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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Official End of Day Four Chip Counts

Final end of Day Four chip counts by seat assignments are as follows:

Table 1

1. David Inselberg 331,000
3. Chris Bonita 610,000
5. Keven Stammen 400,000
6. Besnik Ziba 500,000
8. Sorel Mizzi 789,000
9. Jason Mercier 322,000

Table 2

1. Hoyt Corkins 335,000
3. Ben Klier 269,000
4. Mohsin Charania 283,000
5. Nikolai Yakovenko 690,000
7. Tom Marchese 1,832,000
9. Jeff Forrest 979,000

The chip counts in order are as follows:

  1. Tom Marchese 1,832,000
  2. Jeff Forrest 979,000
  3. Sorel Mizzi 789,000
  4. Nikolai Yakovenko 690,000
  5. Chris Bonita 610,000
  6. Besnik Ziba 500,000
  7. Keven Stammen 400,000
  8. Hoyt Corkins 335,000
  9. David Inselberg 331,000
  10. Jason Mercier 322,000
  11. Mohsin Charania 283,000
  12. Ben Klier 269,000

Four More Hands Before Play Concludes

The 12 remaining players will play four more hands before bagging up their chips for the night.

Tom Marchese Doubles Through Hoyt Corkins

Tom Marchese

Tom Marchese raised to 28,000 before the flop and Hoyt Corkins reraised to 100,000. Marchese then made it 208,000 total. After a moment, Corkins put in 570,000 in chips.

Marchese tanked for just a few moments before announcing all-in. Corkins said "Well, I guess this is the tournament." and announce a call. They turned over:

Marchese [Tc][Th]
Corkins [Ad][Kc]

The board ran out [Qs][Td][8c][2h][6h] and Marchese raked in a pot of almost 1.8 million.

Corkins is left with just over 300,000 in chips.

Hoyt Corkins Wins a Huge Pot vs. Tom Marchese

Hoyt Corkins

On a board of [9h][7d][6d], Tom Marchese checked and Hoyt Corkins bet 60,000. Marchese made the call and the turn was the [8h]. Again, Marchese checked and Corkins bet out 160,000.

Marchese made the call once again and the river came the [4h]. Marchese checked once more and Corkins carefully counted out 240,000 in chips. Marchese thought for a minute before slowly sliding out a call.

Corkins, ear plugs in full effect, asked if he had called. The dealer said yes and Corkins turned over [Td][Th] for the straight. Marchese mucked and Corkins raked the monster pot.

Hoyt Corkins is now up to about 1.15 million while Tom Marchese still has about 900,000.

Mike Meskin Eliminated 13th ($39,847)

After a raise by Nikolai Yakovenko, Mike Meskin moved all in and was called by Yakovenko. They turned over:

Yakovenko [9h][9s]
Meskin [Qc][Jd]

Meskin was behind but quickly caught up on a flop of [Jc][Th][7d]. The turn was the [2h] but the river brought the [9d], giving Yakovenko a set and the pot.

Meskin was eliminated in 13th place.

Andrew Batkin Eliminated 14th ($39,847)

Andrew Batkin raised all in for his last 97,000 before the flop. David Inselberg made the call and they turned over:

Batkin [Kd][Qc]
Inselberg [Ah][Qs]

The board ran out [Jc][3c][2s][As][3s] and Inselberg's hand held up to win the pot and eliminate Batkin in 14th place.

Blind Increase with 14 Players Remaining

The blinds have been increased to 6,000-12,000 with a 2,000 ante.

Tom Marchese Is the Chip Leader

Tom Marchese

Tom Marchese is the current chip leader with about 1.3 million in chips.

Tom Marchese's chip stack

Bryon Springer Eliminated 15th ($39,847)

Sorel Mizzi raised to 23,000 before the flop and David Inselberg moved all in for 115,000. Behind him, Bryon Springer moved all in for only 92,500.

The action came back to Mizzi, who asked for the counts. The dealer started to pull in the 23,000 bets and Mizzi ask him to keep them out, saying "I come from the internet and that's how we do it...".

Finally, Mizzi mucked his hand and the two all-in players showed:

Inselberg [Kh][Ks]
Springer [4d][4s]

The board ran out [Qc][Qs][8c][Jh][9c] and Inselberg's kings held to win the pot and eliminate Springer in 15th place.

Chris Hunichen Eliminated by Nikolai Yakovenko

Chris Hunichen

Chris Hunichen was just eliminated by Nikolai Yakovenko.

Huni takes home $33,016 for his 16th place finish.

Ronnie Bardah Eliminated 17th ($33,016)

Ronnie Bardah

Ronnie Bardah moved all in for less than 100,000 and was called by Sorel Mizzi in the big blind. Bardah turned up [4d][4h] but Mizzi woke up with [Kc][Ks].

