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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

YouTube Video: John Quirk winners interview

9:30pm Update

Event #4 $300 NLH is down to 48 players from a starting field of 318 entrants. The top 36 players will make the money. Blinds have just gone up to 2,500/5,000 with a 500 ante.

Event #5 $300 PLO/8 is down to the final table. The 8 remaining players are now playing 2,000/4,000 blinds and are fighting for the $4,086 first place prize. The top 5 will be in the money.

YouTube Video: 2015 Foxwoods Poker Classic Event #1 Heads Up

Event #4 $300 NLH Prize Pool & Payouts

Event #4 $300 NLH received 318 entrants, creating a $80,200 prize pool. The top 36 players will be in the money, with a mincash worth $625. Here are the full payouts:

1st Place: $18,390
2nd Place: $11,228
3rd Place: $7,419
4th Place: $5,895
5th Place: $4,330
6th Place: $3,529
7th Place: $2,887
8th Place: $2,286
9th Place: $1,778
10th-12th Place: $1,283
13th-15th Place: $1,082
16th-18th Place: $962
19th-21st Place: $842
22nd-24th Place: $761
25th-27th Place: $681
28th-36th Place: $625

1st Place: John Quirk ($124,376)

John Quirk had gotten lucky once against Fred Paradis for his tournament life.  He would have to get lucky again if he wanted to eliminate Fred, as Fred held the best hand with [Kh][3s] to John's [Js][Td].

The [3c][4c][As] gave Fred a pair of threes, but John was still live with two overs.  The dealer placed the [Th] on the turn and instantly John put his hands behind his head, anticipating a blank river to give him the trophy he wanted to badly. When the [4d] hit the river, John pumped his fist in excitement and instantly shook Fred's hand for a well fought battle.

John Quirk has beaten the largest field in Foxwoods Casino history.  He bested 1,911 players to become the champion of the 2015 Foxwoods Poker Classic Event #1 $600 No-Limit Hold'em.  John will collect $124,376 along with the title and the trophy.  Congratulations, John.

2nd Place: Fred Paradis ($100,000)

Fred Paradis doubles through John Quirk

It didn't take long after doubling up John Quirk for Fred Paradis to get the rest of his chips back in play.  On a [7d][8s][9s] flop, Fred was all in holding [Ts][7c] for bottom pair and an open ended straight draw.  John held [8h][6h] for middle pair and a worse draw, which made him a 64% favorite to win the hand and the tournament.  The [6c] turn gave Fred a straight, but John had made two pair and had outs to a full house. The river paired the board, bu the wrong card for John, as it fell [9d]. Fred's straight would win the hand and double him up to just over 11,000,000.

John Quirk doubles through Fred Paradis

On a [Th][Qd][3c] board, John Quirk was all in with [4d][3d] against Fred Paradis's [Ks][Kh].  John shook hands with Fred as if giving up hope, but he had five outs to win.  The [5h] turn changed nothing, but the [3c] river gave John the winning hand with trip threes.  He now sits on over 27,000,000 to Fred's 7,500,000.

Photos of the trophy

The trophy has been brought out and we thought we'd bring you some photos of what these Fred and John are playing for, along with the first place prize.

Updated chip counts at 200k/400k

Blinds have increased to 200,000/400,000 with a 50,000 ante.  Here are updated chip counts for the final 2 players:

Fred Paradis - 22,900,000
John Quirk - 14,800,000

Heads up chip counts

After a few heads up hands, here are chip counts for the final two players:

Fred Paradis - 21,000,000
John Quirk - 17,000,000

3rd Place: Giuseppe Ruvolo ($100,000)

After making a 3-handed deal, play seemed to open up a bit.  The three players were seeing a few more flops and perhaps playing more hands than they would have if there was still a money jump from 3rd to 2nd.

We caught up to a board reading [Jc][8h][6h][4d][5h], and Giuseppe Ruvolo was all in.  He had rivered a flush with his [7h][2h], but Fred Paradis had rivered a bigger flush with his [Th][9h].  The two were close in chips, so the stacks were counted down.  Giuseppe was covered, so he will be the 3rd place finisher, collecting $100,000.

3-handed deal made

The final 3 players have agreed to a deal where each player will receive $100,000 and play for the rest.  This means first place will now be $124,376, while second and third will be $100,000.

Cards are back in the air and the blinds are now 150,000/300,000 with a 50,000 ante.

Updated 3-handed chip counts on break

The final 3 players are now on a 15 minute break.  Here are updated chip counts going to 150,000/300,000 with a 50,000 ante.

