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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Event #10 - Matt Costanzo Eliminated in 3rd Place ($25,748)

Matt Costanzo - 3rd Place - $25,748
Blinds: 12,000/24,000
Ante: 4,000

Matt Costanzo shoves all in, and Kevin Boesel calls. 

Costanzo is in good shape holding [qs][qc] against Boesel's [ac][qh]. 

The [7h][5c][3s] flop is safe for Costanzo, as is the [10d] turn.  But when the [ah] comes on the river, Costanzo is eliminated from play and it's now heads up between Boesel and Matthew Wantman. 

Event #10 - Marcel Backa Eliminated in 4th Place ($19,311)

Marsel Backa - 4th Place - $19,311

Blinds: 15,000/30,000
Ante:  4,000

After Marsel Backa recently got it in good against Kevin Boesel only to double Boesel up, he once again finds himself all in again against Boesel with the best hand. 

Backa: [9c][9s]
Boesel: [ac][6d]

When the flop comes [6h][6c][2s], another player says to Boesel, "I dont know where you need to go man, but you are gonna get there quick."  (Referring to Boesel's comment that he was calling Backa's first all in because he needed to get home.) 

The [5d] turn and [7c] river do not improve Backa's hand and he is eliminated in 4th place, paying $19,311. 

Event #10 - Kevin Boesel Doubles Through Marsel Backa

Blinds:  15,000/30,000
Ante: 4,000
Avg. Stack:  987,500

Kevin Boesel raises to 65,000 on the button, and Marsel Backa shoves all in from the big blind. 

"It's a gift," Boesel says to Backa as he turns over [9h][10h]. 

"Why would you call with that?" Backa asks Boesel.  Boesel responds with, "Because I have a seven hour drive home, and I need to leave."

The board runs out [10s][4h][3s][2c][6d], and Boesel is awarded a full double. 

Kevin Boesel - 760,000
Marsel Backa - 350,000

Event #10 - Joe Przybcien Eliminated in 5th Place ($14,713)

Joe Przybcien - 5th Place - $14,713

Blinds: 12,000/24,000
Ante:  3,000

Joe Przybcien shoves all in holding [jd][9d] and gets called by an opponent holding [ah][js].

His opponent turns an ace to send Przybcien home in 5th place, paying $14,713. 

Event #10 - Kevin Boesel Doubles Through Joe Przybycien

Blinds: 12,000/24,000
Ante: 3,000
Avg. Stack: 790,000

On a board reading [10h][9c][5h]7d], Kevin Boesel is all in and has been called by Joe Przybycien.

Boesel: [9d][10d] (two pair)
Przybycien: [7s][7h] (set of sevens)

When the [10s] comes on the river gibing Boesel the bigger boat, he openly celebrates. 

Kevin Boesel - 800,000
Joe Przybycien - 200,000

Event #10 - John Cautela Eliminated in 6th Place ($11,954)

John Cautela - 6th Place - $11,954

Blinds: 10,000/20,000
Ante: 3,000

Action folds to John Cautela on the button who shoves all in.  Matt Costanzo quickly announes that he is also all in from the small blind, and the big blind folds. 

Cautela: [ah][3c]
Costanzo: [ kh][kc]

The board runs out [9c][4d][4s][8d][9d], eliminating Cautela in 6th place, paying $11,954. 

Matt Costanzo - 1,165,000
John Cautela - Eliminated

Event #10 - Paul Bradshaw Eliminated in 7th Place ($9,655)

Paul Bradshaw - 7th Place - $9,655

Blinds: 10,000/20,000
Ante: 3,000

Paul Bradshaw shoves all in and is called by Matt Costanzo. 

Bradshaw: [jd][9s]
Costanzo: [ah][ac]

"That's exactly the kind of hand you want to play against aces," a player at the table not involved in the hand says to Bradshaw encouragingly. 

