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Monday, December 7, 2015

12th Place: Suad Kantarevic ($6,198)

From the button, Suad Kantarevic moved all in for 880,000 at 20,000/40,000 blinds. The big blind made the call with [As][Kh] and was dominating Suad's [Ad][9h]. The [Qh][Js][Qc] gave Suad some outs to chop, but the [Td] turn gave his opponent a straight. He could still chop with a king, but the river fell the [Jh] instead. Suad will exit this tournament in 12th place, good for $6,198.

13th Place: Je Wook Oh ($5,214)

Frankie Flowers raised preflop before Je Wook Oh re-raised. Frankie called, and then moved all in on the 6-6-3 flop. Je Wook elected to call, showing A-K, but Frankie had the best hand with pocket fives. A five on the turn sealed Je Wook's fate, eliminating him in 13th place. He will collect $5,214 for his efforts.

14th Place: Robert Negrotti ($5,214)

Robert Negrotti moved all in and was snap called by his opponent holding [As][Ad]. Robert was in bad shape with his [Ac][Kd], and the [6s][Qd][9h][5c][7c] offered him no help. Robert will take home $5,214 for his 14th place finish.

15th Place: Leonard Estabrooks ($4,624)

Leonard Estabrooks was all in preflop holding A-Q against the [9s][9c] of Frankie Flowers. The two nines held up to send Leonard to the rail in 15th place, good for $4,624.

16th Place: Donald Schneider ($4,624)

Donald Schneider was all in preflop holding [As][Qh] and ran into [Ah][Ad]. The board ran out [2h][5d][9c][6h][7d] to keep the aces in front. Donald will be eliminated in 16th place, good for $4,624.

17th Place: Thomas Sonnet ($4,624)

Thomas Sonnet moved all in from middle position and was called by the player to his left. Action folded to the big blind, but before he could act, Thomas exposed his [8s][8h]. The big blind folded, and Thomas's opponent showed [Th][Td]. The board ran out [5h][6c][2c][Ac][Kh] and the pocket tens held up. Thomas will exit this tournament in 17th place, good for $4,624.

Chip counts and seating assignments

After the redraw, we did a quick chip count of the remaining players. We will fill in the names as we get them.

Table 1:
Seat 1: Don Fisher - 600,000
Seat 2: Donald Schneider - 1,350,000
Seat 3: John Gilmartin - 500,000
Seat 4: Thomas Sonnet - 440,000
Seat 5: Lou Giampa - 1,320,000
Seat 6: David Carleton - 1,300,000
Seat 7: James Lex - 1,515,000
Seat 8: Rob Negreotti - 800,000
Seat 9: Vic Amerano - 650,000

Table 2:
Seat 1: Ray Moseman - 1,775,000
Seat 2: -empty-
Seat 3: Brian Altman - 740,000
Seat 4: Luis Vazquez - 2,065,000
Seat 5: Ben Makhoul - 1,250,000
Seat 6: Leonard Estabrooks - 520,000
Seat 7: Suad Kantarevic - 1,700,000
Seat 8: Frankie Flowers - 950,000
Seat 9: Je Wook Oh - 1,015,000

Final two tables set

Anothony Larocca has been eliminated in 19th place with jacks against A-J, leaving the remaining 18 players to redraw for seats at the final two tables. They will resume play for 3 more minutes and then take a 15 minute break.

Je Wook Oh gets really unlucky

Je Wook Oh opened from the small blind and the big blind made the call. On the [tc][8s][td] flop, Je Wook Oh checked and saw the big blind move all in for 811,000, which was around eight times the pot. Je Wook snap called with his [ah][ad], and he was way ahead as his opponent was bluffing with [kd][jh] and had no outs. The [qs] on the turn gave Je Wook's opponent a king high straight draw, as an ace would give Je Wook a full house. Amazingly, the [9s] hit the river to complete his opponent's straight. After paying off the all in, Je Wook was left with under 400,000.

24th Place: Bobby Corcione ($3,443)

Bobby Corcione was all in holding A-7 and was called by Q-J. By the turn, Bobby's opponent had made a straight to send him to the rail in 24th place. He will collect $3,443 for his efforts.

Final 3 tables reached

With the elimination of Jiqiang Tong in 28th Place, Event #1 is now down to the final 3 tables. There is no redraw until the final 18 players, so a table will be broken and play will continue. In 3 minutes, the final 27 players will be on a 1 hour dinner break.

