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Monday, March 30, 2015

1st Place: Shawn Busse ($95,024)

2nd Place: Todd Rebello ($81,776)

3rd Place: Justin "Stealthmunk" Schwartz ($104,000)

Justin "Stealthmunk" Schwartz moved all in from the small blind and was called by Shawn Busse in the big blind. Justin had a pair with [2s][2h] but was trailing Shawn's [6h][6c]. Justin failed to find a deuce on the [3d][Js][Ts][4c][Qd] and he will exit this tournament in 3rd place. Justin takes home the largest cash from the four way deal, grossing $104,000.

4th Place: Andrew Badecker ($85,265)

After making a four way deal, play had loosened up considerably and the players had kicked up the blinds a few levels. Therefore, it wasn't a surprise to see Justin "Stealthmunk" Schwartz move all in from the small blind and Andrew Badecker call all in for less. Justin held [Ts][9c] against Andrew's [Ks][6d], and Justin was playfully calling for Andrew to go home. The board ran out [6c][Th][2h][8h][5c] to give Justin a winning pair, and Andrew will exit the tournament in 4th place. He will collect $85,265.

Four way deal made

After an intense negotiation, the final four have agreed to deal for the payouts below. $1,024 will remain as a winner take all for the final four, and they have fast forwarded the blinds to 50,000/100,000 with a 10,000 ante.

Justin "Stealthmunk" Schwartz - $104,000
Shawn Busse - $94,000
Andrew Badecker - $85,265
Todd Rebello - $81,776

5th Place: Mike Nye ($36,928)

Mike Nye was all in preflop holding [As][Qh] and was up against Todd Rebello's [Kh][Kc]. Mike could not catch an ace or a queen through the [2s][6c][8h][Jd][6s] board, and he will exit the tournament in 5th place. Mike will collect $36,928 for his efforts.

6th Place: Frank Flowers ($30,090)

Updated chip counts at dinner break

The final 6 players are now on a one hour dinner break. Play will resume at approximately 6:50pm EST at 25,000/50,000 with a 5,000 ante. Here are updated chip counts:

Justin "Stealthmunk" Schwartz - 2,820,000
Andrew Badecker - 1,870,000
Shawn Busse - 1,810,000
Todd Rebello - 975,000
Frank Flowers - 475,000
Michael Nye - 410,000

7th Place: Chris Pierro ($24,618)

Chris Piero (right) is two outed as Andrew Badecker (left) looks on in astonishment
Mike Nye opened for a raise before Chris Pierro reraised from the small blind. Mike moved all in and Chris snap called, tabling [Qh][Qd]. But Mike had him crushed with [Ks][Kd]. The table and crowd went nuts when the flop rolled out [6d][Qc][6c], giving Chris a full house and leaving Mike drawing to two remaining kings or running sixes to win. Amazingly, the [Kc] dropped on the turn to get an even bigger reaction from the crowd. There would be no re-suck as the [6s] hit the river, eliminating Chris in 7th place. Graciously, Chris shook everyone's hands at the final table before heading to the payout desk to collect $24,618.

8th Place: Eli Berg ($19,490)

From the small blind, Shawn Busse raised enough chips to put Eli Berg all in. He made the call with [As][Jh] and was up against [3s][2d]. The [8d][6d][4d] flop gave Shawn a flush draw, a gut shot, and he had two live cards to win the pot. The [5h] hit the turn to fill Shawn's gutshot, and Eli was drawing dead. The [9s] hit the river, and Eli Berg was sent to the rail in 8th place. Eli will collect $19,490 for his efforts.

9th Place: Carlo Sciannameo ($15,055)

Chris Pierro was all in preflop and just to his left, Carlo Sciannameo called all in for slightly less. Chris was way ahead with [Qh][Qc] to Carlo's [3h][3c], and his lead didn't change on the [5h][8c][Ac] flop. The turn and river fell [Tc][2c] to give Chris a flush and send Carlo to the rail in 9th place. Carlo will earn $15,055 for his efforts.

Shawn Busse doubles through Frank Flowers

Only a couple hands after Frank Flowers made quad aces, it was aces that lost him a pot. Shawn Busse was all in holding [Ah][Ac] and was up against Frank's [Ad][Qh]. The [Jc][7h][As] flop had Frank drawing to runner-runner, and the [8s] turn and [5h] river meant Shawn would double up. He now sits on 1,100,000.

Frank Flowers doubles up with quad aces

Carlo Sciannameo raised preflop to 80,000 and two players saw the flop. The flop [Ad][5d][As] and Carlo continued for 125,000. Frank moved all in and that put Carlo deep into the tank. A clock was eventually called, and with three seconds left until his hand would be dead, Carlo made the call. Frank had flopped trip aces with his [Ac][Tc], but he'd need to dodge a diamond as Carlo held [6d][4d]. Frank's high stress level didn't last long as the turn hit the [Ah] to give Frank quads and leave Carlo drawing dead. Frank let out a loud roar and was away from the table enjoying his doubleup when the [2s] hit the river. Frank now sits on 1,500,000.

