilovic 161,000
1-6 Jack D'Agastino 380,000

2-2 George Ferreira 161,000
2-3 Paul Brauer 307,000
2-5 Mathew Martin 375,000
2-6 Meng Lu 236,000

1. $9,420
2. $6,302
3. $4,138
4. $3,273
5. $2,476
6. $1,907
7. $1,419
8. $1,419

Event 15: $1,100 NLH is Underway!

Level 1
Blinds 25/50
Players Registered: 25

"Shuffle up and deal!"
We are officially underway in event 15. This $1,100 NLH event has a guaranteed prize pool of $75,000. Players have taken their seats and the dealers are currently dealing their first hand. We have already seen quite a few familiar faces take their seats including event 12 winner Kim Schinco and poker pro Spiro Mitrokostas. Play is scheduled for 15 levels.

Action Packed Wednesday Ahead!

 We are about to get underway on a long day here at Foxwoods. With 2 events starting today and the conclusion of the 6-max there should be no shortage of action! Lets take a look at what is on the schedule for today.

Players are starting to take their seats in Event 15, the $1,100 NLH. Players will start with 20,000 in chips and have through the end of level 8 to register and reenter. They are scheduled to play 15 levels today.

At 12:00 pm we kick off the $300 7-Card Stud event. Players will be starting with 10,000 in chips and are scheduled to play down to a winner today. Registration is open until the end of the third level and players will get a dinner break at the end of level 12.

Also at noon are the 8 returning players in event 14. With it being a six-max format, the unofficial final table will be drawn when we are down to 7 players. This final table will be streamed at

Follow along with all the updates from today's action at !

Event 14: 8 Players Return for Day 2

Play has concluded for the night in the $400 six-max. 8 players return tomorrow morning and we will be playing down to a winner!

Event 13: Co-Champions Kim Schinco & Pete Wagner ($23,558)

Event 13: 1st Pete Wagner & Kim Schinco
After the elimination of Ralph Macri in third, Kim Schinco and Pete Wagner paused the clock to talk over a deal. After a few minutes of conversing they decided to chop the remaining money right down the middle with Kim taking home a Foxwood's globe and Pete taking home a Foxwood's WPF Seiko watch. Congratulations to both players!

Event 13: 3rd Place - Ralph Macri ($12,074)

3rd Place - Ralph Macri
The run of Ralph Macri has come to the end. After losing most of his chips to Kim Schinco, Ralph shoved all in from the small blind with [Kd][9h] and ran into the [Ac][As] of Pete Wagner. Macri takes home $12,074 for his deep run.

Event 13: Schinco is Caging Everybody

Level 32
Blinds 60000/120000/20000
Players Remaining 3
Schinco puts Wagner in the cage with a huge raise on the river.

Kim Schinco cannot be tamed. She has taken two huge pots off of both Macri and Wagner and now holds over 5,100,000 chips. Macri is down to 900,000 and Wagner is sitting around 1,700,000.

Event 13: Wagner Lays Down a Monster

 Level 32
Blinds 60000/120000/20000
Players Remaining 3

Pete Wagner opened action on the button to 250,000 and Schinco got out of the way in the small blind. Ralph Macri announced he was all in for 1,900,000. The clock read 1:45 remaining in level 31.
"I'm probably going to use the rest of this time" said Wagner as both of his table mates told him to take as much time as needed.
He kept telling himself that Macri has to have sevens, eights, or nines but eventually would fold [Ac][Qs] face up.
"That's a huge lay down, but I was going to get luck on you" Macri said with a smile as he tabled [Ad][3d].

Players are back from their break and the blinds are now 60,000/120,000 with a 20,000 ante. All players are sitting with right around 2,000,000 in chips.