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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Event #5: 7pm Update

It's 7pm in the Foxwoods Poker Room, and Event #5: $580 NLH is in full swing.  The morning flight that started at 11am got 183 entrants and is down to the final 30 players.  They just began 1,200/2,400 blinds with a 400 ante, and this will be the last level of the day.

The second flight is on their first break of the day.  Registration is still open for 2 more levels, so there are no final prize pool and payout numbers, yet.  Both fields will combine tomorrow at 2pm to play down to a winner.

1st Place: Joseph Delgobbo ($29,158)

Joseph Delgobbo has won Event #4: $365 NLH!  He will collect the World Series of Poker Circuit ring along with the $29,158 prize.

Aiman Abbassi was all in preflop holding [Ac][Js] and was up against Joseph Delgobbo's [Qs][Qc].  The flop fell [Kh][5d][Th], and Aiman asked the dealer to give Joseph a set, which would make him a gutshot straight.  The turn was a [5h], leaving Aiman drawing to the same five outs.  When the dealer put the [6s] on the river, Aiman was eliminated in 2nd place.

2nd Place: Aiman Abbassi ($18,036)

3rd Place: Mike Dubisz ($13,155)

On a [7s][7h][2d][6c] board, Mike Dubisz was all in holding [Qc][2s] and was drawing dead against Aiman Abbassi's [Jd][7c].  The river landed the [5h] and Mike joked, "Straight?"  Unfortunately, his two pair would lose to Aiman's trip sevens, and will exit this tournament in 3rd place, good for $13,155.

Aiman Abbassi doubles through Mike Dubisz

On a [5s][Tc][4s][2s] board, Aiman Abbassi moved all in and Mike Dubisz made the call after a long time in the tank.  Aiman showed [Ah][Ad] which was ahead of Mike's [Td][9c].  The river fell the [6h] and Aiman doubled up.

4th Place: Nildi Pino ($9,764)

5th Place: Cheryl Jennings-Logsdon ($7,324)

Cheryl Jennings-Logsdon was all in preflop holding [9s][9d] but was up against Nildi Pino's [Ks][Kh].  The [Jd][4c][Kc] flop left Cheryl with just a 2% chance of winning the hand, and the [Ah] sealed her fate.  The [Jh] hit the river to improve Nildi to a full house, and eliminating Cheryl in 5th place, good for $7,324.

6th Place: William Pappas ($5,587)

On a [8s][As][Qs] flop, William Pappas was all in with [Ks][Kc] against his opponent's [Ac][Td].  William had been outflopped, but he had plenty of outs with a draw to a straight or a set.  The turn and river came [4d][7c] to keep the pair of aces in front, and William will exit this tournament in 6th place, collecting $5,587.

7th Place: Michael Matuk ($4,340)

Michael Matuk was all in preflop holding [Kd][Th] and would need to get lucky against Aiman Abbassi's [Ad][Qh].  The [2d][Jd][9s] gave Michael a gutshot straight to go with his live cards to pair, but the [7d] on the turn took away some of the outs by giving Aiman the nut flush draw.  The river blanked the [5s], and Michael will be eliminated in 7th place, good for $4,340.

Event #4 Final Table is Under Way

The final table of Event #4 has resume and is now streaming live at  Here are the chip counts and seating assignments:

Seat 1: Joseph Delgobbo - 585,000
Seat 2: Mike Dubisz - 722,000
Seat 3: Aiman Abbassi - 1,256,000
Seat 4: Michael Matuk - 159,000
Seat 5: Nildi Pino - 954,000
Seat 6: William Pappas - 475,000
Seat 7: Cheryl Jennings-Logsdon - 416,000

Here are the remaining prizes to be awarded:

1st Place: $29,158
2nd Place: $18,036
3rd Place: $13,155
4th Place: $9,764
5th Place: $7,324
6th Place: $5,587
7th Place: $4,340

Event #5: $580 NLH is Under Way

Cards are in the air for the first of two flights in Event #5: $580 NLH.  This tournament will have 6 levels of registration, and then there will be a second flight starting at 5pm.  Players eliminated from Flight 1A may Re-Enter Flight 1B.  You can view the structure sheet here.

At 1pm, Event #4 $365 NLH will resume and will be streaming live at

Returning Players - WSOP Foxwoods - Event #4

Table-Seat Name Chip Count
1 Aiman Abbassi 1,256,000
6 Nildi Pino 954,000
5 Mike Dubisz 722,000
3 Joseph Delgobbo 585,000
7 William Pappas 475,000
2 Cheryl Jennings-Logsdon 416,000
4 Michael Matuk 159,000