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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Event #5 ($300 NLH Multi Flight) Prize Pool Information

There were a total of 181 runners in Flight 1A and a total of 161 in Flight 1B.  That means a grand total of 342 and a prize pool of $86,252.

Rank:      Prize:   
1              $19,778
2              $12,075
3              $7,979
4              $6,339
5              $4,658
6              $3,795
7              $3,105
8              $2,458
9              $1,909
10-12      $1,380
13-15      $1,164
16-18      $1,035
19-21      $905
22-24      $819
25-27      $733
28-36      $672


Kevin Calenzo Takes First, Matthew Wantman Takes 2nd (Event #1)

Kevin Calenzo - 1st Place ($71,943), Matthew Wantman - 2nd Place ($58,000)

Kevin Calenzo and Matthew Wantman agreed to another head-up chop.  Calenzo would take $71.943, and Wantman would take $58,000.  

After agreeing to run out a series of hands to determine the winner of the trophy, Kevin Calenzo came out victorious after five hands of play.

Anthony Vitone Eliminated in 3rd Place ($45,000)

Anthony Vitone - 3rd Place - $45,000

Anthony Vitone shoved all in on the button and Matthew Wantman called.

Vitone:  [ah][jc]
Wantman:  [qh][qd]

The flop came [10c][7s][6s] leaving Wantman in the lead.

The [qc] on the turn gave Wantman a set, but also gave Vitone four straight outs.  The [ad] on the river was not one of those outs however, and Vitone would would be eliminated in 3rd place.

Je Wook Oh Eliminated in 4th Place ($45,000)

Je Wook Oh - 4th Place - $45,000

Je Wook Oh shoved all in from the small blind for 950,000 and Anthony Vitone said, "I'll give it to ya.  I call."

Oh:  [kh][8d]
Vitone:  [2c][2s]

The board ran out [7s][ad][6s][qs][9h] to eliminate Oh in 4th place.

Event #1 Chip Counts

Approximate chip counts are as follows:

Je Wook Oh:  1,000,000
Anthony Vitone:  3,000,000
Kevin Calenzo:  7,500,000
Matthew Wantman:  9,000,000

Matthew Wantman Doubles Through Anthony Vitone

Matthew Wantman raised to 500,000, Anthony Vitone reraised to 925,000 on the button, and Wantman shoved.  Vitone asked for a count but before hearing the total announced that he called.

Wantman:  [qh][qc]
Vitone: [9c][9d]

The board ran out [10h][6s][5h][4h][jd] awarding Wantman a full double up.

The dealer counted out the chips and determined that Vitone would have to transfer 4,675,000 of his chips to Wantman.  Vitone said, "If I had known you had that much I wouldn't have called. "

Wantman is now sitting with nearly 10,000,000 in chips.

Joe Hertel Eliminated in 5th Place ($45,000)

Joe Hertel - 5th Place - $45,000

Joe Hertel raised to 400,000, Anthony Vitone called on the button, and Matthew Wantman shoved all in from the big bling.  Hertel called and Vitone folded.

Hertel:  [7c][7h]
Wantman:  [as][jh]

The flop came [kh][qh][3h] and a player not involved in the hand said, "Action flop."

Hertel maintained his lead when the turn came the [qs].

The river came the [2h], and Wantman would win the hand with his heart flush.

After a close count of chips it was determined that Wantman had Hertel covered, and Hertel would be eliminated in 5th place.

Chop Deal Reached in Event #1, Play Continues

The remaining five players have come to the following consensus for a chop deal:

$45,000 to Je Wook Oh
$45,000 to Matthew Wantman
$45,000 to Joe Hertel
$45,000 to Anthony Vitone
$64,943 to Kevin Calenzo

They will play it out for the remaining $20,000 and the trophy.

Please check out for the live stream with audio.

Event #1 Taking Ten Minute Break

The players at the final table have decided to take a break to discuss a potential chop deal.  Further details will be provided as soon as they are available.

Anthony Vitone Doubles Through Joe Hertel

Joe Hertel raised to 400,000 on the button and Anthony Vitone shoved all in from the small blind for an additional 1,625,000.

Joe Hertel said, "I am feeling lucky," and called turning over [jh][8d].  Vitone tabled [as][10c].

The board ran out [ac][jd][3s][9h][9d] awarding Vitone a full double up.

Hertel Tank-Folds to Anthony Vitone's Shove

Anthony Vitone shoved all in.  It folded around to Joe Hertel in the big blind who went into the tank. Hertel checked his cards numerous times and eventually asked Vitone if he wanted a call.

"You can call, you can fold, I'll show you one.  It's up to you boss.  I don't like to give advice."

"You'll show me one," Hertel asked.

Joe Hertel then folded his hand.  Vitone turned over [ac][7c] and Hertel said, "Man, I had you crushed with ace-nine."

Joe Hertel Doubles Through Kevin Calenzo

Kevin Calenzo opened to 450,000.  Joe Hertel shoved all in from the big blind, and Calenzo called.

Calenzo:  [qc][qs]
Hertel:  [as][9d]

The board ran out [ad][10d][5s][jc][6h] awarding Hertel a full double up.

