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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March 2014 - Foxwoods Poker Classic - Event #14 - $400 NLH Six Max - Final Results

1 Igor Tiguy, Boston, MA $14,830
2 Patricia Herron, Warwick, RI $9,638
3 Melvin Satterwhite, Salem, MA $6,388
4 Robert Courtney, Millbury, MA $4,791
5 Leung Ng, Cranston, RI $3,651
6 Andrew Giatas, North Billerica, MA $2,965
7 Md-Sayad Hossain, West Haven, CT $2,396
8 Eric Brooks, Medford, MA $1,939
9 Derek Chin, Wellesley Hills, MA $1,545
10 Michael Sabini, Stamford, CT $1,083
11 Marc Magazu, Franklin, MA $1,083
12 Robert Goldstein, Laguna Hills, CA $1,083
13 Jason Staalesen, Albany, NY $969
14 Jason Langianese, Bedford, NH $969
15 Gray Dewey, East Weymouth, MA $969
16 James McKeon, Locust Valley, NY $912
17 Glen Minxolli, Peabody, MA $912
18 Peter Wagner, Hinsdale, NH $912

March 2014 - Foxwoods Poker Classic - Event #13 - $1,650 NLH - Final Results

1 Joseph McKeehen, No. Wales, PA $61,285
2 Peter Everett, Fairfield, CT $39,835
3 Stephen Happas, Braintree, MA $26,400
4 Brendan Wiley, Danvers, MA $19,799
5 William Morales, Waltham, MA $15,086
6 Michael Guadano, New York, NY $12,257
7 Michael Dentale, Brooklyn, NY $9,899
8 Michael Jarvela, New Ipswich, NH $8,015
9 Gregory Hyman, Dallas, TX $6,366
10 Michael Jacoby, Chandler, AZ $4,478
11 Robert Tallini, Londonderry, NH $4,478
12 Antoine Younes, Augusta, ME $4,478
13 Giuseppe Pizzolato, Ridgewood, NY $4,007
14 Stanley Shaw, Wilbraham, MA $4,007
15 Steven Berkowitz, Little Neck, NY $4,007
16 Maurice Paradis, Jewett City, CT $3,771
17 Jeffrey Hurwitz, New Haven, CT $3,771
18 Kyle Merron, Athol, MA $3,771

1st Place: $19,000

Our first place finisher
The final card is dealt

2nd Place: Michael O'Connell ($16,000)

Michael O'Connell was all in with [Ac][7s] and was up against his opponent's [Jh][Jd].  The board ran out [Td][9d][3c][9s][9c] and Michael could not find an ace to survive.  He will collect $16,000 for his 2nd place finish.  Michael turned a huge profit as he satellited into the tournament on a $60 satellite.  That's a 26,600% ROI!

Photos from heads up match

Michael O'Connell doubles

It was a preflop cooler as Michael O'Connell with [Kh][Kc] against his opponent's [Ac][Qs].  The board ran out [Th][Jc][3s][Js][2h] to give Michael the doubleup.  The two players are now nearly even in chips.

3rd Place: Ryan Eriquezzo ($10,844)

Ryan Eriquezzo was all in preflop with [Ad][Qh] and was flipping against his opponent's [Jd][Jc].  The board ran out [2c][7d][Kc][9c][9h] and Ryan failed to pair one of his hole cards.  He will exit this tournament in 3rd place, good for $10,844.

Updated chip counts at break

The 3 remaining players are taking a brief ten minute break.  Here are updated chip counts:

Ryan Eriquezzo - 2,345,000
Michael O'Connell - 2,095,000
DNR - 1,750,000

Here are the remaining payouts:

1st Place: $22,517
2nd Place: $13,975
3rd Place: $9,352

4th Place: Leonidas Gialelis ($7,325)

Michael O'Connell moved all in under the gun and Leonidas Gialelis called all in for less.  Both other players got out of the way, and Leonidas tabled his [Qs][Qd], which was well ahead of Michael's [8h][7h].  The [Th][4h][Kd] flop gave Leonidas a bit of a sweat, but the [3c] kept the queens in front.  It was the [2h] river that did it... making Michael's flush and eliminating Leonidas in 4th place.  Leonidas will collect $7,325 for his efforts.