The board came [Qc][Jh][2h][Kh][3s] and Mizzi took the pot to eliminate Bardah in 17th place.

Ardavan Yazdi Eliminated 18th ($33,016)

Ardavan Yazdi has been eliminated in 18th place and takes home $33,016.

He moved all in with K-Q and was called by Nikolai Yakovenko with A-10. The ace high held up to eliminate Yazdi.

Besnik Ziba Doubles Through Sorel Mizzi

After a flop of [9d][8s][6c], Besnik Ziba bet 50,000 and Sorel Mizzi made it 100,000. Keven Stammen folded and Ziba moved all in for 224,000. Mizzi made the call and they showed:

Ziba [9c][9s]
Mizzi [7d][7h]

Mizzi had an open-ended straight draw but Ziba flopped top set. The turn was the [Js] and the [6s] on the river filled Ziba up to about 540,000.

Mizzi still has about 420,000 in chips.

Blind Increase with 18 Players Remaining

With 18 players remaining, the blinds have been increased to 5,000-10,000 with a 1,500 ante.

Andrew Batkin Doubles Through Ronnie Bardah

Ronnie Bardah raised to 21,500 and Andrew Batkin moved all in for his last 79,500. Bardah made the call and they turned over:

Batkin [6c][6h]
Bardah [As][Kc]

The board came [9h][5h][4c][Th][Js] and Batkin's sixes hold to double up. Bardah is still left with around 100,000.

YouTube video: Josh Arieh Is Eliminated by Tom Marchese

Josh Arieh got all in preflop at the Foxwoods World Poker Final with A-K against the A-Q of Tom Marchese...

Click here to view the video in HD

New Live Stream Table Line-Up

The players at the live streaming feature table by seat assignment are as follows:

1. David Inselberg
2. Bryon Springer
3. Chris Bonita
4. Ronnie Bardah
5. Keven Stammen
6. Besnik Ziba
7. Andrew Batkin
8. Sorel Mizzi
9. Jason Mercier

Bryan Piccioli Eliminated in 19th ($33,016)

Bryan Piccioli

Jason Mercier Doubles Up!

Jason Mercier

Jason Mercier raised to 17,500 preflop and Nikolai Yakovenko reraised to 43,000. Mercier then moved all in for 236,500 and Yakovenko made the call. They turned up:

Mercier [Ac][Kd]
Yakovenko [Ah][Qh]

The flop came [5h][4h][2c] and gave Yakovenko the nut flush draw. The [Kc] on the turn took away some of his outs and the [Ks] on the river ensured the double up for Mercier.

Bob Courtney Eliminated by Sorel Mizzi

Bob Courtney has just been eliminated by Sorel Mizzi.

Courtney takes home$33,016 for his 20th place finish.

Josh Arieh Eliminated By Tom Marchese

Josh Arieh

Josh Arieh has just been eliminated by Tom Marchese.

The video of the bust-out hand will be posted shortly.

Mike Beasley Eliminated by Sorel Mizzi

Mike Beasley moved all in for his last 38,500 and was called by Jason Mercier. Sorel Mizzi then reraised to 107,000 total. Mercier folded and they players showed:

Beasley [Ac][Td]
Mizzi [As][Qs]

The board came [Ah][Qd][6c][9s][Ts] and Mike Beasley has been eliminated in 22nd place for $27,779.

Blind Increase in the $10K WPT Main Event

The blinds have been increased to 4,000-8,000 with a 1,000 ante.

There are 22 players remaining and the average chip stack is 330,000.

Break Time with 22 Players Remaining

The final 22 players are now on a 15-minute break.

Kyle Bowker Eliminated 24th ($27,779)

Kyle Bowker has been eliminated in 24th place for $27,779.

Happy Halloween From Ronnie Bardah!

Ronnie Bardah

Just after the money bubble burst, Ronnie Bardah borrowed a wig from one of his friends on the rail. On the next hand, he doubled up with pocket nines against A-10 and now refuses to take the wig off.

Happy Halloween!

Gavin Smith Eliminated in 25th ($27,779)

Gavin Smith

Gavin Smith has been eliminated when his A-10 could not hold up against Nikolai Yakovenko's K-Q after a king hit the flop.

He finishes in 25th place and takes home $27,779.

Alex Berger is the Bubble Boy!

Alex Berger moved all in from under the gun for 61,000 and was Kyle Bowker moved all in for 66,000. Everyone else folded and they turned up:

Berger [Tc][Th]
Bowker [Qd][Qs]

The board ran out [Jh][8c][4d][9d][9h], eliminating Berger on the money bubble.

All players are now guaranteed at least $27,779.

Tom Marchese Doubles Up

Tom Marchese

Tom Marchese got all in for his last 173,000 with [Ac][Kh] against Nikolai Yakovenko's [As][Qc].

