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Thursday, December 10, 2015

3rd Place: Soukha Kachittarong ($12,685)

Soukha Kachittarong was all in with ace queen and was up against the pocket nines of Mike Clemente. The board ran out 3-8-10-2-4 and the pocket pair held up, sending Soukha to the rail in 3rd place. He will collect $12,685 for his efforts.

Three way deal made

The final three players have decided to chop the remainder prize pool equally, and will play the rest of the tournament for the trophy. Here are the final payouts for the remaining three players:

Brian Morgan - $19,173
Mike Clemente - $18,695
Soukha Kachittarong - $12,685

Mike Clemente leads three handed play

Event #5 $400 NLH is down to the final three players. We are halfway through Level 29, which is 30,000/60,000 blinds with a 10,000 ante. Here are the chip counts in seat order:

Brian Morgan - 2,120,000
Mike Clemente - 4,440,000
Soukha Kachittarong - 1,900,000

4th Place: Ryan Martin ($9,400)

On the next hand, Ryan Martin was all in for 695,000 and Brian Morgan made the call. Mike Clemente moved all in over the top and Brian folded. Ryan held ace queen but was behind Mike's pocket kings. Ryan could not find an ace to survive, and he will exit the tournament in 4th place. He will collect $9,400 for his efforts.

5th Place: Alex Rocha ($14,230)

Alex Rocha was all in preflop with A-J and was called by Mike Clemente holding A-Q. No jack came for Alex and he will be our 5th place finisher, earning $14,230 for his efforts.

6th Place: Daniel Kusnerak ($9,774)

Daniel Kusnerak moved all in after Alex Rocha opened. Soukha Kachittarong reraised all in and Alex folded. Daniel had run his [Ah][Jd] into Soukha's [Jh][Jc]. The [5h][8c][Td][3c][Kd] board did not bring a needed ace, and Daniel will exit this tournament in 6th place. He will collect $9,774 for his efforts.

Six way deal made

The final six have agreed to a deal where each player is guaranteed a payout based on their chip count, and they will play for an additional $12,598.

Brian Morgan - $14,974
Mike Clemente - $14,495
Alex Rocha - $14,230
Daniel Kusnerak - $9,774
Ryan Martin - $9,400
Soukha Kachittarong - $8,486

7th Place: John Caputo ($4,772)

On a [6d][5c][4d] flop, John Caputo was all in holding [Qd][9d] and was up against the [6s][4h] of Alex Rocha. John would need a diamond to survive, but the [Js] turn and [9c] river did not complete his flush. John will exit this tournament in 7th place, collect $4,772 for his efforts.

8th Place: Zack Deneen ($3,761)

Zack Deneen was all in preflop holding [Jc][3c] and was called by [Ad][Qs]. The [8c][8s][6c] flop gave Zack a lot of outs to win, but the [5h] turn changed nothing. The [Qd] on the river gave his opponent top pair, and Zack will have to settle for $3,761 for his 8th place finish.

Brian Morgan takes over the chip lead

The board read [8d][9h][Tc][Ts][9c] and Soukha Kachittarong had moved all in, putting the pressure on Brian Morgan on the button. There was about a million in the pot already, and Brian eventually called, creating a 2,800,000 pot. He tabled [7s][6s] for a flopped straight, and Soukha could only show [Ah][3c] for a failed bluff. Brian would double up and become the chip leader with 8 remaining.

9th Place: Richard Kantor ($2,916)

After a failed attempt at going all in preflop, Richard Kantor was all in on the [Jd][8s][Td] flop and was called by Daniel Kusnerak. Richard held just [As][7h] against Daniel's [9h][8d]. The [Ks] turn gave Richard some additional outs, but the [Th] river wasn't one of them. Richard will exit this tournament in 9th place, collecting $2,916 for his efforts.

10th Place: Dayo Ajao ($2,111)

From under the gun, Zack Deneen raised to 85,000 at 20,000/40,000 blinds with a 5,000 ante. Dayo Ajao called all in for less, and Mike Clemente re-raised. Action folded back to Zack, and he folded after a brief pause.

