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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Rory Anderson doubles through Peter Wagner again

On a [Tc][4h][9c] flop, Rory Anderson was all in with [Kc][Qc] and was up against the [9s][7h] of Peter Wagner.  Peter had the best hand with a pair of nines, but Rory was a 61% favorite with his flush draw, gutshot, and two overs.  The [Jd] turn gave Rory the straight, leaving Peter drawing dead, and the [5c] river unnecessarily improved him to a flush.

Rory has now built his stack back up to 3.5 million while Peter has 4.7 million.

Rory Anderson doubles through Peter Wagner

Peter Wagner opened the button before Rory Anderson moved all in.  After some thought, Peter called with [Jh][8s] and was crushed by Rory's [Js][Jc].  The [5s][Td][2c] flop was no help, but the [9h] did give Peter an open ended straight draw.  The [6h] hit the river to give Rory the double up.  He still has some work to do, though, as he is still largely outchipped.

Peter Wagner doubles through Rory Anderson and takes a commanding lead

On a [7c][3s][Ad][3h][Ah] board, Rory Anderson moved all in, having Peter Wagner covered.  Peter snap called and revealed [As][7d] for the second nuts.  Rory mucked, and Peter has taken a commanding lead in this heads up match with almost 7.5 million to Rory's 600,000.

Event #3 $300 Omaha 8+ Final Table Reached

The final table has been reached in Event #3 $300 Omaha 8+.  Here are chip counts and seating assignments:

Seat 1: Michael Gamerman - 141,000
Seat 2: Danny Chang - 33,000
Seat 3: William Perry - 239,000
Seat 4: Peter Terry - 86,000
Seat 5: Lawrence Zito - 24,000
Seat 6: Daniel Goldberg - 26,000
Seat 7: DNR - 118,000
Seat 8: Dominiek Cuzzi - 36,000
Seat 9: Bradley Manter - 162,000
Seat 10: Jeffrey Stevens - 126,000

Heads up chip counts

Rory Anderson - 4,550,000
Peter Wagner - 3,805,000

3rd Place: Mark Bramley ($19,341)

After Peter Wagner opened the button, Mark Bramley reraised from the small blind and Peter made the call.  The flop fell [4h][Kh][4c] and Mark moved all in and was snap called by Peter.

Mark [As][2c]
Peter [Kd][Qc]

Mark was in trouble and found no help on the [Jc] turn or the [5s] river.  Mark will exit this tournament in 3rd place, good for $19,341.

4th Place: Victor Usati ($15,150)

Victor Usati was all in preflop holding [5d][5c] against Peter Wagner's [As][Qd].  The [Js][3h][Ac] flop paired Peter's cards, and Victor would need a five to survive.  The [3s] turn and [Jc] river failed to deliver, and Victor will exit this tournament in 4th place.  He will collect $15,150 for his efforts.

5th Place: Kyle Anderson ($11,282)

Kyle Anderson moved all in from the small blind holding [5h][4s] and was called by Rory Anderson in the big blind holding [Ah][Qc].  It was a battle of the Andersons, with Kyle needing to improve to survive.  The [Qd][Jd][Kd] flop meant Kyle was now drawing to runner runner.  The [Ac] turn did open up some chop outs for Kyle, but the [8s] hit the river to eliminate him in 5th place.  Kyle will earn $11,282 for his efforts.

Rory Anderson dodges Royal Flush and doubles up

On a [Qs][Tc][2d], Rory Anderson was all in holding [Ks][Kd] and was up against the [Kc][Qc] of Mark Bramley.  Rory merely had to dodge a queen to survive, but the [Jc] gave Mark a flush draw, not to mention a Royal Flush draw.  The [7s] hit the river to give Rory the double up, and he now sits on approximately 700,000.

6th Place: Bruce Secor ($9,133)

Bruce Secor (bottom left) watches as his kings get cracked by Victor Usati (standing, center)
From under the gun, Victor Usati moved all in and Bruce Secor made the call from the small blind.  It was a cooler as Victor's [Qs][Qc] ran into Bruce's [Kd][Kc].  The [9s][Qd][As] flop once again delivered a flopped set to the smaller pocket pair.  The [2d] hit the turn and Rory Anderson admitted he folded deuces.  The [5s] hit the river to send Bruce to the rail in 6th place, good for $9,133.

