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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Chop Deal Made in Event #11 ($250 Ladies)

The remaining three players (Linda Swears, Geraldine Gaber, and Francine Lee) have made a chop deal.  They will each receive $3,070.  They are now playing it out for the trophy. 

Event #11 - $250 Ladies - Jennifer Gallagher Eliminated in 4th Place ($1,439)

Jennifer Gallagher - 4th Place - $1,439

Event #11 - $250 Ladies - Robyn Londergan Eliminated in 5th Place ($1,079)

Robyn Londergan - 5th Place - $1,079

Event #11 - $250 Ladies - Sandra Costa Eliminated in 6th Place ($864)

Sandra Costa - 6th Place - $864

Event #11 - $250 Ladies - Amy Cardillo Eliminated in 7th Place ($719)

Amy Cardillo - 7th Place - $719

Event #11 - $250 Ladies - Patricia Moody Eliminated in 8th Place ($576)

Patricia Moody - 8th Place - $576
Defending champion Patrician Moody eliminated in 8th place, taking home $576.

Event #11 ($250 NLH Ladies) Final Table w/ Chip Counts

Final Table - Event #11 - $250 No Limit Hold Em Ladies Event

Seat 1 - Amy Cardillo - 108,000
Seat 2 - Francine Lee - 112,500
Seat 3 - Patricia Moody - 98,500
Seat 4 - Linda Swears - 272,500
Seat 5 - Robyn Londergan - 162,500
Seat 6 - Sandra Costa - 207,000
Seat 7 - Geraldine Gaber - 267,000
Seat 8 - Jennifer Gallagher - 157,500

Notables and Chip Leader - Event #12, Flight A

Thomas Marzilli - Chip Leader - 265,100

Flight A has concluded, and the chip leader from this flight is Thomas Marzilli with 265,100.  Coming in a close second is Justin Higgins with 261,900.

Here are a few additional notables that also bagged in Flight A:

Chris Tryba - 70,100
Matthew 'Bucky' Wantman - 82,400
David Stefanski - 95,100
Ted Driscoll - 116,600
Brad St. Vincent - 139,800

Final 20 Players in Event #11 ($250 NLH Ladies)

Final Level of Play in Event #12, Flight A

Players are now beginning the final level of play for the evening.  In 40 minutes, they will bag and tag for the evening.  All players making it through in Flight A will combine with those that finish tonight from Flight B and resume play for Day 2 tomorrow at noon.

Double Up for Sirish Shetty (Event #12, Flight A)

Jonas Bendiks Contemplates Calling Sirish Shetty's All-In
Sirish Shetty raises to 2,000 in middle position.  Jonas Bendiks reraises to 5,000.  Action folds back around to Shetty who shoves all in.  Bendiks asks for a count and upon hearing the 57,300 total, goes into the tank. 

"This is the second time such a thing has happened," Bendiks says aloud.  He then turns towards Shetty and says, "You like high variance spots, that's for sure." 

After a minute of thinking, Bendiks calls the all in. 

Shetty:  [ac][ah]
Bendiks: [as][ks]

The flop comes [qh][10h][2d], keeping Shetty's aces in the lead, but giving Bendiks a gut shot straight draw.  Fortunately for Shetty, the [6d] turn and [ad] river are safe, and he is awarded a full double up near the end of the Day.

Sirish Shetty - 121,000
Jonas Bendiks - 15,500

Early Triple Up in Event #12, Flight B

Vinod Ramnani Triples Up in Level 2
In the second level of the day (50/100 blinds) on a board reading [9c][8d][2c][6s], Vinod Ramnani bets out from the small blind, James Magner calls in middle position, and the player in the cutoff shoves all in, having both players covered.

Ramnani quickly calls the all in for less, and James Magner is also all in for less than the cutoff, but more than Ramnani.

