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Saturday, August 16, 2014

August 2014 - WSOP - Event #2 - $1125 NLH - Final Results

Place Name Prize
1 Bassioni Hammouda, Danbury CT $40,199
2 Robert Garrett, Canton MA $24,851
3 Michael Nye, E Bridgewater MA $17,931
4 Ryan Eriquezzo, Danbury CT $13,179
5 Christopher Coroniti, N Reading MA $9,849
6 Jeffery Schwarz, Amston CT $7,494
7 Fabio Dagata, Needham Heights MA $5,786
8 Seth Kaplan, Stamford CT $4,551
9 James Frangoulidis, Weston MA $3,618
10 Jackduyph Duong, S Plainfield NJ $2,943
11 Dennis Zollo, Middletown NY $2,943
12 Robert Ricciuti, Johnston RI $2,943
13 Moudjibou Salawu, Randolph MA $2,426
14 Robert Mastrosimone, E Islip NY $2,426
15 Francis Cokke, Oneonta NY $2,426

August 2014 - WSOP - Event #3 - $365 Omaha - Final Results

Place Name Prize
1 William Delsanto, Cranston, RI $11,788
2 William Brown, Ronkonkoma, NY $7,287
3 Scott Dupont, Norwich, CT $5,258
4 Vincent Giuliano, Hartford, CT $3,865
5 Adam Darkazalli, Bedford, MA $2,888
6 Michael Guzzardi, Brandford, CT $2,197
7 Claudangelo Beaudouin, Kissimmee, FL $1,697
8 Undisclosed $1,334
9 Burton Bramble, West Warwick, RI $1,062
10 Paul Lenkeit, S Windsor, CT $863
11 John Hunter, Cortlandt Manor, NY $863
12 Lance Mesler, Linden, NJ $863
13 William Perry, Duxbury, MA $711
14 Seth Henson, Brownsville, VT $711
15 David Barry, Lynn, MA $711

Aces vs Queens vs Jacks

Nearing the bubble, we saw three big pairs clash all in preflop. The player with pocket jacks moved all in and was called by the player with pocket queens. The player with pocket aces then moved all in over the top and pocket queens made the call.  The board ran out [2c][3d][4c][Ts][Qs] and pocket aces took a bad beat for most of his chips.

1st Place: Bassioni Hammouda ($40,199)

Rob Garrett was all in preflop holding [Kc][Jh]and was up against the [4c][3c] of Bassioni Hammouda.  The flop fell [5c][Jc][As], giving Bassioni straight and flush draws.  The [9c] hit the turn to complete the flush, but giving Rob a draw to a bigger flush.  The river landed the [7s], however, and Bassioni's flush prevailed.

Bassioni will win $40,199 for his first place finish, along with the World Series of Poker Circuit ring.

2nd Place: Rob Garrett ($24,851)

Event #3 Winner: Bill Delsanto

Bell Delsanto has just won Event #3: $365 Omaha/8, taking home $11,788 and the World Series of Poker Circuit ring.  This is Bill's first WSOP-C win, but he's no stranger to Foxwoods, making countless final tables in mixed events.  Today marks Bill's 3rd Omaha/8 victory at Foxwoods, most notably winning the World Poker Finals Event #10 last October.

Event #2: Heads Up play now on break

The final 2 players in Event #2: $1,125 NLH are now on break.  The tournament staff are now coloring up some chips, and when they return the blinds will be 10,000/20,000 with a 3,000 ante.  Here are updated chip counts:

Bassioni Hammouda - 1,360,000
Rob Garrett - 785,000

Rob Garrett doubles through Bassioni Hammouda

On a [7d][9c][8h] flop, Rob Garrett was all in with [Jd][Jc] and was up against Bassioni Hammouda's [Td][5d].   Rob would need to dodge a six or a jack, and he did just that when the turn and river came [Ah][Ks].