Here are the recent eliminations:

28th Place: Jiqiang Tong ($2,459)
29th Place: Lynn Murphy ($2,459)
30th Place: Brian LeBlanc ($2,459)
31st Place: Raj Patel ($2,459)
32nd Place: James Robin ($2,459)
33rd Place: Linda Rodrigues ($2,459)
34th Place: Arndre Martin ($2,459)
35th Place: Sean Miller ($2,459)
36th Place: Joseph Berardi ($2,459)

Event #3 Prize Pool & Payouts

Event #3 $300 NLH Big Stack received 280 entries, creating a $70,615 prize pool. The top 36 players will be in the money, with a mincash worth $550. Here are the full payouts:

1st Place: $16,192
2nd Place: $9,887
3rd Place: $6,531
4th Place: $5,191
5th Place: $3,813
6th Place: $3,107
7th Place: $2,542
8th Place: $2,013
9th Place: $1,569
10th-12th Place: $1,129
13th-15th Place: $953
16th-18th Place: $847
19th-21st Place: $741
22nd-24th Place: $670
25th-27th Place: $600
28th-36th Place: $550

Raj Patel has been eliminated

We didn't see the preflop action, but the flop was 8-6-5 and Raj Patel checked to Frankie Flowers. Frankie bet and the other player in the pot called before Raj moved all in. Frankie folded and the other player snap called. Raj held top set, but his opponent had flopped a straight with 7-4. The board failed to pair, and Raj will exit this tournament in 31st place.

One orbit with Je Wook Oh

With 33 players remaining, the blinds are currently 6,000/12,000 with a 2,000 ante. We follow Je Wook Oh for an orbit, starting with him in the big blind.

Hand 1: The player in the hijack opens and Je Wook defends his big blind. The two check the [2s][qh][ah] flop, and then Je Wook check-folds the [2d] turn.

Hand 2: There is some controversy on the antes, but finally a hand is dealt. Action folds to Je Wook in the small blind, and he limps. The big blind checks and the two check down a [jh][5d][6d][3s][ts] board. Je Wook wins the pot with [kh][6h].

Hand 3: UTG raises to 28,000 and the cutoff makes the call. Je Wook and the small blind fold, and Don Fisher in the big blind calls. UTG c-bets 42,000 on the [2d][jc][ac] flop only to see Don check raise all in. UTG folds, and Don wins the pot.

Hand 4: The hijack raises to 27,000 and the big blind calls. The flop falls [5h][jc][qs] and both players check. The [4c] falls on the turn and the big blind check folds to a delayed c-bet.

Hand 5: Dave Collin in UTG+1 raises to 30,000 and the cutoff moves all in. The big blind asks for a count and is told 229,000. He folds, but Dave makes the call with [ac][kc]. The cutoff is in bad shape with his [as][7s], and the [3d][kh][qh] leaves him drawing to runner runner. The [6s] turn gives him a backdoor flush draw, and the [9s] river completes that draw. Dave requests the hand go on the blog since people never believe him.

Hand 6: Je Wook raises to 26,000 from middle position and the button and both blinds make the call. The flop falls [qs][4d][jd] and all four players check. The [8c] lands on the turn, and this time everyone checks to the button who bets 40,000. The blinds fold and Je Wook makes the call. Heads up the [3h] fiver goes check check and the button shows [qc][5c]. Je Wook re-checks his cards and mucks.

Hand 7: All players fold to Don Fisher who raises and takes done the blinds and antes. He flashes the [ah] to his table mates.

Hand 8: Je Wook is under the gun and folds. UTG+1 limps, as does the button and Dave Collin in the small blind. The big blind checks and the dealer spreads the [qs][as][6h] flop. All four players check to the [9d] turn, and Dave leads for 40,000. Only UTG+1 makes the call. The [6c] river prompts a 50,000 bet from Dave, and that bet is called. Dave says "I have an ace" as he shows [ah][4c]. That's enough to win the pot.

Jiqiang Tong is over one million

On the last hand before break, Jiqiang Tong was heads up against his opponent. The board read [6h][Jd][8h][Qd] and Jiqiang check-raised to 200,000. His opponent called, and the river was the [8s]. Jiqiang kept the betting lead and bet 275,000, which got his opponent to fold.

Heading into break, 34 players remain. Jiqiang is in the top 5 with his 1,040,000 chips.

