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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

December Mega Stack Challenge - Event #1 - $600 NLH - Final Results

Prize Place
1 ALTMAN, BRIAN, Longmeadow, MA $84,208
2 GIAMPA, LOU, Bronx, NY $54,109
3 NAKHOUL, BEDDA, Wakefield, MA $38,368
4 FISHER, T.DON, Manchester, NH $27,054
5 GILMARTIN, JOHN, Hampden, MA $20,906
6 CARLETON, DAVID, Saugus, MA $16,970
7 AMERENO, VICTOR, Norwalk, CT $13,773
8 MOSEMAN, RAYMOND, Rye, NY $10,822
9 VAZQUEZ, LUIS, Taunton, MA $8,166
10 LEX, JAMES, Brighton, MA $6,198
11 FLOWERS, FRANK, Pleasant Valley, NY $6,198
12 KANTAREVIC, SUAD, Danvers, MA $6,198
13 NEGROTTI, ROBERT II, Warwick, RI $5,214
14 OH, JE WOOK, Fresh Meadows, NY $5,214
15 ESTABROOKS, LEONARD, West Bridgewater, MA $5,214
16 SCHNEIDER, DONALD, New York, NY $4,624
17 SONNET, THOMAS, Bennington, VT $4,624
18 SIMICIC, PETER, E. Northport, NY $4,624
19 LAROCCA, ANTHONY, Merrick, NY $4,034
20 BRACKESY, STEVEN, Waltham, MA $4,034
21 MORALES, WILLIAM, Waltham, MA $4,034
22 EVERETT, PETER, Fairfield, CT $3,443
23 KEENAN, JOHN, Worcester, MA $3,443
24 CORCIONE, ROBERT, Brockton, MA $3,443
25 SILBERT, ANTHONY, Wakefield, RI $2,951
26 REINHARDT, JONATHAN, Westport, CT $2,951
27 CIOFALO, JOHN, New City, NY $2,951
28 TONG, JIQIANG, Wilton, CT $2,459
29 MURPHY, LYNN, North Kingstown, RI $2,459
30 LEBLANC, BRIAN, Danvers, MA $2,459
31 PATEL, RAJENDRA, Meriden, CT $2,459
32 RUBIN, JAMES, Jericho, VT $2,459
33 RODRIGUES, LINDA, Stoughton, MA $2,459
34 MARTIN, ARNDRE, Hopewell Junction, NY $2,459
35 MILLER, SEAN M , Raymond, NH $2,459
36 BERARDI, JOSEPH, Groton, MA $2,459
37 WAGNER, PETER, Hinsdale, NH $2,066
38 MORRISON, GREG, Holmes, NY $2,066
39 YI, SOLOMON, Stamford, CT $2,066
40 ALDEN, JAMES, Billerica, MA $2,066
41 KIM, JUNO, White Plains, NY $2,066
42 KORRES, CHRISTOPHER, Ridgefield, CT $2,066
43 BIANCO, BENEDETTO, Franklin Square, NY $2,066
44 FORBES, THEODORE, West Haven, CT $2,066
45 REILLY, TIMOTHY, Natick, MA $2,066
46 SCHUMACHER, MARK, Hopkinton, MA $1,771
47 RAWLINSON, KENNETH, Riverside, RI $1,771
48 PAPPAS, WILLIAM, Danvers, MA $1,771
49 DAABOUL, MICHEL, Marlborough, MA $1,771
50 SOTIROPOULOS, WILLIAM, Ipswich, MA $1,771
51 SABOGALI, ALBERTO, Greenwich, CT $1,771
52 ORME, CHRISTOPHER, Ashland, MA $1,771
53 SKIPPER, HEYWARD, Manchester, NH $1,771
54 MANTER, BRADLEY, Quincy, MA $1,771
55 HUBBLE, CLINTON, Sanford, MI $1,525
56 NUSS, ERIC, Waterloo, Ontario $1,525
57 KNIGHT, JEFFREY, So. Boston, MA $1,525
58 WIGFALL, DANE, Dorchester Cntr, MA $1,525
59 IANNOTTI, RICHARD, Middletown, CT $1,525
60 BOSSARD, MARCUS, New Bedford, MA $1,525
61 MURPHY, BRENDAN, Brighton, MA $1,525
62 KUEY, NATALE, Bronx, NY $1,525
63 DERRICO, JOHN, East Hampton, NY $1,525
64 GOLDBERG, LEONARD, Westbrook, CT $1,377
65 DANG, WILLIAM, Chelsea, MA $1,377
66 LAFEMINA, MICHAEL, Groton, CT $1,377
67 RAMAKRISHNA, JAMMULA, Guilderland, NY $1,377
68 SHAPIRO, DANIEL, Great Neck, NY $1,377
69 GOLDSTEIN, ANDREW, Concord, MA $1,377
70 REYES, ELVIS, Providence, RI $1,377
71 RICCIUTI, ROBERT, Johnston, RI $1,377
73 OLSON, JOHN, Lynn, MA $1,328
74 NGUYEN, PHI, Quincy, MA $1,328
75 HAMMOUDA, BASSIONI, Danbury, CT $1,328
76 KAPLAN, STEWART, Malden, MA $1,328
77 YANDER, JOHN, Middle Island, NY $1,328
78 TAYLOR, SAMUEL, New York, NY $1,328
79 HE, JIAHUAN, Dorchester, MA $1,328
80 BEGAZYON, TESFAY, Atlantic City, NJ $1,328
81 TRIPP, PETER, No. Dartmouth, MA $1,328
82 LINSTER, MICHAEl, Island Park, NY $1,279
83 HEWETT, RICHARD, Atkinson, NH $1,279
84 COULOMBE, JOSEPH, Agawam, MA $1,279
85 CIOBANU, SORIN, Seabrook, NH $1,279
86 HONG, SEONG, College Point, NY $1,279
87 FRIZZI, JOSEPH, Saugus, MA $1,279
88 FOLEY, KEVIN, East Weymouth, MA $1,279
89 YOUNIS, GARY, Framingham, MA $1,279
90 TOBIAS, JOHN, Dekalb, IL $1,279
91 SCHONBACH, CHRIS, Braintree, MA $1,230
92 MESTIERI, CORY, Wareham, MA $1,230
93 OMARA, ISMAIL, Lynn, MA $1,230
94 MILLER, JEFFREY, Veazie, ME $1,230
95 PITTI, JOSEPH, East Meadow, NY $1,230
96 FERDINAND, BOBBY "THE BUS", Revere, MA $1,230
97 GRAY, MARCUS, Los Angeles, CA $1,230
98 MAHONEY, JARED, Abington, MA $1,230
99 BARRETT, BRUCE, Lunenburg, MA $1,230
100 THOMASEN, JAIME, Manchester, CT $1,230
101 LEONG, CHRISTOPHER, New York, NY $1,230
102 BUNKER, CHARLES, Putnam, CT $1,230
103 SIEGEL, ERIC, Melville, NY $1,230
104 WANTMAN, MATTHEW, Stoneham, MA $1,230
105 CHAMPLIN, SPENCER, Scarborough, ME $1,230
106 DENEEN, ZACHARY, Norwich, CT $1,230
107 VUOZZO, JOSEPH, Holtsville, NY $1,230
108 MASON, KEVIN, Newington, CT $1,230
109 BERGER, JONATHAN, Acushnet, MA $1,230
110 HIRSCH, LAWRENCE, Patchogue, NY $1,230
111 LOUKAS, CHRISTOS, Storrs Mansfield, CT $1,230
112 TOMIC, MICHAEL, Mahopac, NY $1,230
113 CALENZO, KEVIN, Las Vegas, NV $1,230
114 LAFAYE, GLENN, Jersey City, NJ $1,230
115 SAVINO, MICHAEL, Valhalla, NY $1,230
116 MEZHOUD, HAMID, Waltham, MA $615

