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Monday, October 5, 2015

Conclusion of Flight 1C of Event #1

Flight 1C is officially wrapping up.  69 players will join the other players that made it through in Flights 1A and 1B.

Play will resume at noon tomorrow (Tues. Oct. 6th).  All players making Day 2 are guaranteed a min cash of $1,208, and will be playing for the first place prize of $101,031.

Stay tuned to tomorrow for live updates throughout the day.

Ten Away From the Money in Flight 1C

We are down to 79 players, which means we are ten away from bag and tag for Flight C.

All players returning for Day 2 will be guaranteed a min cash of $1,208.

Pat O'Brien's Tough River Decision

On a board reading [ks][9s][7d][ac][8d], Pat O'Brien checked in the big blind and a player in later position shoved all-in.

O'Brien went into the tank for a solid two minutes, and eventually threw in the chip to make the call.

O'Brien turned over [kc][2c], and his opponent instantly mucked his hand face down.  O'Brien said, "He raised the cutoff, I just didn't believe him."

A player not involved in the hand said, "Great call man."  To which another player at the table agreed, "Yeah, great call."

O'Brien is now sitting at 201,000.

Pat O'Brien

Gary Wong Doubles Through Chris Tryba

On a board reading [9s][6c][2s], Gary Wong bet 7,000 and Chris Tryba called.

When the turn came the [2d] Wong checked, Tryba bet 18,000, Wong Shoved all in, and Tryba called.

Wong:  [ks][10s]
Tryba: [js][jh]

Wong needed a spade to stay alive as Tryba had him covered.  When the [6s] hit on the river, Wong whispered, "Yes," and fist pumped.  Wong is now sitting with 195,000 in chips.

Gary Wong

Donald Lohr Apparent Chip Leader in Level 16

We are currently about half way through level 16.  Blinds are at 1,500/3,000 with a 500 ante.  Donald Lohr just knocked out yet another player holding ace-king versus his opponent's pocket jacks after hitting a king on the turn.

After perusing the remaining field (117 players remain at this time), Lohr appears to be the chip leader with 420,000.  The next closest stack appears to be just shy of 300,000.

Donald Lohr

Ryan Torgersen Doubles Twice

Shortly after cracking a player's aces with jack-five to double up, Ryan Torgersen shoved all in from under the gun.  Action folded around to the big blind who asked for a count.  Upon hearing the 8,700 total, the big blind threw in a chip to make the call.

Torgersen: [9h][8c]
Big Blind:  [10c][9c]

The flop came [7s][6h][5s] giving Torgersen a straight.  The player who had recently gotten his aces cracked by Torgersen said, "Dude, you just flopped the straight!  You are running great."

The [ad] turn and [10h] river did not improve his opponent's hand and Torgersen was awarded a full double up.

Ryan Torgersen

Event #1 Post Dinner Break Update / Prize Pool Information

We are just getting back from dinner break.  There are 163 runners remaining in Flight 1C, and they will be playing down to 69 tonight.

The official prize pool has been posted and is as follows:

1            $101,031
2            $63,717
3            $45,840
4            $32,009
5            $22,346
6            $17,817
7            $14,797
8            $12,079
9            $9,663
10-12     $7,429
13-15     $6,040
16-18     $5,254
19-21     $4,711
22-24     $4,167
25-27     $3,624
28-36     $3,141
37-45     $2,657
46-54     $2,235
55-64     $1,812
64-72     $1,570
73-81     $1,389
82-90     $1,329
91-108   $1,268
109-142  $1,208


Break Time Update

The players in Event 1C have just started a fifteen minute break.  They will return to Level 12 at 600/1,200 blinds with a 100 ante.

There are 231 players remaining of the original 571 that started today.

Official Event #1 Numbers Are In

Now that Level 9 has begun and registration is closed, we have an official count of entrants into Event #1.

Today, 571 runners entered into Flight 1C.  This number combined with the 604 from Flights 1A and 1B bring the grand total to 1,175 runners.

Today's flight will play down to 69 players.

