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Monday, August 25, 2014

1st Place: Allen Kessler ($170,031)

Again Mark Dube was all in and again it was a coin flip.  Mark held [2s][2c] against Allen Kessler's [Qd][Jh].  Allen took the lead when the flop fell [Th][Qs][5d], and he turned two pair on the [Js] turn.  Mark was looking for a deuce to survive, but the [Tc] river was not what he was looking for.

Allen Kessler has won the World Series of Poker Circuit Main Event.  He will collect $170,031 along with the title and the WSOP-C Ring.  Congratulations, Allen!

2nd Place: Mark Dube ($105,103)

Mark Dube (standing, right) watches the last card fall in this tournament

Mark Dube doubles through Allen Kessler

Mark Dube was all in preflop holding [6s][6h] and was up against Allen Kessler who held [Ad][Qc].  It was another flip for the title, but this time Allen had the chip leader.  The [Jh][3d][7h] was no help for either player, and most of the rail rooted for Mark's sixes to hold up.  They did through the [4s] turn and [8d].  Mark counted down his stack and found 1.85 million, which means he now has over 3.7 million to Allen's 6.8 million.

Updated chip counts at the break

Here are updated chip counts as the two final tables take a ten minute break:

Allen Kessler - 7.05 million
Mark Dube - 3.485 million

Allen Kessler doubles through Mark Dube

Allen Kessler raised the button and Mark Dube moved all in, having Allen covered.  Allen snap called to see Mark flip over [As][9s].  It was a race as Allen had [7s][7c], and Allen pointed out that Mark's been running well in these spots.  With a lot of Mark's supporters surrounding him, the dealer ran out the [6c][8c][8d][Qc][5c] board.  Allen's [7c] made him a flush, and he will double his 2.54 million stack to get the two players very close to even.

3rd Place: Greg White ($76,791)

Greg White was all in preflop holding [Qd][Js] and was up against the [6s][6c] of Mark Dube.  Greg was hoping his bad luck would finally turn around on this hand, and it looked like it would when the window card was the [Qh].  Unfortunately, there was a six right behind it as the dealer spread [9c][6h][Qh].  The [4s] turn meant Greg was drawing dead, and he was out of his chair before the [Jd] hit the river.  

We are now heads up

Mark Dube (7.6 million) vs. Allen Kessler (2.9 million)

Allen Kessler loses a big one to Mark Dube

The board read [9d][Js][Qd][Ac] and Allen check-called a 530,000 bet from Mark Dube to see a [6s] river.  Allen checked once again, and this time Mark bet 1 million.  Allen reluctantly called and asked Mark if he had a straight.  Mark said he did as he flipped [Th][8h].  Allen claimed to have two pair, and the two discussed whether Allen would have called a shove.

After the hand, Mark extended his lead to 6.5 million while Allen is just above 2.5 million.

4th Place: Hilary Dombrowski ($56,940)

In two hands, Mark Dube has dispensed of Hilary Dombrowski.  Both hands were races, but luck favored Mark.

On the first hand, Mark was allin holding [As][Qd] against Hilary's [4s][4d].  Mark didn't waste any time winning this one as the flop fell [Ah][2d][8s].  The [3c] turn and [Jd] river changed nothing, and Mark earned a double up to over 4 million.

Hilary found himself all in a few minutes later with [3h][3d] against Mark's [As][Ks].  Once again, Mark drilled the [Qc][5h][Kd] flop, and didn't look back as the board ran out [4d][8c].

Hilary will finish this tournament in 4th place, good for $56,940.

Allen Kessler doubles through Mark Dube

Allen Kessler raised under the gun and Mark Dube 3-bet from the small blind.  After Greg White folded, Allen moved all in and Mark snap called.  Unfortunately for Mark, his pocket jacks were crushed by Allen's [Qh][Qc].  The [3h][7c][5h][6s][Td] board brought little drama and Allen will double up to over 5 million chips, and is now the tournament chip leader.

Mark Dube doubles through Greg White

Under the gun, Mark Dube raised to 170,000.  Greg White was on the button and 3-bet to 520,000.  Action folded back to Mark who thought for a moment before moving all in for 2.22 million, which Greg snap called.  Greg was ahead once again with [As][Qh] against Mark's [Kc][Jh].  Greg begged for the best hand to finally hold up, but the dealer did not oblige as he spread the [7s][Js][Jc] flop.  Greg did pick up outs when the turn fell [Ad], but the [4s] river was not what he wanted to see.  He reluctantly shipped the majority of his stack over to Mark.

