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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Blind Increase with 6 Players Remaining

The blinds have been increased to 12K-24K with a 3K ante.

Kevin Murray Eliminated in 7th Place ($10,792)

Kevin Murray moved all in preflop for his last 253K and was called by Brett Taylor in the big blind. They turned over:

Murray [Kd][Th]
Taylor [Ah][Qh]

The board came [Js][3s][2d][8s][2c] and Taylor won the pot, eliminating Murray from the tournament.

Kevin Murray had been crippled down to 12,000 in chips just a level and a half earlier. He made an amazing comeback to get back to over 400,000 entering the final table.

Break Time with 7 Players Remaining.

The final seven players are now on a 10-minute break.

When they return, the blinds will be increased to 10K-20K with a 2K ante.

Blind Increase with 7 Players Remaining

The blinds at the final table have been increased to 8K-16K with a 1K ante.

Ray Hicks Eliminated in 8th Place ($8,123)

Wilfredo Santiago, Michael Woods and Ray Hicks get all in preflop with Santiago being the short stack and Woods having both players covered. They turned over:

Santiago [8h][8s]
Woods [Ad][Kd]
Hicks [Kc][Kh]

The flop came [Ah][Tc][5h] and Woods took a huge lead in the pot after pairing his ace.

However, the turn came the [8d], giving Santiago a set of eights and the lead in the main pot.

The river was the [Qh] and Santiago tripled up to over one million chips.

Woods won the side pot, eliminating Hicks, and putting his stack at just over 1.3 million.

Andrea Gabriello Eliminated in 9th Place ($5,583)

Andrea Gabriello, Peter Campo and Ray Hicks got all in preflop with Gabriello the short stack and Campo having both players covered. They showed:

Gabriello [Tc][Td]
Campo [Kh][Ks]
Hicks [Ah][As]

The board ran out [Jd][6s][3c][Jh][5c] and Hicks won both the main and side pot with his pair of aces. Gabriello was eliminated from the tournament in 9th place.

Michael Huguenot Eliminated in 10th Place ($4,607)

Michael Huguenot has been eliminated from the final table in 10th place.

Final Table Players and Chip Counts

We are down to the final table of ten in the Mega Stack Challenge Main Event. Below are the final table chip counts by seating assignment:

1. Wilfredo Santiago 526,000
2. Michael Huguenot 290,000
3. Andrea Gabriello 255,000
4. Kevin Murray 425,000
5. Peter Campo 1,357,000
6. Michael Woods 1,060,000
7. Ray Hicks 551,000
8. Oleg Potseluev 1,250,000
9. Vinny Lambiase 394,000
10. Brett Taylor 574,000

Foxwoods Mega Stack Results 14th-11th

The following players finished 14th through 11th at the Foxwoods May Mega Stack Main Event:

14th - Kent Bowley
13th - Ross Santos
12th - Frank Cieri
11th - Irving Pimentel

Blind Increase with 11 Players Remaining

The blinds have been increased to 6K-12K with a 1K ante.

Play Resumes at the Foxwoods Mega Stack Challenge

The 14 remaining players have returned from dinner break.

The blinds have been increased to 5K-10K with a 1K ante.

Foxwoods Mega Stack Results 20th-15th

The following players have been eliminated since we reached the money:

20th - Luis Vazquez
19th - Radhames Vargas
18th - Robert Ricciuti
17th - David Hickman
16th - David Stevens
15th - John Ruddy

Dinner Break with 14 Players Remaining

The 14 remaining players are now on dinner break until 7PM.

When play resumes, the blinds will be increased to 5K-10K with a 1K ante.

Blind Increase with 18 Players Remaining

The blinds have been increased to 4K-8K with a 500 ante.

Defending Champ Luis Vazquez Eliminated

2010 Foxwoods Poker Classic Main Event Champion and defending Mega Stack Challenge Champion Luis Vazquez has been eliminated from the main event in 20th place.

