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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Event #8 Flight A & B

Event #8 $300 NLH Flight A received 135 entrants and 31 players made it through to Day 2 on Friday.

Meanwhile, Flight B got 109 entrants and currently 35 players remain at 11:30pm.

1st Place: Hilary Dombrowski ($11,844)

With a board reading [9c][5h][6s][5s], all three remaining players managed to get their chips in and all three revealed unbelievable hands:

Brad Manter: [Tc][5d] for turned trips
Mark Awalt: [8h][7c] for a flopped straight
Hilary Dombrowski: [6d][6c] for a turned full house

Only the [5c] could take away the win from Hilary, but the dealer instead placed the [7h] on the river, awarding the pot and the tournament to Hilary.  He will earn $11,844 for his finish, as well as the World Poker Finals title.  Congratulations, Hilary!

2nd Place: Brad Manter ($10,000)

3rd Place: Mark Awalt ($10,000)

4th Place: Anthony Campagna ($10,000)

Anthony Campagna was all in preflop holding [Ad][Td] and was up against the [Ts][Tc] of Hilary Dombrowski.  The board ran out [2c][5c][9c][2s][8c] to give Hilary the winning flush.  Anthony will be eliminated in 4th place, collecting $10,000 for his efforts.

Hilary Dombrowski doubles through Brad Manter

On the first hand back from dinner break, Hilary Dombrowski was all in with the best hand in poker, [As][Ah].  He was in great shape to double up against Brad Manter's [Ts][Th], and the aces held up on the [2s][6h][2d][5h][Jd] board.  Hilary now has almost a million.

Chip counts at dinner break

The final four players are now on their one hour dinner break.  Play resumes at 7:30pm EST, and the blinds will be 15,000/30,000 with a 5,000 ante.  Here are updated chip counts in seat order:

Hilary Dombrowski - 445,000
Anthony Campagna - 850,000
Brad Manter - 565,000
Mark Awalt - 1,180,000

Four way deal reached

After the elimination of Jordan Fishman, the final four have reached a deal.  They will each take $10,000 and play for the remaining $1,844 and the trophy.

5th Place: Jordan Fishman ($4,262)

Jordan Fishman (left) watches his pocket fours go down in flames
Jordan Fishman was all in preflop and was racing with his [4h][4c] against Hilary Dombrowski's [Ac][Tc].  The [2s][Qd][As] was not favorable to Jordan as Hilary paired his ace.  Jordan was unable to find a four on the [7s] turn or [6s] river, and he will exit the tournament in 5th place.  He will collect $4,262 for his efforts.

Hilary Dombrowski doubles through Anthony Campagna

From the button, Hilary Dombrowski moved all in and was called by Anthony Campagna in the big blind.  Hilary was in rough shape with his [Jc][Ts] against Anthony's [Ks][Jh].  Hilary hit his three outer when the flop fell [Ad][Th][5h], but he still had to dodge a king or a queen to survive.  The [8c] was safe, as was the [Jd] on the river.  Hilary will double up with two pair and now has just over 300,000.

6th Place: Joseph Berardi ($3,231)

Anthony Campagna doubles through Brad Manter

Anthony Campagna was all in with [9s][9d] and was up against the [7d][7c] of Brad Manter.  The board ran out a pure [6d][8h][3h][4s][Td] to give Anthony the double up.  He now sits on 240,000.

7th Place: John Stella ($2,498)

John Stella raised in early position and action folded around to Mark Awalt in the big blind.  Mark asked John how much he was playing and eventually decided to move all in, having John covered.  John snap called, and the two showed their hands:

John [Ks][Qc]
Mark [Qh][Qd]

The [7d][Ad][Tc] flop gave John a gutshot to go with his overcard, but he failed to find one of his outs on the [8s] turn or [Ts] river  John will earn $2,498 for his 7th place finish today.

8th Place: Anthony Magistrale ($1,959)

9th Place: Randy Spain ($1,567)

10th Place: Jeffrey Miller ($1,265)

Event #6 $500 NLH Seniors Final Table Reached

With the elimination of our 11th place finisher, the final table has been reached in Event #6 $500 NLH Seniors.  Here are chip counts and seating assignments for the final 10:

Seat 1: Hilary Dombrowski - 139,000
Seat 2: John Stella - 282,000
Seat 3: Joseph Berardi - 215,000
Seat 4: Jordan Fishman - 261,000
Seat 5: Anthony Campagna - 281,000
Seat 6: Anthony Magistrale - 179,000
Seat 7: Jeffrey Miller - 298,000
Seat 8: Brad Manter - 581,000
Seat 9: Mark Awalt - 241,000
Seat 10: Randy Spain - 565,000

Here are the remaining prizes to be played for:

1st Place: $17,517
2nd Place: $10,827
3rd Place: $7.791
4th Place: $5,709
5th Place: $4,262
6th Place: $3,231
7th Place: $2,498
8th Place: $1,959
9th Place: $1,567
10th Place: $1,265

Event #6 $500 NLH Seniors Day 2 Has Begun

Cards are back in the air for Event #6 $500 Seniors NLH.  Today is Day 2, and 24 players remain and will be playing down to an eventual winner.  You can watch all of the action at

Event #8 $300 NLH is Under Way

Cards are in the air for the first of 4 flights in Event #8 $300 NLH.  This tournament has two starting flights at 11am and 5pm for both today and tomorrow, and will combine and play to a winner on Friday, October 10th.  There is a $100,000 Guarantee, and the tournament features 15,000 starting chips and 30 minute levels.  A full structure sheet is available here.

At 12pm, Event #6 $500 NLH Seniors will return and play down to a winner.  You can watch a featured table at

October 2014 - Foxwoods World Poker Finals - Event #6 - $500 NLH Seniors - Returning Players

Table-Seat Name Chip Count
2-6 Spain, Randy 343,500
1-1 Etheridge, Edward 250,500
2-8 Dombrowski, Hilary 242,000
2-9 Campagna, Tony 219,000
3-2 O'Brien, Pat 165,000
3-5 Miller, Jeff 136,000
1-6 Nye, Michael 126,500
1-8 Cardillo, Louis 123,000
2-2 Jokubaitis, Joe 112,500
3-8 Fishman, Jordan 111,500
1-3 Manter, Brad 110,000
3-1 Urbanski, Tom 109,500
2-5 Stella, John 107,500
3-3 Privitera, George 102,500
2-4 Berardi, Joseph 102,000
3-6 Fury, Dane 96,500
3-9 Pollina, Tom 92,500
2-7 Sabbagh, Tony 87,000
1-5 Roy, Rob 86,000
1-2 Magistrale, Anthony 79,500
2-1 Tetrault, Paul 77,500
3-7 Posa, Stephen 64,500
1-4 Awalt, Mark 53,500
1-9 Aiello, Gerald 43,500