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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Event #6 Final Table Chip Counts & Seating Assignments

Here are the final table chip counts and seating assignments for Event #6 $400 Bounty:

Seat 1: Christopher Leong - 78,000
Seat 2: Marsel Backa - 267,000
Seat 3: Michael Bagdasarov - 223,500
Seat 4: Darin Parker - 163,500
Seat 5: Vince M104,500
Seat 6: Ian Niritin - 114,000
Seat 7: Jonathan Gray - 243,500
Seat 8: Rory "Hardware" Anderson - 377,000
Seat 9: Ken Butler - 101,000
Seat 10: Richard Sanchez - 86,000

Here are the remaining prizes to play for:

1st place: $6,236
2nd place: $4,210
3rd place: $2,761
4th place: $2,072
5th place: $1,559
6th place: $1,247
7th place: $1,025
8th place: $824
9th place: $670
10th place: $556    

Event #6 has reached the final table

After an arduous bubble, Event #6 $400 Bounty has finally reached the final table. The remaining 10 players are now drawing for their seats and their chip counts will be posted shortly.

Event #6 down to final 18 players

We have reached the final 2 tables in Event #6 $400 Bounty, and the final 18 players have just redrawn for seats. The final 12 will make the money, so the bubble is coming up soon. We are now streaming a feature table at so you can watch all of the bubble action there!

6:15pm Update

Event #7 $300 PLO High Only has reached the final table. 10 players remain, however only the final 7 will make the money.

Meanwhile, Event #6 $400 Bounty is on their one hour dinner break. 25 players remain, so the average stack is 74,000. Blinds will be 800/1,600 with a 200 ante when players return, and the top 12 will make the money.

We will be streaming the final two tables of this tournament later this evening.

Event #7 $300 PLO High Only Prizepool and Payouts

Event #7 $300 PLO High Only received 59 entries, creating a $14,880 prize pool. The top 7 players will be in the money with a mincash worth $818. Here are the full payouts:

1st place: $4,836
2nd place: $3,274
3rd place: $2,083
4th place: $1,637
5th place: $1,265
6th place: $967
7th place: $818

Event #6 $400 Bounty Prizepool and payouts

Event #6 $400 Bounty received 93 entries, creating a $22,273 prize pool. The top 12 players will be in the money with a mincash worth $556. Here are the full payouts:

1st place: $6,237
2nd place: $4,210
3rd place: $2,761
4th place: $2,072
5th place: $1,559
6th place: $1,247
7th place: $1,025
8th place: $824
9th place: $670
10th-12th place: $556

Four way chop agreed upon!

The final 4 players have agreed to an even chop oof the remaining prizepool, with Vito Masi taking home the trophy and the title.  Here and the final results:

1st Place: Vito Masi ($10,733)
2nd Place: Aaron Belardo ($10,733)
3th Place: Dan Castoria ($10,733)
4th Place: Raj Patel ($10,733)

5th Place: Michael Nye ($4,330)

Michael Nye moved all in under the gun and was called by Aaron Belardo. Micheal was dominated with [Ah][9h] against Aaron's [Ad][Qd] and would need to improve to survive. The [6c][4s][Jd] flop changed nothing, and the [7d] turn and [8s] river meant Michael would exit this tournament in 5th place. He will earn $4,330 for his efforts.

6th Place: Chris MacNeil ($3,529)

7th Place: Bernard Downey ($2,887)

Bernard Downey was all in and in great shape to double up with [Qh][Qd] against Chris MacNeil's [As][5d].  The [6d][2s][Th] flop was safe for Bernard, but the [3d] gave Chris a gutshot to go with his overcard. The [4h] hit the river to give Chris a runner-runner straight to win the pot. The stacks were counted down, and Chris had Bernard slightly covered, so he will be our 7th place finisher. Bernard earns $2,887 for his efforts.

Aaron Belardo doubles through Vito Masi in dramatic fashion

Aaron Belardo was in good shape to double-up as he was all in with [As][Ks] against Vito Masi's [Ac][9c]. The [Kd][5d][9s] flop was as perfect as you he could ask for, as he was a 92% favorite to win the hand. Improbably, the [9d] was the next card to fall, and the tables turned. Now Aaron had only a 5% chance of surviving. In dramatic fashion, the [Kh] hit the river to deliver the two outer Aaron was looking for, doubling him up and keeping him in the tournament.

An interesting chopped pot

Aaron Belardo moved all in preflop and was called by Vito Masi. Aaron was in bad shape with [Ac][5s] against [Ah][Kh], but he had a glimmer of hope on the [9d][4h][2h] flop as he picked up a gutshot to go with his live five, as long as it wasn't a heart. The turn was the [5c], giving Aaron the best hand, but he still had to dodge hearts. The river was the [3d], and Aaron clapped his hands, thinking he had won. But instead, both players had rivered the wheel and would chop the pot.