A list of the payouts will be posted as soon as they are available, so stay tuned here at

The Celebration Continues for Luigi Petrone

Just moments before the last break, familiar sounding shouts sounded throughout the Tournament Poker Room here at Foxwoods.  The FoxwoodsPoker,com Blog staff quickly turned around to see Luigi Petrone once again jumping out of his chair and celebrating (he had previously won a big hand and celebrated in a similar fashion).  This time he upped the celebration "dance" by running up and down the middle aisle of the casino and shouting so that the entire room could hear him, and at one pointed jumped up and down in a "leaping" motion.

According to Petrone, a player in early position had raised to 1,200 preflop.  Petrone called, and a player in late position made it 3,800.  Both the early position player as well as Petrone called.

When the flop came [kh][qh][5s], the early position player bet 5,000, Petrone made it 12,000, and the player in late position called.  With action back on the player in early position, he shoved all in for 24,000, Petrone shoved all in for 66,000, and the player in late position called.

The early position player had flopped two pair holding king-queen, Petrone had flopped  a set of fives, and the player in late position had flopped a flush draw.

The turn and river did not bring a king or queen, nor did it bring the flush.  Petrone has now chipped up to 169,200 and the celebration continues on.

William Morales Straightens Out

On a board reading [qc][qd][7d][10h], a player in the big blind bet 4,000 and William Morales called in late position.

When the [6h] river card was dealt, the big blind announced that he was all in.  Morales quickly put his remaining 4,000 in chips into the middle to make the call, while turning over [9c][8h] for the straight.  His opponent showed the [qh] and mucked his other card.

Morales is now sitting at 21,000 in chips.

William Morales

Will Failla Knocks Out Three Players in One Hand

Will Failla raised to 3,650 and Chris Leong called in middle position.  A player in the hijack shoved all in for 4,000 more.  It folded to the player in the small blind who called and Failla also called. Leong shoved 19,000 effective and the small blind reshoved all in. Failla asked for a count of the small blind's chips as he had the most chips of any of the three all-in hands.  Upon hearing the total of 26,475, Failla thought about it for a moment before ultimately saying, "I cant't fold for that," and threw in the chips to call.

As each player turned over their hands Failla said, "I can beat that."

Leong:  [ah][kd]
Hijack: [ad][9d]
Small Blind: [10h][10d]
Failla:  [6s][8s]

The flop came [8c][7c][4h] and Failla said, "That's a good start for me."

When the [5d] came on the turn a player said, "He hit it, there's his straight."

The [3s] on the river sealed the deal, and Failla would knock out three players and chip up to 104,000.

"It's good to be lucky," Failla said as he began stacking his newly acquired chips.

Four Way All-In with Will "The Thrill" Failla 

"Straight Flush Royale"

On a board reading [ks][10s][6d], Luigi Petrone checked in early position, a player in the cutoff bet 3,800, the player on the button raised to 10,600, and Petrone shoved all in for 11,100.  The player in the cutoff re-shoved over the top of Petrone and the button went into the tank.  He asked for a count of the cutoff's chips.  Upon hearing the 17,975 total, he sat back in his chair, thought for over two minutes, looked at his cards a few times, and ultimately folded [ad][kc] face up.

Petrone turned over [as][js] for a combination of royal, flush, and straight draws, and the cutoff turned over [qd][jc] for the straight draw.

The player on the button jumped out of his seat and said, "You've got to be kidding me," after seeing he folded the best hand on the flop.  But when the [qs] came on the turn he turned around and said, "Thank you," to no one in particular.

Upon seeing the royal flush he had just hit, Petrone began celebrating so that most of the room's attention turned to him.

The [8h] on the river was inconsequential, and Petrone shouted, "Ha!  Straight flush, ROYALE.  Straight flush ROYAL. Same thing. Queen of spades!"  He clapped his hands and continued celebrating as the dealer moved the chips towards him.

Luigi Petrone Stands Up as Player on the Button Tanks

Beginning Numbers/Early Entrants

There are already 250+ runners in today's final 1C flight of Event #1.  It's shaping up to be a big day here at Foxwoods.  Registration is available until the beginning of Level 9.

Chris Tryba and Joe Heinzmann are two of the early notables in the field.  Ronnie Bardah is expected to be playing today as well.

Cards In the Air

The third and final flight (C) of event #1 is now officially underway.  Players will have this last chance (with re-entries) to make it to Day 2, which will play tomorrow Tues. Oct. 6th at noon.  Players have until the start of Level 9 today to buy in/rebuy.

