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Thursday, March 26, 2015

2015 Foxwoods Poker Classic- Event #16 - $500 NLH Big Stack - Final Results

Place Name Prize
1 Paul Brauer, Springfield, MA $14,985
2 Raymond Hicks, Pelham, NH $9,784
3 Karen Thielen, Stoddard, NH $6,542
4 Michael Bonita, New City, NY $4,864
5 Bruce Barrett, Lunenburg, MA $3,690
6 David Ives, West Newbury, MA $3,019
7 Mark Perry, Cheshire, CT $2,460
8 Rodney Harper, Bellows Falls, VT $1,957
9 Stephen Santoro, Haverhill, MA $1,566
10 Nicholas Palma, Bronx, NY $1,230
11 Kenneth Wink, Chelmsford, MA $1,230
12 Christopher Siriano, Camillus, NY $1,230
13 Ryan Coffin, Mariaville, ME $1,118
14 Rochefort Milien, Brockton, MA $1,118
15 Robert Courtney, Millbury, MA $1,118

2015 Foxwoods Poker Classic- Event #15 - $400 NLH Seniors - Final Results

Place Name Prize
1 Tedford Armistead, Acton, MA $13,594
2 Paul Giancola, Marlborough, MA $8,836
3 Barry Zarb, Bethany, CT $5,856
4 Kenneth Eggleston, West Suffield, CT $4,391
5 Arthur DesJardins, Coventry, RI $3,346
6 Milton Thomas, Randolph, MA $2,719
7 David Ives, West Newbury, MA $2,196
8 Francisco Diaz, Bronx, NY $1,778
9 Joanne Milburn, Middlebury, CT $1,416
10 Mark Checkwicz, Springfield, MA $993
11 Joseph Diaz, Bronx, NY $993
12 John Hutchins, Chicopee, MA $993
13 Wayne Kaufmann, Smithtown, NY $888
14 Michael Cheng, Oyster Bay, NY $888
15 James Tinker, New Britain, CT $888
16 Michael Walsh, Putnam, CT $836
17 Robert Alessandro, So. Walpole, MA $836

2015 Foxwoods Poker Classic- Event #14 - $400 NLH - Final Results

Place Name Prize
1 Djony Centeio, Rumford, RI $18,921
2 Eric Siegel, Melville, NY $17,500
3 Undisclosed $30,000
4 Dennis Zollo, Middletown, NY $15,000
5 Jovy Ounthongdy, East Hartford, CT $15,000
6 Christopher Leong, New York, NY $7,177
7 Daniel Chan, New York, NY $5,888
8 Christopher MacNeil, Peabody, MA $4,600
9 Sean Curtin, Harriman, NY $3,593
10 Bedda Nakhoul, Wakefield, MA $2,612
11 Robert Ricciuti, Johnston, RI $2,612
12 Jon Besancon, Springfield, MA $2,612
13 Yuriy Kalantarov, Rego Park NY $2,263
14 Luke Vrabel, Wes Hartford, West Hartford, CT $2,263
15 Frank Calderone, Flushing, NY $2,263
16 Willie Jenkins, Bronx, NY $1,913
17 Samuel Musto, Medford, MA $1,913
18 Louis Capoferri, Huntingdon Valley, PA $1,913
19 Tarun Gulati, Glastonbury, CT $1,674
20 Robert Koerber, Waterbury, CT $1,674
21 Kevin Planchon, Northborough, MA $1,674
22 Michael Bertoncini, Peabody, MA $1,453
23 Keith Fournier, Rochester, NH $1,453
24 Adam Johnson, Norwood, MA $1,453
25 Daniel Patel, Berling, CT $1,269
26 Michael Hollenberg, Rockaway, NJ $1,269
27 Jonathan Lewis, Hopkinton, MA $1,269
28 Daniel Ouellet, Saco, ME $1,104
29 Frank Williams, Middle Island, NY $1,104
30 Ralph Puziello, East Haven, CT $1,104
31 James Campbell, Marlborough, MA $1,104
32 Frank Zheng, Londonderry, NH $1,104
33 Martin Deluca, Dracut, MA $1,104
34 Josef Z. Kurlanski, Cumberland, Center, MA $1,104
35 Peter Campo, Waterford, CT $1,104
36 Daniel Moriarty, Pearl River, NH $1,104
37 Senad Cecunjanin, Old Saybrok, CT $956
38 Joseph Reddick, Bronx, NY $956
39 Charles Furey, Saratoga Springs, NY $956
40 Johnny Rodrigues, Brewster, NY $956
41 John Montgomery, Old Orchard Beach, ME $956
42 Richard Kresmery, Stamford, CT $956
43 Elvis Rodriguez, Middletown, NY $956
44 Kourtney Coutu, West Warwick, RI $956
45 Troy Balisciano, Middletown, CT $956
46 Scott Blake, Stamford, CT $828
47 Frankie Ortiz, Bronx, NY $828
48 Rochefort Milien, Brockton, MA $828
49 Nicholas Kontos, Worcester, MA $828
50 Paul Brauer, Springfield, MA $828
51 John Dobson, Stafford Springs, CT $828
52 Matthew Dow, Manchester, NH $828
53 David Chaves, Taunton, MA $828
54 Scott Wilgo, Gloucester, MA $828
55 Robert Montuoro, West Dover, VT $754
56 Daniel Boufford, Hoboken, NJ $754
57 Alan Thompson, Hope Valley, RI $754
58 Raj Patel, Meriden, CT $754
59 Allen Davenport, Manchester, CT $754
50 William Pappaconstantinou, Dracut, MA $754
61 Glen Meder, Piermont, NH $754
62 Sam Lyles, Brockton, MA $754
63 David Walker, Townsend, MA $754