7th Place: Vito Masi ($7,306)

Vito Masi had dwindled down to less than one big blind, and he was all in before the deal from the big blind position.  Two other players saw the [6d][2d][Qh] flop, but a single bet was enough to fold out the other live player.  Vito's opponent tabled [Ah][5h] for just ace high, but Vito could only find [Ts][7d] as he saw his hand for the first time.  The [8c] turn gave Vito a gutshot straight draw to go along with his live cards, but the [8h] river meant Vito will exit the tournament in 7th place.  He will earn $7,306 for his efforts.

8th Place: Ray Hicks ($5,695) & 9th Place: Keith Romanovitz ($4,427)

It was a three way all in, and all three players had huge hands:

Ray Hicks [As][Ac]
Keith Romanovitz [Ks][Kd]
Mark Bramley [Jh][Jc]

Mark had both players covered, so if the aces held up Ray would triple up and Keith would be eliminated.  The flop fell [8s][Js][2c], however, putting Peter in the lead with top set.  The [9c] turn and [8c] river changed nothing, and Peter will earn a double knock-out.

The stacks were counted down, and it was discovered Ray had the bigger stack of the two, so he will earn $5,695 for his 8th place finish.  Meanwhile, Keith will earn $4,427 for his 9th place finish.

10th Place: Giuseppe Ruvolo ($3,330)

From the button, Giuseppe Ruvolo moved all in before Mark Bramley moved all in over the top from the button.  The blinds released, and the hands were revealed

Giuseppe [As][7c]
Mark [Qh][Qc]

The [Td][3d][9d] flop was no help, but the [8s] turn gave Giuseppe 11 outs to survive.  The [7h] was not one of them, and Giuseppe put on his jacket and headed for the payout desk.  He will collect $3,330 for his efforts.

Final Table Has Resumed

Dinner break is over, and the final 10 players have resumed play in Event #1 $600 NLH.  You can watch live at

Players are now on dinner break

The final table of Event #1 $600 NLH is now on dinner break.  Play will resume at approximately 7:30pm EST.

Final Table Chips Counts & Seating Assignments

Seat 1: Rory Anderson - 1,557,000
Seat 2: Victor Usati - 585,000
Seat 3: Giuseppe Ruvolo - 485,000
Seat 4: Peter Wagner - 1,130,000
Seat 5: Mark Bramley - 1,434,000
Seat 6: Keith Romanovitz - 901,000
Seat 7: Vito Masi - 294,000
Seat 8: Kyle Anderson - 512,000
Seat 9: Ray Hicks - 1,180,000
Seat 10: Bruce Secor - 459,000

Here are the remaining prizes to be played for:

1st Place: $46,568
2nd Place: $28,903
3rd Place: $19,341
4th Place: $15,150
5th Place: $11,282
6th Place: $9,133
7th Place: $7,306
8th Place: $5,695
9th Place: $4,427
10th Place: $3,330

Final Table Reached

With the elimination of the 11th place finisher, Event #1 $600 NLH has reached the final table.  There are still 7 minutes and 30 seconds left in level 25 before the final 10 go on dinner break.  

Event #1 Final 2 Tables Reached

With the elimination of our 19th place finisher, the final 2 tables in Event #1 $600 NLH have been reached.  Players are redrawing for their new seats, and they will play the remaining 11 minutes and 22 seconds of level 23 and then take a break.  After that, remaining levels will be 50 minutes in length.

