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Monday, August 20, 2012

Foxwoods August 2012 Mega Stack Challenge Event #14 - $1,200 NLH Championship Final Results

Carlo Sciannameo Wins the Mega Stack Main Event ($75,768)

Carlo Sciannameo

Carlo Sciannameo is the champion of the $1,200 Mega Stack Challenge Main Event.

He takes home $75,768 and the Mega Stack Challenge Trophy!

Sherif Sweillam Eliminated in 2nd Place ($60,000)

Sherif Sweillam

Just a few hands into heads-up play Sherif Sweillam and Carlo Sciannameo get all-in before the flop.  They turn over:

Sweillam - [Kd][Qd]
Sciannameo - [Ad][Qs]

The board comes [Jh][3h][2h][Jc][4h] and Sciannameo wins the pot.

Sweillam is eliminated in 2nd place and takes home $60,000 for his performance.

Heads-Up Save Made at the Mega Stack Final Table

Carlo Sciannameo and Sherif Sweillam have come to an agreement on a save.

Sciannameo locks up $65,000 and Sweillam guarantees himself $60,000.  They are now playing it out for the additional $10,768 and the Mega Stack Trophy.

Adam Bitker Eliminated in 3rd Place ($37,863)

Adam Bitker

Adam Bitker moves all-in for just over 1,500,000 from the button and is called by Sherif Sweillam in the big blind.  They turn over:

Bitker - [Js][Td]
Sweillam - [As][Qd]

The board runs out [Qs][6h][5c][4c][Qh] and Sweillam improves to trips.

Bitker is eliminated in 3rd place and takes home $37,863.