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Monday, December 13, 2010

Michael Woods Wins the Mega Stack ($40,048)

Michael Woods

Michael Woods is officially the winner of the 2010 December Mega Stack Challenge Main Event!

Congratulation to Michael and everyone who took part in the Mega Stack.

We will see you in February for the next Mega Stack Challenge series!!!

David Espinola Finishes in 2nd Place ($40,047)

David Espinola

After a deal was made heads-up, David Espinola is officially the runner-up of the Foxwoods Mega Stack Main Event.

David Hickman Eliminated in 3rd Place ($30,000)

David Hickman

On a board of [8c][4d][3d], David Hickman got all in against David Espinola. They turned up:

Hickman [9h][8h]
Espinola [Kd][8s]

The turn was the [Ac] and the river came the [Jc]. Espinola won the pot and Hickman was eliminated in 3rd place.

Brad McFarland Eliminated in 4th Place ($30,000)

Brad McFarland

Brad McFarland got the last of his chips in before the flop against Michael Woods. They turned up:

McFarland [Tc][9c]
Woods [Ah][Js]

The flop came [Kd][Qd][4h] and both players flopped gut shot straight draws. The turn was the [Td], giving Woods the straight. The river bricked out for McFarland and he was eliminated in 4th place for $30,000.

Deal Made in the Mega Stack Main Event

The four remaining players have agreed to each take $30,000 and play for the remaining $20,000.

The blinds have been increased to 40,000-80,000 with a 10,000 ante.

The players have agreed to shorten the levels to 15-minutes.

Blind Increase with 4 Players Remaining

The blinds have been increased to 40,000-80,000 with a 10,000 ante.

With four players remaining, the average chip stack in now 2,650,000.

Mustapha Mouttaouakil Eliminated 5th ($14,394)

Mustapha Mouttaouakil

Mustapha Mouttaouakil raised all in for just short of 800,000 and was called by Michael Woods. They turned over:

Mouttaouakil [Ad][Qs]
Woods [As][6s]

Mouttaouakil had Woods dominated and stayed in the lead on a flop of [Tc][3h][2h]. However, the [6h] on the turn gave Woods the lead. The [5h] on the river did not improve Mouttaouakil and he was eliminated in fifth place.

Blind Increase with 5 Players Remaining

The blinds have been increased to 25,000-50,000 with a 5,000 ante.

The average chip stack with 5 players remaining is 2,120,000 chips.

Updated Chip Counts from the Final Table

The current chip counts at the final table by seat assignment are as follows:

5. David Espinola 1,800,000
6. Mustapha Mouttaouakil 1,700,000
8. Brad McFarland 3,100,000
9. David Hickman 1,600,000
10. Michael Woods 2,200,000