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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sal Morello Wins the $600 Mega Stack ($60,202)

Sal Morello

Sal Morello has won the $600 Mega Stack Challenge event and takes home the trophy along with the first place prize of $60,202.

Congratulations to Sal and join us tomorrow at 11am for the $130,000 Guaranteed $300 No-Limit Hold 'em Mega Stack Challenge.

Ronnie Pease Eliminated in 2nd Place ($34,573)

Ronnie Pease

After a long heads-up battle that saw the lead go back and forth, Sal Morello had taken a chip lead on Ronnie Pease with the blinds at 40,000-80,000 and a 10,000 ante.

Pease raised to 200,000 before the flop and Morello three-bet to 600,000. Pease moved all-in and Morello made the call. They turned up:

Morello [Tc][Td]
Pease [Ah][Kc]

The board ran out [Jd][8d][3s][7c][6d] and Morello's pocket tens held.

Ronnie Pease was eliminated in 2nd place and takes home $34,573.

Sherwin Agard Eliminated in 3rd Place ($21,978)

Sherwin Agard

After a preflop raise from Ronnie Pease, Sherwin Agard moved all-in and Pease made the call. They turned up:

Agard [Ac][4d]
Pease [7d][7s]

The board of [Jc][5d][2h][5c][Qh] ran out safely for Pease and he eliminated Agard in 3rd place for $21,978.

Vinny Maglio Eliminated in 4th Place ($17,556)

Vinny Maglio

On the first hand after the break, Vinny Maglio raised to 125,000 before the flop and Ronnie Pease three-bet to 300,000. Maglio moved all-in and Pease thought for a few moments before he made the call. They turned up:

Maglio [Ad][2s]
Pease [6c][6d]

The board came [Js][8h][4s][8d][5d] and Pease's pocket sixes held up to eliminate Maglio in 4th place for $17,556.

Ronnie Pease Doubles to Chip Lead

Ronnie Pease

Ronnie Pease raised to 125,000 under the gun before the flop and was called by both Sal Morello and Vinny Maglio in the blinds.

The flop came [Kc][Jh][9c], Morello checked,, Maglio checked and Pease bet out 200,000. Morello raised to 500,000, Maglio mucked and Pease called.

The turn came the [8h] and Morello announced that he was all-in. Pease thought for several minutes before making the call. They turned up:

Morello [Ac][As]
Pease [Kd][Jd]

Pease had flopped two pair to Morello's aces and the [Js] on the river gave him a full house.

Pease doubled up to just over six million while Morello was knocked down to just over two million.

Updated Final Table Chip Counts

Here are the chip counts from the break in the $600 Mega Stack:

1. Ronnie Pease 1,600,000
2. Sherwin Agard 3,205,000
3. Sal Morello 4,340,000
4. Vinny Maglio 3,350,000

Colby Derrig Eliminated in 5th Place ($13,624)

Colby Derrig

After Vinny Maglio raised to 80,000 from under the gun, Colby Derrig moved all in for 730,000. Sal Morello announced call from the big blind and Maglio immediately moved all-in. Morello thought for a moment before mucking his hand.

Maglio [Ah][Kh]
Derrig [Ad][Qc]

The board ran out [As][Ts][5s][Ks][9d] and Maglio's hand held to win the pot and eliminated Derrig in 5th place for $13,624.

Adam Darkazalli Eliminated in 6th Place ($10,924)

Adam Darkazalli

On a flop of J-9-2, Adam Darkazalli got all-in against Sal Morello. They showed:

Darkazalli [Ah][9d]
Morello [Ts][8s]

Darkazalli had flopped middle pair and was ahead but Morello had an open-ended straight draw. Morello completed his straight on the turn when a queen hit, leaving Darkazalli drawing dead. A meaningless king fell on the river.

Adam Darkazalli was eliminated in 6th place for $10,924.

Thomas Hoglund Eliminated in 7th Place ($8,869)

Thomas Hoglund

Thomas Hoglund moved all-in from middle position for his last 145,000. Ronnie Pease, in the small blind, three-bet to 260,000 and Sherwin Agard folded his big blind. They turned up:

Hoglund [Jd][5d]
Pease [Ah][9d]

The board came [Qh][6h][4s][9h][8h] and Hodlund was eliminated from the $600 Mega Stack Challenge in 7th place for $8,869.