Within the next orbit, Greg doubled up his remaining 710,000 stack through Mark when Greg's [3s][3d] held against Mark's [Kh][8s] through a [Ah][6d][Qs][3h][2c] board.  Greg now sits on almost 1.5 million.

Cards are back in the air

Updated chip counts on dinner break

The final 4 players are now on their one hour dinner break.  Play will resume at approximately 7:50pm EST.  Here are updated chip counts:

Mark Dube - 3,470,000
Hilary Dombrowski - 2,765,000
Greg White - 2,265,000
Allen Kessler - 2,030,000

Allen Kessler doubles through Greg White

Allen Kessler was all in preflop holding [As][Jc] and was in bad shape against Greg White's [Kh][Kd].  Allen was putting his jacket on to leave as the board read [6h][3h][8c][9d] by the turn.  But the [Ad] hit the river to grant Allen a reprieve, doubling him up to 1.8 million with less than 5 minutes until dinner break.

Allen Kessler doubles through Mark Dube

Mark Dube opened the button and Allen Kessler moved all in for 1.14 million.  Mark asked for a count and decided to make the call.

Mark [Ah][Jd]
Allen [Ad][Kc]

Allen said he had a bad feeling about the hand, but the [2c][3h][7h] flop kept ace king in the lead.  The [5h] turn, however, opened up a slew of outs for Mark, as he picked up a flush draw to go along with his jack.  The river was the [Ks], pairing Allen's hole cards and earning him the win.

The hand put these two opponents at close to even as they both now sit on approximately 2.4 million.

Hilary Dombrowski doubles through Greg White

Oh a [4s][Qs][Td], Hilary Dombrowski was all in holding [Qd][Ts] and was up against Greg White's [Ah][Qh].  Hilary would need to dodge three outs, and he did just that when the turn and river fell [5d][7d].  Hilary increases his stack to 2.3 million while Greg gets knocked down to 2.25 million.

Blinds are up to 30,000/60,000 with a 10,000 ante

Event #12 is down to the final 2 tables

5th Place: Alex Rocha ($42,785)

Allen Kessler was all in preflop holding [As][7s] and was up against Alex Rocha's [Ah][2s].  Allen had a little over 600,000, and if he won Alex would be crippled to a handful of blinds.  The [5s][Th][Kc] flop kept Allen in front, but the [4s] gave Alex a bit of hope.  With six outs going to the the river, the dealer dealt the [Qh].

Alex got his last few blinds in with [Ad][7d] against Hilary Dombrowski's [As][9h].  The board ran out [Qc][Qh][9c][3d][Jd] to send Alex to the rail in 5th place.  He will collect $42,785 for his efforts.

Alex Rocha doubles through Greg White

6th Place: Michael Quibble ($32,662)

On a [6c][Ac][Jc] board, Michael Quibble bet 200,000 before Mark Dube raised to 525,000.  Michael moved all in and Mark snap called.  Michael was in bad shape with his [Ad][Th] as Mark had flopped a flush with his [Qc][5c].  Michael picked up four outs when the turn fell [Td], but the [9d] kept the flush in front.  Michael will earn $32,662 for his 6th place finish today.

7th Place: Kevin Darouvar ($25,306)

Kevin Daraouvar (right) stands to watch his all in against Mark Dube (far left)

On a [5h][7s][8h] flop, Mark Dube bet out and was raised by Kevin Darouvar.  Mark 3-bet all in and Kevin made the call, and it was a virtual coin flip.  Mark held [Kh][Kd] for an overpair and had a lot of outs to fade as Kevin held [Jh][9h] for a double gutter with a flush draw.  The [Qs] changed nothing, and the [Jc] river gave Kevin a losing pair of jacks.  Mark will win a monster pot to put his chip count at 4.1 million.  Meanwhile, Kevin will be eliminated in 7th place for $25,306.

8th Place: Matthew Zola ($19,851)

From middle position, Matthew Zola moved all in.  Action folded to Mark Dube who moved all in over the top.  The remaining players folded, and it was a race with Matthew's [Ad][Qh] against Mark's [7h][7d].  The [5d][Jc][5h][Js][Kd] board offered no help to Matthew, who will be eliminated in 8th place.  He will collect $19,851 for his efforts.

Matthew Zola doubles through Mark Dube

Mark Dube opened to 80,000 and made the call after Matthew Zola moved all in.  Matthew had [As][Ad] to Mark's [9h][9c] and the aces made top set on the [Ac][8h][Jd][3d][4h] board to double Matthew up.  He now sits on 575,000.