Dayo [2s][2h]
Mike [Js][Jd]

The [8d][5c][3d] flop was no help for Dayo, but he picked up a gutshot on the [Ah] turn. The [3h] hit the river to send Dayo to the rail in 10th place. He will collect $2,111.

Zack was overheard saying he folded a pair of nines.

Event #5 Final Table Chip Counts & Seating Assignments

Here are chip counts and seating assignments for the final table of Event #5 $400 NLH:

Seat 1: Alex Rocha - 795,000
Seat 2: John Caputo - 545,000
Seat 3: Daniel Kusnerak - 1,185,000
Seat 4: Zack Deneen - 480,000
Seat 5: Brian Morgan - 895,000
Seat 6: Dayo Ajao - 170,000
Seat 7: Richard Kantor - 320,000
Seat 8: Mike Clemente - 1,350,000
Seat 9: Soukha Kachittarong - 1,925,000
Seat 10: Ryan Martin - 865,000

Here are the prizes left to play for:

1st Place: $30,011    
2nd Place: $18,584    
3rd Place: $12,655    
4th Place: $9,690    
5th Place: $7,231    
6th Place: $5,786    
7th Place: $4,772    
8th Place: $3,761    
9th Place: $2,916    
10th Place: $2,111    

Event #5 Final Table Reached

Event #5 has just reached the final table, and the elimination came at the hands of Soukha Kachittavong. Soukha has been on a tear, dropping to as low as 170,000 before telling the floor staff to watch his come back. He did exactly that, and now sits on almost 1,800,000, good for the chip lead.

The players will be taking a brief break, and chip counts and seating assignments will be posted shortly.

Brad St. Vincent gets lucky to double up

Brad St. Vincent was all in preflop holding [Ac][4c] and was called by his opponent holding [Ks][Kc]. Before the flop came, Brad conceded, "Nice hand." But the [5s][Jd][4d] flop brought Brad some outs. He wasted no time in hitting his seven-outer when the [4h] hit the turn. Brad would double up if he could avoid one of the two remaining kings. Instead, the [Js] hit the river, and Brad will double up to over 400,000. "It's good to win the small ones and lose the big ones," he joked after the hand.

Event #6 Update

Event #6 $300 NLH Bounty is down to 42 players and is 20 minutes from a dinner break.

Chris Leong has collected 3 bounties and currently has 61,000.

Dinner break nears

Dinner break was originally scheduled for after Level 25, but it was determined that that would be too late. So the remaining 17 players will take a one hour dinner break at the end of this level in 2 minutes. Play will resume at approximately 7:00pm EST.

Final two tables reached

With the elimination of our 19th place finisher, the final two tables in Event #5 have been reached. The final 18 are currently redrawing for seats at the final two tables.

Soukha Kachittavong is doing well with 800,000, while Alex Rocha has 660,000 and Brad St. Vincent has 300,000.

Event #6 Prize Pool & Payouts

Event #6 $300 NLH Bounty received 132 entries, creating a $26,690 prize pool. The top 15 players will be in the money, with a mincash worth $533. Here are the full payouts:

1st Place: $7,153
2nd Place: $4,671
3rd Place: $3,123
4th Place: $2,322
5th Place: $1,761
6th Place: $1,442
7th Place: $1,174
8th Place: $934
9th Place: $750
10th-12th Place: $587
13th-15th Place: $533

James Campbell has been eliminated

We arrived to find James Campbell involved in a three way all in, James holding pocket nines against two player's A-K's. The flop was safe for James, but an ace on the turn meant James had two outs to survive. The river bricked, and James was sent to the rail in 30th place for $911. The two remaining players in the hand will chop the pot.