Brian Lee Eliminated in 8th Place ($7,068)

Brian Lee

After a raise by Brian Lee before the flop, Sal Morello put in a three-bet to 225,000. Lee moved all-in and Morello quickly made the call. They turned up:

Lee [Ah][Kc]
Morello [Qc][Qh]

The board ran out [Jd][Th][2h][9d][Jd] and Morello's queens held.

Brian Lee was eliminated in 8th place for $7,068.

Tom Pollina Eliminated in 9th Place ($5,798)

Tom Pollina

After a raise before the flop by Vinny Maglio and a call from Adam Darkazalli, Tom Pollina moved all in for just over 600,000. Maglio announced call and Darkazilla mucked his hand. They turned up:

Maglio [Kd][Kh]
Pollina [Ac][Jc]

The board came [Th][9s][2c][2h][2s] and Maglio took the pot.

Tom Pollina was eliminated in 9th place for $5,798.

Carlos Santos Eliminated in 10th Place ($3,727)

Carlos Santos

Carlos Santos open shoved before the flop for 465,000 and was called by Sal Morello. Everyone else folded and the players turned up:

Santos [Ah][2h]
Morello [8c][8s]

The board ran out [Qd][9d][5c][4c][4h] and Morello's pocket eights held up.

Carlos Santos was eliminated in 10th place for $3,727.

$600 Mega Stack Final Table Chip Counts

Here are the chip counts by seat assignments for the final table:

1. Colby Derrig 1,580,000
2. Brian Lee 605,000
3. Tom Pollina 705,000
4. Ronnie Pease 2,585,000
5. Sherwin Agard 1,245,000
6. Carlos Santos 565,000
7. Sal Morello 1,970,000
8. Vinny Maglio 1,985,000
9. Adam Darkazalli 1,075,000
10. Thomas Hoglund 180,000

Final table payouts are as follows:

1st - $60,202
2nd - $34,573
3rd - $21,978
4th - $17,556
5th - $13,624
6th - $10,924
7th - $8,869
8th - $7,068
9th - $5,798
10th - $3,727

Nearing the $600 Mega Stack Final Table

With the blinds at 12,000-24,000 with 4,000 ante, we are down to 12 players in the $600 Mega Stack Challenge.

Once we reach the final 10, we will redraw for seats at the final table.

$600 Mega Stack Break Update

The blinds are being increased to 10,000-20,000 with a 3,000 ante.

With 21 players remaining, the average chip stack is now just over 595,000.

Ronnie Pease Takes a Massive Chip Lead

Ronnie Pease

In a clash of the two chip leaders in the tournament, Mike Rushton raised to 55,000 before the flop and Ronnie Pease three-bet to 135,000. Rushton moved all-in and Pease instantly announced call. They turned up:

Rushton - [Ad][Kc]
Pease - [Ah][As]

The board ran out [Qc][6d][6h][8d][Js] and Ronnie Pease won the biggest pot of the tournament, eliminating Rushton on the hand.

Pease now has over 2,700,000 of the 12.5 million in play with 23 players remaining.

Bardah Sent Home on a Brutal Beat

Ronnie Bardah

Ronnie Bardah had slowly been building his chip stack all day after coming into Day 2 with only 129,000. He was near 500,000 when he got all-in before the flop with pocket aces against his opponent's pocket queens.

The flop came out J-8-5 and Bardah maintained the lead. However, a 10 came on the turn and a 9 fell on the river, giving his opponent runner-runner to a straight.

Bardah's opponent had him covered and Ronnie Bardah was sent to the rail in 30th place for $1,696.

Big Stacks at the Feature Table

Mike Rushton and Ronnie Pease

Mike Rushton currently has nearly one million chips and is second to only Ronnie Pease, who has about 1.2 million. Pease just got moved to Rushton's direct left at the feature table.

You can watch the live feed of the feature table by clicking "Watch LIVE Video" at the top of the page.

