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Monday, February 6, 2012

YouTube video: $300 Mega Stack Bubble Celebration

With 91 players remaining in the $300 Mega Stack Challenge, a player is eliminated and the room rejoices, especially a player on our live featured table with barely more than a big blind.

Click here to view the video in HD

$300 Mega Stack now in the money!

The room is buzzing with excitement as a player was just eliminated in 91st place, guaranteeing the remaining 90 players a payday of at least $646.  A player on our live stream has barely more than a big blind and is very excited.  A video will be posted of the excitement shortly.

Play is now hand for hand

With 93 players remaining in the field, the tournament is now playing hand for hand.  The top 90 players pay, so with 10 tables to go, three players could easily be eliminated on the same hand.  Therefore, each table will be playing one hand at a time.

The second color up of the day

The players have just returned from a break in which the 100 chips were colored up.  There are 132 players remaining, and they are now playing 2,500/5,000 blinds with a 500 ante.  Top 90 places get paid, with a mincash worth $646, but all eyes are on the 1st place prize of $46,253.

Players are on dinner break

The remaining players are now on their one hour dinner break.  When they return, they will be playing 2,000/4,000 with a 400 ante.

$300 Mega Stack prizepool & payouts

A whopping 855 seats were sold for today's $300 Mega Stack, almost doubling the $125,000 Guarantee!  The large field created a $222,300 prize pool, with first taking home over $46,000.  Here are the full payouts:

1st: $46,253
2nd: $28,032
3rd: $17,035
4th: $13,369
5th: $10,781
6th: $8,625
7th: $6,576
8th: $5,068
9th: $4,022
10th-12th: $2,328
13th-15th: $1,768
16th-20th: $1,380
21st-30th: $1,013
31st-40th: $927
41st-50th: $862
51st-60th: $797
61st-70th: $733
71st-80th: $690
81st-90th: $646

Blinds up, players keep on coming!

Blinds are now at 50/100, and the player count just keeps going up and up!  The board reads 650, but the line to register is almost all the way out of the Rainmaker Casino.  The tournament staff are still taking alternates, so come on down to be part of this $300 tournament with a prize pool that's now over $200,000!

$300 Mega Stack about to begin!

The Foxwoods Poker Room is PACKED with players anxious to get their start in today's $300 Mega Stack.  Any moment now the tournament will be begin.  There is a line of about 20 people waiting to register, who will likely be put in as alternates due to the high demand of today's tournament.  Look for the $125,000 Guarantee to be blown away once again!

As always, you can watch our live stream by going to