Event #4 is now on dinner break

The remaining 117 players in Event #4: $365 NLH are now on their one hour dinner break.  Play will resume at approximately 6:20pm EST.  When they resume, blinds will be 800/1,600 with a 200 ante.

3rd Place: Mike Nye ($17,931)

Rob Garrett continued his rush as he found pocket kings when Mike Nye moved all in with A-2.  Rob eliminated his opponent when the board ran out all blanks, and we are now heads up.

4th Place: Ryan Eriquezzo ($13,179)

Rob Garrett raised under the gun and Ryan Eriquezzo 3-bet next to act.  The blinds folded and Rob elected to 4-bet.  Ryan 5-bet shoved and Rob snap called, tabling [Ah][Ac].  Ryan's [Kd][4s] had merely an 12% chance at beating Ryan's aces, and the dealer ripped through the [Tc][6h][8s][9d][Js] board.  Both stacks were counted and verified, and it was determined that Ryan was the all-in player.  He will be eliminated in 4th place, good for $13,179.

Rob Garrett doubles through Bassioni Hammouda

Rob Garrett was all in preflop holding [Kc][Jc] and would need to improve against Bassioni Hammouda's [As][Qd].  Improve he did as the flop fell [4h][6d][Ks].  Rob now needed to dodge an ace or running cards to survive, and the turn [9h] and river [7d] were the bricks he was looking for to earn the double up.

Event #4: $365 NLH Prize Pool & Payouts

There were are 451 entrants in Event #4: $365 NLH, creating a prize pool of $139,810.  The top 36 players will be in the money, with a mincash worth $623.  Here are the full payouts:

1st Place: $29,158
2nd Place: $18,036
3rd Place: $13,155
4th Place: $9,764
5th Place: $7,324
6th Place: $5,587
7th Place: $4,340
8th Place: $3,390
9th Place: $2,732
10th-12th Place: $2,183
13th-15th Place: $1,790
16th-18th Place: $1,478
19th-21st Place: $1,247
22nd-24th Place: $1,057
25th-27th Place: $908
28th-30th Place: $800
31st-33rd Place: $705
34th-36th Place: $623

5th Place: Chris Coroniti ($9,849)

It was another classic race as Chris Coroniti found himself all in with [As][Kd] against his opponent's [Qh][Qc].  Chris was on his feet and said, "Let's see it again!" as the flop fell [6h][8d][8h].  The turn fell the [5s] and Chris pointed at the board, as if willing an ace or king to fall in the river.  Instead, the [Qd] fell on the river to give Chris's opponent an unneeded full house.  Chris will collect $9,849 for his 5th place finish in today's tournament.

6th Place: Jeffrey Schwarz ($7,494)

Jeffrey Schwarz was all in preflop holding pocket sevens against the [Js][Tc] of Bassioni Hammouda.  The flop was a safe [4c][8h][4d], and the [4s] changeed nothing.  But the [Jd] hit the river to pair Bassioni and send Jeffrey to the rail in 6th place.  Jeffrey slammed his chair down and headed to the payout desk to collect his $7,494.

Mike Nye coolers Chris Coroniti and doubles up

Chris Coroniti was all in preflop and Mike Nye called all in for less.  Chris had [Jh][Jd] but was behind Mike's [Qh][Qc].  The [Kd][8s][9s] left Chris drawing to 2 outs, but the [7c] gave him a gut shot as well.  The river fell the [4d] and Mike earned the doubleup.

Event #4: $365 Omaha/8 Final Table Reached

We are down to the final 10 players in Event #4: $365 Omaha/8 or Better.  Here are chip counts and seating assignments:

Seat 1 - Claudangelo Beaudouin - 53,000
Seat 2 - Adam Darkazalli - 202,000
Seat 3 - Did Not Report - 24,000
Seat 4 - William Delsanto - 318,000
Seat 5 - William Brown - 138,000
Seat 6 - Michael Guzzardi - 95,000
Seat 7 - Vincent Giuliano - 136,000
Seat 8 - Burt Bramble - 75,000
Seat 9 - Paul Lenkeit - 81,000
Seat 10 - Scott DuPont - 279,000