Chris MacNeil doubles through Dan Castoria

Chris MacNeil was all in preflop holding [7d][7c] against Dan Castoria's [As][Ah].  Chris put his two index fingers in the air and asked for his one time, and his one time came when the flop fell [9c][7h][Jc]. The [2s] turn and [6d] river changed nothing, and Chris MaCNeil will double up.

8th Place: Moshe Dahan ($2,286)

Moshe Dahan was all in preflop holding ace eight and was up against his opponent's king queen. The J-T-x flop meant Moshe had a lot of outs to dodge, and the ace on the turn meant he was drawing dead. Moshe will collect $2,286 for his 8th place finish today.

9th Place: Glen Sibelius ($1,778)

At 15,000/30,000 blinds, Glen Sibelius moved all from middle position for 190,000. Vito Masi moved all in over the top for 290,000, and everyone else folded to Aaron Belardo in the big blind. After a brief think, he made the call, having both players covered:

Glen [Kh][Qs]
Vito [Jd][Jc]
Aaron [Ah][Qh]

The board ran out [8h][2c][Ts][Td][3s], leaving the jacks in front. Glen will be eliminated in 9th for $1,778, while Vito will almost triple up.

10th Place: She Lok Wong ($1,283)

She Lok Wong has been eliminated in 10th place when his [6s][5c] was unable to overcome Dan Castoria's [As][Ts].  The board ran out [3s][2h][Ac][8h][6h], and She Lok will collect $1,283 for his efforts.

Final table chip counts & seating assignments

With the elimination of Dave Kibbe in 11th place, the final table has been set.  Here are chip counts and seating assignments for the final table:

Seat 1: Dan Castoria - 1,020,000
Seat 2: Raj Patel - 410,000
Seat 3: Glen Sibelius - 275,000
Seat 4: Chris MacNeil - 685,000
Seat 5: Vito Masi - 265,000
Seat 6: Bernard Downey - 560,000
Seat 7: Michael Nye - 425,000
Seat 8: She Lok Wong - 230,000
Seat 9: Moshe Dahan - 165,000
Seat 10: Aaron Belardo - 750,000

Event #4: Recent eliminations and current standings

Chip leader Dan Castoria
Event #4 is now on break.  Only 11 players remain from the 16 that returned at the beginning of Day 2, so a final table is near.  Here are the recent eliminations and chip counts for the players still in. The blinds will be 15,000/30,000 with a 5,000 coming back from break

12th Place: Jim Carmody ($1,283)
13th Place: Djony Centeio ($1,082)
14th Place: Victor Juliano ($1,082)
15th Place: Jim Karos ($1,082)
16th Place: Raymond Petrin ($962)

Dan Castoria - 725,000
Chris MacNeil - 700,000
Michael Nye - 700,000
Aaron Belardo - 600,000
Bernard Downey - 600,000
She Lok Wong - 400,000
Glen Sibelius - 300,000
Moshe Dahan - 300,000
Dave Kibbe - 260,000
Raj Patel - 175,000
Vito Masi - 100,000

Here are the prizes left to play for:

1st Place: $18,390
2nd Place: $11,228
3rd Place: $7,419
4th Place: $5,895
5th Place: $4,330
6th Place: $3,529
7th Place: $2,887
8th Place: $2,286
9th Place: $1,778
10th-12th Place: $1,283

Event #6 is under way

Cards are in the air for Event #6 $400 NO LIMIT HOLD’EM BOUNTY.  This event features 20,000 in starting chips and has re-entries until the end of the 6th level, or approximately 2:30pm.  Full structure is available here.

At 12pm, Event #7 $300 PLO HIGH ONLY will commence. This tournament features 10,000 in starting chips and also has 6 levels of re-entries. Full structure is available here.

Also at noon, play will resume in Event #4 $300 NO LIMIT HOLD’EM. The players that made Day 2 will play until an eventual winner, and we will be streaming a feature table at

2015 Foxwoods Poker Classic- Event #4 - $300 NLH - Returning Players

Table-Seat Name Chip Count
2-1 Castoria, Dan 512,000
2-5 MacNeil, Chris 496,000
2-2 Sibelius, Glen 465,000
1-1 Centeio, Djony 430,000
1-2 Carmody, Jim 406,000
2-7 Karos, Jim 352,000
1-8 Nye, Michael 320,000
2-4 Petrin, Raymond 282,000
1-6 Downey, Bernard 260,000
2-9 Wong, She Lok 256,000
1-9 Masi, Vito 248,000
2-8 Belardo, Aaron 178,000
2-6 Kibbe, Dave 169,000
1-4 Dahan, Moshe 163,000
1-3 Juliano, Victor 161,000
1-7 Patel, Raj 139,000