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Friday, October 10, 2014

1st Place: Michael Shea ($30,939)

After starting heads up as the shorter stack, Michael Shea made a comeback to have Nick outchipped.  Nick doubled through him once, but that was the only time.  On the final hand of play, Michael flopped the nut flush with [As][2s].  The two players made it all the way to the river, when Nick checked and Michael moved all in.  Nick talked it out out loud and said Michael could only have flopped a flush the way he played his hand.  In the end, Nick called all in and was indeed shown the nut flush.  Nick mucked, and Michael Shea will win the tournament.  He will collect $30,939 along with the World Poker Finals trophy and watch.  Congratulations, Michael!

2nd Place: Nick Palma ($19,556)

Michael Shea doubles through Nick Palma, and then gives the chips back

We saw two big hands since Michael Shea and Nick Palma got heads up, and each player doubled through the other.

On the first hand, Nick Palma 3-bet and Michael made the call to see a [6d][Ks][2s] flop.  Michael check called a bet from Nick, and on the [8d] turn Michael was all in against Nick.  Michael had flopped top pair with [Kc][Jh], but Nick had outs with his [As][Qs].  The [Qd] hit the river to miss Nick's flush draw and overcard, and Michael will double up.

A few hands later, Michael opened the button and Nick moved all in.  Michael decided he was priced in and called with [8c][7s] but was in pretty bad shape against Nick's [Js][Jh].  The [2d][Td][6c] gave Michael a gut shot, and the [8d] turn gave him extra outs to hit two pair.  But the [2s] hit the river to double up the birthday boy.

3rd Place: Sotirios Tsiantoulas ($13,570)

Sotirios Tsiantoulas was all in from the button and Michael Shea called all in for less.  Sotirios was in bad shape with [5s][5d] against Michael's [9d][9c].  Sotirios failed to produce a five on the [Qd][Qc][4c][Ks][2c] board, and he was crippled down to just a few chips.

He was forced all in on the big blind, and Nick Palma limped the button and Michael Shea completed his small blind.  The two live players saw a [2c][4d][Jc] flop, and action went check check.  The [7c] saw Michael check-fold to Nick's bet, and Nick revealed the [Qc][4c] for a turned flush.  Sotirious squeezed his cards for the first time and tabled [Tc][6h].  He was drawing dead and will exit the tournament in 3rd place, good for $13,570.

4th Place: Giedrius Bagdonas ($10,173)

Giedrius Bagdonas moved all in from the button and was snap called from Nick Palma in the big blind.  Nick tabled [Ad][Qh] and Giedrius turned up [Kh][8s] proclaiming, "At least I'm live."  The [8d][Kd][Ah] gave Giedrius two pair, but Nick had a draw to a better two pair or trips.  The [4d] opened up even more outs for Nick as he could catch a diamond to make a flush.  The [5d] river gave Nick the nut flush, sending Giedrius to the rail in 4th place.  He will collect $10,173 for his efforts.

Michael Shea doubles up

Only a few hands after losing a flip with pocket nines, Michael Shea showed up with the same hand.  His [9s][9c] had Nick Palma's [Qd][9d] dominated, but the [Th][Jd][4s] flop gave him a bit of a sweat.  The [2c] turn changed nothing, and the [Ah] river gave Michael the winning hand.  He doubles up to 1,700,000.

Sotirios Tsiantoulas doubles through Michael Shea

Michael Shea raise preflop and Sotirios Tsiantoulas moved all in.  Michael made the call and revealed the [9s][9d] which was racing against Sotirious's [Ah][Qs].  The [6d][7c][As] flop paired Sotirios, and the [4s] turn and [4d] river kept the aces in front.  Sotirios now sits on 2,100,000.