Event #5 Update

Event #5 $400 NLH has just begun Level 20, which means the blinds are 5,000/10,000 with a 1,000 ante. 28 players remain. Here are eliminations so far:

30th Place: James Campbell ($911)
31st Place: Thomas Delaney ($911)
32nd Place: Welther Marmol ($911)
33rd Place: Satish Surapaneni ($911)
34th Place: Brendan Wiley ($911)
35th Place: Larry Gordon ($911)
36th Place: Nicholas Tsonis ($911)
37th Place: David Labriola ($809)
38th Place: Jesse Desper ($809)
39th Place: Joshua Krasnecky ($809)
40th Place; Alexander Houle ($809)
41st Place: Peter Campo ($809)
42nd Place: James Rossi ($809)
43rd Place: Christopher Renaudette ($809)
44th Place: Thomas Lawler ($809)
45th Place: Steven Fiorentini ($809)
46th Place: Todd Freeman ($708)
47th Place: Sudhakar Vundavalli ($708)
48th Place: J. L. Carrafa ($708)
49th Place: Johanssy W. Jospeh ($708)
50th Place: James Mann ($708)
51st Place: Matthew Wantman ($708)
52nd Place: Elvis Reyes ($708)
53rd Place: Ralph Puziello ($708)
54th Place: John Riley ($708)

Event #5 is in the money

The 54 players remaining in Event #5 $400 NLH are now in the money. Everyone is guaranteed a minimum cash of $708, but all are looking towards the $30,011 first place prize. Still in the hunt for the win are: Souhka Kachittavong, Matt Wantman, James Campbell, Alex Rocha, and Brad St. Vincent.

Event #5 & Event #6 are Under way

Cards are back in the air for Day 2 of Event #5 $400 NLH. 85 players remain from Flights A & B combined, and Matthew Cooper is at the top of the chip counts with 259,000. Brad St. Vincent is right behind him in 2nd place with 231,000 and Soukha Kachittavong isn't too far behind with 177,000, just outside of the top 10 in chips. Blinds continue at 1,500/3,000 with a 500 ante, and levels are 40 minutes in length.

You can watch the featured table on our live stream at

Meanwhile, Event #6 $300 NLH Bounty has also begun. Players start with 20,000 in chips, and each player eliminated will award a $50 bounty. Registration and re-entries are available until the start or level 9, or approximately 3:30pm.

Today's Schedule

Today is Day 7 of the Foxwoods Mega Stack Challenge. This series features over $1,000,000 in Guaranteed Prizes. Here's what's on today's schedule:

Event #6 $300 NLH Bounty
($210 Buy-in / $40 Entry fee / $50 Bounty)
Players start with 20,000 in non-value tournament chips.
Registration will remain open until the start of level 9 (approximately 4:30pm).
Levels will last 30 minutes
There will be a one hour dinner break
Play will end after level 15 (approximately 8:15pm) or at T.D. discretion.
Full structure is available here.

Day 2 of Event #5 $400 NLH
85 players remain
Levels will be 40 minutes.
Full structure is available here.

Other Tournaments:
9am: $60 NLH
3pm: $200 Mega Super - 2 $1,650 Seats Guaranteed
6pm: $120 NLH- $10,000 Guarantee
8:30pm: $100 NLH Bounty

A full series schedule is available here.

December Mega Stack Challenge - Event #5 - $400 NLH - Flights 1 A&B Returning Players for Day 2