The board runs out [qh][7c][6d][ad][8h], sending the Irishman, and one of the hardest fighting short stack players of the day, home in 7th place.

Matt Costanzo - 800,000
Paul Bradshaw - Eliminated

Event #10 - Giuseppe Ruvolo Eliminated in 8th Place ($7,817)

Giuseppe Ruvolo - 8th Place - $7,817

Blinds: 10,000/20,000
Ante: 3,000

Giuseppe Ruvolo is all in and has been called by Matthew Wantman and Marsel Backa.

The board runs out [2d][8c][7c][js][ah].  Ruvolo shows [10h][10d], but Backa shows [2h][2c] for a set, sending Ruvolo home in 8th place.  

Marsel Backa - 600,000
Matthew Wantman - 1,050,000
Giuseppe Ruvolo - Eliminated

Event #12 ($400 NLH Six Max) Final Three Tables

Event #10 ($1,650) - Post Break Chip Counts

Marsel Backa - 400,000
Joe Przybycien - 80,000
Matt Wantman - 1,100,000
Paul Bradshaw - 130,000
Giusseppe Ruvolo - 60,000
John Cautela - 350,000
Matt Costanzo - 560,000
Kevin Boesel - 870,000

Blinds:  10,000/20,000
Ante: 3,000
Avg. Stack: 493,750

Event #10 - Michael Farris Eliminated in 9th Place ($6,210)

Michael Farris - 9th Place - $6,210

Blinds: 8,000/6,000
Ante: 2,000

Michael Farris shoves all in and Matthew Wantman quickly calls.  

Farris; [qc][qh]
Wantman: [ah][ac]

The flop and turn come [8c][kd][2h][5s], and the [ad] on the river seals the deal.  Farris is eliminated in 9th place, taking home $6,210.

Matthew Wantman - 1,050,000
Michael Farris - Eliminated

Event #10 - Kevin Boesel Doubles Again to Take Chip Lead

Blinds: 8,000/16,000
Ante: 2,000
Average Stack: 438,888

Marsel Backa raises to 36,000 in middle position, Paul Bradshaw shoves all in from the hijack, and Kevin Boesel also shoves all in from the big blind for less.  Backa mucks [kc][10c] face up. 

Bradshaw: [ac][ks]
Boesel: [kh][kd]

The board runs out [3h][6c][5s][js][jd], awarding Boesel a full double, and giving him the chip lead. 

Kevin Boesel - 870,000
Paul Bradshaw - 100,000

Event #10 ($1,650) - Kevin Boesel Doubles Through Giusseppe Ruvolo

Blinds: 8,000/16,000
Ante: 2,000 

Kevin Boesel shoves all in and Giusseppe Ruvolo calls. 

Boesel: [ah][ks]
Ruvolo: [qs][qh]

The flop comes [jc][8c][2h], leaving Ruvolo's queens far in the lead. 

The [10d] comes on the turn, leaving Ruvolo in the lead, but giving Boesel outs to a straight. 

The [qd] comes on the river, giving Boesel the straight, and a full double up.

"Every time on the river," Ruvolo says as his chips are passed to Boesel.  

Kevin Boesel - 425,000
Giusseppe Ruvolo - 100,000

Event #10 - Rob Ticktin Eliminated in 10th Place ($4,367)

Rob Ticktin - 10th Place - $4,367

Event #10 ($1,650) - Final Table w/ Chip Counts

Seat 1 - Michael Farris - 484,000
Seat 2 - Marsel Backa - 543,000
Seat 3 - Rob Ticktin - 121,000
Seat 4 - Joe Przybycien - 163,000
Seat 5 - Matt Wantman - 782,000
Seat 6 - Paul Bradshaw - 376,000
Seat 7 - Giusseppe Ruvolo - 240,000
Seat 8 - John Cautela - 347,000
Seat 9 - Matt Costanzo - 651,000
Seat 10 - Kevin Boesel - 273,000

Blinds:  6,000/12,000
Ante: 2,000

Event #13 ($300 7-Card Stud 8+) Prize Pool Information

There were a total of 47 entries into today's $300 7-Card Stud 8+event.

