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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jeff Forrest Wins the Foxwoods World Poker Finals!

Jeff Forrest, winner of the Foxwoods World Poker Finals

Jeff Forrest raised to 200,000 before the flop and David Inselberg made the call. The flop came [9d][8s][5c] and Inselberg checked. Forrest bet 250,000 and Inselberg raised to 600,000. Forrest moved all in and Inselberg made the call. They turned up:

Forrest [Qd][Qh]
Inselberg [9h][6s]

Inselberg flopped top pair but was behind Forrest's pocket queens. The [Qs] on the turn left Inselberg drawing to a seven for a straight but the [Ac] fell on the river.

David Inselberg is eliminated in second place and takes home $325,608.

Jeff Forrest is the winner of the Foxwoods World Poker Finals Main Event and earns $548,752 for first place!

David Inselberg Eliminated in 2nd Place ($325,608)

David Inselberg

Updated Heads-Up Chip Counts

The chip counts for the start of heads-up play are as follows:

Jeff Forrest 5,335,000
David Inselberg 1,980,000

Money Ceremony About to Start

There is a quick break in the action while the production crew prepares the money ceremony for our heads-up players, Jeff Forrest and David Inselberg.

Tom Marchese Eliminated in 3rd Place ($211,759)

Tom Marchese

Jeff Forrest raised to 275,000 and Tom Marchese moved all in for his last 770,000. Forrest made the call and they showed:

Marchese [Ac][Ks]
Forrest [Kc][6h]

Marchese was in great shape to double up until the board ran out [Jd][8c][6s][Qc][2d], giving Forrest a pair of sixes.

Marchese is eliminated in 3rd place and take home $211,759.

Updated Chip Counts

The chip counts by seat assignments are as follows:

1. Jeff Forrest 4,445,000
2. Tom Marchese 780,000
3. David Inselberg 2,090,000

Blind Increase in the $10K WPT Main Event

The blinds have been increased to 50,000-100,000 with a 10,000 ante.

Jeff Forrest Doubles Through Tom Marchese

Jeff Forrest

Jeff Forrest raises to 225,000 and Tom Marchese moves all in. Forrest thinks for a moment before announcing call. They turn up:

Forrest [As][9d]
Marchese [Ah][6h]

The board ran out [Qc][9c][4s][9s][Ad] and Forrest wins the pot to double up and take the chip lead with over three million in chips.