Table-Seat Name Chip Count
6-7 Cooper, Matthew 259,000
4-7 Lindenfeld, Nathan 231,000
3-4 St. Vincent, Brad 231,000
4-3 Surapaneni, Satish 228,000
10-3 Campion, Robert 224,500
7-2 McDonald, Nick 219,500
8-8 Centore, Michael 214,500
6-9 Ajdo, Dayo 210,500
6-5 Sgambato, Frank 188,500
10-1 Johnson, Robert 181,000
7-5 Kachittavong, S. 177,000
1-3 Alves, Christopher 173,500
4-5 Labriola, David 173,000
5-7 Deneen, Zach 169,500
9-8 Mostafa, Ryan 168,500
3-5 Noonan, William 165,000
8-9 Caputo, John 164,500
10-6 Wing, Jeremy 160,500
2-3 Renaudette, Christopher 156,000
8-2 Miller, Jeff 153,500
2-2 Rocha, Alex 151,000
4-1 Rossi, James 149,500
5-2 Krasnecky, Josh 145,000
7-1 Vundavalli, Sudhakar 136,000
9-4 Delaney, Tom 131,000
9-6 Fiorentini, Steven 129,500
2-8 Connolly, James 129,000
6-4 Kusnerak, Daniel 126,000
5-8 Wantman, Matthew 125,000
3-2 Freeman, Todd 114,000
4-9 Campbell, James 112,000
7-7 Ardesh, Danial 109,500
5-9 Desper, Jesse 108,500
9-9 Steinberg, Mark 100,500
10-4 Lawler, Thomas 96,500
1-5 Renda, Brian 91,500
2-7 Bukoff, Dan 87,000
9-3 Saridis, Haralambos 86,000
2-9 Martin, Ryan 85,500
9-2 Kantor, Richard 81,500
5-3 Tsonis, Nick 81,000
3-7 Carrafa, J.L. 80,500
1-4 Marmol, Welther 80,000
5-4 Pappas, Billy 76,500
8-7 Clemente, Michael 73,000
3-9 Kuey, Natale 73,000
1-2 Richter, Raphael 73,000
6-6 Morgan, Brian 72,500
1-1 Silbert, Anthony 70,500
6-8 Dobbs, Michael 69,500
1-8 Fleming, Eric 68,000
7-4 Paladino, Ramona 67,000
9-5 Andino, Carlos 66,500
1-9 Moran, John 64,500
6-3 Bunker, Charles 63,500
10-9 Dang, William 63,500
2-1 Diotalevi, Richard 60,950
8-1 Puziello, Ralph 59,500
8-3 Mann, Jim 59,000
5-6 Medlinskas, Mark 58,500
4-2 Sabbagh, Tony 58,500
1-6 Bousaleh, Jack 57,000
4-4 Confesor, Jorge 57,000
6-1 McGann, Andrew 51,500
1-7 Wiley, Brendan 51,000
3-3 Lawson, Rick 47,500
9-1 Kurtz, David 46,000
3-8 Riley, John 46,000
8-4 Belardo, Aaron 45,500
8-5 Baltieri, Michael 44,000
6-2 Pelli, Dominick 44,000
4-8 Zelman, Julie 44,000
7-3 Laramee, Jason 42,000
4-6 Iannotti, Richard 41,500
10-5 Martin, Mark 40,500
5-5 Campo, Peter 39,000
2-6 Bonfigli, Andrew 38,500
7-9 Houle, Alex 38,000
2-5 McCallum, Duncan 38,000
7-8 Joseph, Johanssy 37,000
5-1 Gordon, Larry 35,000
10-2 Sotiropoulos, Bill 27,500
10-7 Roberts, Kenneth 27,000
3-1 Zisk, Richard 25,000
2-4 Reyes, Elvis 15,500

Four more hands

With 10 minutes on the clock the card has been drawn, and it has been determined that 4 more hands will be played. The board reads 50 players remaining and survivors will return tomorrow at 12pm for Day 2.

Level 15 Update

Level 15 has begun, which is the last level of the night. The blinds are 1,200/2,400 with a 400 ante and 58 players remain. Here are select chip counts from the field:

Matt Wantman - 104,000
Spiro Mitrokostas - 65,000
James Campbell - 58,000

Event #5 Prize Pool & Payouts

Event #5 $400 NLH received 426 entries, creating a $144,627 prize pool. The top 54 players will be in the money, with a mincash worth $708. Here are the full payouts:

Place Prize
1st Place: $30,011
2nd Place: $18,584
3rd Place: $12,655
4th Place: $9,690
5th Place: $7,231
6th Place: $5,786
7th Place: $4,772
8th Place: $3,761
9th Place: $2,916
10-12th Place: $2,111
13-15th Place: $1,822
16-18th Place: $1,605
19-21st Place: $1,388
22-24th Place: $1,171
25-27th Place: $1,026
28-36th Place: $911
37-45th Place: $809
46-54th Place: $708