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Monday, May 17, 2010

"Big Willy" Santiago Crowned Mega Stack Champion ($58,475)

The heads-up deal between Willy Santiago and Brett Taylor awarded Santiago with $58,475 and the trophy.

"Big Willy" Santiago is officially your champion of the 2010 May Mega Stack Challenge Main Event.

Congratulations to all of our players and winners!!!

Brett Taylor Takes 2nd Place ($42,769)

As soon as Willy Santiago and Brett Taylor got heads-up, a deal was made that awarded Taylor 2nd place and $42,769,

Peter Campo Eliminated in 3rd Place ($22,795)

Peter Campo raised from the button to 120K and Willy Santiago called from the big blind. The flop came down [Qh][5d][2d] and Santiago checked. Campo bet 150K and Santiago moved all in. Campo thought for a few minutes before making the call. They turned over:

Campo [8d][8h]
Santiago [Kh][Qs]

Santiago took the lead on the flop with a pair of queens. The [Js] on the turn and [7s] on the river did not improve Campo's hand and he was eliminated in 3rd place.

Blind Increase with 3 Players Remaining

Tournament officials are coloring up the orange 1K chips.

The blinds are being increased to 20K-40K with a 5K ante.

Oleg Potseluev Eliminated in 4th Place ($19,400)

Wilfredo Santiago raised to 65K preflop and Oleg Potseluev moved all in for around 400K more. Santiago made the call and they turned over:

Santiago [Tc][Td]
Potseluev [Ah][Qs]

The board ran out [Jc][5c][5s][4s][7c] and Santiago's tens held up to win the pot and eliminate Potseluev in 4th place.

Vinny Lambiase Eliminated in 5th Place ($16,661)

Vinny Lambiase raised to 80K from the small blind and Brett Taylor called from the big blind. The flop came [8c][4c][2c] and Lambiase fired 150K. Taylor put him all in and Lambiase mase the call. They turned over:

Lambiase [4d][4s]
Taylor [Ac][Qh]

Lambiase had flopped a set of fours but Taylor had the nut flush draw. The turn was the [6c], giving Taylor the flush and the lead.

The [3h] on the river was no help to Lambiase and he was eliminated from the tournament in 5th place.

Break Time with 5 Players Remaining.

The remaining five players are now on a 10-minute break.

When play resumes, the blinds will be increased to 15K-30K with a 4K ante.

Michael Woods Eliminated in 6th Place ($13,580)

After being crippled in a huge hand by Wilfredo Santiago, Michael Woods was just eliminated from the tournament after getting all in with [8s][7s] against the [5d][5h].

The board ran out [Ad][Kh][Js][9h][2d] and Woods was eliminated from the tournament in 6th place.