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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Mik Santos takes the chip lead

We caught up to a [Th][4h][9c][4c] to see Welther Marmol moving all in and Mik Santos making the call for his tournament life with [As][Ad]. Welther could only show [9h][2d], which wasn't able to improve on the [Qc] river. Mik's stack was counted down to 1,290,000, and he will double through Welther to take the chip lead four handed.

Mik Santos doubles through Floyd Overton

In a blind vs. blind battle, Mik Santos was all in and flipping with [9s][9d] against Floyd Overton's [Ad][Qd]. The [8s][4s][2d] kept the nines in front, but the [Td] turn opened up a slew of outs for Floyd. The [Kc] was not one of the cards Floyd wanted, and Mik will double up to 1,600,000.

5th Place: Mike Nye ($10,000)

From the cutoff, Mike Nye moved all in and was called by Elvis Reyes in the big blind. Mike's [Ac][4s] was dominated by Elvis's [As][Js], but the [5s][2s][Th] flop did give Mike six outs. The [5d] turn gave Mike chop outs as well, but the [Kc] river was not one of them. Mike will exit this tournament in 5th place, good for $10,000.

Floyd Overton doubles through Mike Nye with quads

From the button, Mike Nye moved all in for 750,000 and Mik Santos took his time before folding his small blind. Floyd Overton had 180,000 total and was priced in to the call at 30,000/60,000 blinds.

Mike [Ah][2s]
Floyd [8h][6h]

Mik showed that he had folded the best hand, ace-jack, before the dealer spread the [6c][Ad][6d] flop. Before the players could react to the flop, the dealer had placed the [6s] on the turn to give Floyd quad sixes. He will double through Mike Nye, who had said that he hadn't looked at his second card when he moved all in.

Had Mik have called, he would have won the much larger side pot and eliminated Mike while tripling up Floyd.

6th Place: Thomas Russel ($10,000)

Thomas Russel and Welther Marmol saw a [8h][Kd][5h] flop, and the chips got in faster than you can imagine. Thomas had flopped two pair with his [Ks][5d] but was up against the Welther's straight flush draw with his [7h][6h]. Welther wasted no time hitting his draw when the turn fell [4s]. Thomas would need to make a full house to survive, but the [8c] river paired the wrong board card. Thomas will exit this tournament in 10th place, good for $10,000.

7th Place: Chris Waisnor ($10,000)

From middle position, Chris Waisnor moved all in and was called by Mik Santos in the small blind. It was a race with Chris's [Ah][Jh] against Mik's [8h][8c]. The board ran out [Kh][2d][6c][2c][5h] to send Chris to the rail in 7th place, good for $10,000.

Chris was the short stack when the 7-way chop was made, so he possibly benefited the most from the deal.

7-way deal made

The final 7 players in Event #6 $400 NLH have agreed to a deal to each take $10,000 and pay for the remaining $7,654 and the trophy.

8th Place: James Campbell ($3,212)

James Campbell moved all in from the button and was called by Welther Marmol in the small blind. James's ace-eight was dominated by Welther's ace-ten, and James was unable to suck out on the superior hand. James will exit this tournament in a frustrating 8th place finish, collecting $3,212 for his efforts.

Mik Santos doubles through Elvis Reyes

Mik Santos was all in on a [Ac][9c][7c] flop holding [8c][3c] and was up against Elvis Reyes, who was very live with his [9h][9d]. The [2d] turn changed nothing, nor did the [3s] river. Mik had managed to dodge all of Elvis's outs and earned himself a double up.

9th Place: Kyle Carey ($2,492)

Kyle Carey was all in for his last chips with [Ks][Qd] and ran into the [Kh][Kc] of Floyd Overton. The flop brought a sweat as it fell [Qc][8c][7h], but neither the [7c] turn or [8d] river could save Kyle's tournament life. He will exit the tournament in 9th place good for $2,492.

10th Place: Elijah Matsan ($1,878)

The final table started off with a bit of a bang as Elijah Matsan was all in preflop holding [Jh][Jc] against Mik Santos's [Qd][Qc]. Elikah would get lucky and flop a set on the [Td][Kc][Jd] flop, but Mik still had ten outs to win. The [2h] changed nothing, but the [Qs] river marked a cruel end to Elijah's tournament. While he did get it in behind, he was teased with flopping the best hand only to end up losing. Elijah will exit this tournament in 10th place, good for $1,878.

Final Table Chip Counts & Seating Assignments

We're down to the final table in Event #6 $400 NLH. Here are the chip counts and seating assignments:

Seat 1: Chris Waisnor - 705,000
Seat 2: James Campbell - 565,000
Seat 3: Elijah Matsan - 490,000
Seat 4: Welther Marmol - 1,300,000
Seat 5: Mike Nye - 725,000
Seat 6: Mik Santos - 335,000
Seat 7: Floyd Overton - 700,000
Seat 8: Thomas Russel - 850,000
Seat 9: Elvis Reyes - 945,000
Seat 10: Kyle Carey - 535,000

Here are the remaining prizes left to play for:

1st Place: $26,265
2nd Place: $16,301
3rd Place: $10,908
4th Place: $8,545
5th Place: $6,363
6th Place: $5,151
7th Place: $4,121
8th Place: $3,212
9th Place: $2,492
10th Place: $1,878

Final table reached

With the elimination of our 11th place finisher, Event #6 $400 NLH has reached the final table. The last 10 players are drawing for seats, and play will resume shortly.

James Campbell runs bad in a big all in

James Campbell had his opponent all in and in bad shape with [As][Ts] against James's pocket jacks. The [Ac][9c][2d] flop was bad news for James, and the [4c] turn and [Td] river failed to produce a needed jack.  James will ship over 624,000 to his opponent, or approximately half of his stack.