John Quirk - 15,400,000
Giuseppe Ruvolo - 15,300,000
Fred Paradis - 7,700,000

Giuseppe Ruvolo picks off a bluff by Fred Paradis

On the river with the board reading [3c][5h][7h][Qh][Qc], Fred Paradis made a big bet of 2,500,000 and Giuseppe Ruvolo made the call, saying he could only beat a bluff.  Apparently, Fred was bluffing, as he mucked his hand.  Giuseppe proudly turned over [Ah][3s], which got a big reaction from John Quirk.  John complimented him, saying it was an amazing call.

Giuseppe has taken over the chip lead after that hand and now sits on 17,500,000 with four minutes left in this blind level.

Giuseppe Ruvolo doubles through Fred Paradis

Giuseppe Ruvolo counts his stack for Fred Paradis after moving all in
At 125,000/250,000 blinds, Giuseppe Ruvolo moved all in from the small blind for 5,300,000.  Fred Paradis made the call from the big blind, and he had the best hand with [5d][5c].  But Giuseppe had two overs with his [Ac][9c].

The [Ts][3h][9h] favored Giuseppe, and now Fred would need to catch a five to eliminate his opponent.  The [6s] was close, but not quite what he needed.  When the [Qh] hit the river, Giuseppe celebrated his double-up and thanked Fred.  As he shipped over a good portion his stack, he said, "Really? Thank you? Right after you win a hand against me?"

Fred still has a healthy stack of 11,500,000, but has lost the chip lead after this hand.

4th Place: Luca Pignatiello ($47,182)

Under the gun, John Quirk moved all in, and Luca Pignatiello moved all in as well to his direct left.  The other two players folded their hands.

John [As][Ad]
Luca [9s][9c]

Jon wasted no time in flopping a set as the flop fell [Ac][3h][Qs].  Luca was drawing dead to running nines, and the [3s] turn sealed his fate.  The stacks were counted down, and Luca had slightly less than John, so he will be eliminated in 4th place.  Luca earns $47,182 for his efforts here today.

Photo of the final 4 players

5th Place: John Chung ($35,386)

From under the gun, John Chung moved all in, and Fred Paradis moved all in over the top next to act.  The remaining players folded, and the two revealed their hands:

John [9h][9c]
Fred [Ks][Kd]

The board ran out a clean [2s][Jc][5s][7h][Ah], and John will be eliminated in 5th place. He will collect $35,386 for his efforts.

Giuseppe Ruvolo doubles through Luca Pignatiello

Giuseppe Ruvolo (blue shirt) claps his hands in excitement
On a [4h][Kd][Jc][8h] board, Luca Pignatiello checked and Giuseppe Ruvolo moved all in for just under 3,000,000.  Luca talked out the hand aloud, explaining that he didn't think Giuseppe had a king.  After torturing himself with the decision for some time, Luca eventually made the call.  Giuseppe knew he was good as he proudly slammed down his [Kc][7c], which was indeed ahead of Luca's [Js][Ts].  The [4d] meant Giuseppe would double up, and he clapped his hands in excitement.

Luca Pignatiello agonizes over his decision

6th Place: Timmy Egan ($25,950)

Timmy Egan (center) takes a drink of water as he watches the last card fall
On a [Ts][5d][9c][5c] board, Timmy Egan was all in holding [9s][8c] and was up against [Ks][Kd].  Timmy would need to get lucky on the river to survive, but the [5s] to keep the kings in front.  Timmy will exit this tournament in 6th place, good for $25,950.

Luca Pignatiello makes a good call to double through John Quirk

Luca Pignatiello (standing, right) awaits the river card
On a [Ks][Tc][Kc] flop, John Quirk checked to Luca Pignatiello who bet 1,500,00.  John rereaised all in and Luca was put to a big decision.  He eventually made the call, and it was good one.  Luca's [Qh][Th] was ahead of John's [4h][4d], and if he could dodge a four, he would double up.  The turn fell [2d] and the river [Jd], and Luca's stack was counted down.  He had just over 4 million total, so he will double up to 9,600,000, while John will drop to 7,300,000.

Updated 6-handed chip counts on break

John Quirk - 10,025,000
Fred Paradis - 8,375,000
John Chung - 6,375,000
Timmy Egan - 5,175,000
Luca Pignatiello - 4,700,000
Giuseppe Ruvolo - 3,725,000

7th Place: Jordan Joeckel ($19,659)

Jordan Joeckel (standing, right) is eliminated in 10th place
Action folded to John Chung in the small blind who moved all in, having Jordan Joeckel covered in the big blind.  Jordan made the call holding [As][Js] and was racing against John's [Ts][Th].  The [Ks][9d][Td], giving John a set but Jordan a gutshot straight draw.  The [4d] turn changed nothing, and the [7c] river meant Jordan would be eliminated in 7th place.  Jordan will collect $19,659 for his efforts.