The board ran out [Kc][8c][7d][4s][8h] and Marchese got the double up.

Bowker Avoids Elimination, Doubles Through Corkins

Kyle Bowker moved all-in from middle position for 29,500. Hoyt Corkins, in the big blind, asked for a count. It was 23,500 more, and Corkins reluctantly made the call. His [Ts][6d] was live against Bowker's [As][9d] but the board ran out [Js][Kh][3c][Ah][Td] giving Bowker a double-up to about 65,000.

Larry Ruffino Eliminated in 27th

Larry Ruffino moved all in for just around 60,000 in chips and was called by Nikolai Yakovenko. They turned up:

Ruffino [Tc][9c]
Yakovenko [Ac][8s]

The board ran out [5d][3c][3d][6h][Qs] and Ruffino was eliminated in 27th place.

Blind Increase with 27 Players Remaining

The blinds have been increased to 3,000-6,000 with a 500 ante.

With 27 players remaining, play is still hand for hand.

Break Time in the $10K WPT Main Event

The 27 remaining players are now on a 15-minute break.

Deja Vu All Over Again?

Larry Ruffino raised to 30,000 preflop and Mike Beasley moved all in for a few more chips. Ruffino made the call and they turned up:

Beasley [Ad][Ah]
Ruffino [Qc][Qh]

Beasley was way ahead until the flop came [Qs][8d][5d]. Ruffino took the lead but immediately everyone at the table starts to talk about the Chris Hunichen-Jeff Forrest at the third table. In that hand, Hunichen caught a queen on the flop but Forrest caught runner-runner spades to win the pot.

The dealer flipped over the [3d] and it was as if everyone knew what was coming.

Sure enough, the [6d] came on the river, giving Beasley the four-flush and a double up to just over 100,000.

Ruffino is left with under 50,000 in chips.

Sorel Mizzi Takes a Big Pot Against Gavin Smith

Sorel Mizzi

On a flop of [Kc][9s][2h], Gavin Smith checked and Sorel Mizzi bet 39,000. Smith made the call and the turn was the [2s].

Smith checked again and Mizzi fired 58,000. Again, Smith made the call and the river came the [9h]. Smith checked and Mizzi moved all in for his last 104,500.

Gavin Smith tanked for about three minutes before finally mucking his hand (He said on Twitter later that he had J-J).

When asked to show, Mizzi said "I don't want to embarass him." and tossed his cards in the muck.

Mizzi is up to almost 400,000 while Gavin Smith drops to about 160,000.

Jeff Forrest Doubles to the Chip Lead!!!

After a series of raise and reraises before the flop, Jeff Forrest finally got all of his chips in the middle against chip leader Chris Hunichen. Hunichen turned up [Qh][Qc], but, for the second hand in row, Forrest turned up [Ah][As].

Hunichen was beside himself as he could not believe that Forrest had picked up aces again. However, Hunichen saw things turn around when the flop came out [Qs][6h][5s]. Hunichen flopped a set of queens to take a huge lead on Forrest.

The turn was the [Js] and Hunichen asked the dealer for no spades. Unfortunately for Hunichen, that is exactly what the dealer put out in the form of the [8s].

Forrest caught the four-flush on the river to win the biggest pot of the tournament and he now sits with right at one million chips.

Chris Hunichen is still left with over 200,000 in chips.

YouTube video: BJ and WhoJedi Talk Day 4 of the Foxwoods Main Event

BJ Nemeth joins Jay "WhoJedi" Newnum to talk about Day Four of the Foxwoods World Poker Finals Main Event.

Click here to view the video in HD

Ardavan Yazdi Finally Arrives!

Ardavan Yazdi had not shown up 35 minutes into today's play. However, he did just arrive and has taken his seat at Table 2 and started stacking his chips.

There are still 27 players remaining.

New Live Stream Table Line-Up

Seat 1 - Tom Marchese
Seat 2 - Ronnie Bardah
Seat 3 - Bob Courtney
Seat 4 - Jason Mercier
Seat 5 - Gavin Smith
Seat 6 - Sorel Mizzi
Seat 7 - Larry Ruffino
Seat 8 - Nikolai Yakovenko
Seat 9 - Mike Beasley

Ronald Lee Eliminated

Ronald Lee was just eliminated early on Day Four.

Players are now redrawing for seats at the final three tables.

Live Stream with Jason Mercier, Sorel Mizzi & Ronnie Bardah

Just click "Watch LIVE Video" at the top of the page to view the live video feed!

Day Four Underway

Play is now underway on Day Four of the Foxwoods World Poker Finals.

The blinds are 2,500-5,000 with a 500 ante.

Play will continue until we lose one player, then we will redraw for seats at the final three tables.