The top 7 places will be paid out as follows:

1 - $3,853
2 - $2,607
3 - $1,660
4 - $1,304
5 - $1,007
6 - $771
7 - $651

Total Prize Pool:  $11,853

Event #12 ($400 NLH Six-Max) Prize Pool Information

There were a total of 111 entries into today's $400 NLH Six-Max event.

The top 12 places will be paid out as follows:

1 - $10,552
2 - $7,122
3 - $4,673
4 - $3,505
5 - $2,638
6 - $2,110
7 - $1,733
8 - $1,395
9 - $1,130
10-12 - $942

Total Prize Pool:  $37,684

Event #10 - Final 11 Players Now on Dinner Break

Play will resume in 60 minutes.  When we reach the final ten players, they will redraw for the final table and we will bring you a full list, along with chip counts. 

Event #10 - Paul Bradshaw Doubles Through Rob Ticktin

Blinds: 5,000/10,000
Ante: 1,000
Avg. Stack: 359,090
Paul Bradshaw is all in holding [ad][kc], and has been called by Rob Ticktin holding [ah][qc].

"Oh come on man, I told you to fold," Bradshaw says to Ticktin. 

Another player at the table says, "You want this man, you  have him dominated."  But despite encouragement from his table mates, it's apparent that Bradshaw is weary of the call. 

The flop comes [3c][3d][2d].  When the [7c] comes on the turn, Bradshaw says, "Come on man, no seven, no three, no two." 

It's the [9h] on the river that awards Bradshaw a full double. 

Paul Bradshaw - 445,000
Rob Ticktin - 480,000

**WEATHER UPDATE For Monday March 21st**

The 9:00am $60 No Limit Hold Em tournament is canceled on Monday, but all other tournaments are on as scheduled. 

We hope to see you here at Foxwoods for Event #14 Flights A and B ($400 NLH Sponsored by the PPC Tour), the evening satellites and 8:30pm $100 NLH Bounty Tournament. 

For a full schedule of tomorrow's events please see this link.

Event #10 - Mark Schumacher Eliminated in 12th Place ($4,367)

Blinds: 5,000/10,000
Ante: 1,000

Mark Schumacher shoves all in on the button, and Matthew Wantman calls in the big blind. 

Schumacher: [qh][qd]
Wantman: [as][jd]

The flop comes [ad][10s][jh], giving Wantman two pair.  The [7d] comes on the turn, and the [js] on the river gives Wantman a full house, sending Schumacher home in 12th place, with a $4,367 payday. 

Matthew Wantman - 750,000
Mark Schumacher - Eliminated

Event #10 - Fred Paradis Eliminated in 18th Place ($3,678)

Blinds: 5,000/10,000
Ante: 1,000

Matthew Wantman raises to 17,000 in middle position, Marsel Backa calls in the hijack, and Fred Paradis shoves all in from the cutoff.  Wantman and Backa both call.

Wantman and Backa both check it down as the board runs out [ah][jh][2s][js][9c].  Wantman turns over [as][6s], Backa shows [kc][ks], and Paradis mucks his hand.  Wantman wins the pot, and Paradis is eliminated in 18th place, paying $3,678. 

