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Monday, March 9, 2020

Event 1 $600 NLH: Hover Sends Avezzie to the Rail

$600 NLH (Re-Entry)
$500,000 Guaranteed
Level 23: 15,000/25,000/25,000 BB Ante
Total Entries: 1,175
Players Remaining: 23
Livestream Table Link: Twitch.TV/FoxwoodsPoker

Paul Avezzie

Bob Hover raised to 65,000 from middle position and Paul Avezzie moved all in for 575,000 from the small blind. The big blind folded and Hover snap called turning over A♠️A♥️.

Avezzie showed A♦️Q♠️ and the board ran out clean for Hover to send Avezzie to the rail.

Bob Hover- 2,250,000
Paul Avezzie- Eliminated in 24th Place ($3,930)