8th Place: Michael Cretella ($14,744)

Jordan Joeckel opened the button before Michael Cretella moved all in from the small blind.  Fred Paradis reraised all in from the big blind and Jordan got out of the way.  Jordan's timing was unfortunate as his ace-five ran into Fred's ace-king.  By the river, Fred had made broadway to eliminate Michael in 8th place.  He will earn $14,744 for his efforts today.

John Quirk is the chip leader 8 handed

We finally got a chance to count John Quirk's stack after his double elimination, and he currently has 8,500,000, which is good for the chip lead.  Fred Paradis sits in second place with just under 7,000,000.  There are 15 minutes left in 80,000/160,000 blinds.

10th Place: 1 ($10,321), 9th Place: Jonathan Lewis ($12,409)

10th place finisher Brian Borgeson (left) shakes hands with John Quirk
The first hand of this final table was an explosion of action!  At 60,000/120,000 blinds, Brian Borgeson moved all in first to act for 320,000.  Directly to his left, John Quirk rereaised to 1,000,000, and action folded to Jonathan Lewis in middle position.  He moved all in over the top for 2,195,000.  The remaining players got out of the way, and John had a big decision.  After some thought, he pushed forth the remaining chips to make the call.

Brian [As][Jc]
John [Qh][Qc]
Jonathan [Ah][Ks]

John was a 58% favorite to knock out two players, so off to the flop we went.  The dealer knocked the table and put out [6h][7d][Qd], giving John an almost unbeatable set.  The two other players would need running cards to survive.  The [Ts] kept the drama alive as everyone had a shot at winning this pot.  The [9d] hit the river, however, and John's set of queens would be the best hand.

Since Jonathan had the bigger stack to start the hand, he will earn $12,409 for his 10th place finish, while Brian will earn $10,321 for his 9th place finish.

Jonathan Lewis stays seated to await his fate
Brian Borgeson (center) is all in and awaits John Quirk's decision 

Event #1 $600 NLH Final Table Chip Counts & Seating Assignments

Chip leader Fred Paradis
We started with 1,912 players and now are down to the final 10.  Here are seating assignments for the final table (chip counts coming shortly):

Seat 1: Michael Cretella - 1,195,000
Seat 2: Fred Paradis - 7,780,000
Seat 3: Brian Borgeson - 460,000
Seat 4: John Quirk - 6,650,000
Seat 5: Timmy Egan - 4,420,000
Seat 6: Luca Pignatiello - 3,975,000
Seat 7: Giuseppe Ruvolo - 2,510,000
Seat 8: Jonathan Lewis - 2,315,000
Seat 9: John Chung - 6,120,000
Seat 10: Jordan Joeckel - 2,860,000

Here are the remaining prizes to be played for:

1st Place: $157,274
2nd Place: $98,295
3rd Place: $68,807
4th Place: $47,182
5th Place: $35,386
6th Place: $25,950
7th Place: $19,659
8th Place: $14,744
9th Place: $12,409
10th Place: $10,321

11th Place: Thomas Martin ($10,321)

Thomas Martin has been eliminated in 11th place when his pocket eights fell to John Chung's ace king.  He will earn $10,321 for his efforts.

12th Place: Joe Nelligan ($10,321)

Joe Nelligan was all in with [Ah][Td] and was up against Timmy Egan's [Kd][Kc].  No ace came for Joe when the board ran out [4s][Qd][6h][7s][5c], and he will exit the tournament in 12th place, good for $10,321.

13th Place: Ron Dalgo ($8,944)

On a [5d][4c][6d] flop, Ron Dalgo was all in against Fred Paradis.  Fred held pocket aces, but Ron was very live with his [Qh][7s].  The turn [Qs] opened up even more outs for Ron, but the [Jh] was the brick Fred was hoping for.  Ron will be eliminated in 13th place for $8,944.  Meanwhile, Fred has increased his stack to 6,700,000.

14th Place Thomas Pocchia ($8,944)

Luca Pignatiello opened for a raise before Thomas Pocchia moved all in.  Action folded back to Luca, who thought about it for a bit.  He said he thought he was racing, and eventually made the call.  Luca held pocket tens and was indeed racing against Thomas's ace queen.  The flop brought a queen, but also a ten, to put Luca in a strong lead.  Though Thomas turned a gutshot, he failed to hit on the river and will exit the tournament in 14th place, good for $8,944.