Tim Reilly eliminated

With the player in the big blind on penalty and away from the table, Frankie Flowers opened to 32,000 at 5,000/10,000. The player on the button called, and Tim Reilly moved all in for not much more from the small blind. Frankie snap folded, and the button called with [Kh][Js]. Tim was ahead with his [As][Th] but would need to dodge some cards. The [Kd][4d][6h] flop wasn't good news for him, but the queen on the turn opened some more outs from him. The river bricked, however, and Tim will be eliminated in 45th place.

Frankie Flowers takes over the chip lead

With 200,000 already in the middle, the board read [6s][5s][9h][Th] and Frankie Flowers checked to his lone opponent. The bet was 140,000, to which Frankie responded with an all in shove. His opponent thought for awhile, but eventually laid it down. Frankie showed the [Jd], telling his opponent he put him on ace king.

After that hand, Frankie stacked his chips and discovered he had 800,000, which is good for the chip lead with 50 players remaining.

Jiqiang Tong leads final 62 players

While there are quite a few stacks over 500,000, everyone is chasing Jiqiang Tong with 740,000. On the last hand before break, he knocked out two players in the same hand when he made a full house with his pocket sixes. Frankie Flowers, just to Jiqiang's right, is right behind him with 630,000.

Je Wook Oh is still sitting pretty with 440,000, Raj Patel sits on a comfortable 210,000, but Don Fisher has them both outchipped with 460,000. Tim Reilly has some work to do, sitting on a short stack of just 110,000.

Players are now on break

Just 67 players remain in Day 2 of Event #1, and they are now on their first break of the day. Blinds will be 4,000/8,000 with a 1,000 ante when play resumes.

Two events under way

Cards are in the air for Event #3 $300 NLH Big Stack.

Meanwhile, the final 115 players from Event #1 $600 NLH are also resuming play for Day 2. You can watch the live stream of the feature table at

Today's schedule

Today is Day 3 of the Foxwoods Mega Stack Challenge. This series features over $1,000,000 in Guaranteed Prizes. Here's what's on today's schedule:

Event #3 $300 NLH Big Stack “With Re-Entries”
$25,000 Guarantee
($260 Buy-in / $40 Entry fee)
Players start with 30,000 in non-value tournament chips.
Registration will remain open until the start of level 11 (approximately 3:50pm).
Levels 1 - 25 will be played for 20 minutes.
Levels 26 & up will be played for 30 minutes.
There is a 45 minute dinner break after Level 20 (approximately 7:25pm).
Full structure is available here.

Day 2 of Event #1 $600 NLH
$500,000 Guarantee
115 players remain
Day 2 levels will be 60 minutes.
Full structure is available here.

Other Tournaments:
9am: $60 NLH
3pm: $200 Mega Super - 2 $1,650 Seats Guaranteed
6pm: $120 NLH - $10,000 Guarantee
8:30pm: $100 NLH Bounty

A full series schedule is available here.

December Mega Stack Challenge - Event #1 - $600 NLH - Returning Players for Day 2