Event #4 $230 NLH Prize Pool & Payouts

Event #4 $230 NLH received 144 entries, creating a $27,935 prize pool. The top 15 players will be in the money, with a mincash worth $558. Here are the full payouts:

1st Place: $7,487
2nd Place: $4,889
3rd Place: $3,268
4th Place: $2,430
5th Place: $1,844
6th Place: $1,509
7th Place: $1,229
8th Place: $978
9th Place: $785
10th-12th Place: $614
13th-15th Place: $558

1st Place: Brian Altman ($84,208)

Brian Altman had the button, but Lou Giampa acted out of turn by declaring all in. Brian elected to limp, and it was ruled that Lou's all in would stand. Brian made the call.

Brian [Ks][Qd]
Lou [Jd][Tc]

Lou had two live cards, but he failed to hit on the [4h][6s][5s][2c][2s] board, keeping Brian's king high in front. Lou will be eliminated in 2nd place, good for $54,109.

Brian Altman is the winner of Event #1 $600 NLH, taking home $84,208, the title, and the trophy. Congratulations, Brian!

3rd Place: Ben Nakhoul ($38,368)

Ben Nakhoul was all in preflop holding [As][2d] and was up against Brian Altman's [Js][Jc]. Ben didn't hit his ace, but he was still live on the [8s][5d][5c]. Unfortunately, Brian continued to run hot as the [Jd] hit the turn to give him an unbeatable full house. The [4s] river fell, and Ben will be eliminated in 3rd place, good for $38,368.