Event #3 $300 Omaha 8+ Prize Pool & Payouts

A total of 101 entries were received in Event #3 $300 Omaha 8 or Better, creating a prize pool of $26,260.  The top 12 players will be in the money.  Here are the full payouts:

1st Place: $7,133
2nd Place: $4,814
3rd Place: $3,158
4th Place: $2,369
5th Place: $1,783
6th Place: $1,427
7th Place: $1,171
8th Place: $943
9th Place: $766
10th-12th Place: $636

Event #2 $300 NLH Bounty Prize Pool & Payouts

Event #2 $300 NLH Bounty received 186 entries, creating a prize pool of $39,060.  The top 21 places will be in the money, with a mincash worth $526.  Here are the full payouts:

1st Place: $9,497
2nd Place: $6,111
3rd Place: $3,874
4th Place: $3,103
5th Place: $2,350
6th Place: $1,862
7th Place: $1,504
8th Place: $1,223
9th Place: $984
10th-12th Place: $676
13th-15th Place: $601
16th-18th Place: $564
19th-21st Place: $526

Event #1 is in the money

With the elimination of our 46th place finisher, the remaining 45 players in Event #1 $600 NLH are now in the money.  All players are guaranteed a $1,289 mincash, however all eyes are on the $46,563 first place prize.

Event #1 Day 2 Has Begun

Cards are back in the air for Day 2 of Event #1 $600 NLH.  51 players remain and we will be playing down to a winner today.  You can watch our featured table at

Event #2 is Under Way

Cards are in the air for Event #2 $300 NLH Bounty.  This tournament features 15,000 starting chips and 30 minute levels.  A full structure sheet is available here.

At 12pm, Event #3 $300 Omaha 8+ will begin.  This tournament features 10,000 starting chips and 30 minute levels.  A full structure sheet is available here.

Also at 12pm, Event #1 $600 NLH will be resuming Day 2 action.  We will be streaming a featured table live at as we play down to an eventual winner.

October 2014 - Foxwoods World Poker Finals - Event #1 - $600 NLH - Returning Players

Table-Seat Name Chip Count
5-8 Garrett, Rob 363,000
6-6 Estabrooks, Leonard 356,000
2-5 Stefanski, David 338,000
3-3 Anderson, Kyle 330,000
1-1 Secor, Bruce 326,000
3-9 Anderson, Rory 318,500
6-5 Palma, Nick 318,000
2-9 White, Gregory 306,500
3-8 Olanyk, Larry 304,500
2-8 Cambareri, Carmelo 258,000
2-2 Ruvolo, Giuseppe 253,500
1-8 Nowak, Paul 246,000
4-3 Bramley, Mark 236,000
3-1 Spanos, Michael 234,500
3-2 O'Neil, Tim 200,500
3-6 Weinstock, Joseph 186,000
1-7 Pasquale, Mike 183,500
1-5 Arias, Anthony 183,000
4-9 Godin, Dorian 177,500
5-6 Romanovitz, Keith 155,500
5-2 Bagdasarov, Michael 154,000
2-4 Feingold, Jay 153,500
3-5 Alexander, John 152,000
4-4 Dagata, Fabio 145,500
4-6 Usati, Victor 134,500
6-4 Negrotti, Rob 131,500
4-1 Wagner, Peter 129,500
4-8 Nicklas, Dan 129,000
5-7 Dobrilovic, Tom 126,500
2-1 Munoz, Joseph 124,000
1-6 McFarland, Jon 117,000
5-9 Hicks, Ray 113,500
4-7 Turoff, Jordan 113,000
1-3 Allen, Joseph 112,500
6-2 Kohl, James 109,000
2-7 Luty, David 99,500
6-8 Reardon, Michael 94,500
5-3 Beers, Shannon 89,000
1-4 Lim, Keiko 88,500
5-1 Dorenkamp, Monica 86,500
2-6 Fahl, Deacon 84,000
6-1 Kuey, Natale 81,500
5-4 Dang, William 80,500
4-2 Lizardi, Humberto 77,500
5-5 Urbanski, Tom 77,500
4-5 Roy, John 72,500
6-7 Campbell, James 42,000
6-3 Nieliwocki, Michael 42,000
3-7 Tsiantoulas, Sotirios 35,500
1-9 Dale, Mary 34,500
1-2 Masi, Vito 20,500

Five more hands

With 10 minutes left on the clock, it has been announced that the field will play five more hands before completing play for the night.  Players that survive will return at 12pm.  Currently there are 57 players remaining including David Stefanski, Tom Dobrilovic, and Nick Palma.