Chip counts at the break

The final four are on a 15 minute break.  Here are updated chip counts in seat order:

Michael Shea - 2,190,000
Giedrius Bagdonas - 2,840,000
Sotirios Tsiantoulas - 1,295,000
Nick Palma - 3,165,000

5th Place: Brendan Wiley ($7,583)

From under the gun, Giedrius Bagdonas raised before Brendan Wiley moved all in on the button.  Action folde back to Giedrius who said, "This is a bad call, I call."  It indeed turned out to be a bad call as Giedrius's [As][9s] was dominated by Brendan's [Ah][Ts].  The worst hand once again came from behind as the dealer spread the [Qd][9c][Qc] flop, putting Giedrius in front.  Brendan would need a ten, but he failed to find it on the [6s] turn and [Kc] river.  That beat will send Brendan to the rail in 5th place, good for $7,583.

6th Place: Mike O'Grady ($6,067)

Mike O'Grady moved all in after a raise by Nick Palma.  Nick was priced in and made the call with [Jc][Tc], but was only 19% to win against Mike's [Kd][Kc].  The [3c][7d][Qh] flop was as safe as it could be for Mike, but the [9c] turn spelled disaster for him.  Now Nick had 14 outs to a flush or a straight.  As it it's Nick's birthday, he was gifted the [8c] on the river to give him the winning flush.  Mike will be eliminated in 6th place and will collect $6,067 for his efforts.

7th Place: Linsford Geddes ($5,028)

Michael Shea raised under the gun and action folded around to Linsford Geddes in the small blind who moved all in.  Nick Palma folded the big blind and Michael made the call.

Linsford [As][Qd]
Michael [Kh][Kc]

As Lisnford said, it was a cooler, and he would need to catch an ace to survive.  It was not to be as the board fell [4d][Js][5c][7s][Ts], sending Linsford to the rail in 7th place.  He will collect $5,028 for his efforts.

Mike O'Grady doubles through Giedrius Bagdonas

Mike O'Grady moved all in preflop from the button and Giedrius Bagdonas moved all in over the top from the small blind.  In the big blind, Sotirios Tsiantoulas thought about it but eventually folded.  Mike would need a bit of luck as he held [Jc][8h] to Giedrius's [Ac][5s].  He found that luck on the [Th][Jh][7s] flop, and the [Js] left Giedrius drawing dead.  The meaningless [Ts] fell on the river to give Mike the doubleup.  He now sits on 700,000.

8th Place: Brett Brucaleri ($3,911)

Brett Brucaleri effectively moved all in from early position and Nick Palma called from the big blind, having him slightly covered.  Brett had ace nine and was in bad shape against Nick's ace queen.  No nine came, and Brett will finish this tournament in 8th place, good for $3,911.

9th Place: Dennis Wilber ($3,070)

Dennis Wilber (black sweater) is eliminated
Dennis Wilber was once again all in against Brendan Wiley, but this time Dennis wasn't a 50/50 to win.  Dennis held the [Ks][5s] against Brendan's [Ts][Td], but couldn't find a suckout as the board ran out [8c][4s][9h][Qd][As].  Dennis will collect $3,070 for his 9th place finish here today.

Mike O'Grady doubles up, Linsford Geddes peanalized

Mike O'Grady moved all in preflop and Giedrius Bagdonas made call directly to his left.  Action folded around to Linsford Geddes in the big blind who didn't realize Giedrius had called.  Linsford made the call and accidentally exposed his hand, even though action was pending.

The flop fell [3s][Kd][Qd] and both Linsford and Giedrius checked.  The turn fell [4h], and Giedrius moved all in after Linsford checked.  Linsford mucked, and Giedrius revealed the [9h][9d].  Mike was all in with [Kc][5s], so he would triple up if he could dodge a nine on the river.  The river was the [Th], and Mike would survive.

After the hand, it was ruled that Linsford would receive a one round penalty for exposing his hand with action pending.

Dennis Wilber doubles through Brendan Wiley

Two hands in a row we saw a coin flip, this time with Dennis Wilber all in holding [5s][5h] against Brendan Wiley's [As][Qs].  Again the pocket pair held up when the board ran out [9h][7d][Jc][2s][Js].  Dennis now sits on 575,000.

10th Place: Rick Buttrick ($2,219)

On the first hand back from dinner break, Sotirios Tsiantoulas opened for a raise preflop before Rick Buttrick moved all in.  Sotirios made the call with [8d][8c], and Rick was flipping with his [Ad][Ks].  The board ran out [5s][2s][6h][6d][3c] to keep the eights in front, sending Rick to the rail in 10th place.  He will earn $2,219 for his efforts.