5th Place: Je Wook Oh ($5,455)

Je Wook Oh has been eliminated in 5th place when he ran his ace nine into the pocket aces of Ryan Eriquezzo.  Je Wook will collect $5,455 for his efforts.

6th Place: Nicholas Medis ($4,416)

Six handed, action folded to Nicholas Medis on the button, and he moved all in.  Leonidas Gialelis snap called in the big blind and tabled [Qh][Qd], which was well ahead of Nicholas's [9c][7c].  The flop came out [As][Qh][2c], and Nicholas would need to catch runner runner clubs to survive.  The [Ac] that fell on the turn was not the club he was looking for, as Leonidas now had an unbeatable full house.  The meaningless [6h] hit the river to send Nicholas to the rail in 6th place, earning $4,416 for his efforts.

7th Place: Jeffrey Yanchek ($3,533)

Jeffrey Yancheck was all in and in great shape to double up, holding [Ac][Td] against Ryan Eriquezzo's [Jd][Th].  Ryan had been on a hot streak, though, and told Jeffrey, "Sorry about this" before the flop came out.  As if knowing the fate of the cards, Ryan outflopped his opponent when it came [Jc][Kh][3d].  Jeffrey had outs, though, and he had two chances to hit one.  The [3s] turn and [5h] river could not save him, however, and Jeffrey will exit this final table in 7th place, good for $3,533.

8th Place: Charles Cohen ($2,754)

On a [5c][5d][Jh] flop, Charles Cohen moved all in and was snap called by his opponent, who tabled [As][Jc].  Charles said, "Well I guess I'm out" before sheepishly turning over [Ad][3c].  The [4h] turn gave life to Charles as he went from zero outs to four, but even after rooting heartily for a deuce, it did not come.  Instead, the [Qc] landed on the river to send Charles to the payout desk.  He will earn $2,754 for his 8th place finish.

Photos from the final table so far

Ryan Eriqezzo stares down his opponent who contemplates calling his with [Ah][Qs]
Charles Cohen stacks his chips after getting Michael O'Connell to fold
Je Wook Oh checks his hole cards shortly after doubling up
Leonidas Gialelis and Ryan Eriquezzo play a blind vs. blind pot

9th Place: Joe Cote ($2,143)

At 15,000/30,000 blinds, Ryan Eriquezzo opened to 60,000 before the 10 seat called.  Action folded to Joe Cote in the big blind who moved in for just over 400,000.  After asking for a count, Ryan re-shoved and got a tank fold from the 10 seat, who mucked [Ah][Qs] face up.

Ryan [Ac][Qc]
Joe [Ad][Th]

Joe would need to catch a ten to survive, but it did not come as the board ran out [8d][4s][As][6c][8c].  For his 9th place finish, Joe will earn $2,143.

Ryan Eriquezzo doubles through Charles Cohen

On a [Qh][Js][6c][9h] board, Ryan Eriquezzo moves all in with [Kd][Kc] and gets a call from Charles Cohen who holds [Ts][9s].  Charles has eight outs to eliminate Ryan, but the [4h] river is not one of them.  Ryan seems surprised that his 82% favorite held up, and he scoops this giant pot.  Ryan now sits on over 1,300,000.

Je Wook Oh doubles through Michael O'Connell

On the last hand before dinner break, Je Wook Oh was all in with A-Q against Michael O'Connell's pocket sixes.  Je Wook flopped a queen to earn the double-up.  After the hand, Je Wook had 524,000 while Michael dropped to 1,250,000.

The nine remaining players are now on a 45 minute dinner break.  Play will resume at approximately 6:50pm.

