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Monday, August 22, 2011

Eric Phan Wins the Mega Stack Main Event ($74,862)

Eric Phan

Eric Phan is officially the champion of the $1,200 Mega Stack Challenge Main Event.

He takes home the trophy along with $74,862. Congratulations Eric!

Bob Kuehl Takes 2nd Place After Heads-Up Chop

Bob Kuehl

Bob Kuehl and Eric Phan have come to an agreement on an equity chop for the remaining prize pool.

Bob Kuehl officially finishes in 2nd place and takes home $55,000.

Jean "BouBoul" Joseph Eliminated 3rd ($40,000)

Jean "BouBoul" Joseph

Eric Phan raised to 380,000 before the flop from the small blind and Jean "BouBoul" Joseph three-bet from the big blind to 1,060,000. Phan moved all-in and Joseph thought for several minutes before announcing call. They turned up:

Phan [Ad][Ks]
Joseph [As][7s]

The board ran out [Ac][9c][2c][Kd][Qs] and Joseph was eliminated in 3rd place for $40,000.

Paul Stanechewshi Eliminated in 4th Place ($40,000)

Paul Stanechewshi

After Jean Joseph raised to 500,000 from under the gun, Paul Stanechewshi moved all-in from the big blind for an additional 2,955,000. Joseph thought for a few moments before announcing call. They turned up:

Joseph [Ah][Qh]
Stanechewshi [Ks][Qd]

The board came [Qs][Jd][Tc][Jc][2h] and Joseph took the pot, eliminating Stanechewshi in 4th place for $40,000.

Louis Ciccotto Eliminated in 5th Place ($40,000)

Louis Ciccotto

With the blinds at 60,000-120,000, Louis Ciccotto raised to 400,000 from the small blind to 400,000 and Jean Joseph moved all-in. Ciccotto thought for a few moments before calling all-in. They turned up:

Ciccotto [Ad][9d]
Joseph [5c][5d]

The board ran out [7h][4c][3d][8d][Kh] and Joseph's pocket pair held.

Louis Ciccotto was eliminated in 5th place for $40,000.

5-Way Save in the Mega Stack Main Event

The five remaining players have agreed to all take $40,000 with an addition $49,862 going to first place.

New payouts are as follows:

1st - $89,862
2nd - $40,000
3rd - $40,000
4th - $40,000
5th - $40,000

Paul Marston Eliminated in 6th Place ($18,508)

Paul Martson

Eric Phan raised to 300,000 from the button and Paul Martson moved all-in from the big blind for just about 100,000 more. Phan made the call and they turned up:

Phan [Kd][Kh]
Martson [As][3d]

The board came [Td][Ts][7c][3s][8d] and Phan's kings held to win the pot and eliminated Martson in 6th place for $18,508.

Louis Zollo Eliminated in 7th Place ($15,049)

Lou Zollo

After being crippled just one hand earlier, Lou Zollo moved all-in for his las 170,000 with the blinds at 50,000-100,000. He was called by Paul Stanechewshi, Paul Marston and Louis Ciccotto.

They checked down a board of [6h][3c][2s][Jd][Ks] and Zollo turned up [Ac][7s] for ace high. However, Stanechewski flipped over [Jh][9s] for a pair of jacks to win the pot.

Zollo was eliminated in 7th place for $15,049.

Blind Increase with 7 Players Remaining

The blinds have been increased to 40,000-80,000 with a 10,000 ante.

With 7 players remaining, the average chip stack is now just under 2,340,000.

Andy Bettencourt Eliminated in 8th Place ($12,022)

Andy Bettencourt

Andy Bettencourt moved all-in for just over 300,000 and was called by Paul Marston in the big blind. They turned up:

Bettencourt [9s][7s]
Marston [Ah][As]

The board came [9d][3h][2h][3d][Js] and Bettencourt was sent to the rail in 8th place for $12,022.

Russell Kamer Eliminated in 9th Place ($9,870)

Russell Kamer

With the blinds at 30,000-60,000 with a 10,000 ante, Russell Kamer moved all-in before the flop for his last 470,000. It was folded around to Louis Zollo in the big blind, who made the call. They turned up:

Kamer [Ac][Qd]
Zollo [5c][5s]

The board ran out [Td][7h][6s][5h][Kh] and Zollo made a set of fives to win the pot and eliminate Kamer in 9th place.