Final Table Chip Counts & Seating Assignments

Seat 1: Michael Shea - 1,815,000
Seat 2: Brett Brucaleri - 180,000
Seat 3: Mike O'Grady - 430,000
Seat 4: Giedrius Bagdonas - 1,015,000
Seat 5: Sotirios Tsiantoulas - 1,160,000
Seat 6: Dennis Wilber - 265,000
Seat 7: Brendan Wiley - 850,000
Seat 8: Linsford Geddes - 1,990,000
Seat 9: Nick Palma - 515,000
Seat 10: Rick Buttrick - 245,000

Here are the prizes remaining to play for:

1st Place: $30,939
2nd Place: $19,556
3rd Place: $13,570
4th Place: $10,173
5th Place: $7,583
6th Place: $6,067
7th Place: $5,028
8th Place: $3,911
9th Place: $3,070
10th Place: $2,219

Final table reached

With the elimination of our 11th place finisher, the final table in Event #8 $300 NLH has been reached.  Players are redrawing for seats at the final table and are taking their 45  dinner break.  Play will resume at approximately 8:15pm EST, and they will finish out the final 15 minutes of 25,000/50,000 blinds with a 5,000 ante.

Three way all in

We saw a three way all in confrontation happen on the feature table.  It was [Kd][Kc] vs. [Qs][Qh] vs. [8s][8h].  The [Ac][4d][7c] kept the kings in front, but the turn changed things a bit when it fell [5c].  Now the [Qc] and the [8c] were no longer outs, but the eights picked up a gutshot straight draw.  The river was a blank, and the player with kings tripled up, while we lost one player.

Final 2 tables reached

Alex Peterson has been eliminated when his ace-queen lost a race to pocket sixes.  He will be our 19th place finisher, and the final 18 are taking a five minute break while the tournament staff sets up to redraw them to the final two tables.

Final 3 tables reached

The final 3 tables have been reached in Event #8 $300 NLH.  Still in the hunt are birthday boy Nick Palma, Alex Peterson, and Fred Paradis, among others.

Players are now in the money

With the elimination of our 73rd place finisher, the remaining 72 players are now in the money.  All players are guaranteed $558.

Day 2 is Under Way

Cards are in the air for Day 2 of Event #8 $300 NLH.  There were a total of 633 entrants for this event over the four starting flights and the remaining 121 players combine today into a single field.  The top 72 players will be in the money, and first place is $30,939.  Watch our feature table at as we play to a winnner today.

October 2014 - Foxwoods World Poker Finals - Event #8 - $300 NLH - Returning Players