4th Place: Don Fisher ($27,054)

Brian Altman opened the pot and snap called after Don Fisher moved all in. Don was caught with his [Kh][8h] but had two live cards against Brian's [As][Jh]. The [Ac][Qh][7c] flop left Don drawing thin, and the [5s] turn sealed his fate. When the meaningless [Ah] hit the river, Don hit the payout desk to collect his $27,054 for his 4th place finish.

Lou Giampa doubles through Ben Nakhoul

Lou Giampa was all in preflop for 1,700,000 holding [As][Jc] and would need some help as he ran into Ben Nakhoul's [Ad][Qc]. He got the help he needed on the [Ac][Jh][6s] flop, and the [2d] turn and [9c] river kept Lou's two pair in front, doubling him up.

Updated chip counts at the break

The final four players are now on a 15 minute break. Here are updated chip counts in seat order as the blinds head to 60,000/120,000 with a 20,000 ante:

Brian Altman - 12,260,000
Don Fisher - 2,505,000
Lou Giampa - 1,880,000
Ben Nakhoul - 2,905,000

Ben Nakhoul doubles through Brian Altman

Ben Nakhoul was all in preflop for 1,320,000 holding [As][6h] and was up against the [Qd][Qc] of Brian Altman. Ben asked the dealer for an ace on the flop, and the dealer obliged with the [2h][Kh][Ah] flop. Brian had just one out to knock out Ben, but the [3c] turn and [Jh] river wasn't it. Ben will double up to stay alive, while Brian still has a healthy 9,000,000 in chips.

5th Place: John Gilmartin ($20,906)

John Gilmartin was all in preflop holding [Ac][9d] and was up against Brian Altman's [Ah][6s]. The [8s][2d][Qs] flop changed nothing, but the [8h] on the turn meant that the two would chop half of the time. The [9c] was a good river card for John, as his hand held up for a full double.

A few hands later, John was all in again against Brian, this time with [Ts][Tc] against Brian's [Ah][Ks]. John's tens were good on the [4d][6d][4s] flop, and the [7c] turn changed nothing. But the [Kd] spiked on the river to give Brian the winning pair.

John will exit this tournament in 5th place, good for $20,906.

Lou Giampa doubles through John Gilmartin

Lou Giampa was all in for 1,630,000 holding [Ad][Jh] and was up against John Gilmartin's [As][Kh]. The [7s][Tc][5h] flop was no help for Lou, but the [9h] turn gave him a gutshot to go with his live jack. The [8d] river was just what he was looking for, sending more than half of John's stack over to Lou.

6th Place: David Carleton ($16,970)

David Carleton was all in preflop holding [Kc][Qh] and was up against the [Ad][Qd] of Brian Altman. The [9d][Jh][9s][Ac][Jc] board didn't improve David's hand, and he will exit the tournament in 6th place. He will collect $16,970 for his efforts.

Updated chip counts at the break

The final six players are now on their first official break of the day. Here are updated chip counts in seat order:

Brian Altman - 8,045,000
John Gilmartin - 2,190,000
Don Fisher - 5,440,000
David Carleton - 1,980,000
Lou Giampa - 710,000
Ben Nakhoul - 1,705,000

Here are the remaining prizes left to play for:

1st Place: $84,208
2nd Place: $54,109
3rd Place: $38,368
4th Place: $27,054
5th Place: $20,906
6th Place: $16,970    

7th Place: Vic Amereno ($13,773)

Vic Amereno was all in preflop holding [As][Kh] and was up against the [Js][Jd] of Brian Altman. The [Qh][Th][Qs] flop was no help to Vic, nor was the [2h] turn or [2c] river. Brian's two pair will win the pot, sending Vic to the rail in 7th place. He will collect $13,773 for his efforts.

Don Fisher is the chip leader

Don Fisher has taken over a commanding chip lead. He now sits on around 6,150,000, which is so many physical chips that tournament staff are standing by to color some of those chips up. With 7 players remaining, Don has approximately a third of the chips in play. 

8th Place: Raymond Moseman ($10,822)

At 30,000/60,000 blinds, Raymond Moseman moved all in for around 3,000,000 and Don Fisher moved all in over the top for just a bit more. This time Don held [As][Ac] against Raymond's [6h][6c]. The [Ac][7h][9c][4h][Qc] board gave Don the winning hand, and once the stacks were counted down to confirm, Raymond was declared our 8th place finisher. He will collect $10,822 for his efforts today.

