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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Andrew Lauer faring well

On a A-7-4-4 board, a player bet 12,000 before Andrew Lauer moved all in. His opponent called off pretty quickly, prompting Andrew to ask if he had ace king. Andrew tabled ace queen, which was ahead of his opponent's ace jack. A harmless ten hit the river to earn Andrew the KO and the pot. He now sits on 90,000.

Photos from Flight B

James Woods

Andrew Lauer
Michael Esposito
Je Wook Oh

Mike Nye takes one

We caught up to see Mike Nye in late position, Kevin Calenzo on the button, and the small blind a [5c][5s][Qs] flop.  The small blind checked to Mike who bet 2,500.  Kevin called, and then the small blind check raised to 6,500.  Mike made the call, and after a brief speech comparing himself to Phil Hellmuth, Kevin folded.  The turn came the [3s], and both remaining players checked.  When the [3c] hit the river, the small blind bet 7,300 and Mike instantly threw in two 1,000 chips, signifying a call.  The small blind tabled [Ah][Qh] for two pair, but Mike had a flush with his [8s][6s].  Mike will increase his stack to 85,000 after this hand.

YouTube Video: Event #9 $300 Big Stack Final Table

Players are now on break

There are 97 players remaining in Flight B and they are now on break.  When they return, blinds will be 200/400 with a 50 ante.

Photos of survivors

Limp-limp-limp, jam-jam-jam

In the last four hands of the night, we saw a crazy hand unfold at Ryan Eriquezzo's table.  Three players limped in for 1,200 before the player on the button moved all in for 6,200.  The small blind called, and then the Dan Burke, the first limper, re-raised all in for 19,200.  The next limper called all in for less, and action was back on the third limper.

He went deep into the tank, and while he was thinking, the button commented, "How did this pot go from limp-limp-limp to jam-jam-jam?"  The third limper eventually folded, but the small blind decided to call the all in, having everyone covered.  Here are their hands in descending chip count order:

Small blind [Qs][Th]
Dan Burke [Ks][Kc]
2nd limper [Jc][5c]
Button [Qc][8d]

The [4s][3c][5s] flop was rather uneventful, giving only the [Jc][5c] outs to beat the kings.  The turn [3c] took away his jacks as an out, and the [6d] on the river meant Dan's pocket kings had held up in a huge pot.  He will score a double knockout, and earn himself a ticket to Day 2 unless he gets really unlucky in the next three hands.

Four more hands

With 10 minutes left on the clock, a card has been drawn.  The field will play four more hands before bagging up for the night.  Players will return tomorrow at 12pm EST to combine with the remaining players from Flight B.

Last level of the night for Flight A

The blinds are now 600/1,200 with a 200 ante in Flight A, and this will be the last level of the night.  There are currently 66 players remaining from the flight's 131 entrants.

Meanwhile, Flight B is on their first break of the day.  There are currently 72 entrants in that flight, and registration is still open.

Kevin Calenzo has been eliminated

Kevin Calenzo was about to leave the tournament area, thinking break had begun.  But the dealer had already cut the cards and was dealing one last hand.  Kevin saw the [6c][7s][6d] flop along with two other players.  Steve Centamore led out from the small blind for 2,200 and a player in mid position called.  Kevin raised to 6,200 on the button, leaving 7,575 behind.  Steve called, and the other player folded.

The [3c] hit the turn, prompting Steve to move all in.  Kevin said he was drawing dead if his opponent had a full house, but he ended up committing his chips anyways.  Steve tabled [5s][4c] for a turned straight, and Kevin had all the outs he had hoped for with his [9c][8c].  The [Js] river meant Kevin had missed his flush and straight draw, and he will be eliminated from this flight.

Tarun G. has been eliminated

We noticed Tarun G. standing up away from the tournament area.  As it turns out, he was just eliminated when his pocket queens lost to his opponent's ace king.  Tarun is currently considering buying into Flight B.

Flight B is under way

Cards are in the air for Flight B of $1,650 NLH Main Event.   Registration is open for the first 8 levels.

Photos from around the room

Kevin Calenzo
Chad Vetstein
Dave Stefanski
Bassioni Hamouda
Je Wook Oh
Raj Patel & Mike Nye
Ryan Eriquezzo
Silvio Mantuano
Tarun G.

Ryan Eriquezzo fairs well early

We stopped by Ryan Eriquezzo's table to see how he's doing only to see him involved in a pot.  The flop was [Th][Kd][6d] and action checked to Ryan who bet 700, getting one caller from the player on his right.  The action went check check on the [Tc] turn, but the [9h] river saw a bet of 500 from Ryan after his opponent checked.  His opponent smiled as he folded, and Ryan flashed a smile as he raked in the small pot.  Ryan has built his 30,000 starting stack up to almost 160,000 after that hand, and is likely the tournament chip leader going into the second break.