Ramnani: [8s][8h] (set of eights)
Magner: [kc][qc] (flush draw)
Cutoff: [6c][8c] (two pair, and flush draw)

Fortunately for Ramnani, the [10s] on the river is safe for him, and he is awarded a full triple up  to 90,000.  Magner is eliminated from play, and the player in the cutoff is left with 1,500 in chips.  

Event #12, Flight B Now Under Way

Players have taken their seats, and play for the second and final flight of this $1,650 NLH Main Event is now under way.  At the present moment there are 88 players.  Players have until the start of level 10 to buy in/re-enter (levels on Day 1 are 40 minutes in length.)

For information on structure please see this link.

"Five High" Takes From Brad St. Vincent (Event #12, Flight A)

Level 9
Blinds: 300/600 Ante:  100

A player in middle position raises to 1,700.  The player in the cutoff calls, as does Brad St. Vincent in the small blind.

The flop comes [ad][qh][2s].  St. Vincent checks, the original raiser bets 2,100, the cutoff folds, and St. Vincent calls.

Both players check the [6c] turn and [8s] river.

St. Vincent says, "You are good," as he holds his cards out in front of him, without actually mucking them.  His opponent says, "No I'm not." and doesn't turn over his cards.

Both players pause for about 15 seconds before St. Vincent says, "I have four-high." His opponent replies, "Oh, I have five high," as he turns over [4d][5d].

St. Vincent chuckles lightly and throws his cards into the muck. 

Chris Tryba Doubles Up (Event #12, Flight A)

According to a player at the table, Chris Tryba and another player at the table got it all in on a flop of [ah][4h][3d].  Tryba had flopped a set holding [3c][3h] against his opponent's [jh][9h] (flush draw). 

The [jc] turn, and the [jd] river gave Tryba a full house, eliminating his opponent from play and chipping Tryba up to around 55,000. 

Event #11 ($250 NLH Ladies) Prize Pool Information

There were a total of 69 entries in today's $250 No Limit Hold Em Ladies Event.

The top 9 places will be paid out as follows:

1 - $4,317
2 - $3,022
3 - $1,871
4 - $1,439
5 - $1,079
6 - $864
7 - $719
8 - $576
9 - $503

Total Prize Pool:  $14,390

Live Stream Back Up and Running

Please visit us at, or watch live on Twitch for our feature table of Event #12, Flight A ($1,650 NLH Main Event/Championship).

Currently Experiencing Live Stream Issues

We are currently experiencing issues with the live stream broadcast at  We are working to correct the issue and will have it up and running ASAP. 

John Lyons Doubles Set Over Set (Event #12A - $1,650 Main)

John Lyons
John Lyons raised pre-flop and got two callers.

The flop came [qs][9h][ac].  It checked around to Lyons who bet 1,000.  One of his opponents folded, and the other called. 

The [4s] came on the turn.  His opponent checked, Lyons bet 3,000, his opponent raised to 8,000, Lyons re-raised to 18,000, his opponent shoved all in, and Lyons snap-called. 

Lyons turned over [qc][qd] for a set of queens versus his opponent's [9d][9c] (set of nines).  The other player that folded on the flop said that he had folded pocket fours, and would have turned a set as well. 

The river was the [7s], sending his opponent to the rail, and doubling Lyons up to just under 60,000.

Kings For Keith Trumbo (Event #12A -$1,650 Main)

On a board reading [qs][4s][2d], Keith Trumbo bets 700, the player in the big blind calls, and the General raises to 1,700 in middle position.  Both Trumbo and the big blind call. 

All three players check the [jc] turn. 

When the river comes the [7h], Trumbo bets out 3,500, the big blind folds, and the General goes into the tank.  After nearly two minutes, the General calls. 

Trumbo shows [kc][kd], and the General mucks his cards. 

Keith Trumbo - 40,000
The General - 25,000

Two Pair for Debbie Silve (Event #11 - $250 Ladies)

Debbie Silve
On a board reading [as][9h][8h], a player in the small blind checks, as does the big blind, and Debbie Silve bets 2,000 in middle position.  Only the small blind calls. 