1st Place: Paul Brauer ($14,985)

It didn't take long for heads up play to end, as Ray Hicks picked up a monster hand with [Ac][Kh]. Unfortunately, Paul Brauer had picked up THE monster hand: [As][Ad]. Even though the poker gods were cruel, Ray had a big smile on his face as the two saw the [Ah][3d][6c] flop. Ray was drawing stone dead, and the turn and river fell [4h][8s].

Paul will earn $14,985 for his 1st place finish, and will take home the Foxwoods Poker Classic trophy and title. Congratulations, Paul!

2nd Place: Ray Hicks ($9,784)

3rd Place: Karen Thielen ($6,542)

From the button, Karen Thielen moved all in for just under 300,000 and was called by Ray Hicks in the big blind. Karen had [As][3c]. but Ray had picked up a monster with [Kh][Kc]. The [5c][8s][6h] flop was no help for Karen, but the [2c] gave her a gutshot to go with her overcard. When the [2s] hit the river, Karen was sent to the rail in 3rd place to collect her $6,542.

Paul Brauer is down to two big blinds and makes a huge comeback

On what looked to be one of his last hands, Paul Brauer raised preflop and was called by Karen Thielen. The [Kd][3s][Ad] flop brought a check from Karen, and a c-bet from Paul. Karen called, but then bet out on the [9s] turn, which Paul called. On the [Td] river, Karen moved all in and Paul made the call. Karen had turned two pair with her [Ac][9c] to beat Paul's [As][Jc]. The stacks were counted down, and Paul was left with just a few blinds.

The next few orbits were a flurry of all ins from Paul, which he won. On his most recent allin, Paul was sitting pretty with a set of threes with his opponent Ray Hicks holding just two overcards. Ray turned a gutshot straight but missed, and Paul now sits on 1,500,000, which is just over an average stack.

4th Place: Michael Bonita ($4,864)

At 20,000/40,000 blinds, Michael Bonita moved all in from the button for 270,000. Ray Hicks made the call from the small blind, as did Karen Thielen in the big blind. The two checked down a board of [Kc][2s][Qd][7h][Tc] and the three exposed their hands:

Michael [Ah][7s]
Ray [As][Td]
Karen [Ac][8c]

Michael was amazed that his ace seven on the button was beat in two spots. He will exit this tournament in 4th place, good for $4,864.

5th Place: Bruce Barrett ($3,690)

On a [3s][Th][9d][3d][3h] board, Bruce Barrett moved all in and put Karen Thielen deep in to the tank. She played back through the hand and eventually called. Bruce tabled [Ks][Jh] for jack high, and Karen will win the pot with [Kc][9h]. Bruce will be eliminated in 5th place, good for $3,690.

Michael Bonita doubles through Bruce Barrett

On a [6s][2d][4h] flop, Bruce Barrett was all in and was called by Michael Bonita for less. Bruce had flopped two pair with his [6h][4c], but Michael held a gutshot with his [6c][3c]. The [7c] on the turn changed nothing, but the [5h] on the river filled Michael's gutshot, doubling him up to 

Ray Hicks coolers Karen Thielen

Five handed, Ray Hicks got the last of his chips in with [Jd][Jc] and was called by Karen Thielen, who had a bit of a cooler with her [Ts][Td]. Ray hit top set on the  [2d][6s][Jh] flop, and Karen failed to find her miracle quads as the turn and river fell [3h][Ad]. Ray will double up to 500,000.