$400 Bounty Event Day 1 Update

Day 1 of the $400 No-Limit Hold 'em Bounty event now has well over 200 players registered.

The blinds are currently 100-200 and all players started with 15,000 in chips.

For every player you eliminate from the tournament, you earn a $100 Bounty on that player.

Day 2 of the $600 Mega Stack Underway

Play has resumed on Day 2 of the $600 Mega Stack Challenge. There is 46:46 left in Level 20 (5,000-10,000 with a 1,000 ante).

With 49 players remaining, the average chip stack is just over 255,000.

Top Chip Counts:

Ronnie Pease - 983,000
Mike Rushton - 775,000
Jack Sullivan - 548,000

You can watch the live feed of the feature table by clicking "Watch LIVE Video" at the top of the page.

Foxwoods August 2011 $600 No Limit Mega Stack Challenge Returning Players

Foxwoods August 2011 $600 No Limit Mega Stack Challenge Returning Players

Place   Name Chips Table/Seat
1 Pease, Ron 983,000 5-2
2 Rushton, Mike 775,000 1-5
3 Sullivan, Jack 548,000 3-7
4 Morello, Sal 503,000 3-10
5 Russell, John 480,000 3-5
6 Pollina, Tom 465,000 2-4
7 Schwartz, Justin 428,000 5-5
8 Litwin, Morgan 391,000 4-3
9 Darosa, Curt 382,000 4-5
10 Wantman, Matthew 357,000 5-9
11 Hoglund, Thomas Jr. 337,000 2-9
12 Bekiaris, Chris 334,000 4-8
13 Agard, Sherwin 333,000 4-6
14 Corcione, Bobby 333,000 1-10
15 Gambino, Matt 316,000 1-2
16 Low, Tyng 299,000 5-8
17 Goldstein, Larry 297,000 2-7
18 Long, Rohan 275,000 4-1
19 Maglio, Vincent 275,000 3-3
20 Santos, Carlos 269,000 4-9
21 Stams, Travis 250,000 2-1
22 Holtz, Eric 217,000 5-4
23 Perry, Mark 208,000 1-8
24 Hamshaw, Douglas 201,000 1-7
25 Ivester, Matt 201,000 5-10
26 Fiorentini, Steven 195,000 3-9
27 Zisk, Richard 190,000 4-2
28 Darkazalli, Adam 187,000 5-1
29 Sellers, Kenneth 182,000 5-6
30 Chiu, Michael 175,000 1-4
31 Lin, WooYang 174,000 5-7
32 Schwartz, Jeffrey 156,000 1-3
33 Vacon, Matt 154,000 4-10
34 Griffin, Jerome 146,000 4-4
35 Ahmady, Yasin 144,000 2-2
36 Coghlan, James 142,000 1-1
37 Bardah, Ronnie 129,000 2-8
38 Gavin, Edward 126,000 1-9
39 Happas, Steve "Dakota" 125,000 3-8
40 Bak, Tadeusz 124,000 4-7
41 Lee, Brian 118,000 2-10
42 Uchenick, Nicholas 108,000 3-4
43 Levine, Richard 103,000 5-3
44 Lin, Perry 96,000 2-5
45 McInerney, Tim 86,000 1-6
46 Cherico, Joe 59,000 2-3
47 Derrig, Colby 53,000 3-2
48 Cea, Chris 42,000 2-6
49 Kane, Gerry 42,000 3-1

Double Elimination on the Money Bubble

With 51 players remaining, we had one player eliminated on two different tables on the same hand.

Those two players are splitting the $1,388 prize for 50th place.

Play has concluded for the night for the remaining 49 players. Play will resume tomorrow at noon.

Ron Pease looks to be the chip leader at the end of Day 1 with 983,000.

Official chip counts and Day 2 seating assignments will be posted here on as soon as they are available.

Nearing the Money Bubble in the $600 Mega Stack

With 25 minutes remaining in Level 19 (4,000-8,000 with a 1,000 ante), we are down to 55 players remaining.

The top 50 will finish in the money.

The average chip stack is now just over 227,000.