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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ronnie Pease Near the Chip Lead with 57 Left

Ronnie Pease

We are down to the final 57 players in the $400 Deep Stack event. The final 35 will finish in the money.

The average chip stack is approximately 122,000 with the blinds at 2,000-4,000 with a 500 ante.

Ronnie Pease, who chopped the 2011 Foxwoods Poker Classic Main Event, looks to be near the chip lead with 264,000 late on Day 1.

James Woods Near the Chip Lead

James Woods

The remaining 138 players in the $400 Deep Stack event have returned from dinner break and play has resumed with the blinds at 600-1,200 with a 200 ante.

The average chip stack is now 50,500.

James Woods comes back from dinner as one of the chip leaders with 130,000 in chips.

Chris Morse Wins the $400 Pot-Limit Omaha Event!

Chris Morse

The final nine players in the $400 Pot-Limit Omaha High event came to an agreement on a chop and played out the tournament to determine a champion.

Chris Morse came out victorious and is officially the champion of the $400 Pot-Limit Omaha High event. He takes home $5,000 and the World Poker Finals Trophy.

The payouts for the remaining eight players were as follows:

John Mason $5,000
Julie Phyuthinn $5,000
Ronnie Dulka $2,953
Hector Cordeiro $2,953
Constantine Moustakis $2,953
Gary Kosakowski $2,592
Jonathan Ingellis $2,952
Dennis Gokman $2,592

$400 NLHE Deep Stack Final Numbers & Payouts

We had a total of 349 players in the $400 NLHE Deep Stack event at the Foxwoods World Poker Finals.

The final 35 spots will finish in the money

Final payouts are as follows:

1st - $28,259
2nd - $16,351
3rd - $10,427
4th - $8,353
5th - $6,517
6th - $5,272
7th - $4,384
8th - $3,555
9th - $2,913
10th-12th - $2,014
13th-15th - $1,599
16th-20th - $1,244
21st-30th - $1,054
31st-35th - $971

Jason Laramee Wins the $300 Deep Stack Event ($27,761)

Jason Laramee is officially the champion of the $300 Deep Stack No-Limit Hold 'em event.

He takes home $27,761, the World Poker Finals Trophy and the watch!

Eric Arch Eliminated in 2nd Place ($15,943)

Eric Arch

Eric Arch and Jason Laramee get all their chips in the middle before the flop and turn over:

Arch - [2d][2s]
Laramee - [Kc][Qs]

Arch has the lead with a pair and maintains his lead after a flop of [Th][8s][6h]. The [Js] on the turn gives Laramee an open ended straight draw along with his two over cards. Laramee wins the hand when the [Kd] falls on the river, giving him a pair of kings.

Eric Arch is eliminated in 2nd place for $15,943.

Amanda Mangas Eliminated in 3rd Place ($10,134)

Amanda Mangas

On a board reading [Ac][As][4s], a short stacked Amanda Mangas gets her last few chips in the middle with [7c][4d] against the [Ad][6s] of Jason Laramee.

The turn is the [Qs] and the river comes the [Td]. Laramee's trip aces win the pot to eliminate Mangas in 3rd place for $10,134.

Double Final Table Knockout for 4th & 5th

4th place - Mark Miller $8,096

5th place - Jimmy Solerti $6,282

Both Jimmy Solerti and Mark Miller move all-in before the flop and Jason Laramee calls. They turn up:

Laramee - [Td][Ts]
Miller - [8c][8d]
Solerti - [Qd][Jh]

The board runs out [Kh][7c][7s][5h][5s] and Laramee's pocket tens hold up to knock out both Miller and Solerti.

Miller takes fourth place for $8,096 while Solerti finishes in 5th place for $6,282.

Pete Young Eliminated in 6th Place ($5,038)

Pete Young

Pete Young gets his last few chips in the middle before the flop with [Ah][Js] against the [Jc][Jh] of Eric Arch.

The board runs out [9s][8h][7h][Jd][Qd] and Young is eliminated in 6th place for $5,038.

Kirkor Tekneci Eliminated in 7th Place ($4,089)

Kirkor Tekneci

Kirkor Tekneci moves all-in from under the gun and is called by Jason Laramee in the small blind. They show:

Tekneci - [Ks][Qh]
Laramee - [Kc][Kd]

The board runs out [Ts][9s][3c][5d][Ah] and Laramee's kings hold up to win the pot and eliminate Tekneci in 7th place for $4,089.

Nick Bianco Eliminated in 8th Place ($3,260)

Nick Bianco

On a board reading [As][6c][2c][Qd], Nick Bianco moves all-in and Jason Laramee calls. They show:

Bianco - [Ah][Kc]
Laramee - [Qh][6d]

The river is the [7s] and Laramee's two pair takes the pot to eliminate Bianco in 8th place for $3,260.

Marty Rawitz Eliminated in 9th Place ($2,679)

Marty Rawitz

Marty Rawitz moves all-in for his last 155,000 and is called by both Jimmy Solerti on the button and Jason Laramee in the big blind.

They both check a flop of [Kc][3d][2h] and the [6c] falls on the turn. Laramee bets 100,000 and Solerti mucks his hand.

Rawitz - [Qh][Jc]
Laramee - [Kh][Jh]

The river comes the [Tc] and Laramee wins the pot to eliminate Rawitz in 9th place for $2,679.

$300 Deep Stack Final Table Chip Counts

We have reach the final table of the $300 Deep Stack No-Limit Hold 'em event with nine players remaining.

The chip counts by seat assignments are as follows:

1. Mark Miller 780,000
2. Jason Laramee 1,840,000
3. Pete Young 815,000
4. Kirkor Tekneci 825,000
5. Nick Bianco 1,015,000
6. Eric Arch 320,000
8. Amanda Mangas 265,000
9. Marty Rawitz 240,000
10. Jimmy Solerti 820,000

Final payouts are as follows:

1st - $27,761
2nd - $15,943
3rd - $10,134
4th - $8,096
5th - $6,282
6th - $5,038
7th - $4,089
8th - $3,260
9th - $2,679
10th - $1,718

$300 Deep Stack Now Streaming Live!

The final day of the $300 Deep Stack event is now streaming live.

Just click "Watch LIVE Video" at the top of the page to view the live feed.

$400 Deep Stack Event About to get Underway

The $400 Deep Stack No-Limit Hold 'em event is about to get underway.

Players start with 20,000 in chips and the levels are 40 minutes in length.

The blinds are starting at 25-50.

$300 No Limit Hold'em 10-17-11 Returning Players

Place   Name Chips Table/Seat
1 Bianco, Nick 1,225,000 2-10
2 Solerti, Jimmy 810,000 1-10
3 Arch, Eric 720,000 1-2
4 Young, Pete 650,000 2-9
5 Mangas, Amanda 545,000 2-5
6 Overton, Floyd 520,000 2-3
7 Tekneci, Kirkor 520,000 1-6
8 Laramee, Jason 495,000 2-8
9 Miller, Mark 355,000 1-7
10 Palmieri, Stephen 315,000 2-6
11 Brewer, Robert 295,000 1-5
12 Cincotti, Carl 205,000 1-9
13 Bukoff, Dan 185,000 2-2
14 Rawitz, Marty 80,000 1-1

Final Results FWPF $400 Omaha High/Low 10-14-11

Final Results FWPF $500 No Limit Bounty 10-14-11

Final Results FWPF $400 No Limit Hold'em 10-13-11