Update: Live Stream Technical Difficulties

The live stream issues appear to be resolved at this time.  The lagging and timing out appear to be much better now.  So please check out for coverage of Event #1 Final Table streaming live now.

Tournament Updates (Events 1 & 5)

Event #1 final table are just heading to a 60 minute dinner break.  Five players remain, and we are streaming live at

Event #5, Flight 1A is in the midst of playing the last level of the night (Level 15 1,200/2,400 blinds with 400 ante).  There are currently 44 players remaining.

Event #5, Flight 1B is in the midst of playing Level 5 (100/200 blinds).  There are currently 115 runners still in, and registration is open until the start of Level 8.

Live Stream Technical Issues

For anyone viewing the live stream (on of Event #1 final table, please note that we are currently experiencing technical difficulties.  We are working to get them fixed and you should see an improvement shortly after we work with the IT department to increase our Internet speed.

Thank you all for your patience.  We will send out another message when issues have been resolved.

Peter Wagner Eliminated in 6th Place ($17,817)

Peter Wagner - 6th Place - $17,817

Je Wook Oh raised to 325,000 on the button.  Joe Hertel called in the small blind, and Peter Wagner shoved all in for 1,435,000 in the big blind.  Oh called and Hertel folded.

Oh:  [jc][10c]
Wagner: [ad][5c]

Wagner was in good shape when the flop fell [as][qh][6h] as he paired his ace.

When the [kd] came on the turn Oh said, "Yes," after hitting his straight.

"You've got to be kidding me," said Wagner.

The [2d] on the river was of no help, and Wagner was eliminated in 6th place.

Event #5 Flight 1A Update

The players in event #5 ($300 NLH Multi Flight Event) are now on break.  There were a total of 181 runners, and at the present moment there are 63 remaining.  They will be coming back to Level 13 (800/1,600 blinds with a 200 ante).

This flight will play down to either 21 players or to the end of Level 15, whichever comes first.

The players making it through will combine with Flight 1B players tomorrow (Thurs. Oct. 8th) at noon for Day 2.

Event #5 Flight 1B (w/ Photos) $300 NLH Multi Flight Event

Flight 1B is now underway and there are currently 56 players registered in Level 1 (blinds 25/50).

Players will have until the start of Level 8 to register and re-enter for this event.

Tomorrow (Oct. 8th), the players from both flights A and B will combine and play Day 2 at noon.  As a reminder this event has a $50,000 guarantee.

Vinny Pahuja Eliminated in 7th Place ($14,797)

Vinny Pahuja - 7th Place - $14,797
Vinny Pahuja is all in and has been called by Joe Hertel.  

Pahuja:  [7h][7c]
Hertel:  [qs][8c]

The flop came [9s][9d][8s] giving Hertel the lead with his two pair.  

The [4s] turn and [9h] river gave Hertel the bigger full house, and Pahuja was sent home in 7th place. 

Board Run Out of Vinny Pahuja's Elimination

Charles Saleba Eliminated in 8th Place ($12,079)

Charles Saleba - 8th Place - $12,079

After the flop came [8d][3c][4c], Vinny Pahuja shoved all in and was called by Charles Saleba.

Seleba:  [qh][8h]
Pahuja:  [ad][10h]

Seleba was ahead until the turn brought the [as], giving Pahuja a pair of aces.

The [js] river did not help Saleba and he was sent home in 8th place.

Je Wook Oh and Joe Hertel Face Off (Event #1 Final Table)

Je Wook Oh completed in the small blind and Joe Hertel raised to 230,000 in the big blind.  Oh called.

Both players checked the [qd][9h][9s] flop and the [4h] turn.

Hertel checked the [2c] river and Oh bet 435,000.  Hertel called.

Oh turned over [4d][4s], having turned a full house.

Oh is now sitting with just over 2,000,000 in chips.

Dan Guzman Eliminated in 9th Place ($9,663)

Dan Guzman - 9th Place ($9,663)
Dan Guzman raised to 250,000, Kevin Calenzo three-bet to 575,000, Guzman shoved all in, and Calenzo called.  

Guzman was ahead holding [js][jc] against Calenzo's [as][qc] when the flop came [kh][4c][2d].  But when the [ac] fell o the turn Guzman sighed heavily.  The [8s] on the river did not improve Guzman's hand and he was eliminated in 9th place.

Event #5 - Flight 1A Update (w/ Photos)

There are currently 125 players remaining of the 160 that started in Flight 1A of Event 5 - $300 NLH MULTI FLIGHT EVENT (With Re-Entries) $50,000 Guaranteed.

They are playing Level 6 right now.  200/400 blind with a 50 ante.

Je Wook Oh Takes From Kevin Calenzo

Kevin Calenzo made it 125,000 from the hijack.  Je Wook Oh and Dan Guzman called in the blinds.

The flop came [kd][10d][5d]. Both blinds checked, Calenzo bet 175,000, and only Oh called.

Both players checked the [3c] turn.