Matthew Wantman - 550,000
Marsel Backa - 340,000
Fred Paradis - Eliminated

Event #10 ($1,650) - Final Two Tables w/ Chip Counts

Blinds: 4,000/8,000
Ante: 1,000

Table 1:
Seat 1 -  Sunny Patel - 35,000
Seat 2 - Jing Zhang - 50,000
Seat 3 - Paul Bradshaw - 140,000
Seat 4 - Mark Schumacherr - 50,000
Seat 5 - Giuseppe Ruvolo - 490,000
Seat 6 - Matthew Wantman - 600,000
Seat 7 - Rob Ticktin - 290,000
Seat 8 - Marsel Backa - 290,000
Seat 9 - Fred Paradis - 45,000

Table 2:
Seat 1- James Frangoulidis - 100,00
Seat 2 - Matt Costtanzo - 640,000
Seat 3 - Dan Chalifour - 50,000
Seat 4 - Joe Przybycien - 240,000

Seat 5 - Kevin Boesel - 30,000
Seat 6 - John Riley - 80,000
Seat 7 - Michael Farris - 420,000
Seat 8 - Dan Schimmel - 100,000
Seat 9 - Jojhn Cautela - 230,000

Event #10 - Soukha Kachittavong Eliminated on the Bubble

Blinds: 4,000/8,000
Ante: 1,000
Avg. Stack: 219,444

Soukha Kachittavong shoves all in for 85,000 on the button, and Michael Farris calls in the small blind, having Kachittavong covered.

Kachittavong: [kd][10s]
Farris: [as][ks]

The board runs out [3h][9c][8d][qc][7h], eliminating Kachittavong from play. All remaining players are now in the money.

Michael Farris - 600,000
Soukha Kachittavong- Eliminated 

Event #10 - Dan Schimmel Doubles Through Mark Schumacher On Bubble

Blinds: 4,000/8,000
Ante: 1,000
Avg. Stack: 207,894

Mark Schumacher raises to 16,000 in the hijack, Dan Schimmel shoves all in for 44,000 total in the cutoff, and action folds to Paul Bradshaw who tanks in the big blind, but ultimately folds his hand. 

Schumacher: [ad][5d]
Schimmel: [10c][10h]

The board runs out [kd][8s][8c][6d][kh], awarding Schimmel a full double. 

Dan Schimmel - 120,000
Mark Schumacher - 100,000

Event #10 - Players Back From Break, Still Hand For Hand

The remaining 19 players are now playing Level 20, with 4,000/8,000 blinds, and a 1,000 ante.  We will continue hand for hand play until the money bubble has officially burst. 

Event #10 Still short, Paul Bradshaw Doubles Again on Money Bubble

Nathan Corbett (Left) and John Bradshaw (Right)

Blinds: 3,000/6,000
Ante: 1,000
Avg. Stack: 207,894

After a previous hand where he tripled up, John Bradshaw finds himself all in again.

This time, James Frangoulidis raises to 15,000 on the button, and Bradshaw shoves all in from the small blind for 51,000.  Frangoulidis calls.

Frangoulidis : [kd][qd]
Bradshaw: [ah][qs]

The board runs out [9c][7h][2d][2c][7s], awarding Bradshaw another double to keep him alive on the money bubble.

John Bradshaw - 116,000
James Frangoulidis - 120,000

Event #10 - John Riley Doubles Through Soukha Kachittavong on Bubble

Blinds: 3,000/6,000
Ante: 1,000
Avg. Stack: 207,894
John Riley is all in, and has been called by Soukha Kachittavong. 

Riley: [ad][as]
Kachittavong - [qd][qs]

The board runs out [4c][4d][10d][7h][6d], awarding Riley a full double up on the money bubble.

John Riley - 120,000
Soukha Kachittavong - 100,000

Event #10 A Very Short Paul Bradshaw Triples Up on Money Bubble

Blinds: 3,000/6,000
Ante: 1,000
Avg. Stack: 207,894

Paul Bradshaw shoves all in for 20,500 and is called by Mark Schumacher in the cutoff and Matt Costanzo in the small blind.  

The flop comes [10d][8s][7d].  Costanzo checks, and Schumacher bets 65,000.  Costanzo folds and says, "You better have it." 

Schumacher: [10s][9h] (pair of tens)
Bradshaw:  [kh][8d]  (pair of eights)

When the [kh] comes on the turn, Bradshaw breathes a sigh of relief after turning two pair. 