Event #1 Day 3 is under way

Cards are in the air for Day 3 of Event #1 $600 NLH. The final 14 players have returned and will play down to a winner in this record breaking field.

You can watch all of the action on our live stream at

2015 Foxwoods Poker Classic- Event #1 - $600 NLH - Returning Players for Day 3

Table-Seat Name Chip Count
2-9 Quirk, John 5,210,000
2-4 Martin, Thomas 4,050,000
1-7 Nelligan, Joe 3,980,000
2-8 Pocchia, Thomas 3,350,000
1-1 Paradis, Fred 3,320,000
1-2 Joeckel, Jordan 3,210,000
1-9 Ruvolo, Giuseppe 2,650,000
1-5 Dalgo II, Ronald 2,490,000
2-5 Pignatiello, Luca 2,480,000
2-1 Cretella, Michael 2,040,000
2-3 Chung, John 1,720,000
1-8 Borgeson, Brian 1,460,000
2-7 Lewis, Jonathan 1,360,000
1-3 Egan, Tim 970,000

2015 Foxwoods Poker Classic- Event #2 - $500 NLH - Returning Players

Table-Seat Name Chip Count
2-6 Shin, John 440,000
1-3 Heinzmann, Joe 307,000
1-4 Zheng, Frank 277,000
1-2 Spanos, Michael 254,000
2-4 Striar, Brian 199,000
2-5 Graber, Steven 132,000
2-1 Pitti, Joseph 130,000
1-5 MacDonald, Cory 125,000
2-7 Goldstein, Sheldon 121,000
1-8 Perry, Derrick 84,000
1-1 Decrescenzo, Robert 81,000
1-7 Baskin, Sam 64,000
2-2 Loew, Aaron 57,000
1-6 Patel, Sunny 53,000
2-3 Servidio, Frank 53,000

Unofficial end of Day 2 chip counts

Official chip counts and seating assignments will be posted soon, but here are unofficial chip counts for the final 14 players:

John Quirk - 5,210,000
Tom Martin - 4,050,000
Joe Nelligan - 3,975,000
Fred Paradis - 3,320,000
Jordan Joeckel - 3,210,000
Thomas Pocchia - 3,355,000
Giuseppe Ruvolo - 2,650,000
Ronald Delfott - 2,495,000
Luca Pignatiello - 2,480,000
Mike Cretella - 2,045,000
John Chung - 1,720,00
Brian Borgeson - 1,460,000
Jonathan Lewis - 1,365,000
Timmy Egan - 965,000

Day 2 is complete

With 36:39 left in Level 31, Day 2 is complete.  The final two tables have completed their last hand of play and will return at 12pm EST.  Full chip counts and seating assignments will be posted later tonight.

15 minutes left in the day

Level 31 has begun, which is 50,000/100,000 blinds with a 10,000 ante.  With 14 players remaining, the average chip count is 2,700,000.  There are 15 minutes left of play in the day, and then the remaining players will bag up their chips and return at 12pm for Day 3.

15th Place: Micheal Withrow ($8,944)

Michael Withrow was all in preflop holding [Ah][Qc] against his opponent's [8s][8c].  The [6h][Jc][Td] flop gave Michael a gutshot to go with his two overs, and the [2s] on the turn changed nothing.  The [5d] hit the river to miss Michael's 10-outer, and he will be eliminated in 15th place.  Michael earns $8,944 for his efforts.

16th Place: Sean Barringer ($7,765)

Sean Barringer (right) gets a count to pay off the all in
Sean Barringer had his opponent all in with [6h][6d] against Sean's pocket queen.  The [8h][6c][Jd] spelled disaster for Sean, as he would need to catch one of the two remaining queens to survive.  Neither the [2s] turn or [3h] river would help him, and Sean would be crippled after the hand.  He busted a few hands later in 16th place, good for $7,765.

17th Place: Marc Braunstein ($7,765)

Marc Braunstein has been eliminated when his king ten could not suck out on Luca Pignatiello's ace ten.  The 9-9-J-7-6 board means Marc would head to the payout desk to collect $7,765 for his 17th place finish today.

Ron Dalgo earns a fold

On a [Jc][4s][3c] flop, Ron Dalgo's opponent checked and then went deep into the tank after Ron had moved all in.  After a long tank, Ron's opponent folded, and Ron showed queen-jack.  That pot will earn him a near double up.

18th Place: Jason Romanow ($7,765)

Jason Romanow has been eliminated when his ace jack ran into pocket aces.  He will collect $7,765 for his 18th place finish here today.