Carlo & Todd chop up some of Andrew's chips

Andrew Badecker raised under the gun and Carlo Sciannameo 3-bet. Todd Rebello cold called the raise, and Andrew called to close the action. The flop came ace high, and Andrew checked only to see Carlo move all in and Todd also move all in. Andrew got out of the way, and both all in players tabled ace-king. Neither was freerolling, so the two chopped the pot, earning a few chips from Andrew's preflop call. After the hand, Andrew said he had a pocket pair and was displeased at the bad luck of the flop considering his opponents holdings.

Updated chip counts at the break

Andrew has retaken the chip lead
The final 9 players are now on a 15 minute break. Here are updated chip counts as we go into 15,000/30,000 blinds with a 5,000 ante:

Andrew Badecker - 1,515,000
Todd Rebello - 1,390,000
Justin "Stealthmunk" Schwartz - 1,385,000
Frank Flowers - 960,000
Carlo Sciannameo - 730,000
Shawn Busse - 695,000
Michael Nye - 650,000
Elijah Berg - 630,000
Christopher Pierro - 425,000

10th Place: Bart Guthrie ($10,941)

At 12,000/24,000 blinds, Carlo Sciannameo opened to 55,000 from early position and Bart Guthrie called all in for 23,000 in the cutoff. Mike Nye on the button moved all in over the top for 258,000, and action folded back to Carlo. He eventually folded, and after the main pot was calculated, the two tabled their hands:

Bart [9s][9c]
Mike [As][Kc]

The [3s][2d][Th] flop was safe for Bart, as was the [4d] on the turn. But a race isn't over until the finish line, and the river [Kh] delivered the pot to Mike, knocking out Bart in 10th place. Bart will earn $10,941 for his efforts.

Frank Flowers bluffs out Eli Berg

With a board reading [3s][5d][Kh][9c], Justin "Stealthmunk" Schwartz checked and Eli Berg bet 110,000. Frank Flowers came out with a raise to 310,000. Justin folded and Eli went into the tank. He first asked, "Will you show if I fold?" and then changed his question to, "I'll show if I fold, will you show?" It took him a few minutes, but Eli eventually folded and negotiated with Frank to both show their hands. Eli tabled [Js][Jh] and Frank showed his [8h][7s] for a semi-bluff. With that hand, Frank has crossed the million chip mark.

Final table chip counts & seating assignments

With the elimination of Curt Kohlberg in 11th place, we have reached the final table in $2,700 Championship. Here are chip counts and seating assignments for the final table:

Seat 1: Frank Flowers - 654,000 (7th)
Seat 2: Bart Guthrie - 268,000 (9th)
Seat 3: Michael Nye - 398,000 (8th)
Seat 4: Justin "Stealthmunk" Schwartz - 1,076,000 (5th)
Seat 5: Andrew Badecker - 1,354,000 (2nd)
Seat 6: Christopher Pierro - 201,000 (10th)
Seat 7: Carlo Sciannameo - 1,192,000 (3rd)
Seat 8: Shawn Busse - 1,095,000 (4th)
Seat 9: Elijah Berg - 725,000 (6th)
Seat 10: Todd Rebello - 1,494,000 (1st)

Here are the remaining prizes to be played for:

1st Place: $156,807
2nd Place: $95,739
3rd Place: $63,256
4th Place: $50,263
5th Place: $36,928
6th Place: $30,090
7th Place: $24,618
8th Place: $19,490
9th Place: $15,055
10th Place: $10,941

11th Place: Curt Kohlberg ($10,941)

12th Place: Brian LeBlanc ($10,941)

From the small blind, Brian LeBlanc moved all in and Todd Rebello called from the big blind. Brian held [Kd][4h] and was in bad shape against Todd's [Ks][Js]. The board ran out [9c][2c][Tc][3s][7s] to make Todd a flush, knocking Brian out in 12th place. He will earn $10,941 for his efforts.

13th Place: Jack Duong ($9,231)

Jack Duong was all in preflop holding [6s][6c] and was racing against Shawn Busse's [Ah][7h]. The [2h][Tc][Jc] was safe for the two sixes, but the [5h] turn gave Shawn a flush draw to go with his two overs. It was the [7s] on the river that did it, giving Shawn a winning pair of sevens and sending Jack to the rail in 13th place. He will earn $9,231 for his efforts.