The [8d] on the river gives Bradshaw a full house, and he goes from having three big blinds to just a bit over ten big blinds. 

Paul Bradshaw - 65,000
Mark Schumacher - 250,000

Event #13 ($300 7-Card Stud) Update

There are currently 46 players in Event #13, playing Level 5 (Ante: 25, Low/Comp: 50/200, Limit: 200/400.) 

Registration is now closed and we will bring you the prizepool information soon. 

Event #10 ($1,650 NLH) Now on Money Bubble, Hand For Hand

There are 19 players remaining, with 18 getting paid.  The remaining players are now hand for hand until the money bubble bursts. 

Event #10 - Soukha Kachittavong Doubles Through John Riley

Blinds: 2,500/5,000
Ante: 500
Avg. Stack: 179,545

Soukha Kachittavong shoves all in and John Riley calls from the big blind.

Kachittavong: [3c][3h]
Riley: [ac][qc]

The flop comes [8h][3d][10h], giving Kachittavong a set of threes.  The [js] turn and [4d] river ensure a full double for Kachittavong.

Soukha Kachittavong - 175,000
John Riley - 180,000

Event #10 - Chopped Pot for Steven Tabb and John Cautela

John Cautela min raises under the gun and Steven Tabb calls in the small blind. 

Both players check the [ac][6c][5c] flop.  The [qc] comes on the turn.  Tabb checks, Cautela bets 14,000, and Tabb calls. 

Both players check the [3c] river. 

Tabb turns over  [6d][6s] having flopped a set.  Cautela shows [as][ks].  It's a chopped pot with both players having a flush (playing the board). 

John Cautela - 195,000
Steven Tabb - 160,000

Event #10 ($1,650) Final Three Tables (Photos)

Table 1 - Feature Table

Table 2

Table 3

Event #10 ($1,650) Day 2 Livestream Link

As a reminder, we are streaming a feature table (and the final table when we get down to 10 players.  The link to the sight is

Event #10 ($1,650 NLH) - Joe Przybycien Doubles Through Soukha Kachittavong

Blinds: 1,500/3,000
Ante: 400

 Joe Przybycien shoves all in from middle position, and Soukha Kachittavong calls in the hijack. 

Przybycien: [as][qs]
Kachittavong: [jd][js]

The flop comes [3h][9d][ah], giving Przybycien a pair of aces.  The [8d] turn and [8s] river maintain Przybycien's lead and he is awarded a full double. 

Joe Przybycien - 104,700
Soukha Kachittavong - 130,000

Event #12 ($400 NLH Six-Max) Now Under Way

Event #12 is now under way.  This tournament boasts a $25,000 guarantee along with 20,000 in chips.  Levels 1-12 will be 30 minutes in length, and Levels 13 will be 40 minutes in length.  Registration will be open until the start of level 9.

Full structure is available here.

Schedule For Sun. Mar. 20th Foxwoods Poker Classic

$60 No Limit Hold Em

Event #12, $400 No Limit Hold SIX-MAX
$25,000 Guaranteed
($350 Buy-in / $50 Entry Fee)
With Re-Entries
Players start with 20,000 in non-value tournament chips
Levels 1-12: 30 minutes
Levels 13+: 40 minutes
Registration open until the start of level 9
Full structure is available here.

Event #10, $1,650 No Limit Hold Em *DAY 2*

Event #13, $300 7-Card Stud Hi/Lo 8+
($260 Buy-in / $40 Entry Fee)
Players start with 10,000 in non-value tournament chips
Levels: 30 minutes
Registration open until the start of level 4
Full structure is available here.

$60 Mega Super Satellite  (Win a $300 Voucher)

$120 No Limit Hold Em
$10,000 Guaranteed

$300 Mega Super Satellite  (Win a $2,700 Voucher)
2 Seats Guaranteed

$100 No Limit Hold Em Bounty

A full schedule for this Mega Stack Series is available here.