Alex Rocha doubles through Kevin Darouvar

Kevin Darouvar opened to 105,000 at 20,000/40,000 blinds, and Alex Rocha moved all in over the top.  The rest of the table folded around back to Kevin, and he eventually made the call.

Alex [Jh][Jc]
Kevin [As][8s]

The [9h][Kd][Qd] flop was no help to Kevin, and the turn came the [2s].  Allen Kessler commented that it was a pretty safe board, but Alex wasn't ready to breathe easy, yet.  The dealer placed the [5s] on the river, giving Alex another double-up.  He is now up to 600,000.

9th Place: Michael Lavoie ($15,837)

On a [3h][Qh][9d] flop, Michael Lavoie moved all in and was called by Hilary Dombrowski.  Michael had just a gut shot with [Jh][8d] against Hilary's [Kc][Qc].  The [8h] gave Michael some more outs, but the [6c] river was not one of them.  Michael will exit this tournament in 9th place, good for $15,837.

Matthew Zola doubles through Michael Quibble

Matthew Zola has doubled through Michael Quibble.  Matthew was all in preflop holding [As][4s] against Michael's [Kd][Qs], and Matthew hit trips on the [4h][4c][3c] flop.  The [Ac] gave Matthew an unbeatable full house, and the [Th] river meant Matthew will double up to over 400,000.

Greg White doubles through Alex Rocha

10th Place: Bryan Leskowitz ($12,732)

Bryan Leskowitz (left) awaits his fate
Bryan Leskowitz was all in preflop for 405,000, and next to act, Michael Quibble, moved all in over the top.  The rest of the table folded and the two hands were exposed:

Bryan [7d][7c]
Michael [Ah][Qc]

The [Td][Qh][Kd] flop put Michael in front, and Bryan would need to catch a seven or runner-runner diamonds to survive.  The [6c] turn left Bryan drawing to his two outs, and the [8d] just missed it.  Bryan will collect $12,732 for his 10th place finish today.

Alex Rocha doubles through Mark Dube

At 20,000/40,000 blinds, Mark Dube raised to 80,000 before Alex Rocha moved all in for 285,000.  Mark made with [As][Qd] but was behind Alex's [Ac][Kc].  The [6d][8d][4h][Tc][Td] board was no help to either player, and Alex's ace king high will take the pot.

Bryan Leskowitz makes a big laydown

Bryan Leskowitz raised preflop and was called by Hilary Dombrowski.  On a [8h][7d][Js] flop, Bryan bet and Hilary called.  The [2d] hit the turn and again Bryan bet, this time for 140,000.  Hilary moved all in, having Bryan covered.  Bryan thought for a long time and made what he implied was a big laydown, verbally putting Hilary on a set.  Though Bryan pleaded his opponent to see his hole cards, Hilary denied.  Bryan is now short stacked with 420,000.

Level 27 has begun

The blinds have increased to 20,000/40,000 with a 5,000 ante.

Two allins, no calls

The final table is still 10 handed with 10 minutes to go at 15,000/30,000 blinds with a 5,000 ante.  Both Hilary Dombrowski and Greg White have been all in preflop in the last few minutes, but neither player was called.  Hilary showed pocket kings while Greg showed ace king.

Hilary Dombrowski (right) 4-bets all in after a 3-bet by Michael Lavoie
Greg White open shoves 355,000

Kevin Darouvar takes one off Alex Rocha

On a [7c][5c][5s][4c] board, Kevin Darouvar bet 115,000 and Alex Rocha made the call.  The two saw a [Js] river, and Kevin again bet, this time 225,000.  Alex went into the tank for awhile and studied his opponent, but eventually made the call.  Kevin showed him the bad news as he held [4s][4h] for a full house.  Alex sent his cards to the muck, and Kevin will pad his stack to over 1,700,000.  Meanwhile, Alex has dropped to around 400,000.