Here are the remaining prizes to be awarded:

1st Place: $11,788
2nd Place: $7,287
3rd Place: $5,258
4th Place: $3,865
5th Place: $2,888
6th Place: $2,197
7th Place: $1,697
8th Place: $1,334
9th Place: $1,062
10th Place: $863

Jeffery Schwarz doubles through Ryan Eriquezzo

On a [7h][8s][As] flop, action checked to Jeffery Schwarz who moved all in.  Ryan Eriquezzo made the call, and the third player folded.  Jeffrey showed [Qs][6s] for a flush draw, and Ryan exclaimed, "That sucks," as he produced his [4s][2s] for a worse flush draw.  The turn fell the [9h], and Ryan begged for an off suit deuce.  The river fell the [Ks] to give both players flushes, but Jeffrey held the nut flush.  He will double up.

7th Place: Fabio Dagata ($5,786)

Chris Coroniti was all in preflop holding [As][Ks] against the [Qs][Qc] of Fabio Dagata.  The [Jd][6s][5h] flop was no help for Chris, but the [Ac] turn was just what he was looking for.  The river [2d] hit to secure Chris the double up and cripple Fabio.

A few hands later, Fabio got the last of his chips in with [Jh][9c] and was up against [Ah][Ks].  The [Td][7h][2h][2d][7d] board failed to improve Fabio's hand, and he will be eliminated in 7th place.  Fabio will collect $5,786 for his efforts today, and is an impressive feat making back to back final tables.

8th Place: Seth Kaplan ($4,551)

Seth Kaplan was all in with [As][Ks] and was up against his opponent's pocket fives.  The board ran out blanks and Seth's ace king failed to improve.  Meanwhile, Ryan Eriquezzo said he had pocket nines and would have won the hand.  Seth will collect $4,551 for his 8th place finish in today's tournament.

9th Place: James Frangoulidis ($3,618)

Event #2 Final Table now streaming live

The final 9 players in Event #2: $1,125 NLH have resume at 2,500/5,000 blinds with a 500 ante.  There are 26 minutes left in the level.  Ryan Eriquezzo is the cheap leader with 592,000, and the short stack is Chris Coroniti with 68,000.  Meanwhile, Fabio Dagata is attempting to go back to back in this event as he won the same tournament in August for $34,938.

You can view the live stream at  Here are chip counts and seating assignments:

Seat 1: James Frangoulidis - 62,000
Seat 2: Seth Kaplan - 127,500
Seat 3: Mike Nye - 145,000
Seat 4: Bassioni Hammouda - 549,000
Seat 5: Jeffery Schwarz - 80,500
Seat 6: Chris Coroniti - 68,000
Seat 7: Rob Garrett - 310,000
Seat 8: Fabio Dagata - 231,000
Seat 9: Ryan Eriquezzo - 592,000

Here are the remaining prizes to be awarded:

1st Place: $40,199
2nd Place: $24,851
3rd Place: $17,931
4th Place: $13,179
5th Place: $9,849
6th Place: $7,494
7th Place: $5,786
8th Place: $4,551
9th Place: $3,618

Event #4: $365 NLH is Under Way

Cards are in the air for Event #4: $365 NLH.  This tournament features 10,000 in starting chips and 6 levels of registration.  The winner of the event will win a World Series of Poker Circuit ring on top of the cash prize.

At 1pm, Event #2: $1,125 NLH and Event #3: $365 Omaha/8 will restart.  Event #2 is down to the final table and will be streaming live at  Event #3 is down to the final 13 players and will also be playing down to a winner.