The small blind checks the [3s] turn, and Silve bets 3,000.  Her opponent calls.

Both players check the [6d] river. 

Silve turns over [ah][3h] for two pair.  Her opponent sarcastically says, "Nice," as she flashes [ad][7d], then throws them into the muck. 

Silve is now sitting with around 30,000 in chips. 

At the present moment there are 58 entries, and players are just about to take their first break of the day. 

Early Notables Event #12A ($1,650 NLH)

The General
Spiro Mitrokostas
Je Wook Oh
Ted Driscoll
David Stefanski
James Magner
Fred Paradis

Early Double Up Event #12, Flight A

Peter Sennon
Peter Sennon makes it 200, The General raises to 1,000 on the button, Sennon shoves all in for 30,000, and The General quickly calls. 

Sennon: [ac][as]
General: [ad][kd]

The board runs out [jc][js][3d][6h][3c], eliminating the General from play. 

Sennon is now sitting with just over 60,000.

Event #11 ($250 NLH Ladies) Now Under Way

The $350 No Limit Hold Em Ladies Event tournament is now under way.

This tournament comes with 30,000 in chips, and players are allowed to enter and re-enter until the start of level 7.  Levels are 30 minutes in length.

A full structure sheet is available here.

Event #12A ($1,650 NLH) Now Under Way

Flight A of the $1,650 No Limit Hold Em Championship tournament is now under way.

This tournament comes with a $300,000 guarantee, 30,000 in chips, and players are allowed to enter and re-enter until the start of level 10.  The first 12 levels will be 40 minutes in length, and levels 13+ will be 60 minutes in length.

A full structure sheet is available here.

February Mega Stack Challenge - Event #10 - $300 NLH Big Stack - Final Results

Place Name Prize
1 Thomas Stevens, Sudbury, MA $11,476
2 Soukha Kachittavong, Woonsocket, RI $7,458
3 Robert Campion, Stony Brook, NY $4,943
4 Louis Proietti, Mansfield, MA $3,708
5 Neil Murphy, Leeds, NY $2,824
6 Michael Goncalves, Medford, MA $2,295
7 Richard Steiner, Scarsdale, NY $1,854
8 Donald Russell, New Milford, CT $1,501
9 Mark Vogler, Deer Park, NY $1,194
10 David Lagattuta, Grayling, MI $838
11 Vincent Yenko, Orlando, FL $838
12 Elise Rosen, New York, NY $838
13 Thomas Hoglund, New Bedford, MA $750
14 Leonard Cortellino, Lewiston, ME $750
15 Timothy Tugie, Wilbraham, MA $750
16 Bruce Peterson, Portland, ME $706
17 Connie Dugas, Taunton, MA $706
18 Paul Ferrazza, Albion, RI $706

February Mega Stack Challenge - Event #9 - $300 NLH Bounty - Final Results

Place Name Prize
1 Meng Lu, Waltham, MA $4,992
2 Joseph Drory, Canton, MA $4,992
3 Kenny Roy, Salem, NH $4,992
4 Ralph Macri, Redding, CT $4,992
5 Charles Bunker, Putnam, CT $2,045
6 Chao Li, Hicksville, NY $1,661
7 Laurence Olanyk, Gloucester, MA $1,342
8 Sylwester, Szulborski, Poland $1,086
9 David Monfett, W. Springfield, MA $863
10 Hernan Vasquez, Crossville, TN $607
11 William Regan, Bronxville, NY $607
12 Aaron Augusten, Boston, MA $607
13 Thomas Delaney, Ballston Spa, NY $543
14 Scott Demetri, North Reading, MA $543
15 Arthur White, Harrisville, RI $543
16 Matthew Paul, Stamford, CT $511
17 William Montanari, Springfield, MA $511
18 Dennis Robidoux, Meriden, CT $511