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Friday, October 16, 2015

Bagging and Tagging for the Night

The remaining 32 players are now bagging and tagging for the night.

A full list of players names and chips counts will be posted as soon as they are available.

Last Level of the Night

The 40 remaining players have just begun the last level of the night, Level 10 (500/1,000/ with a 100 ante).  So far today, Flight A had had 81 registrants.  Players can buy in until the beginning of Level 11 (start of Day 2) and there is also a second Flight (B) tomorrow morning at 11am.  

A few notables to be eliminated from Flight A so far today:  Dave Stefanski, Tim Reilly, Johanssy Joseph, and Matthew Wantman.  

Event #18 ($300 7-Card Stud) Results

Stephen Rivers - Winner Event #18 - $3,274

Other Payouts:
2nd - Duncan Magoon - $4,836
3rd - Miachael Huguenot - $$2,083
4th - Kenneth Diehl - $1,637
5th - Robert Ferdinand - $1,265
6th - Derek Blenman - $967
7th - Michael Vitiello - $818

Tim Reilly Eliminated After Two Back to Back Hands

On a board reading [ad][kh][qc] Tim Reilly checked under the gun and Robert Campion bet 8,000 in the cutoff.  Reilly called.

Reilly again checked when the turn came the [2c], and Campion bet 10,000.  Reilly shoved all in and the Campion quickly called.  

Campion had flopped two pair holding [as][qs].  But Reilly had flopped Broadway holding [js][10s].  

Unfortunately for Reilly, the river was the [ah] giving Campion a full house and leaving Reilly with less than a big blind behind.  

The next hand, Reilly was all in blind in the big blind for 250 (blinds are currently 300/600 with a 75 ante).  

Jeremy Meacham raised to 1,250.  Robert Campion called in the hijack and the button called as well.  
The flop came [ad][qd][3h].  Meacham contiued for 2,000 and only Campion called.  

Both players checked the [3d] turn and [10h] river.  

Reilly turned over [kc][3s].  Meacham showed [ac][6c] and Campion showed [ah][9s].  Meacham and Campion chopped it up, and Reilly was sent to the rail.  

A Few Dinner Break Updates

Players Now on Dinner Break

The current 55 players in the field are now on a 60 minute dinner break. Play will resume at 6:30 pm EST.

James Cambell Takes Down Four-Way Pot

James Campbell
A player in the hijack limped in for 300.  James Campbell raised to 1,000 on the button.  Robert Campion called in the small blind, Johanssy Joseph called in the big blind, and the player in the hijack also called.

The flop came [qc][10d][6h].  It checked around to Campbell who bet 2,000.  All three players called.

All players checked the [10h] turn and [5c] river.  Campion showed [7d][7s], Joseph folded, the player in the hijack folded, and Campbell turned over [qs][8s] to take down the pot.

Campbell is now sitting with 85,000 in chips.

Dave Stefanski Takes a Hit

A player in the hijack raised to 800, the player in the cutoff re-raised to 2,200, and Dave Stefanski made it 5,725 in the small blind.  The original raiser folded, and only the cutoff called.

The cutoff checked with the flop came [8s][5c][4h] and Stefanski bet 4,500.  His opponent called.  

Both players checked the [6c] turn and [9h] river.  Stefanski showed [ah][qd], but his opponent turned over [qs][qc] to take down the pot.

Stefanski is now sitting with 18,300.

Event 19 Update

There were 61 entries so far today, and currently there are 52 remaining.  Players are in the middle of level 5 (150/300 blinds with a 25 ante).  

Registration is open until the start of Level 11 (start of Day 2).  There is also a Flight B that will be held tomorrow (Saturday Oct. 17th) at 11am.  

Day 2 will be held on Sunday at 11am, and Day 3 on Monday at 11am.  

Aces Full for Kurt Lichtman

After the river card came on a board reading [ah][6s][4s][kd][kh],  Kurt Lichtman bet 3,700 and Peter Sennon tank-called.

Lichtman turned over [ad][ac] and Sennon showed the case ace holding [as][js].

Lichtman is now sitting with 28,000.

"Bobby the Bus" Knocks One Out

"Bobby the Boss"
On a board reading [7d][5s][kd][qc] a player in middle position had shoved all in and Bobby the Bus called.

"The Bus" turned over [5d][5h] for a flopped set against his opponent's [kh][qh].

The [6h] on the river did not improve his opponent's hand and he was elliminated.

"The Bus" is now sitting with 40,000 in chips.

"You Guys Are Just Too Good"

On a board reading [ad][5c][7h][qd][qh], Matthew "Bucky" Wantman had bet 10,000, and Christopher Macneil had shoved all in.

Wantman went into the tank.  After a minute of thinking it over he said, "nice hand," as he mucked [5h][5d] face up into the middle.  Macneil turned over [ac][ah].

"I also thought you might have had ace-queen," Wantman said.

Another player not involved in the hand said, "I want a table change, we've got Bucky over here just folding boats. You guys are just too good"

Event 19A ($2,700 NLH Championship) Early Update

Event #19 ($2,700 NLH Championship) has officially kicked off.  This event has a starting stack of 30,000 and features 60 minute blind levels.

This is sure to be a star-studded event.  At the present moment a few of the notables in the field include Je Wook Oh, Stanley Lee, Matthew Wantman, "The General", Johanssy Joseph, and Dave Stefanski.

At the present moment there are 36 entrants.  Anyone wishing to enter/re-enter has until the beginning of the 11th Level to do so.

Schedule for Fri. Oct. 16th Foxwoods World Poker Classic

$60 No Limit Hold Em

$300 Mega Super Satellite (win a $2,700 voucher)
2 seats guaranteed 

Event #19A - $2,700 NLH Championship (Flight A)
$500,00 Guarantee
($2,500 Buy-in / $200 Entry Fee)
With Re-Entries
Players start with 30,000 in non-value tournament chips
Levels:  60 minutes
Registration open until the start of level 11
Full Structure is available here.

$300 Mega Super Satellite (win a $2,700 voucher)
2 seats guaranteed 

$300 Mega Super Satellite (win a $2,700 voucher)
10 seats guaranteed 

$100 NLH Bounty

A full schedule for the World Poker Finals series is available here.