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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Players are on their last break of the day

The 102 remaining players are now on a 10 minute break, which is the last break of the day.  The tournament staff are now coloring up and racing off the 100 chips as they will no longer be needed.  When the field returns, they will be playing 2,500/5,000 with a 500 ante.

Blinds are up!

Blinds have been increased to 2,000/4,000 with a 400 ante.  Approximately 112 players remain in the field.

Foxwoods February 2012 Mega Stack Challenge $230 Event #13 NLH Super Bounty Final Results

Players are now on dinner break

The remaining players from today's $1,200 Mega Stack Challenge are now on their 75 minute dinner break.

Players are now on break

The 245 remaining players from today's $1,200 Mega Stack Challenge are now on break.  When they return, they will be playing 500/1,000 blinds with a 100 ante.

At 6:30pm, the tournament will take a 75 minute dinner break.

$1,200 Mega Stack prize pool & payouts

A total of 362 players registered for the final $1,200 Mega Stack Challenge, creating a prize pool of $394,580. There are approximately 297 players remaining, and they are now on their second break of the day.  Top 45 players make the money, with a mincash worth $2,296.  Here are the full payouts:

1st: $91,859
2nd: $49,373
3rd: $32,342
4th: $25,261
5th: $20,668
6th: $16,458
7th: $12,630
8th: $10,143
9th: $8,061
10th-12th: $6,315
13th-15th: $4,975
16th-18th: $3,827
19th-27th: $3,061
28th-36th: $2,487
37th-45th: $2,296

$1,200 Mega Stack Challenge is under way

Cards are in the air in today's $1,200 Mega Stack Challenge.  This is the main event that everyone's been waiting for!  Registration will be open for approximately two hours, so come down and register if you haven't done so already.

As always, we will be streaming a featured table on our live stream at, so tune in to watch the action unfold.