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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bubble has burst!

The bubble has burst, and again it was on our live featured table.  The battle came between the 2 seat and the 3 seat, and the 2 seat emerged victorious when his AQ beat seat 3's pocket queens.  After a brief applause, the remaining 35 players went back to the grind, with 4 minutes left until the next break.  All players are guaranteed $1,319, with the first pay jump happening when the field is trimmed to 30 players.

On the bubble / hand-for-hand

There are now 36 remaining players in today's $600 Mega Stack tournament.  The next player eliminated will receive nothing, while the rest of the field will collect at least $1,319.  As long as the players are on the bubble, the remaining 4 tables will be dealt hand-for-hand.  With first place taking home $38,378, all 36 remaining players are sure to be in the hunt.

Nearing the bubble

The blinds have just been increased to 3,000/6,000 with a 500 ante, and there are only 40 players remaining in this $600 Mega Stack event.  The top 35 players will make the money, with a mincash worth $1,319.  Quite a few players have been eliminated from our live streaming table, so make sure to tune in to to watch the bubble burst momentarily!

Players are on break

Players are now on a 10 minute break while the tournament staff races off the 100 chips.  The board reads 53 players remaining, and the blinds will be 2,500/5,000 with a 500 ante when they return.  The top 35 players will be in the money.

Players are back from dinner break

The 87 remaining players in today's $600 Mega Stack tournament are now back from dinner break.  They are now on level 14, which is 1,200/2,400 blinds with a 300 ante.  The average chip stack at this point is just under 90,000.

Players are on dinner break

There are approximately 91 players remaining in today's $600 Mega Stack tournament, and they have just left for their one hour dinner break.  When the players return, they will be playing 1,200/2,400 blinds with a 300 ante.

Players return from second break

The second break has just completed, which means hat the remaining 230 players of today's tournament are now playing 400/800 blinds with a 100 ante.  With level 9 now underway, the players will be playing 40 minute levels until level 18, rather than the 30 minute levels they were playing up until now.

Don't forget you can watch our live video stream by going to

Foxwoods $600 Payouts & Final Numbers

Registration is now closed for the first event of the Mega Stack series.  The $600 No Limit Hold'em event drew 313 entrants, creating a $165,890 prize pool that shattered the $125,000 guarantee.  The top 35 players will be in the money, with the payouts as follows:

1st: $38,378
2nd: $22,206
3rd: $14,160
4th: $11,345
5th: $8,850
6th: $7,161
7th: $5,953
8th: $4,828
9th: $3,951
10th-12th: $2,735
13th-15th: $2,172
16th-20th: $1,689
21st-30th: $1,432
31st-35th: $1,319

Registration still open!

Level 4 has just begun, and the blinds are now 100/200.  The board now reads 301 players entered in the first tournament of the Mega Stack, but registration is still open for another 30-45 minutes.

Foxwoods $600 No Limit Mega Stack is Under Way

The clock here at Foxwoods Casino reads 11:00am, which means that cards are in the air for the first event of the February Mega Stack series, $600 No Limit Hold'em with a $125,000 Guarantee.  This series runs through February 12th, and you can view the full schedule of events here.

Our live video feed has been upgraded to include a flop camera so that you can follow along and view the community cards.  You can view the live stream, now running our featured table, by clicking on "Watch LIVE Featured Table" at the top of this page or going directly to

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