6th Place: David Ives ($3,019)

David Ives was all in with [2h][2c] and was up against the [Qd][Jd] of Karen Thielen. The [Kh][3d][5d] flop meant that David was a 42% underdog even though he had the best hand. That didn't last long as the turn fell the [Ad], leaving David drawing dead. The river hit the [5h], and David will be eliminated in 6th place, good for $3,019.

7th Place: Mark Perry ($2,460)

Mark Perry was all in with [Ac][7d] and had an uphill battle as he was up against [Ah][Th]. The [Td][9d][8s] flop gave Mark an open ended straight draw, but the [Tc] turn and [Qh] river wasn't what he needed. Mark will exit this tournament in 7th place and earn $2,460 for his efforts.

8th Place: Rod Harper ($1,957)

Rod Harper was all in preflop with [Ts][Th] and was flipping with his opponent's [Kh][Jh]. The [9h][5h][4s] flop was safe for Rod, but the [Jc] turn severely hurt his chances at survival. No ten hit the river, and Rod pushed his seat away from the table as he got up to collect his $1,957 for 8th place.

Updated chip counts at the break, Karen Thielen leads with Bruce Barrett and Paul Brauer close behind

Karen Thielen leads the final 8
Players are now on break, and blinds will be 15,000/30,000 when the final 8 return. Here are updated chip counts in seat order:

David Ives - 300,000
Paul Brauer - 875,000
Bruce Barrett - 895,000
Rod Harper - 140,000
Michael Bonita - 290,000
Mark Perry - 305,000
Ray Hicks - 320,000
Karen Thielen - 905,000

9th Place: Stephen Santoro ($1,566)

Stephen Santoro was all in with [Kc][Qc] against David Ives's [4s][4h]. The board ran out [3c][5d][6d][3d][5c] to keep the pocket fours in front, and Stephen will be our 9th place finisher. He will collect $1,566 for his efforts.

10th Place: Nick Palma ($1,230)

Nick Palma was all in with [As][7h] against his opponent's [Th][Td]. The [3h][7c][3d] flop paired Nick, giving him five outs to survive. But neither the [4s] turn or [5d] river could save Nick, eliminating him in 10th place. Nick will collect $1,230 for his efforts.

Event #16 Final Table Chip Counts & Seating Assignments

With the elimination of Ken Wink in 11th place ($1,230), Event #16 $500 Big Stack Freezeout has reached the final table. The final 10 players are now redrawing for seats, and play will begin shortly. Here are chip counts and seating assignments:

Seat 1: Nick Palma - 286,000
Seat 2: David Ives - 547,000
Seat 3: Stephen Santoro - 185,000
Seat 4: Paul Brauer - 500,000
Seat 5: Bruce Barrett - 955,000
Seat 6: Rod Harper - 337,000
Seat 7: Michael Bonita - 312,000
Seat 8: Mark Perry - 212,000
Seat 9: Ray Hicks - 121,000
Seat 10: Karen Thielen - 476,000

Here are the remaining prizes left to play for:

1st Place: ($14,985)
2nd Place: ($9,784)
3rd Place: ($6,542)
4th Place: ($4,864)
5th Place: ($3,690)
6th Place: ($3,019)
7th Place: ($2,460)
8th Place: ($1,957)
9th Place: ($1,566)
10th Place: ($1,230)

Today's schedule

On today's schedule at the Foxwoods Poker Classic:

($250 Buy-in / $50 Entry fee / $100 Bounty)
“With Re-Entries”
Players start with 30,000 in non-value tournament chips.
Registration and Re-entries will be available through the end of the 6th level.
$100 Bounty Chip must be on the table and visible at all times.
Levels 1 - 15 will last 20 minutes / Levels 16 + will last 30 minutes.
Full structure is available here.

Day 2 of Event # 16 $500 NLH BIG STACK FREEZOUT
$50,000 Guaranteed
($440 Buy-in / $60 Entry fee)
Streaming live at

2015 Foxwoods Poker Classic- Event #16 - $500 NLH - Returning Players

Table-Seat Name Chip Count
1-9 Hicks, Ray 425,000
2-9 Ives, David 413,000
2-8 Milien, Rocky 386,000
1-6 Brauer, Paul 341,000
1-1 Wink, Ken 299,000
1-5 Palma, Nick 291,000
2-6 Harper, Rod 273,000
2-1 Thielen, Karen 251,000
1-7 Barrett, Bruce 250,000
2-2 Siriano, Christopher 233,000
2-4 Bonita, Michael 221,000
1-8 Coffin, Ryan 155,000
1-2 Santoro, Stephen 146,000
1-4 Courtney, Bob 140,000
2-5 Perry, Mark 107,000