August 2014 - WSOP - Event #1 - $365 NLH - Final Results

Place Name Prize
1 James Watt, Amherst, MA $35,235
2 Edwin Balcarcel, Attleboro, MA $21,729
3 Richard Milo, Franklin SQ, NY $15,940
4 Scott Leedberg, North Chelmsford, MA $11,813
5 Alfred Renaud, Manville, RI $8,893
6 Robert Hosgood, Foxboro, MA $6,778
7 Kevin Tsao, Forest Hills, NY $5,202
8 Tarun Gulati, Glastonbury, CT $4,111
9 Mohd Eid, Attleboro, MA $3,296
10 James Morris, Mohegan Lake, NY $2,617
11 John Huening, Utica, NY $2,617
12 Dena Pearlman, Providence, RI $2,617
13 Patrick Mcdaid, Peabody, MA $2,147
14 Michael Hills, Waterford, CT $2,147
15 Sean Hegarty, West Barnstable, MA $2,147
16 John Matson, Hope Valley, RI $1,778
17 Spencer Champlin, Scarborough, ME $1,778
18 Shawn Diffley, New Bedford, MA $1,778
19 Ronald Gaynor, Smithfield, RI $1,493
20 Richard Zisk, Middletown, CT $1,493
21 Meng Lu, Waltham, MA $1,493
22 Daniel Tobin, Londonberry, VT $1,258
23 Matthew Ribeiro, Lowell, MA $1,258
24 Evangelo Panagiotopoulos, Fairhaven, MA $1,258
25 Chris Chou, Georgetown, MA $1,073
26 Dennis Wilber, Patchogue, NY $1,073
27 Richard Grant, Waltham, MA $1,073
28 Robert Brown, West Ossipie, NH $939
29 Robert Lauria, Las Vegas, NV $939
30 Panja Lymsuan, Randolph, MA $939
31 Robert Corcione, Brockton, MA $805
32 Eric Wilbur, Pepperell, MA $805
33 Zachary Gean, Orchard Beach, ME $805
34 Barry Weprin, Mamaroneck, NY $721
35 Douglas Stoll, North Haven, CT $721
36 Gregory Dollarhide, Hampton, NH $721
37 Chris Jenkins, Pawcatuck, CT $654
38 David Stefanski, East Lyme, CT $654
39 Brian Metter, Norwalk, CT $654
40 Raymond Saloomey, Jeffersonville, VT $654
41 Jordan Grabowski, Wappingers Falls, NY $654
42 Alfred Williams, Meriden, CT $654
43 Steven Kingsley, New York, NY $654
44 Diego Portillo, Bayside, NY $654
45 John Maloney, Perry, ME $654
46 Evan Ross, Monmouth Beach, NJ $604
47 Undisclosed $604
48 Kimberley Maslowski, Warwick, RI $604
49 Marvin Covitz, Bedford, MA $604
50 Adrian Scapra, South Windsor, CT $604
51 Matthew Eisner, Hamden, CT $604
52 Paul Zarcone , West Babylon, NY $604
53 Gennady Kolyarenko, Manchester, CT $604
54 Chris Grover, Westford, MA $604
55 Young Kang, Des Moines, WA $553
56 Brandon Matvongsa, Woonsocket, RI $553
57 Paul Pinkman, Richmond, ME $553
58 Felix Reyes, Boston, MA $553
59 John Robinson, Keene, NH $553
50 Paul Barclay, Colchester, VT $553
61 Joshua Quint, Lewiston, ME $553
62 Justin Cimalore, Westerly, RI $553
63 Alias Mourtadh, Yonkers, NY $553

August 2014 - WSOP - Event #3 - $365 Omaha Hi-Lo - Returning Players

Table-Seat Name Chip Count
1-2 William Delsanto 286,000
1-9 Scott Dupont 214,000
1-3 Adam Darkazalli 194,000
1-1 William Brown 180,000
2-1 Claudangelo Beaudouin 100,000
2-9 Paul Lenkiet 93,000
2-5 Vin Giuliano 84,000
1-7 Glynn Jacobs 64,000
2-6 Burt Bramble 60,000
1-8 Lance Mesler 48,000
2-4 Michael Guzzardi 35,000
2-3 William Perry 26,000
1-5 John Hunter 17,000