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Monday, November 1, 2010

YouTube video: Sorel Mizzi Bubbles the Foxwoods WPT Final Table

The television table bubble hand of the Foxwoods World Poker Finals WPT Main Event. Sorel Mizzi gets all in with A-Q against Mohsin Charania's pocket tens.

Click here to view the video in HD

Final Televised Table Chip Counts

The final chip counts by seat assignment are as follows:

1. Nikolai Yakovenko 624,000
2. Jeff Forrest 1,949,000
3. Tom Marchese 3,022,000
4. David Inselberg 344,000
5. Keven Stammen 341,000
6. Mohsin Charania 1,024,000

There is 36:18 left in level 23, 12,000-24,000 with 4,000 antes.

Play will resume tomorrow at 4pm in the Grand Pequot Ballroom.

Sorel Mizzi Eliminated 7th ($88,802)

Sorel Mizzi moved all in from under the gun and was called by Mohsin Charania in the big blind. Mizzi turned up A-Q and Charania showed 10-10.

The flop brought an ace for Mizzi and it looked like he would double up. However, the dealer put out a ten on the river to give Charania a set and the pot.

Sorel Mizzi is eliminated in 7th place and takes home $88,802.

The video of the final hand will be posted shortly.

Besnik Ziba Eliminated 8th ($72,863)

Besnik Ziba

Tom Marchese raised to 55,000 before the flop and Besnik Ziba moved all in for 266,000 total. It was folded back around to Marchese, who made the call. They turned up:

Ziba [Ad][5d]
Marchese [Kd][9d]

Ziba had the best hand as well as having the flush draw covered. The flop came out [Qh][8s][4c] and Ziba's hand was still best. The [6d] on the turn didn't change anything but the [9c] on the river pair Marchese and sent Ziba to the rail in 8th place.

YouTube video: Joey Fatone at the Foxwoods World Poker Finals!

Jay "WhoJedi" Newnum talks with Joey Fatone at the Foxwoods WPT Final Table about the action and his show at Foxwoods, "Let's Make a Deal!".

Click here to view the video in HD

Chris Bonita Eliminated 9th ($61,480)

Chris Bonita

Tom Marchese raised to 55,000 before the flop and Chris Bonita called from the button. The flop came down [As][9h][2d] and Marchese bet out 72,000. Bonita moved all in for 407,000 and Marchese immediately made the call. They turned over:

Marchese [Ac][Kd]
Bonita [Ad][Qs]

Both had flopped top pair but Marchese had the king kicker. The turn was the [6h] and the river came the [Jd]. Marchese's hand holds up to win the pot and eliminate Bonita in 9th place.

Tom Marchese now has about 2.2 million in chips.

Blind Increase in the $10K WPT Main Event

The blinds have been increased to 12,000-24,000 with a 4,000 ante.

Final Table Chip Counts

1. Tom Marchese 1,800,000
2. Jeff Forrest 1,300,000
3. Mohsin Charania 850,000
4. Sorel Mizzi 680,000
5. Chris Bonita 520,000
6. Nikolai Yakovenko 510,000
7. Besnik Ziba 450,000
8. Keven Stammen 425,000
9. Dave Inselberg 400,000

Tom Marchese Still the Chip Leader

Tom Marchese

Tom Marchese is still the chip leader with about 1.8 million.

Jeff Forrest is currently in second with about 1.3 million.

David Inselberg Doubles Through Sorel Mizzi

David Inselberg moved all in for his last 247,000 and was called by Sorel Mizzi. They showed:

Inselberg [Ks][Qh]
Mizzi [Ac][Kd]

Mizzi had Inselberg dominated before the flop but the board ran out [Kc][Jd][9s][3s][Ts], giving Inselberg the straight and a double up.

Ben Klier Eliminated 10th ($46,678)

Ben Klier

A short-stacked Ben Klier got all in before the flop with [As][9d] against the [Ac][Jc] of Mohsin Charania.

The board ran out [Ad][Tc][8s][Ts][3d] and Charania won the pot to eliminate Klier in 10th place.

Blind Increase in the $10K WPT Main Event

The blinds have been increased to 10,000-20,000 with a 3,000 ante.

Chris Bonita Doubles up Through Nikolai Yakovenko

Chris Bonita raised to 33,000 before the flop and Nikolai Yakovenko reraised to 108,000. Bonita then moved all in for over 300,000 total. Yakovenko made the call and they turned over:

Bonita [Ah][Kc]
Yakovenko [Qd][Js]

The board ran out [Kh][9c][8d][Qh][As] and Bonita's hand held up to win the pot and double up to 789,000.

Final Table Now Underway!

The final table of ten players is set and play has resumed.

The final table by seat assignment is as follows:

1. Nikolai Yakovenko
2. Jeff Forrest
3. Tom Marchese
4. Besnik Ziba
5. David Inselberg
6. Keven Stammen
7. Ben Klier
8. Mohsin Charania
9. Sorel Mizzi
10. Chris Bonita

Jason Mercier Eliminated 11th ($46,678)

Jason Mercier

Jason Mercier raised to 35,000 and it was folded around to Keven Stammen in the big blind. He asked for about what Mercier had behind and then moved all in. Mercier immediately made the call and they turned over:

Stammen [Th][Ts]
Mercier [9h][9s]

The board ran out [7c][6c][5c][3c][Jh] and a visibly frustrated Mercier was sent to the rail in 11th place.

Hoyt Corkins Eliminated 12th ($46,678)

Hoyt Corkins has been eliminated in 12th place by Mohsin Charania.

Corkins takes home $46,678.

Mohsin Charania Doubles Up

Mohsin Charania

Jeff Forrest raised to 56,000 before the flop and Mohsin Charania moved all in for 281,000. Forrest made the call and they turned up the same hands:

Charania [Ad][Qd]
Forrest [Ac][Qs]

When the flop came down [Td][Ts][2d], Charania said to the dealer "Once, please?".

Apparently, asking politely was the key as the dealer put out the [5d], giving Charania the flush and locking up the hand.

He doubles up to just under 600,000.

Cards are Back In the Air!

Cards are in the air and the blinds are now 8,000-16,000 with a 2,000 ante.

Day Five About to Get Underway!

Day 5 of the Foxwoods World Poker Finals is about to get underway.

There are 12 players remaining and play will continue today until we reach the final six for the televised World Poker Tour final table.

Click "Watch LIVE Video" at the top of the page to view the live stream of today's action.

Here are the seat assignments for the start of Day 5:

Table 1

1. David Inselberg 331,000
3. Chris Bonita 610,000
5. Keven Stammen 400,000
6. Besnik Ziba 500,000
8. Sorel Mizzi 789,000
9. Jason Mercier 322,000

Table 2

1. Hoyt Corkins 335,000
3. Ben Klier 269,000
4. Mohsin Charania 283,000
5. Nikolai Yakovenko 690,000
7. Tom Marchese 1,832,000
9. Jeff Forrest 979,000