Table-Seat Name Chip Count
8-6 Altman, Brian 627,500
12-3 Reinhardt, Jon 477,000
2-5 Moseman, Raymond 457,500
10-3 LeBlanc, Brian 446,500
3-8 Bianco, Ben 417,000
3-4 Brackesy, Steven 384,000
8-4 Morrison, Greg 378,500
10-2 Dang, William 374,000
3-9 Gilmartin, John 366,000
5-1 Olson, John 345,000
7-1 Yander, John 326,500
8-1 Begazyon, Tesfay 325,000
5-6 Amereno, Vic 313,000
3-2 Vazquez, Luis 309,000
13-4 Flowers, Frank 296,000
3-3 Rodrigues, Linda 286,500
9-5 Alden, James 284,500
10-7 Estabrooks, Leonard 271,000
9-8 Sabogali, Alberto 252,500
6-2 Corcione, Bobby 251,500
4-8 Carleton, David 242,500
4-2 Schonbach, Chris 241,500
7-8 Murphy, Brendan 240,500
4-7 Keenan, John 236,500
11-1 Hubble, Clinton 235,000
11-7 Goldstein, Andrew 227,500
9-7 Silbert, Anthony 221,500
6-5 Gray, Marcus 219,000
2-6 Omara, Ismail 214,500
10-4 Oh, JeeWook 212,500
8-7 Negrotti, Rob 210,000
4-3 Fisher, T. Don 208,500
7-7 Wagner, Peter 208,500
6-9 Iannotti, Richard 198,500
12-8 Hammouda, Bassioni 193,000
11-6 Manter, Brad 191,000
7-6 Ciofalo, John 188,000
12-1 Miller, Sean Jr. 177,000
9-6 Lafemina, Michael 176,500
13-3 Hewett, Richard 175,000
1-4 Knight, Jeffrey 171,500
3-7 Nakhoul, Ben 170,500
6-4 Bossard, Marcus 170,000
2-4 Rubin, James 170,000
5-7 Lex, James 169,000
6-7 Pappas, Billy 165,500
2-8 Rawlinson, Kenneth 158,000
1-5 He, Jiahuan 157,500
11-3 Kuey, Natale 156,000
10-6 Derrico, John 145,000
9-9 Tripp, Peter 145,000
13-2 Schneider, Don 142,000
9-4 Orme, Chris 139,500
7-4 Leong, Christopher 135,000
12-6 Kaplan, Stewart 131,500
13-1 Nuss, Eric 131,000
10-9 Foley, Kevin 130,500
12-7 Reyes, Elvis 130,500
5-2 Tobias, John 130,000
8-5 Younis, Gary 130,000
11-9 Morales, Will 129,000
5-9 Simicic, Peter 128,000
7-2 Patel, Raj 124,500
2-3 Sotiropoulos, William 123,500
8-3 Forbes, Ted 122,000
12-9 Schumacher, Mark 122,000
4-6 Bunker, Charles 120,000
12-2 Ciobanu, Sorin 120,000
4-5 Shapiro, Dan 117,500
11-5 Linster, Mike 115,500
13-1 Reilly, Tim 115,000
1-6 Tong, Jiqiang 113,500
4-1 Ferdinand, Bobby 110,500
1-8 Wigfall, Dane 109,500
1-3 Mahoney, Jared 109,000
6-6 Giampa, Lou 108,000
5-3 Ramakrishna, Jammula 106,000
5-8 Berardi, Joseph 104,500
13-6 Undisclosed 103,500
8-8 Thomasen, Jaime 100,000
3-1 Murphy, Lynn 99,000
6-8 Hirsch, Lawrence 98,000
11-4 Ricciuti, Bob 97,000
7-9 Everett, Peter 94,000
4-4 Kantarevic, Suad 94,000
3-6 Deneen, Zack 93,500
10-1 Daaboul, Michel 92,500
10-5 Taylor, Sam 92,000
9-2 Loukas, Christos 89,500
6-1 Coulombe, Joseph 88,000
6-3 Goldberg, Leonard 87,500
8-9 Wantman, Matthew 87,500
12-4 Skipper, Heyward 86,000
10-8 Nguyen, Phi 85,500
13-9 Sonnet, Thomas 85,000
13-7 Berger, Jonathan 83,500
11-8 Vuozzo, Joseph 81,500
4-9 Mason, Kevin 78,500
8-2 Yi, Solomon 78,000
1-7 Korres, Christopher 74,500
5-4 Calenzo, Kevin 70,500
2-2 Siegel, Eric 70,000
7-5 Tomic, Michael 68,500
2-9 Larocca, Anthony 66,000
5-5 Pitti, Joseph 64,000
12-5 Miller, Jeff 61,500
2-7 Savino, Michael 61,000
3-5 Mestieri, Cory 56,500
1-1 Frizzi, Joe 55,000
7-3 Martin, A. 44,000
13-8 Kim, Juno 42,000
2-1 Hong, Seong 32,500
1-9 Barrett, Bruce 31,000
1-2 Champlin, Spencer 27,500
9-3 LaFaye, Glenn 26,000

Flight C Day 1 is Complete

Two players went out on the same hand in hand-for-hand play, bringing the 51 remaining players into the money and on to Day 2.

In one hand, three players saw a 10-2-2 flop, and two players got it in. One had [Qh][Th] and the other had [Js][2s]. The trip deuces held up to eliminate the other player.

On another table, two players saw a 10-10-9 flop, and the shorter stack moved all in with Q-9. The other player called with a flopped full house, holding the last two remaining nines. No miracle came to save that player's tournament life.

Since the two went out on the same hand, they will chop the minimum cash, getting $615 each.

A full list of returning players from all flights combined will be posted shortly, along with seating assignments. Play will resume at 12pm EST.