Event #12 $365 Turbo Prize Pool & Payouts

A total of 170 players entered Event #12 $365 NLH Turbo, creating a $52,700 prize pool.  The top 18 players will be in the money, with a mincash worth $684.  Here are the full payouts:

1st Place: $13,803
2nd Place: $8,531
3rd Place: $6,140
4th Place: $4,498
5th Place: $3,359
6th Place: $2,546
7th Place: $1,968
8th Place: $1,543
9th Place: $1,240
10th-12th Place: $996
13th-15th Place: $817
16th-18th Place: $684

Main Event Final Table Chip Counts & Seating Assignments

Seat 1: Michael Lavoie - 1,380,000

Seat 2: Hilary Dombrowski - 570,000
Seat 3: Mark Dube - 1,455,000

Seat 4: Greg White - 470,000
Seat 5: Kevin Darouvar - 950,000
Seat 6: Alex Rocha - 1,140,000
Seat 7: Bryan Leskowitz - 945,000
Seat 8: Michael Quibble - 2,000,000

Seat 9: Matthew Zola - 525,000
Seat 10: Allen Kessler - 1,095,000

Final table reached

11th Place: Guy Smith ($12,732)
In a blind vs. blind battle, Guy Smith was all in holding pocket jacks against Michael Quibble's pocket queens.  The bigger pair held up on a [7s][8c][4c][9h][8s] board, and Guy will exit the tournament in 11th place, good for $12,732.

With Guy's elimination, the unofficial final table is set.  Names and chip counts will be posted shortly.

Event #11 Final Table is Under Way, Randal Sklar immediately busts

Event #11 $365 NLH Final Table is now under way.  In the first five minutes of play, Randal Sklar was all in in a three way pot holding pocket queens against his opponents jacks and nines.  One of his opponent spiked a nine on the river to send Randal to the rail in 8th place.

Event #12 $365 Turbo is Under Way

The last event of the series, Event #12 $365 NLH Turbo, is now under way.  This event features 10,000 in starting chips and 20 minute levels throughout the tournament.  This is a one day tournament and is the last chance to earn points for WSOP Circuit Casino Champion.

At 12pm, Event #10 $1,675 Main Event will restart with the final 15 players.  We will be streaming a featured table of the Main Event on as they play down to a champion.

At 1pm, Event #11 $365 NLH will resume with the final table.

August 2014 - WSOP - Event #10 - $1,675 NLH - Day 3 Returning Players

Table-Seat Name Chip Count
1-1 Alex Rocha 965,000
2-2 Open Seat n/a
2-3 Matthew Zola 724,000
2-4 Michael Quibble 811,000
2-5 Guy Smith 971,000
2-6 She Lok Wong 112,000
2-7 Open Seat n/a
2-8 Bryan Leskowitz 1,228,000
2-9 Greg White 276,000
2-1 Patrick Donnelly 1,019,000
2-2 Bob Lauria 829,000
2-3 Allen Kessler 451,000
2-4 Chris Lovett 273,000
2-5 Hilary Dombrowski 560,000
2-6 Kevin Darouvar 927,000
2-7 Open Seat n/a
2-8 Mark Dube 958,000
2-9 Michael Lavoie 381,000

Play has concluded for the night

Three more hands were played to end the level, and Day 2 has come to a close with 15 players.  Full chip counts will be posted shortly.  Here are some photos from the end of the night:

Bryan Leskowitz eliminates Lawrence Greenberg in ridiculous fashion

Bryan Leskowitz raised before Lawrence Greenberg 3-bet.  Action folded back to Bryan who moved all in, and after a player in the middle got out of the way, Lawrence snap called.  It was a huge cooler for Brian as he had [Kh][Kd] against Lawrence's [Ah][Ad].   Amazingly, the dealer brought Bryan's two outer when the flop fell [Js][Ks][Ts].  Neither player held a spade, but Lawrence did have six outs.  The [Qd] turn now gave Lawrence the lead, and again Bryan was behind.  This time, Bryan had ten outs to a full house or better.  Amazingly, the dealer rivered the [Jc] to give Bryan the winning full house.

Lawrence will exit this tournament in 16th place, good for $8,620.

Last break of the night

Players are on their last 10 minute break of the night.  They will play one more level before bagging up for the night.  Currently there are 16 players remaining including chip leader Mark Dube, Alex Rocha, and Allen Kessler, who has about 10 big blinds.

Event #11 Final Table Reached

The final table has been reached in Event #11, and Randal Sklar has taken over the points lead for the WSOP Circuit Casino Champion.  The final table will resume tomorrow at 12pm EST.  Here are chip counts and seating assignments:

Seat 1: Nissim Orfaly - 849,000
Seat 2: Brian Graham - 95,000
Seat 3: F. "Tre" Monteiro - 146,000
Seat 4: undisclosed - 95,000
Seat 5: Randal Sklar - 53,000
Seat 6: David Kurtz - 42,000
Seat 7: Harold Loman - 305,000
Seat 8: David Labriola - 296,000
Seat 9: Chris Milano - 90,000