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Sunday, August 26, 2018

$1,700 NLH Main Event: Bolton Eliminates Exterkotter

Event 10: $1,700 NLH
$500,000 Guaranteed
Level 25: 15,000/30,000/5,000
Total Entries: 519
Players Remaining: 11
Feature Table Live Stream Link:

Marcos Exterkotter
Max Hoffman raises to 65,000 from the cutoff and Marcos Exterkotter moves all in on the button for 734,000. Jason Bolton moves all in out of the small blind for about 1,500,000 and everybody else gets out of the way.

Exterkotter shows    and is in trouble against Bolton's   .
The flop is    , which puts Exterkotter in the lead with a pair of kings. The turn is the  , which changes nothing and leaves Bolton drawing to two outs.

"Queen," says Bolton as the dealer begins to burn and turn the river.
The river is the   and Bolton spikes a set on the river to eliminate Exterkotter in 12th place and put the field one elimination away from a redraw to the unofficial final table.

Jason Bolton - 2,500,000 (83 bb)
Marcos Exterkotter - Eliminated in 12th Place ($12,659)

$3,250 NLH High Roller: "The General" Leading the Way

Event 12: $3,250 NLH High Roller
Level 9: 500/1,000/1,000
Total Entries: 50
Players Remaining: 24

"The General"
The NLH High Roller field is thinning fast and more than half of the players have hit the rail. As we take a walk through to survey the stacks we see "The General" sitting behind a mountain of chips. 

He told us of the hand that rocketed him to the top of the chip counts. "A player moved all in for about 50,000 and Aram Zobian called" he says. "It was back on me and I moved in for 97,000 and Aram called."

"I had pocket queens, Aram had ace king and the all-in player had jacks" The General explained. The board ran out clean for "The General" and his pocket queens held up to move him into the chip lead.

"The General"- 240,000
Aram Zobian- 50,000

$1,700 NLH Main Event: Pocket Aces Vault Wilcox to the Top

Event 10: $1,700 NLH
$500,000 Guaranteed
Level 24: 12,000/24,000/4,000
Total Entries: 519
Players Remaining: 12
Feature Table Live Stream Link:

Gordon Wilcox
Marcos Exterkotter raises to 55,000 from early position and action folds around to Giuliano Lentini in the small blind, who three-bets to 260,000. Gordon Wilcox is in the big blind and four-bets to 600,000.

Exterkotter folds and Lentini thinks for about a minute before moving all in. Wilcox quickly calls and is all in for 1,411,000.
"Do you have aces?" asks Lentini.

Wilcox responds 'yes' and the cards are tabled with Wilcox's    in the lead against Lentini's    in the biggest pot of the tournament so far. The board runs out       and Wilcox doubles up into the chip lead.

Gordon Wilcox - 2,901,000
Giuliano Lentini - 415,000

11 A.M. $400 NLH Double Stack Ring Event $30,000 Guaranteed

The final event of the series begins tomorrow at 11 A.M. Event 13 of Foxwoods Worlds Series of Poker Circuit is the $400 NLH Double Stack Ring Event with a $30,000 guarantee. Check out the full structure sheet at

$3,250 NLH High Roller: Clarke Sets Up Wantman

Event 12: $3,250 NLH High Roller
Level 6: 250/500/500
Total Entries: 44

Matt Wantman
Zach Donovan raised to 1,300 from under the gun and five players called. They went six handed to the 9♠️4♣️3♦️ flop. The action checked to Caleb Clarke on the button and he bet 2,500. A player in early position called and Matt Wantman called behind. The turn was the 5♦️ and it checked to Clarke who bet 8,200. 

The player in early position player quickly folded and Wantman moved all in for 25,600. Clarke called turning over 6♦️6♥️ and Wantman showed 4♥️4♦️ for a flopped set. 

The 6♣️ hit the river and Clarke spiked his set of sixes to eliminate Wantman in brutal fashion. Wantman has since re-entered and the two players are once again sharing the felt on Table 2. 

Caleb Clarke- 75,000
Matt Wantman- 45,000

$1,700 NLH Main Event: Final 18 Chip Counts and Seating Assignments

Event 10: $1,700 NLH
$500,000 Guaranteed
Level 22: 8,000/16,000/2,000
Total Entries: 519
Players Remaining: 18
Feature Table Live Stream Link:

Dan Chalifour
With the elimination of Jesse Lam in 19th place, there is a short break in the action while the final 18 players redraw for seats at the final two tables. 

Mike Deloge
It's a neck and neck battle for the chip lead as Marcos Exterkotter, Mike Deloge and Dan Chalifour are playing nearly identical stacks.

Below is a look at the seating arrangement and chip counts of the final two tables.

Table 1

Seat 1: Giuliano Lentini - 1,100,000
Seat 2: Gordon Wilcox - 925,000
Seat 3: Max Hoffman - 910,000
Seat 4: Marcos Exterkotter - 1,775,000
Seat 5: Carlo Sciannameo - 545,000
Seat 6: Nick Pupillo - 1,435,000
Seat 7: Josias Santos - 260,000
Seat 8: Jason Bolton - 590,000
Seat 9: Sean Kelly - 312,000

Table 2

Seat 1: Matthew Zola - 125,000
Seat 2: Justin Carey - 740,000
Seat 3: Michael Deloge - 1,710,000
Seat 4: Dan Chalifour - 1,750,000
Seat 5: Manny Okrah - 885,000
Seat 6: Dylan Wilkerson - 1,390,000
Seat 7: Shane Howeth - 310,000
Seat 8: James Magner - 175,000
Seat 9: Todd Rebello - 470,000

$3,250 NLH High Roller: Defending Champ Caleb Clarke Takes His Seat

Event 12: $3,250 NLH High Roller
Level 5: 200/400/400
Total Entries: 41

Caleb Clarke
The $3,250 NLH High Roller field continues to grow and there are now 41 entries and counting. Defending High Roller Champion Caleb Clarke has just taken his seat. 

Clarke best the 45 entry field in last year's High Roller to take home $50,625 along with his first WSOP Circuit ring. 

$3,250 NLH High Roller: Zobian Eliminates Podheiser

Event 12: $3,250 NLH High Roller
Level 4: 150/300/300
Total Entries: 38

Daniel Podheiser
Aram Zobian raised to 800 from late position and Daniel Monosson re-raised to 2,100 from the cutoff. Three players called and they went five handed to the K♠️3♠️3♣️ flop. It checked to Carmelo Schepis in the cutoff and he bet 4,000.

Frankie Flowers called from the button and Daniel Podheiser called from the small blind. With the action back on Zobian he moved all in for 33,000. It folded back to Podheiser who called for his tournament life turning over K♦️Q♦️ for top pair but Zobian showed A♦️3♦️ for trip threes.

The turn 2♦️ and river 8♠️ sealed the deal for Zobian to earn him the knockout.

Aram Zobian- 80,000

$1,700 NLH Main Event: Dinner Break

Event 10: $1,700 NLH
$500,000 Guaranteed
End of Level 21: 6,000/12,000/2,000
Total Entries: 519
Players Remaining: 20

Feature Table Live Stream Link:

The Event 10 Main Event players are now on a one hour dinner break. There are just 20 players left in the hunt. Play will resume at approximately 8:05 P.M. and you can follow along with all of the live updates at