Calenzo checked when the river came the [9c] and Oh bet 285,000.  Calenzo tanked for a few moments and opted to fold his hand.

Oh turned over [5c][5h] for a flopped set.

"I had the [ad]," said Zalenzo.

"I know.  I was hoping for the [3d] on the river," Oh replied.

Payouts 15th-11th (Event #1)

15 - $6,040 - Roger Nichols
14- $6,040 - Jonathan Lewis
13- $6,040 - Sean Haley
12- $7,429 -Jarded Mahoney
11- $7,429 -Sorin Ciobanu

Final Table in Event #1 w/ Chip Counts

Seat:  Player:  Chip Count:  
1 - Matthew Wantman - 2,655,000
2 - Charles Saleba - 1,325,000
3 - Je Wook Oh - 1,985,000
4 - Dan Guzman - 4,050,000
5 - Donald Lohr - 425,000
6 - Joe Hertel - 4,295,000
7 - Vinny Pahuja - 3,240,000
8 - Peter Wagner - 1,410,000
9 - Anthony Vitone - 1,065,000
10 - Kevin Calenzo - 3,055,000

Down to the Final Table in Event #1

Players have just done a redraw for seats and have gone on a ten minute break.  We will bring you a list of players, seats, and chip counts as soon as possible.

Sorin Ciobanu Eliminated in 11th Place ($7,429)

Sorin Ciobanu shoved all in with [9h][9d] and was called by Kevin Calenzo holding [10s][10d].

The board ran out [7s][4s][3h][qc][qd] eliminating Ciobanu in 11th place, just shy of the final table.

Sorin Ciobanu - 11th Place

Jared Mahoney Eliminated in 12th Place ($7,429)

Jared Mahoney shoved all in with [as][10h] and was called by Dan Guzman holding [jc][jh].

Mahoney made a pair of tens when the flop came [10c][6c][5h].  But the [4c] turn and [qd] river did not improve his hand, and Guzman's pair of jacks would win the hand, eliminating Mahoney in 12th place with a $7,429 payday.

Jared Mahoney - 12th Place

Matthew Wantman Eliminates Two in One Hand (Event #1)

There was a three way all in preflop between Sean Haley, Jonathan Lewis, and Matthew Wantman.

Wantman:  [10h][10c]
Lewis:  [kc][3d]
Haley:  [kd][9h]

The flop came [10d][2h][9s] giving Wantman the commanding lead.  And while the [4s] turn and [9d] river gave Haley trip nines, it also gave Wantman the winning hand with his full house.  Lewis would be eliminated in 14th and Haley would become the 13th place finisher.

Matthew Wantman - Now Sitting with 2,150,000 in Chips

Event #1 Day 3 Now Under Way

Cards are in the air for the third and final day of Event #1 $600 NLH. 15 players remain.

Watch our feature table at to follow all of the action.

Schedule for Wed. Oct. 7th Foxwoods World Poker Classic

Event #5A $300 No Limit Hold 'Em Multi Flight Event
($260 Buy-in / $40 Entry Fee)
$50,000 Guarantee
"With Re-Entries"
Players start with 20,000 in non-value tournament chips
Levels:  30 minutes
Registration open until the start of level 8
Full Structure is available here.

DAY 3/Final Table of Event #1 $600 NO LIMIT HOLD'EM

Event #5B $300 No Limit Hold 'Em Multi Flight Event
($260 Buy-in / $40 Entry Fee)
$50,000 Guarantee
"With Re-Entries"
Players start with 20,000 in non-value tournament chips
Levels:  30 minutes
Registration open until the start of level 8
Full Structure is available here.

A full schedule for the World Poker Finals series is available here.

Foxwoods World Poker Finals - Event #1 - $600 NLH - Returning Players for Day 3

Table-Seat Name Chip Count
1-6 Hertel, Joe 4,200,000
2-1 Pahuja, Vineet 3,195,000
2-3 Guzman, Dan 3,000,000
1-3 Haley, Sean 1,760,000
1-5 Calenzo, Kevin 1,595,000
1-4 Wantman, Matthew 1,550,000
1-9 Vitone, Anthony 1,500,000
2-9 Oh, JeWook 1,440,000
1-8 Lohr, Donald 1,100,000
2-2 Mahoney, Jared 1,050,000
2-7 Wagner, Peter 980,000
2-5 Saleba, Charles 925,000
1-7 Ciobanu, Sorim 480,000
1-2 Lewis, Jonathan 390,000
2-6 Nichols, Roger 330,000

Payouts 19th-16th (Event #1)

19 - $4,711 - Christopher Mott
18 - $5,254 - Marsel Backa
17 - $5,254 - Zhang Huang
16 - $5,254 - Robert Hite

Fifteen players will return tomorrow at noon for the conclusion of this event.

Four More Hands in Event #1

The clock has been paused with ten minutes left in the level and the floor has determined that four more hands will be played tonight before bag and tag.  After the conclusion of the four hands the players will bag their chips and return tomorrow (Wed.) at noon for the conclusion of this event.

Stay tuned here at for live updates and watch our live stream of the feature/final table tomorrow at