14th Place: Will "The Thrill" Failla ($9,231)

Will "The Thrill" Failla was allin preflop from middle position and action folded to Eli Berg in the big blind. He took a bit of time to think about it, eventually calling with [6h][5s]. He would need a lot of help as Will held [9d][9c]. The [5h][8h][Qs] flop meant Will needed to dodge a five-outer, but the [4s] turn gave Eli a gutshot as well. The [5d] hit on the river to give Eli trip fives and send Will to the rail. Will will earn $9,231 for his 15th place finish today.

Updated chip counts at the break

Carlo leads the final 14
The final 14 players are now on a 15 minute break. When they return, blinds will be 10,000/20,000 with a 3,000 ante. Here are updated chip counts:

Carlo Sciannameo - 1,318,000
Andrew Badecker - 1,152,000
Todd Rebello - 1,100,000
Justin Schwartz - 996,000
Elijah Berg - 650,000
Frank Flowers - 618,000
Shawn Busse - 478,000
Curt Kohlberg - 420,000
Michael Nye - 411,000
Bart Guthrie - 339,000
Brian Leblanc - 319,000
Christopher Pierro - 252,000
Jack Duong - 225,000
Will "The Thrill" Failla - 78,000

15th Place: David Datashvili ($9,231)

David Datashvili raised the button and was called by Mike Nye in the small blind. On a [Qd][2d][Th] flop, Mike check raised all in, and David called all in for less. Mike had flopped a pair and a flush draw with his [Kd][Td] and had lots of outs against David's queen-four. Mike hit the [6d] on the turn to make a flush, and David was drawing dead to the river. He will exit this tournament in 15th place, good for $9,231.

16th Place: John Wrobleski ($8,206)

John Wrobleski got the last of his chips in in late position and was called by
Shawn Busse in the small blind. The big blind folded, and the two exposed their hands:

John [Ah][Ac]
Shawn [As][Kd]

John was in great shape to double up, but the [3s][8s][Ks] was about at scary as it could get for John. When the [Ts] hit the turn, that was it for John as Shawn made his flush.

The meaningless [9h] hit the river, and the two stacks were counted down. Shawn had John just slightly outchipped, so John will be eliminated in 16th place. He will collect $8,206 for his efforts.

Will Failla doubles up

Will Failla was all in preflop holding [Qs][Qh] and was up against [Ah][Qc]. Before a flop was even placed, Will was calling for the [Qd]. That card did come as the board ran out [Jh][8d][5c][Kd][Qd], giving Will a much needed doubleup.

Mike Nye doubles up with a lucky turn card

After Eli Berg opened to 30,000, Mike Nye moved all in for 105,000. Mike hed [Ad][Qc] and was flipping against Eli's [Th][Td]. The [Tc][Kd][Qh] flop was a disaster for Mike, as Eli had flopped a set of tens. Mike would need a jack to make a straight, and that's just what he got when the turn hit [Jh]. Mike now needed to dodge an ace to scoop the whole pot, and the river landed the [2d]. Mike will doubleup to approximately 240,000.

17th Place: Gene Santora ($8,206)

From under the gun, Gene Santora was all in holding [Qh][Qd] and was called by Jack Duong in the the big blind holding [Kc][Jc]. The board ran out [3c][Tc][5c][Kd][6c], and Gene Santora will exit this tournament in 17th place. He will collect $8,206 for his efforts.

Today's schedule: Day 3 of $2,700 Championship at 11am, $300 NLH Big Stack at 11am

On today's schedule at the Foxwoods Poker Classic:

($2500 Buy-in / $200 Entry fee)
$500,000 Guaranteed
Three Day Event
Full structure is available here.
Streaming live on

$25,000 Guaranteed
($260 Buy-in/$40 Entry fee)
“With Re-Entries”
Players start with 30,000 in non-value tournament chips.
Registration will remain open through the end of the 9th level.
Levels 1 - 25 will be played for 20 minutes. Levels 26 & UP will be played for 30 minutes
Full structure is available here.

2015 Foxwoods Poker Classic- Event #19 - $2700 NLH - Day 3 Returning Players

Table-Seat Name Chip Count
2-4 Sciannameo, Carlo 1,023,000
1-7 Berg, Elijah 1,003,000
1-6 Rebello, Todd 745,000
2-5 Kohlberg, Curt 650,000
2-2 Flowers, Frank 631,000
1-3 Schwartz, Justin 551,000
1-8 Datashvili, David 505,000
2-3 Wrobleski, John 491,000
2-8 Guthrie, Bart 451,000
2-9 Duong, Jack 448,000
1-4 Leblanc, Brian 425,000
1-5 Busse, Shawn 421,000
2-7 Badecker, Andrew 387,000
2-1 Santora, Gene 234,000
1-1 Pierro, Christopher 159,000
1-9 Nye, Michael 134,000
1-2 Failla, Will "The Thrill" 109,000