Schedule for Monday Oct. 5th Foxwoods World Poker Classic

The following events are scheduled today, Monday October 5, 2015:

Event #1C $600 NO LIMIT HOLD'EM
($530 Buy-in / $70 Entry Fee)
$500,000 Guarantee
"With Re-Entries"
Two Day Event (Day 2 on Tues. Oct. 6th at noon)
Players start with 20,000 in non-value tournament chips
Levels 1-8:  30 minutes
Levels 9+:  40 minutes
Full Structure is available here.

A full schedule for the World Poker Finals series is available here.

John Binns Wins Foxwoods WPF Event #3 ($300 PLO HI LO 8+)

John Binns WPF Event #3 Champion

After a long final table and an intense heads up battle, John Binns would be the ultimate winner taking home the trophy, $3,935, and the title of Event #3 Champion.  Congratulations to Thomas Westort for coming in second place.

Final Event #3 ($300 PLO HI / LO 8+) Cashes / Payouts

The payouts are as follows for Event #3:

1st Place: $3,935 - John Binns
2nd Place: $2,663 - Thomas K. Westort
3rd Place: $1,694 - Rex G. Lloren
4th Place: $1,332 - Yevgeny Yashyn
5th Place: $1,029 - Brian Klimek
6th Place: $787 - Yajuan Jiang
7th Place: $665 - Frank Fedi

October 2015 - Foxwoods World Poker Finals - Event #1 $600 NLH Day Returning Players after two days

Table-Seat Name Chip Count
1 White, Gregory 718,000
2 Lobel, Daniel 665,000
3 Wantman, Matt 379,000
4 Oh, Je Wook 358,500
5 Williams, Christopher 352,000
6 Lim, Christopher 346,500
7 Boyer, Andy 327,000
8 Annello, Joseph 323,000
9 Leonard, Tommy 318,000
10 Huang, Zhang 315,000
11 Smith, Christopher 305,500
12 Cristallini, Antonio 278,500
13 Blauvelt, Dale 271,000
14 Guzman, Dan 268,000
15 St. Vincent, Brad 264,000
16 Grodowski, Joseph 253,500
17 Stefanski, David 249,000
18 Grimes, Terry 247,000
19 Mott, Chris 220,000
20 Ziba, Besnik 211,000
21 Bramley, Mark 202,500
22 Zambrano, Fernando 200,000
23 Schonbach, Chris 186,000
24 Riley, John 177,000
25 Parrillo, Dennis 175,000
26 McKenzie, Douglas 174,000
27 Borchetta, Michael 165,000
28 Lane, David 165,000
29 Orgettas, Michael 162,500
30 Dushi, Mario 158,000
31 Scott, Richard 156,000
32 General 155,500
33 Godin, Dorian 150,000
34 Galavotti, Aaron 147,000
35 Pito, Louis 145,500
36 Sumter, Eugene 138,500
37 Ryan, Gary 137,000
38 Besacon, Jon 121,000
39 Ostapchenko, Andrew 120,000
40 He, Liam 119,000
41 DeCarvalho, Ryan 117,500
42 Figueroa, Chris 111,500
43 Confesor, Jorge 108,000
44 Evans, Edward 103,500
45 Macri, Ralph 103,500
46 Coulombe, Joseph 100,500
47 Martin, Arndre 98,500
48 Deneen, Zachary 90,000
49 Balisciano, Troy 87,500
50 Roemischer, Eugene 87,000
51 Ciobanu, Sorin 86,500
52 Douramanis, George 85,500
53 Lynch, Kevin 85,500
54 Rubin, James 85,000
55 Alves, Mark 77,500
56 Lampropoulos, Alexander 76,000
57 Rowan, John 72,000
58 Knight, Jeffrey 72,000
59 Small, Douglas 72,000
60 Murphy, Lynn 70,500
61 Hirsch, Lawrence 69,500
62 Hubble, Clinton 69,000
63 Galler, William 65,000
64 Vredenburg, Kyle 62,000
65 Butler, Tom 61,000
66 Sotiropoulos, William 60,000
67 Lyles, Sam 58,000
68 Kachittavong, Soukha 56,000
69 Tavolacci, Frank 55,000
70 Lewis, Jonathan 49,500
71 Drory, Joseph 35,000
72 Archambault, Matthew 35,000
73 Leblanc, Ernest 29,500