Players in the field

Registration is long from being over, but we've already noticed many recognizable names in Flight A. On our featured table, Kevin Calenzo occupies the 2 seat while Silvio Mantuano is in the 4 seat. On another table, Mike Nye and Raj Patel are seated next to each other. On other tables, we noticed Dave Stefanski and Je Wook Oh.

Event #10 $1,650 NLH is Under Way

Cards are in the air for Flight A of Event #10 $1,650 NLH.  This is the Championship Event with a $300,000 Guarantee!  Players start with 30,000 in tournament chips, and levels will last 40 minutes on Day 1 and 60 minutes on Day 2 and 3.  Registration is open through the end of the 8th level.  A full structure is available here.

You can watch the feature table live at

Flight B will begin at 5pm, and the survivors from both flights will combine tomorrow at 12pm EST.

Two more $200 Mega Super Satellites TODAY!

If you want to satellite your way into Event #10 $1,650 Main Event, you still have two chances.

At 9am and 1pm, there are $200 Mega Supers running, awarding seats into the Main Event.  Both events are turbos, which means 10 minute blind levels.  Registration is open until the end of level 6 in each tournament.  A full structure is available here.

December 2014 - Mega Stack Challenge - Event #9 - $300 NLH Big Stack - Final Results

Place Name Prize
1 Vinh Dang, Dorchester, MA $14,402
2 Jonathan Rodgers, Ledyard, CT $9,097
3 Beata Wielgoszewski, Fairfield, CT $5,868
4 Christopher Leong, New York, NY $4,741
5 William Frederick, Methuen, MA $3,556
6 William Smith, West Barnstable, MA $2,845
7 Patrick Tiernan, Northport, NY $2,311
8 Richard Meli, Hopewell Junction, NY $1,897
9 Kurt Fitzgerald, Millinocket, ME $1,487
10 Antonio Bueti, Mount Kisco, NY $1,037
11 Jonathan Kramer, Forest Hills, NY $1,037
12 Jesse Letarte, Lunenburg, MA $1,037
13 Joseph Cote, Wethersfield, CT $918
14 Danial Ardesh, South Burlington, VT $918
15 Carl Fenske, Waterbury, CT $918
16 Jim Nicoli, Woburn, MA $859
17 Mark Perry, Cheshire, CT $859
18 David Behun, Wallingford, CT $859
19 David Matos, Milford, MA $800
20 Raymond Hicks, Pelham, NH $800
21 Je Wook Oh, Fresh Meadows, NY $800
22 Joseph Nicoli, Woburn, MA $740
23 Ricardo Sousa, Cumberland, RI $740
24 Brendan Karalekas, West Tisbury, MA $740

December 2014 - Mega Stack Challenge - Event #8 - $230 PLO HiLo - Final Results

Place Name Prize
1 Paul Giliberto, Newington, CT $3,813
2 Jonathan Maren, North Andover, MA $3,813
3 Peter Terry, East Hartland, CT $2,307
4 Jeffrey Cohen, Jefferson, MA $1,552
5 Stephen Silk, Sharon, MA $1,164
6 Kevin Smith, Barkhamsted, CT $931
7 Leonard Greenberg, Mattituck, NY $776
8 Kevin Fraser, Hopkinton, MA $621
9 Larry Goldstein, Holbrook, NY $543

December 2014 - Mega Stack Challenge - Event #5 - $230 NLH - Final Results

Place Name Prize
1 Kirk Olsen, Newbury, MA $4,200
2 Guy Bartlett, Rockland, MA $3,100
3 Raj Patel, Meriden, CT $2,900
4 Craig Kluiko, Springfield, MA $2,900
5 Brad Gellenthien, Ea. Amherst, NY $2,192
6 Patrick Queeney, Albuquerque, NM $2,100
7 Robert Colucci, Lakeville, MA $986
8 Matthew Rego, Fall River, MA $798
9 Lawrence Selig, Wayland, MA $638
10 Gary Campanella, Cottekill, NY $445
11 Louis Panaggio, Waltham, MA $445
12 Jerome Belcastro, Leominster, MA $445
13 Jerry Rosner, Wantagh, NY $399
14 Jeffrey Higgins, Derry, NH $399
15 Robert Corestti, No. Providence, RI $399
16 Soukha Kachittavong, Woonsocket, RI $375
17 Sylwester Szulborski $375
18 Mathew Drescher, North Kingstown, RI $375

