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Sunday, October 19, 2014

October 2014 - Foxwoods World Poker Finals - Event #18 - $2,700 NLH Returning Players Day 3

Table-Seat Name Chip Count
1-1 Malpere, Steven 660,000
1-2 Failla, Will 165,000
1-3 Dobrilovic, Tom 312,000
1-4 Jaffe, Jonathan 3,157,000
1-5 Panayiotou, Eracles 590,000
1-6 Mitrokostas, Spiro 414,000
1-7 Campbell, James 830,000
1-8 Smith, Aaron 381,000
1-9 Liberman, Mark 644,000

Event 20: Money Bubble Bursts

Level 23
Blinds 10000/20000/3000
Players Remaining: 24

With that last elimination the remaining 24 players are in the money! There are 11 minutes remaining in level 23.

Event 18: 10th Place - Muhammad Rahim ($9,811)

10th Place - Muhammad Rahim
Muhammad Rahim was all in and at risk with [6c][6s] against the [Ah][10s] of James Campbell.
The board ran out [Jd][8c][10s][7h][Qs] and Muhammad was eliminated in 10th place.

Play resumes at 12pm tomorrow.
Chip counts and seating will be posted shortly.

Event 18: Eracles Doubles Through Failla

Level 23
Blinds 8000/16000/2000
Players Remaining: 10

With the board reading [5s][3d][Qs][Kh][10c] Failla announced that he was all in. Eracles Panayiotou would put in the last of his chips.
Failla tabled [10h][10s] for a rivered set of 10s.
"Are you kidding me?!" Eracles said as he tabled [Qh][Qc] for a flopped set of queens.
"I thought you had a straight!"

Eracles is up to 511,000 while Failla is now our short stack with 160,000.

Event 18: The Final 10

Level 22 
Blinds 6000/12000/2000
Players Remaining: 10 

1. Steven Malpere - 610,000
2.Will Faillia - 451,000
3. Tom Dobrilovic - 223,000
4. Jonathan Jaffe - 2,650,000
5. Eracles Panayiotou - 263,000
6. Spiro Mitrokostas - 496,000
7. James Campbell - 724,000
8. Muhammad Rahim - 420,000
9. Aaron Smith - 436,000
10. Mark Liberman - 900,000

What they are playing for:

1. $137,651
2. $84,841
3. $54,829
4. $45,018
5. $34,052
6. $27,126
7. $21,931
8. $17,603
9. $13,861
10. $9,811

Event 18: Smith Cracks Aces; Final 10 Players Reached

Level 22
Blinds 6000/12000/2000
Players Remaining: 13

Aaron Smith is no stranger to final tables. Smith has over $275,000 in lifetime earnings including two titles here at Foxwoods. Smith has been grinding a short stack for the last level or so but has been picking his spots carefully and chipping up.

In the last hand Smith found himself all in and in bad shape when his [Kh][Kc] was up against the [Ad][Ah] of his opponent.
The dealer spread out the flop and sure enough the [Kd] was right in the window followed by the [5d][Jc].
The [10d] on the turn would provide his opponent with more outs to knock out Smith but the [Js] river would lock up the pot for Smith.

Smith now sits with 430,000 as we redraw for the final table of 10 and will post final table chip counts once the players are done drawing their seats.

Play will end for the night once we hit 9 players. 

Event 18: Jaffe Crosses 2,000,000

Level 22
Blinds 6000/12000/2000
Players Remaining: 14

Mount Jaffe
Jonathan Jaffe opened the action with a raise to 23,000 from middle position and was quickly three-bet by the small blind to 55,000. Not to be deterred, Jaffe put in a four-bet to 135,000 and the small blind elected to just call.
The dealer spread the [6d][22][10c] flop and the small blind checked his option to Jaffe.
"92,000" Jaffe announced as he cut chips out of the mountain of chips he had in front of himself.
The small blind announced all in before Jaffe's chips even crossed the bet line and Jaffe snap called.
Small Blind: [Ac][Qs]
Jaffe: [Qh][Qc]

The board ran out [4d][3c] and Jaffe would scoop another big pot as he now sits on over 2,400,000 chips.