Shortly after Vazquez was eliminated, Radhames Vargas was knocked out in 19th place.

They both take home $3,637 for their finishes.

In the Money at the Foxwoods Poker Mega Stack

We are officially in the money with only 20 of the original 166 players remaining.

All players are now guaranteed at least $3,637.

Bubble Time at the Mega Stack Challenge

With 21 players remaining and top 20 spots finishing in the money, we are officially on the money bubble in the Mega Stack Challenge Main Event.

Break Time and Color Up with 24 Players Remaining

The final 24 players are currently on a 10-minute break.

Tournament officials are coloring up the yellow 100 chips.

When play resumes, the blinds will be increased to 3K-6K with a 500 ante.

Final Three Tables of the Mega Stack Challenge

With 27 players remaining, we are down to the final three tables of the 2010 May Mega Stack Challenge Main Event.

The final 20 players will finish in the money.

Break Time with 29 Players Remaining.

The final 29 players in the Mega Stack Challenge Main Event are now on a 10-minute break.

When they return, the blinds will be increased to 2,500-5,000 with a 400 ante.

Blind Increase with 34 Players Remaining

The blinds have been increased to 2K-4K with a 400 ante.

Kevin Schaffel Eliminated by Luis Vazquez

Luis Vazquez raised from the button to 8K preflop and Kevin Schaffel reraised from the big blind to 24K. Vazquez made the call and the flop came [Ks][7c][6s].

Schaffel led out for 40K and Vazquez moved all in. Schaffel immediately made the call and they turned over:

Schaffel [Ac][Kc]
Vazquez [Kh][3s]

Vazquez announced "Nice hand" and started to count out his chip to send Schaffel's way as the turn came out the [Js].

It wasn't until about four second after the [5s] hit the river did anyone at the table realize that Vazquez had hit a flush to take the pot.

Schaffel, who is serving as host of the Mega Stack Challenge, shook Vazquez's hand and presented him with a hat and shirt before leaving the tournament area.

Welcome to the Table Mr. Vazquez...

Play started at noon today, but Luis Vazquez was late and just sat down at his table.

The first hand he is dealt, he picks up pocket aces and knocks out a short stacked opponent hold A-10,

We are down to 41 players.

Cards Back in the Air at Foxwoods

Cards are in the air on day two of the Foxwoods Mega Stack Challenge Main Event.

There are 47 players remaining and the blinds are starting at 1,500-3,000 with 300 ante.

YouTube video: Dennis Phillips Elimination Hand - Foxwoods Mega Stack Challenge

Dennis Phillips is all in after the river and the decision is on his opponent, who tanks for several minutes before calling the clock on himself...

Click here to view the video in HD

Play Concludes for the Day with 47 Remaining

Play has concluded on day one of the $1,650 Foxwoods Mega Stack Challenge. Play will resume at noon tomorrow in the poker room.

Some notable end of day chip counts:

Michael Woods - 358,900
Steve Buckley - 348,600
Kevin Schaffel - 146,000
Luis Vazquez - 136,900
Kyle Loman - 39,500

Kevin Schaffel Triples Up

Kevin Schaffel was all in preflop against Kyle Loman and Steve Buckley. The flop came [Kc][4s][2s]. Loman and Buckley got all their chips in and the players turned over:

Schaffel [Ad][Ah]
Loman [Ks][Qs]
Buckley [As][Kh]

Schaffel had the lead with his pair of aces and Buckley was ahead in the side pot with a pair of kings with an ace kicker. However, Loman had the flush draw and two pair redraw with two cards to come.

The turn was the [7d] and the river came the [Th]. Loman missed his draw and doubled Buckley up to over 350,000. Loman was left with around 40,000.

Schaffel won the main pot and tripled up to around 150,000.

50 Players Remaining at the Mega Stack Main Event

With just under 30 minutes left to play in the final left of the day, we are down to the final 50 players.

Final Level of the Day

The blinds have been increased to 1,200-2,400 with a 300 ante.

This will be the final level of play today.