10th Place: Marc Magazu ($1,610)

Marc Magazu was all in with [7h][7c] and was behind his opponent's [9h][9c].  Marc would need to catch a seven to stay alive, but the [Ac][9s][Kd] left Marc all but drawing dead.  He would need both sevens to come out to stave off eliminations, but the [5d] turn left him drawing dead.  The meaningless [4s] hit the river, sending Marc to the payout desk to collect his $1,610 for 10th place.

Final table reached

The final 10 players have taken their seats and are now playing the Final Table.  Here are chip counts and seating assignments:

Seat 1: Nicholas Medis - 389,000
Seat 2: Michael O'Connell - 836,000
Seat 3: Marc Magazu - 173,000
Seat 4: Joe Cote - 347,000
Seat 5: Charles Cohen - 1,693,000
Seat 6: Leonidas Gialelis - 879,000
Seat 7: Ryan Eriquezzo - 636,000
Seat 8: Jeffrey Yanchek - 280,000
Seat 9: Je Wook Oh - 404,000
Seat 10: DNR - 553,000

Here are the remaining prizes:

1st Place: $22,517
2nd Place: $13,975
3rd Place: $9,352
4th Place: $7,325
5th Place: $5,455
6th Place: $4,416
7th Place: $3,533
8th Place: $2,754
9th Place: $2,143
10th Place: $1,610

Final 2 tables reached

With the elimination of our 19th place finisher, the remaining 18 players are redrawing for seats on the final 2 tables.  Here are select chip counts:

Ryan Eriquezzo - 858,000
Michael O'Connell - 810,000
Jewook Oh - 191,000

March 2014 - Foxwoods Poker Classic - Event #12 - $300 NLH Ladies Only - Final Results

1 Karen Goncalves, Abington, MA $5,000
2 Laura Gamble, Gloucester, MA $5,299
3 Michelle Kovacs, Marlborough, MA $5,099
4 Bess Child, Millbury, MA $4,999
5 Darin Ann Parker, Northport, NY $2,081
6 Elizabeth Cahill, Norton, MA $1,702
7 Ivonne Hernandez, Holbrook, NY $1,387
8 Cathy Connaughton, Mansfield, MA $1,104
9 Laura Camuso, Woburn, MA $885
10 Helene Strafford, Holbrook, NY $693
11 Akhila Belur, Shrewsbury, MA $693
12 Nancy O'€™Neill, Merrimac, MA $693
13 Adkins Bridgette, Dearborn, MO $630
14 Christine Garofalo, Patchogue, NY $630
15 Mary Lockwood, Middletown, CT $630

Updated chip counts from the break

Players are on their first 15 minute break of the day.  When they return, blinds will be 3,000/6,000 with a 1,000 ante.  Tournament officials are coloring up and racing off the 500 chips.  Here are select chip counts at the break:

Ryan Eriquezzo - 685,000
Jewook Oh - 269,000
Michael O'Connell - 207,000
Tarun Gulati - 168,000
Mike Nye - 159,000
Chris Tryba - busted

Event #15 is in the money

Ryan Eriquezzo
With the elimination of our 46th place finisher, the remaining 45 players are now in the money.  Each player is guaranteed $623 while all eyes are on the $22,517 first place prize.

Ryan Eriquezzo came into Day 2 as the chip leader with 304,500, and he has maintained his lead.  Ryan has more than doubled his stack already and currently sits on approximately 680,000.

Event #15: Cards are in the air for Day 2

Players have unbagged their chips and taken their seats, and cards are in the air for Day 2 of Event #15.  69 players remain, and the top 45 players will get paid.  This tournament will play down to a winner tonight.

You can watch our featured table at

March 2014 - Foxwoods Poker Classic - Event #15 - $300 NLH - Returning Players

Flight B comes to a close, playing 5 more hands

With 10 minutes left in Level 15, the clock has been paused and a card has been drawn.  Players will play 5 more hands before bagging up for the night.  The board reads 39 remaining players, so those that make it through these additional hands will join the 35 players from Flight A at 12pm to play down to a winner.

Full chip counts and seating assignments for Day 2 will be posted here shortly.