David Carleton doubles through John Gilmartin

David Carleton opened the pot and action folded to John Gilmartin in the big blind who moved all in. David snap called and tabled his [As][Ac], which coolered John's A-K. The [5s][4c][9h][6d][Kd] kept David's aces in front, unlike last night when aces chopped with A-K. David will double up to 2,800,000 while John will be knocked down to 2,250,000.

9th Place: Luis Vazquez ($8,166)

Luis Vazquez was all in preflop holding [Kh][Jd] and was called by Don Fisher holding [Ad][Kd]. Luis would need to get lucky, but the [Qs][Qc][Kc] left him drawing thin to a chop. The [2s] turn changed nothing, and the [5c] river meant Luis would be our 9th place finisher. He will collect $8,166 for his efforts.

Don Fisher doubles through Vic Amereno

Don Fisher was all in preflop and Vic Amereno made the call. It was another flip as Don held [Ah][Qs] to Vic's [Jh][Jc]. The [5h][As][6d] flop put Don in front, and no jack came on the [3h] turn or [Tc] river.

Don's stack was counted down to 855,000, and after paying off the allin, Vic was down to 255,000. Vic moved his chips in the very next hand and Don called him from the small blind. Vic had the best hand again with K-6 to Don's T-9, and the king high held up to double Vic up to just under 600,000.

10th Place: James Lex ($6,198)

James Lex was all in preflop and John Gilmartin made the call. James was flipping for his tournament life with [Ad][Qc] against John's [Js][Jc]. The board ran out [Tc][Kh][Ts][9c][5h] to keep the jacks in front, and James will be eliminated in 10th place. He will earn $6,198 for his efforts.

Final Table Chip Counts & Seating Assignments

With the elimination of Frankie Flowers in 11th place, the final table of Event #1 $600 NLH has been set. Here are chip counts and seating assignments for the final 10:

Seat 1: James Lex - 950,000
Seat 2: Raymond Moseman - 3,230,000
Seat 3: Brian Altman - 2,300,000
Seat 4: John Gilmartin - 2,850,000
Seat 5: Don Fisher - 685,000
Seat 6: Luis Vazquez - 1,965,000
Seat 7: Vic Amereno - 1,270,000
Seat 8: David Carleton - 1,085,000
Seat 9: Lou Giampa - 2,065,000
Seat 10: Ben Nakhoul - 2,750,000

11th Place: Frankie Flowers ($6,198)

On one of the first hands of Day 3, Frankie Flowers called Raymond Moseman's all in with ace jack. Raymond held [4h][4d] and hit a set on the [4c][Qh][Th] flop. Frankie did hold a gutshot, but Raymond made a full house on the [Td] turn, leaving Frankie drawing dead. The meaningless [7s] hit the river, and Frankie will be eliminated in 11th place. He will collect $6,198 for his efforts.

Today's schedule: Event #4 $230 NLH @ 11am, Day 3 of Event #1 $600 NLH @ 12pm

Today is Day 4 of the Foxwoods Mega Stack Challenge. This series features over $1,000,000 in Guaranteed Prizes. Here's what's on today's schedule:

Event #4 $230 NLH w/Re-Entries
$20,000 Guarantee
($200 Buy-in / $30 Entry fee)
Players start with 15,000 in non-value tournament chips.
Registration will remain open until the start of level 7 (approximately 1:45pm).
Each level will be played for 25 minutes.
There is a 45 minute dinner break after Level 14 (approximately 5:35pm).
Full structure is available h`ere.

Day 3 of Event #1 $600 NLH
$500,000 Guarantee
11 players remain
Day 3 levels will be 60 minutes.
Full structure is available here.

Other Tournaments:
9am: $60 NLH
3pm: $200 Mega Super - 2 $1,650 Seats Guaranteed
6pm: $120 NLH - $10,000 Guarantee
8:30pm: $100 NLH Bounty

A full series schedule is available here.

December 2015 - Foxwoods December Mega Stack - Event #1 $600 NLH Day 3 Returning Players

Table-Seat Name Chip Count
1-4 Gilmartin, John 2,685,000
2-2 Nakhoul, Ben 2,400,000
2-6 Altman, Brian 2,345,000
1-7 Giampa, Lou 2,075,000
2-8 Vazquez, Luis 2,060,000
1-5 Moseman, Raymond 1,685,000
1-8 Flowers, Frank 1,665,000
2-7 Amereno, Vic 1,370,000
2-3 Carleton, David 1,085,000
2-9 Lex, James 905,000
1-2 Fisher, T. Don 720,000

Play has concluded for the night

Play has ended for Day 2 of Event #1 $600 NLH. The final 11 players will return tomorrow at 12pm EST to play down to a winner. Chip counts and seating assignments will be posted shortly.