Sharon Raider Wins Ladies Event ($4,552)

Sharon Raider - 1st Place - $4,552

After the previous hand against Linda Swears, Sharon Raider has won Event #9 ($250 NLH Ladies).  She will take home the trophy and the $4,552 top prize. 

Event #9 (Ladies) Linda Swears Eliminated in 2nd Place ($1,900)

Linda Swears - 2nd Place - $1,900

Blinds: 15,000
Ante: 5,000

On a board reading [7c][6c][5s], Linda Swears shoves all in, and Sharon Raider calls. 

Swears: [5h][7s] (two pair)
Raider: [9d][4c] (straight draw)

The [3c] on the turn gives Raider the straight and the [kd] on the hand does not change the hand. 

Swears is eliminated in 2nd place, and Sharon Raider wins the ladies event. 

Event #9 (Ladies) - Sharon Raider Doubles Through Linda Swears

Blinds: 15,000/30,000
Ante: 5,000

Sharon Raider raises to 140,000, and Linda Swears shoves all in.  Raider quickly calls. 

Raider: [kh][ks]
Swears: [qc][qd]

"King me," Raider says multiple times as the board runs out [7d][4s][2d][3c][2h]. 

Raider is awarded a full double up. 

Sharon Raider - 1,000,000
Linda Swears - 400,000

Foxwoods Poker Classic - Event #10 - $1,650 NLH - Returning Players

Table-Seat Name Chip Count
3-3 Costanzo, Matt 287,800
2-3 Boesel, Kevin 275,700
2-8 Patel, Sunny 234,500
2-4 Paradis, Fred 224,700
2-9 Ruvolo, Giuseppe 207,300
1-1 Kachittavong, Soukha 197,800
2-5 Wantman, Matthew 190,900
2-1 Chalifour, Dan 184,300
3-8 Schumacher, Mark 172,500
1-5 Backa, Marsel 167,000
3-5 Tabb, Steven 164,600
4-6 Cautela, John 159,100
4-2 Tryba, Chris 157,000
1-3 Riley, John 146,600
4-7 Farris, Michael 135,700
3-9 Mannone, Diego 128,200
2-7 Schimmel, Dan 118,000
4-4 Corbett, Nathan 109,100
4-3 Frangoulidis, James 100,200
4-8 Ticktin, Rob 85,800
3-1 Hammouda, Bassioni 81,900
4-5 Effren, Marc 79,400
1-8 Palma, Nicholas 77,600
1-4 Zhang, Jing 58,500
3-6 Bradshaw, Paul 53,400
1-9 Przybycien, Joe 48,200
3-2 Stefanski, David 47,100
4-9 Campbell, James 45,700
1-7 Pike, Jason 33,100

Event #9 (Ladies) - Linda Swears Doubles Through Sharon Raider

Linda Swears shoves all in, and Sharon Raider calls. 

Swears:  [ad][kd]
Raider: [ac][js]

"Those are two monster hands for heads up," Swears says.

The board runs out [7c][6s][5h][qh][9h] awarding Swears a full double, and she has now taken over the chip lead.

Linda Swears - 900,000
Sharon Raider - 400,000

Event #9 (Ladies) Linda Swears and Sharon Raider Heads Up

Sharon Raider has a three to one chip lead going into heads up against Linda Swears. 

Event #9 (NLH Ladies) - Jill Chamberlin Eliminated in 3rd Place ($1,900)

Jill Chamberlin - 3rd Place - $1,900

Blinds: 12,000/24,000
Ante: 4,000
On a board reading [7c][6s][5h], Jill Chamberlin checks in the small blind, Linda Swears shoves all in from the big blind, and Sharon Raider folds on the button.  Chamberlin says, "I am tired, I call." 

Chamberlin: [5c][4h] (pair of fives)
Swears: [8c][7d] (straight draw)

The [qh] on the turn does not change the hand, but the [9h] on the river gives Swears the straight, and Chamberlin is eliminated in 3rd place, taking home $1,900.