Final two tables reached

We are down to the final 18 players in Event #6 $400 NLH, which means we have just completed a full redraw of the field. Blinds are now 8,000/16,000 with a 2,000 ante.

Floyd Overton
James Campbell
Mike Nye

Final 3 tables reached

With the elimination of our 28th place finisher, we are down to the final 3 tables. There will be a full redraw at the final 18 players. Blinds are about to increase to 5,000/10,000 with a 1,000 ante, and after this level there will be a break.

Bobby Ferdinand has been eliminated

Bobby "The Bus" Ferdinand was all in holding king-ten and was up against his opponent's ace-six. Bobby failed to connect and he will exit the tournament in 32nd place, good for $812.

First break of the day

Only 35 players remain in Event #6 $400 NLH, and they have just come back from their first break of the day. All remaining players are in the money and guaranteed a $812 payday, and blinds are currently 3,000/6,000 with a 1,000 ante.

Today's schedule

On today's schedule at the Foxwoods Mega Stack Challenge:

Event #7 $230 NLH Bounty
($150 Buy-in / $50 Bounty / $30 Entry fee)
“With Re-Entries”
Players start with 15,000 in non-value tournament chips.
Each level will be played for 25 minutes.
Bounty Chip must be kept on the table and visible at all times.
Full structure is available here.

Day 2 of of Event #6 $400 NO LIMIT HOLD’EM
($350 Buy-in/$50 Entry fee)
Full structure is available here.

Event #8 $230 PLO High / Lo 8 or Better
($200 Buy-in / $30 Entry fee)
“With Re-Entries”
Players start with 10,000 in non-value tournament chips.
Registration and Re-entries will be available through the end of the 6th level.
Full structure is available here.

A full schedule for the series is available here.

Foxwoods April 2015 Mega Stack - Event #6 - $400 NLH - Returning Players

Table-Seat Name Chip Count
4-9 Campbell, James 387,000
3-7 Karos, Jim 261,500
4-4 Oh, Je Wook 258,500
8-7 Pidvysotski, Dmitri 227,500
1-3 Reinhardt, Jon 214,000
8-9 Russell, Thomas 211,500
6-9 Waisnor, Chris 208,000
5-5 Dobbs, Michael 188,500
1-2 Mitrokostas, Spiro 181,500
3-6 Matson, Elijah 178,500
6-7 Wu, Yao 168,500
5-4 Balisciano, Troy 167,000
3-1 MacNeil, Chris 163,000
5-3 Rhem-Bennett, Jermaine 156,500
6-3 Catala, Juan 144,500
4-1 Mourtadh, Alias 139,500
6-4 Centeio, Djony 136,500
5-6 Santos, Mike 136,000
6-2 St. Vincent, Brad 134,000
8-5 Penza, Thomas 130,500
1-1 Ferdinand, Bobby 129,500
7-6 Geddes, Linsford 123,500
4-6 LaFlamme, Jeff 114,500
8-1 Jonisch, Ari 110,500
7-4 Sniffin, Kevin 101,500
1-5 Overton, Floyd 101,200
7-3 Manchala, Sandeep 101,000
5-9 Corcione, Bobby 98,500
3-8 O'Neil, Tim 98,000
8-6 Duperrault, Brad 96,000
1-6 Umansky, Alex 95,000
3-5 Meagher, Bridget 94,000
4-7 Durgin, Kevin 93,000
7-8 Molica, Chris 92,000
2-6 Lewis, Jonathan 91,000
3-2 Reyes, Elvis 89,500
6-5 Eurkus, Kash 88,000
6-6 Wagner, Peter 87,000
3-9 Weeks, Steven 84,500
2-2 Baruis, Alex 83,500
2-9 Espinola, David 83,000
6-1 Chung, John 76,000
5-7 Guzzardi, Michael 76,000
1-7 Mosher, Tim 75,500
8-8 Nye, Mike 75,000
2-8 Gast, Cynthia 72,000
8-3 Hoey, Ken 70,500
1-8 Pimentel, Irving 70,500
1-9 Khoshkhou, Reza 69,000
6-8 Trumbo, Keith 67,000
2-5 Watt, James 65,000
4-8 Pelli, Dominick 61,000
5-2 Rubin, James 56,500
2-4 Wadhwani, Jay 55,000
3-4 Marmol, Welther 50,500
4-3 Sprague, Joe 49,500
7-5 Wincowski, Joel 46,000
4-2 Bulbulian, Mark 43,500
8-2 Mattozzi, Mike 42,000
5-1 Hall, Eric 33,500
1-4 Carey, Kyle 32,000
2-7 Milkovic, Stephan 24,000
3-3 Quiles, Angel 21,000
7-2 Zisk, Richard 20,000
2-1 Hart, John 19,000
7-7 Filkins, Richard 9,500
7-1 Gordon, Larry 8,000

Event #6 $400 NLH Prize Pool & Payouts

There were a total of 357 entries in Event #6 $400 NLH, creating a $121,201 prize pool. The top 45 players will be in the money, with a mincash worth $727. Here are the full payouts:

1st Place: $26,265
2nd Place: $16,301
3rd Place: $10,908
4th Place: $8,545
5th Place: $6,363
6th Place: $5,151
7th Place: $4,121
8th Place: $3,212
9th Place: $2,492
10th-12th Place: $1,878
13th-15th Place: $1,575
16th-18th Place: $1,393
19th-21st Place: $1,212
22nd-24th Place: $1,030
25th-27th Place: $909
28th-36th Place: $812
37th-45th Place: $727

Last level of the night

Level 15 has begun in Flight B, which is the last level of the night. 44 players remain, including Spiro Mitrokostas on the featured table who sits on 92,000, and Mike Nye who sits on 56,000. The average is 81,000.