Event 18: Coming Back From Break

Level 21
Blinds 5000/1000/1000
Players Remaining: 16

Players are returning from their 15 minute break to play level 21. The blinds are now 5,000/10,000 with a 1,000 ante. Many notables are still alive including:

James Campbell: 600,000
Will Failla: 590,000
Jonathan Jaffe: 1,575,000
Spiro Mitrokostas: 475,000
Aaron Smith: 215,000

Watch Failla and Campbell on the live stream at : or follow along with all the updates at

Event 18: 18 Player Redraw

Level 20
Blinds 4000/8000/1000
Players Remaining: 18
Jonathan Jaffe Leads The Final 18

We are down to the final 18 players and they are currently redrawing. Jonathan Jaffe currently leads the field with over 1,200,000 as we say goodbye to Floyd Overton in 19th place. 30 minutes remain in level 20 and will be on a 15 minute break at the end of this level.

Event 18: Field Update

Level 20
Blinds 4000/8000/1000
Players Remaining: 23

We are down to our final 23 players in the main event. Players will have a 15 minute break at the end of this level. Here is a look at some chip counts from the field:
Jonathan Jaffe - 1,300,000
James Campbell - 600,000
Tom Dobrilovic - 251,000
Adam Bitker - 195,000
Will Failla - 600,000

Event 20: $300 NLH Payouts

226 seats were sold to today's $300 NLH event creating a prize pool of over $56,000.
Here is a look at what they are playing for:
1. $13,851
2. $8,749
3. $5,643
4. $4,559
5. $3,420
6. $2,736
7. $2,223
8. $1,824
9. $1,431
10-12. $997
13-15. $883
16-18. $826
19-21. $769
22-24. $712

;Event 18: Jafe Bursts Bubble; Now Over A Million

Level 19
Blinds 3000/6000/500
Players Remaining: 26

A player opened to 25,000 from middle position, Jonathan Jaffe and Adam Schiffer tagged along to see the flop three ways.
The dealer spread the [6h][10d][Jc] flop and the original raiser checked to Jaffe who would put in a bet of 46,000.
Adam Schiffer went into the tank before eventually announcing that he was all in for around 100,000 more. The player from early position folded and Jaffe quickly made the call.
Schiffer: [7s][10h]
Jaffe: [Ac][Jd]

The board ran out clean and the remaining 26 players are all going home with at least $5,771.
Jaffe now sits with over 1,000,000 in chips.

Event 18: Hand for Hand

The money bubble is here! With recent eliminations of Natale Kuey and Andy Frankenberger we are officially hand for hand.

Here are a few counts from around the room:

James Campbell: 720,000
Will Failla: 212,000
Tom Dobrilovic: 96,500
Adam Bitker: 270,000
Jonathan Jaffe: 810,000
Adam Schiffer: 155,000

Event 18: Lee's Aces Drown on River

Level 17
Blinds 2000/4000/500
Players Remaining: 31

Eracles Panayiotou

On the flop of [Kc][6d][7c] Sean Lee fired out a bet of 36,000 only to be called by Eracles Panayiotou.
The [2s] turn did not slow Lee down as he ripped in a bet of 60,000 which again was called by Eracles.
The [5h] hit the river and Lee again fired a bet of 70,000 and snap called as Eracles announced he was all in.

Lee: [Ac][Ad]
Eracles: [5s][7s]

Eracles ran down the aces of Lee by spiking two pair on the river and doubling up to over 500,000.

Event 18: The Rise of JCamby

Level 17
Blinds 2000/4000/500
Players Remaining 37
James Campbell

Action folded around to Haralambos Sardis in the small blind who limped and then called when James Campbell made it 11,000 from the big blind.
The flop came [Ad][10h][8d] and Sardis check called a bet of 13,000 from Campbell.
The turn was the [6c] and Sardis again checked his option to Campbell who put in a bet of 23,000. Sardis check raised all in for about 100,000 and Campbell called.
Sardis: [Ah][6s]
Campbell: [Ac][8c]
The [4h] would hit the river and Campbell would send Sardis to the rail in 38th place.
Campbell now sits with over 650,000.

Event 18: Day 3 is Underway

Level 17
Blinds 2000/4000/500
Players Remaining: 41

We are underway in day 3 of the main event. We are scheduled to play down to a final table today from the remaining 41 players. Follow along with updates here at or check out the live stream at