Linda Swears - 490,000
Jill Chamberlin - Eliminated

Event #10 ($1,650 NLH) Three More Hands

Players will play three more hands before bag and tag.  There are currently 29 players remaining. 

Event #10 ($1,650) Near End of Night Update

Players are nearly done for the evening.  In the next five minutes the remaining players will play a certain number of hands (tbd), and then bag and tag to return for Day 2 tomorrow at noon. 

One of the tougher tables for the last few hours has been that of Nick Palma, Soukha Kachittavong, Steven Tabb, and Matthew 'Bucky' Wantman. 

A full list of chip counts will be posted later tonight. In the mean time, here are a few notable counts:

Fred Paradis - 225,000
Steven Tabb - 175,000
Chris Tryba - 155,000
Matthew Wantman - 155,000
Soukha Kachittavong - 153,000
Nick Palma - 85,000
Dave Stefanski - 32,000

Seat 1 - Nick Palma, Seat 3 - Soukha Kachittavong, Seat 4 - Steven Tabb, Seat 9 - Matthew Wantman

Event #9 (NLH Ladies) - Linda Swears Doubles Through Jill Chamberlin

Linda Swears shoves all in after Jill Chamberlin opens, and Chamberlin calls. 

Swears: [10h][10s]
Chamberlin: [as][qh]

The board runs out [jd][9h][5h][6d][5h], awarding Swears a full double up. 

Final Three Chip Counts:  
Linda Swears - 295,000
Jill Chamberlin - 260,000
Sharon Raider - 860,000

Event #9 (NLH Ladies) - Stephanie Small Eliminated in 4th Place ($1,900)

Stephanie Small - 4th Place - $1,900

Foxwoods Poker Classic - Event #8 - $300 NLH Big Stack - Final Results

Place Name Prize
1 Steven Brackesy, Waltham, MA $9,268
2 Bassioni Hammouda, Danbury, CT $9,000
3 Taylor White, Dudley, MA $5,000
4 John Caputo, Branford, CT $5,000
5 Dominick Pelli, Stamford, CT $5,000
6 Paul Tong, Nanuet, NY $5,000
7 Jeremy Bayne, Plainville, CT $2,184
8 Ralph Puziello, East Haven, CT $1,791
9 Linda Swears, Fitchburg, MA $1,412
10 Marc Podell, New York, NY $979
11 Emily Flax, Provincetown, MA $979
12 Edward Pelham, Stamford, CT $979
13 Adam Firestone, Brooklyn, NY $867
14 Joshua Leventhal, New York, NY $867
15 Jin Chen, Stamford, CT $867
16 Re Van Ngo, Worcester, MA $811
17 Jordan Fishman, Southborough, MA $811
18 Michael Brown, Windham, ME $811
19 Richard Rossi, Essex, CT $755
20 Rowland Hunt, Ashburnham, MA $755
21 Anthony Diiorio, Norwood, MA $755
22 Erik Hals, Stamford, CT $699
23 John Magri, Ashland, MA $699
24 Paul Bradshaw, Sunnyside, NY $699

Event #9 (NLH Ladies) - Cheryle Drysdale Eliminated in 5th Place ($1,900)

Cheryle Drysdale - 5th Place - $1,900

Event #9 (NLH Ladies) - Le-Ann Anderson Eliminated in 6th Place ($1,900)

Le-Ann Anderson - 6th Place - $1,900
Blinds: 8,000/16,000
Antes: 2,000

 On a board reading [kd][4d][2c], Le-Ann Anderson shoves all in, and Jill Chamberlin calls. 

Anderson: [qh][2h]
Chamberlin: [ad][4h]

The [9h] turn and [4c] river mean Chamberlin will win the pot with her trip fours, and Anderson is eliminated in 6th place for $1,900.  

Jill Chamberlin - 700,000
Le-Ann Anderson - Eliminated