Table-Seat Name Chip Count
8-9 O'Grady, Mike 274,500
12-6 Drexel, Douglas 236,100
14-2 Gardner, Carrie 200,000
9-6 Hossain, Md-Sayad 198,500
10-3 Bagdonas, Giedrius 189,900
3-8 Spanos, Michael 183,500
9-2 Marshall, Kareem 176,000
4-1 Paradis, Fred 165,900
14-3 Clark, Jimmy 164,000
12-1 Shea, Michael 164,000
4-4 Bagdasarov, Michael 163,000
1-5 Chan, Christopher 157,500
1-3 Arias, Anthony 156,500
3-3 Manter, Brad 146,500
8-3 Calnan, Jason 146,000
12-7 Ciccotto, Louis 141,000
13-2 Grzywaczewski, Brian 138,000
7-4 Smith, Christopher 134,500
13-5 Maslowski, Kimberly 127,500
11-6 Buttrick, Rick 124,500
4-9 Lazarevic, Dragan 124,500
13-1 Brucaleri, Brett 118,500
3-4 Campion, Robert 111,000
8-8 Rodriguez, Steven 107,500
5-2 Lin, Ray 106,300
12-8 Kachittavong, Soukha 106,000
2-2 Buckle, Chris 103,500
11-2 Abou-Assali, Tarek 101,500
2-1 Mitrokostas, Spiro 100,600
11-5 Avilla, Paul 100,400
6-5 McDonald, Nicholas 99,000
14-9 Wilber, Dennis 96,000
2-4 Costa, Jeremy 95,500
1-6 Cimalore, Justin 95,000
3-5 Perez, Jeremy 94,700
3-2 Magistrale, Anthony 92,000
5-5 O'Neill, Nancy 91,000
11-4 Lahey, Tim 90,500
7-2 Chaves, David 90,100
12-3 Tsiantoulas, Sotirios 88,000
1-2 Jimenez, Damon 87,800
10-6 Ouellet, Daniel 87,100
11-1 Russell, Kevin 86,500
7-9 Walluck, David 86,100
4-5 Sakr, Bachir 86,000
11-9 Zisk, Richard 85,000
10-5 Eid, Mohd 80,600
1-4 O'Neill, Ryan 77,900
9-7 Awalt, Mark 77,500
13-9 Ellis, Keith 76,500
4-3 Guzzardi, Michael 75,300
8-4 Masi, Vito 74,600
10-9 Oliver-Rudis, Andrew 74,500
10-4 Bowley, Kent 72,000
3-9 Hughes, Chris 72,000
14-7 Butcher, Thomas 71,500
12-4 Wiley, Brendan 71,500
14-8 Lawler, Tom 71,000
12-9 Rioux, Robert 70,500
3-7 Cervone, Matthew 70,000
5-1 Cunningham, William 66,400
13-6 Linnell, Eddie 66,000
7-6 Donnelly, Patrick 63,100
9-8 Walden, Frank 62,100
1-1 Peterson, Alex 61,300
13-8 Geddes, Linsford 60,500
13-7 Isayev, Isaac 60,500
14-4 Saunders, Jeffrey 60,500
4-6 Fraser, Kevin 59,000
5-8 Carey, Kyle 57,600
9-5 Veiga, Brian 57,200
2-3 Sirkin, Marty 56,800
1-9 Felix, Duane 56,600
8-1 Matson, John O. 56,600
6-8 Jigarjian, Michael 56,000
9-3 Mozzicato, Robert 53,300
2-7 Oh, JeWook 53,200
14-6 Balisciano, Troy 53,000
4-7 Galavotti, Aaron 51,700
8-6 Seyal, Waqas 50,600
11-8 McAvoy, Jason 49,400
6-1 McClure, James 48,100
12-5 Abbott, Will 47,700
4-2 Quiles, Angel 46,500
7-1 Diotalevi, Richard 45,500
5-7 Kernan, Kevin 45,300
7-3 Miller, Jeffrey 44,500
2-9 Aiello, Gerald 44,200
7-7 Fiumefreddo, Michael 44,200
10-1 Lohr, Donald 42,500
13-4 Epstein, Mark 41,500
6-2 Chase, Rose 41,000
6-3 Penza, Thomas 41,000
6-6 Forte, David 40,500
10-7 Murphy, Steven 40,300
14-5 Rinas, Leonard 40,000
9-9 Williams, Michael 39,500
3-6 Luty, David 39,400
2-6 Witham, Matthew 38,500
5-3 Ribeiro, Ed 35,500
4-8 Carrafa, J.L. 34,300
1-7 Skinner, Bob 34,000
10-8 Hall, William 33,500
6-4 Pura, John 33,000
5-6 Martin, Ryan 32,800
2-5 Foxen, William 32,100
8-7 Hurd, Brendan 32,000
11-7 Beier, Matthew 30,000
10-2 Vitorino, Michael 29,600
9-4 Ferlazzo, John 29,500
7-5 Martin, Mark 29,200
6-9 Candanoza, Carlos 27,800
8-2 Cerreto, Michael 25,000
1-8 Jenks, Andy 23,500
12-2 Giacalone, Tony 22,500
8-5 Cervone, Mike 22,300
5-4 Shanks, Jeff 21,600
9-1 Cannata, Gaetano 20,100
14-1 Caputo, John 15,000
3-1 Hart, John 13,700
7-8 Schinco, Frank 9,000