December 2014 - Mega Stack Challenge - Event #6 - $400 NLH - Final Results

Place Name Prize
1 Mark Checkwicz, Springfield, MA $25,986
2 Donald Yucius, Duxbury, MA $20,000
3 Kevin Durgin, Scarborough, ME $15,000
4 Sammy Wu, New York, NY $9,648
5 Tekomah Goggins, Edgartown, MA $7,200
6 Venkatara Ganne, Edison, NJ $5,760
7 Billy Papadopoulos, Canton, MA $4,752
8 Richard Fisher, Sandwich, MA $3,744
9 Andrew Amato, Cheshire, CT $2,899
10 Tarun Gulati, Glastonbury, CT $2,102
11 Nathan Huvelle, New Haven, CT $2,102
12 Jared Laviano, Ansonia, CT $2,102
13 Jason Romanow, Stoughton, MA $1,814
14 Johnny Rodrigues, Brewster, NY $1,814
15 Carmelo Schepis, Harrison, NY $1,814
16 Ralph Macri, Redding, CT $1,598
17 Scott Demetri, North Reading, MA $1,598
18 Attilio Bitondo, Great Neck, NY $1,598
19 Robert Pardo, Mount Vernon, NY $1,382
20 Eric Siegel, Melville, NY $1,382
21 Edward Leach, Georgetown, MA $1,382
22 Jennifer Barrile, Marlborough, MA $1,166
23 Nicholas Decas, Carver, MA $1,166
24 Hai Khoa Dang, Hartford, CT $1,166
25 Gary Caporuscio, Wappingers Falls, NY $1,022
26 Scott Blake, Stamford, CT $1,022
27 Robert Ricciuti, Johnston, RI $1,022
28 Carl Fenske, Waterbury, CT $907
29 Jean Boullianne, Brookfield, CT $907
30 Alan Becker, Stamford, CT $907
31 Chad Whitney, Warwick, RI $907
32 Louis Scianna, Oxford, CT $907
33 Bradley Manter, Quincy, MA $907
34 Richard Iannotti, Middletown, CT $907
35 David Behun, Wallingford, CT $907
36 Jeffrey Palermo, Danvers, MA $907
37 Colby Lawler, Glastonbury, CT $806
38 William Miller, Stratford, CT $806
39 Mark Lieberman, Northborough, MA $806
40 Corey Rittall, Bowdoin, ME $806
41 John Cjhung, Barrington, RI $806
42 Stanley Lee, Windsor, CT $806
43 Robert Courtney, Millbury, MA $806
44 Troy Balisciano, Middletown, CT $806
45 James Alden, Billerica, MA $806
46 James Frangoulidis, Weston, MA $705
47 Kyle Carey, North Providence, RI $705
48 Bryan Faulkner, Haverhill, MA $705
49 Kara DeStefano, Amesbury, MA $705
50 Todd Freeman, West Springfield, MA $705
51 Chaim Appel, Brooklyn, NY $705
52 Spiro Mitrokostas, West Yarmouth, MA $705
53 Michael Miller, Gales Ferry, CT $705
54 Eric Rothenberg, New York, NY $705

1st Place: Vinh Dang ($14,402)

The board read [5s][9d][4d][Qc][Kh] when Vinh Dang moved all in, having Jonathan Rodgers covered.  Jonathan thought long and hard and eventually made the call with [Qs][7c] for second pair.  The turn was an unfortunate card for Jonathan as Vinh had flopped two pair with his [5h][4s].

Vinh Dang will win Event #9 $300 Big Stack.  He will take home the title, the trophy, and the $14,402 first place prize.  Congratualtions, Vinh!

2nd Place: Jonathan Rodgers ($9,097)

3rd Place: Beata Wielgoszewski ($5,868)

On a [Qc][4c][8h] flop, Beata Wielgoszewski bet 560,000 before Vinh Dang moved all in.  Beata thought for awhile, but eventually called all in for less.  It was a good call, as Beata had the best hand with [Qh][3s], but would have to fade the flush draw and overcard of Vinh's [Kc][5c].  The [2d] was safe, but the [Ac] river gave Vinh the nuts and sent Beata to the rail.  Beata will earn $5,868 for her 3rd place finish here today.

Jonathan Rodgers doubles through Beata Wielgoszewski

Jonathan Rodgers moved all in from the button and Beata Wielgoszewski made the call.  Vinh Dang folded his big blind, and the two exposed their hands:

Jonathan [Ac][Jc]
Beata [Kh][9h]

The board ran out a pure [6c][Qh][2d][3h][Td] and Jonathan will double up to 1.05 million.

4th Place: Christopher Leong ($4,741)

Under the gun, at 40,000/80,000 blinds with a 10,000 ante, Christopher Leong moved all in for just over a million.  Jonathan Rodgers was next to act and called all in for less.  Beata Wielgoszewski had a big decision and eventually called the both allins, having both opponents covered.  Vinh Dang broke the tension by saying, "Oh, I have cards?"  The crowd laughed, and Vinh folded.

Christopher [Jd][Ts]
Jonathan [Ad][Ks]
Beata [As][Kh]

The flop fell [5d][Qs][6h], keeping the ace kings in front.  Christopher would need a jack or a ten to survive, but he failed to find it as the board ran out [6d][2h].  Christopher will be eliminated in 4th place, good for $4,741.